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Death's Domain

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2/1/2006 21:22:38   

Death's Domain
You have been defeated!

DEATH: My my my… what have we here? Have a little accident, did we?
  • Yes…

    DEATH: Fortunately for you, I have already filled my quota of souls today. So… I will let you go back. However, you owe me a favor… AGREED?
  • I agree! - You return to Battleon

    «Click on the Hourglass beside Death instead of "I agree!" and...»

    DEATH: Were you thinking of stealing my hourglass? I hope not. Since you seem interested in it, how would you like to repay my favor? It involves the recovery of stolen hourglasses.
  • Yes, I want to help you - Receive a Full Heal, proceed with dialogue below
  • No, just send me home.

    «Scene: Death's Domain»

    DEATH: Welcome to my domain. You owe me some favors, and I have a task for you. Listen carefully to my instructions.
  • Ok

    DEATH: I use magical hourglasses to measure the lifetime of my customers. Someone has been stealing the hourglasses from me.
    DEATH: I have detected that many of the stolen ones are hidden around my domain. I want you to find at least 25 and bring them back to me.
    DEATH: My domain is quite different than what you are used to. It does not exist at any one time or place. Portals may lead to other mysterious places.
    DEATH: Do not enter the purple swirly things. They can lead you to any time or place, or to certain doom! Be careful looking behind rocks too. You have been warned!
    DEATH: It is very dark in the lands across my domain. I will give you a magic torch to light your way. Ready to begin?
  • Begin
    Enter the Darkness!

    «This is a walk-around style quest, in search of hourglasses. Click on a spot to move. Between areas within Nowhere, you can move to the extreme left and right side of it, which returns you to the opposite end of the same room from where you moved (i.e. if you went to the extreme left, you return to the right side of the same room, if you went to the extreme right, you return to the left side of the same room). Below are certain objects you may encounter, and their functions.»

    Move onto
    Smoking Vents: Recover HP and MP slowly
    Swirly Purple Portals: Transport to some another plane not within Nowhere, or back to Death's Domain (See below)
    Glowing Portals: Transport to another area of Nowhere
    Behind Large Rocks: Battle! (RA monster)

    Smoking Vents: You collect some gas from a volcanic vent! (For the Claw Tip Landing quest.)
    Chests: You found an hourglass!

      «If you flee a battle, you return to Death's Domain...»

      DEATH: Fleeing from battle! Did I pick the wrong person for the job? No matter, what does my puny helper wish to do now?
    • Search for more Hourglasses
    • Quit Searching

        Search for more Hourglasses
        DEATH: I do not know yet who is taking them. If you find out who, I demand that you tell me. Now, go find more hourglasses!
      • Yes!

        «You receive a Full Heal and return back into Nowhere.»
        Quit Searching
        DEATH: You wish to return back to your normal way of existence? I don't blame you. This place gives me the creeps too.

        «You return back to Battleon.»
      «If you are defeated in any battle...»

      DEATH: What? Falling down on the job! How dare you! Foolish mortals... But I need your help, so I'll heal you now, but you had better get back to work!
    • Sorry!

      «You receive a Full Heal and return to Nowhere.»
    Hourglass amount update by Archmagus Orodalf. Correction thanks to Archlist.

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  • AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 1
    9/11/2010 9:10:29   
    Times Silent Keeper

    Purple Swirly Portals

    One of several adventures. You encounter the following adventures in the following order (one quest per portal). When you finish the list, you go back to the beginning and repeat the sequence.

    The sequence is as follows:
  • Sir Pwnsalot, a.k.a. The Untrainer
  • Save Zorbie and Kabby!
  • Death's Castle
  • Name Change
  • Frosty the Snow Golem
  • Zorbak on the Rescue?!
  • Drakonnan's Throne
  • Death's Castle

      Sir Pwnsalot, a.k.a. The Untrainer

      «You arrive at a cemetery with two gravestones: Nowhere and SIR PWNSALOT. Click on the tombstone inscribed with Nowhere and you'll be swirled back to, of course, Nowhere. Click the tombstone inscribed with SIR PWNSALOT and...»

