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Location: Guardian Tower, Bringing Home the Bacon

Quests given

Shops owned

Guardian Tower

Chiku: "Sorry!! Tower records are off limits until we find more about the attack on the Willowshire tower, but feel free to browse the rest of the books."

Chiku: Greetings <Class>. I am Chiku, the Loremaster for this Guardian Tower. How can I be of assistance?

  • Set Starting Items
    Chiku: Equip the items you would like to have automatically equipped when you start the game and press SAVE.
    SAVE (saves your items)
    Chiku: Perfect! The next time you login you will be using everything you have equiped now.

  • Find Friends
    Chiku: This feature is not ready yet, but I will be able to help you find your friends so they can join you on your quests.

    Bringing Home the Bacon

    Chiku: Hello, <<You>>! How can I help you?
    Chiku: I know each of those volumes by heart, and there's not a thing in them about element bacon, I'm sorry.
    Chiku: From what I can tell, the bacon element is relatively new to this area. I haven't seen any mention of it in the older writings we have.
    Chiku: Well, I don't. But I might be able to help you find someone who does. I've heard of someone up on a mountain to the east who might know more.
    Chiku: Some hermit, maybe; the traveler I spoke to was a bit dazed and didn't say much more than "...So bright!... So wise!... Blblblblblargle"
    Chiku: Oh, and at that point he started blowing bubbles in his oatmeal.
    Chiku: Do you have any better places to look for information?
    Chiku: Exactly. Good luck!

    Alternative Image

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    -- Brilliancy for image.
    -- Pink_Star for info.
    -- Stephen Nix for info.

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