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Furinax -> Sir Pwnsalot, a.k.a. The Un-Trainer (3/17/2005 22:11:03)

Sir Pwnsalot, a.k.a. The Un-Trainer

  • Battleon -> Guardian Tower -> Stables -> Teleporter -> Click on the yellow pillar of light -> The Un-Trainer (works only after you have encountered him once elsewhere)

  • Death's Domain

    Bio: Sir Pwnsalot used to train random stats for your money. For that, Death killed him and placed him in the middle of Nowhere. Now, Sir Pwnsalot has to atone for his annoying sins by un-training the same stats he once trained--for free. At least there's no refunds of money.

    Function: He removes the stat of your choice... only if you lose to him!

    Without HP/MP bars
    Old Image

    Image thanks to Saecron. Additional location from Zenofax. Newer image from Scakk.

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