      You touch the tombstone, and something strange happens…

      «You instantly enter a battle against Pwnsalot, but the following takes place.»

      Sir Pwnsalot: Greetings, «You». Are some of your stats too high? Do you need help getting rid of your training? Just select a stat below and I’ll see what I can do for you.
    • Strength
    • Intellect
    • Dexterity
    • Charisma
    • Endurance
    • Luck

    • Cancel - You return back to the cemetery.

      Sir Pwnsalot:: Battle me and you can lower your «Stat» by 5 points. It will cost you nothing but your dignity. You must lose the battle to lower your stat. Would you like to do some «Stat Untraining Title»?
    • Weakling Training
    • Stupidity Training
    • Clumsy Training
    • Ugly Training
    • Weakness Training
    • Unlucky Training

        «If you lose the battle...»

        Sir Pwnsalot: I declare this battle to be over! I am of course, victorious and as such your «Stat» will now be lowered to «X»!
      • Okay!

        «You receive a Full Heal and your Stat gets updated to its new value. You return to the cemetery. Sir Pwnsalot returns to his grave. You can probably poke him again if you need more untraining.»
        «Be victorious in the battle and...»

        Sir Pwnsalot: Arggh! Not again… Please go away and leave me to my misery in peace.

        «You return to the cemetery. Sir Pwnsalot returns to his grave. You can probably poke him again if you need more untraining.»

    Save Zorbie and Kabby!

    «Scene: Frostvale...?»

    Moglin: Oh, dear, oh dear! My baby is trapped in a burning building! I don't know where you came from, but can you help me?
  • Yes!«You return to the mother Moglin, who now holds one Moglin baby in her arms, where you heal HP and MP slowly as the dialogue continues.»

    Moglin: Thank you so much! But... my other baby is also trapped in there too! Please rescue it!
  • Okay...«You return to the mother Moglin once more, now holding two Moglin babies in her arms. You do not heal HP nor MP as the following dialogue occurs.»

    Moglin: Thank you again! I don't know what I would have done without your help!
    Moglin: My little ones thank you too! Someday, they will grow up and be big and strong just like the hero that saved them.
    Zorbie: *gurgle*
  • ?

    Kabby: *giggle*
  • ?

    «You»: Why do I get a bad feeling about this...
  • Oh, well...

    «You return to Nowhere.»

      Death’s Castle
      DEATH: I see that you have found your way to my castle. But, why are you back so soon? Perhaps you got lost. Or fell into some strange portal, no doubt.
    • Yes

      DEATH: Keep looking for hourglasses. Many have been stolen from me. How many? Thousands… More keep disappearing each day.

        Search for more Hourglasses
        DEATH: I do not know yet who is taking them. If you find out who, I demand that you tell me. Now, go find more hourglasses!
      • Yes!

        «You receive a Full Heal and return back into Nowhere.»
        Quit Searching
        DEATH: You wish to return back to your normal way of existence? I don't blame you. This place gives me the creeps too. Live long and.. nevermind...

        «You return back to Battleon.»

    Name Change!

    Twilly: Hi! My name is Twilly. I am a Moglin and am here to help you make your character.
    «You»: What are you talking about? You know me! We met a long time ago!
    Twilly: No, I don’t think so. What is your name? I would be happy to call you anything you would like!

    «You are given the option to change your character's name, if desired.»

    Twilly: Wow! I was not expecting that! Let me just write this down so I do not forget it.
    «You»: Wow. Okay. That was strange…
    Twilly: See ya later!

    «You return to Nowhere.»

      Frosty the Snow Golem

      «Scene: Frozen Lands»

      «You»: It’s nice to be out of the dark… But this place sure is cold. I wonder where I am?
    • *shiver*

      Frosty the Snowman: Hi there! I was supposed to hide these presents in a special cave, but I can’t find it. Zorbak will get real angry if I don’t do my job.

