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Stable Master

Location: Guardian Tower

Quests given
Head In the Clouds

Shops owned

Guardian Tower

Stable Master: Every available horse has been ridden to Willowshire to help the guardians there. Oh, i hope they're safe.
Stable Master: All of our mounts have been sent to other towers. We are in the middle of training our new mounts, if you'd like to help.

Stable Master: The tower has fallen! We must train new mounts to help with the war effort!

Head In the Clouds

Stable Master: Greetings, <Character>! Our land-bound mounts aren't quite ready for use yet, but I DO have a task you could help with.
Stable Master: This here is little Stewie Gryphon. He's ready to begin flight training with a human passenger now.
Stable Master: If you've got the time, you'd be perfect to help acclimate him to flying with a human.
Stable Master: You'd be riding in a basket, so all you'd have to do is sit tight and hang on!

Stable Master: Ah, well, you see... to gryphons, humans have quite a... UNIQUE smell.

Stable Master: Oh, no, no. It's just... distracting. Stewie here needs to get used to ignoring it while he flies.

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