        Help Frosty find the Cave
        «You arrive at a scene showing 3 cave entrances.»

        Frosty the Snowman: Which cave do you think I should go to? They are all starting to look the same to me.

        «Choose one of the 3 caves.»

          Wrong Cave

          1 BATTLE
          Random Ice Mob from RA list with Ice background

          «You return to Nowhere instantly.»
          Correct Cave

          Frosty the Snowman: Thank you! This looks like the right place! Zorbak will be very happy with me. Would you like a present?
        • Ok

          Frosty the Snowman: Some of the gifts broke open, and these strange things fell out. You can have them. (Four hourglasses are shown in the dialogue bubble)
        • Thanks!

          «You return to Nowhere.»

        Attack the Snow Golem!
        1 BATTLE
        Frosty the Snow Golem (Scaled to your level +5)

        «You return to Nowhere.»

    Zorbak on the Rescue?!

    «Scene: Pitch Black»

    «You»: Where am I now? So dark... Can barely move... Damp brick walls all around me... I think I am trapped in some sort of hole...

    «Scene: Near a Well»

    «You»: Hey, is there anyone up there! Can anyone hear me? Anyone?

    «A Trobble enters the scene.»

    Floyd: Meep?
    «You»: That sounds like a Trobble! Hey you! I'm trapped down here. And it's cold and wet... And kind of smells too.
    Floyd: Meep! Meep! Meep?
    «You»: Go find help! Find anyone that could help me!
  • Quick!

    «Floyd leaves the scene to get help, but meets a female Trobble along the way...»

    Floyd: Meep? Meep?
    Fran: Meep!

    «Floyd falls in love with Fran (at first sight) and chases after her as she leaves the scene. Back at the well...»

    «You»: What's taking so long? It's been over an hour since that Trobble left to get help.
  • *sigh*

    «Daimyo enters the scene.»

    Daimyo: Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark?
    «You»: I know that bark anywhere! That's Daimyo! He can find help! I know he can! Daimyo, go find someone, I'm trapped in this hole!

    «Daimyo exits the scene and finds Zorbak for help.»

    Daimyo: Bark! Bark! Bark!
    Zorbak: Huh? What... how did you get in here? Wait... what are you saying?
    Daimyo: Bark! Bark! Growl! Bark!
    Zorbak: What??? «You» is trapped in a well, and needs help?
    Zorbak: That name sounds familiar. I think I owe that hero a favor for something they did during my childhood... My mother told me a tale once...
    Zorbak: But... That can't be... That was many, many years ago... How could a stupid human still be alive? Oh, no matter. I still owe them a favor!
  • Rescue!

    «Zorbak* takes over as your current playable character. As you (Zorbak) and Daimyo rush to your aid...»

    ???: Halt evil doer!
  • Attack!
      3 BATTLES
      Paladin Captain
      Clueless Adventurers
      Angry Protester
      «If you are defeated in any of the 3 battles...»

      Death: Zorbak? Back again so soon? And yes... I remember our special "agreement". You are free to go...
      «Continue Quest»

      If you are victorious in all 3 battles, the dialogue below occurs. You return back to your original playable character.
    «Zorbak and Daimyo reach the well you are trapped in.»

    Zorbak: Well, well... We found the well.
    «You»: Oh, great... Daimyo found the least helpful Moglin ever!
    «You»: Zorbak, can you help me out of this well?
  • Please?

    Zorbak: Heh! I owe you a favor. I can help you.. just this once... The next time we meet may not be so friendly.
    Zorbak: Feel around the inside of the well, and you'll find something written in scratches.
    «You»: I think I found it... It says... ''No matter where you go, there you are''
  • huh?

    «You return to Nowhere.»

      Drakonnan's Throne

      «Scene: Bottom of Volcano with Drakonnan's Fallen Throne»

      «You»: This place is pretty warm. I wonder where I am now? Hey… what’s that chair doing there?
      Throne: Help me. I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!
      «You»: You’re Drakonnan’s Throne right? I thought Zorbak took you?
      Throne: No, Zorbak changed his mind. He left me here at the bottom of this volcano. All by myself. All alone.
      «You»: Wow. That’s really sad. How can I help you? Wait… you’re just a throne! How are you talking?
      Throne: Drakonnan’s magic made me alive somehow. But all I want is to be sitting up straight again. Like a royal throne should be.
    • Ok

      «You move the chair from its fallen position to sit up straight, revealing three hourglasses.»

      Throne: Thank you! I feel much more regal now! Hey, do you want those things I was lying on?
    • Yes!

      «The hourglasses are added to your counter and you return to Nowhere.»
    Death’s Castle
    Same as above.

    Thanks ZzlzhtT for some of the quest info. Order of quests from el willo and Snap Yo Fingas!.
    * - When Zorbak takes over as your playable character, the following changes occur.

    Race: Moglin
    Class: Ebil Magic User
    Clan: The League of Evil
    Level: 113

    All XP, Gold and Tokens is reduced to 0, since Zorbak is only a temporarily playable character. All encounters you have yield no rewards at all. Daimyo replaces your current guest. You lose any pets that are in battle with you previously. Flee is disabled.

    You lose access to all your original Armors, Weapons, Spells, Items, Shields and Pets. Instead, you get the following for Zorbak's convenient use!

    Armor: Ebil Cloak
    Weapon: Ebil Staff
    Spells: Ebil Pencil, Heal Wounds and Blue Lightning
    Items: 6 HP Potions and 10 MP Potions

    Sir Pwnsalot update by Pallosalama and Archlist.

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  • AQ DF MQ  Revisions: 1 | Post #: 2
    9/11/2010 9:10:41   
    Times Silent Keeper

    25 Hourglasses Recovered

    «Once you obtain 25 or more hourglasses, return to Death by any means: Fleeing, dying (again) or repeating your sequence of quests in Death's Domain. A new option will appear - Give Hourglasses to Death.»

    DEATH: Thank you. I can use 25 of the ones that you found. We can't have people living forever can we?
    DEATH: I have a perfect plan to discover the identity of the thief... We can place an invisible locater beacon on an hourglass, and when it is stolen, we can find the thief!
    DEATH: I need help finding the materials for making the locator beacon... Let's see... where's the list...
    DEATH: Ahh... here we go! I need the following items:

  • Easy!

    DEATH: I will send you to a land far away to collect the items that I need. Are you ready?
  • Yes!

    «You reach a storage area with two boxes. Above the boxes is a sign:

    Do Not Touch Boxes!
    Guarded by Big Monster

    Fortunately, the monster is not around! Click on the boxes and...»

  • You search the box and find 2 Tasty Cakes
  • You search the box and find 33 Moglin Earrings, 17 Shiny Pearls, 4 Dragon Claws, 16 Worms of Paxia, 37 Tasty Cakes, 16 Sneevil Boxes, 400 Gogg Teeth, 97 Bags of Silver, 1003 Red Herrings

  • Return to Death

    «Scene: Death's Castle»

    DEATH: That was quick... You are amazing! I will build the device... Attach it to an hourglass...
    DEATH: And in a few minutes... We will find our Thief!!!
    DEATH: Do you know any good jokes? Something to pass the time... Wait! The thief is already located!!! It is a pair of thieves! Attack them now!
  • Yes!
      1 BATTLE
      Fook and Lunkwill (Renamed, re-described pack of two Mini Burps)
    DEATH: Success! Thank you for your help. Now... go away. I am quite busy. Lots of souls that are overdue.
  • Reward?

    DEATH: Reward! You deserve very little from me... Oh well... I can offer you an appearance change... Do you want a skull face like me?
  • Yes! I want a skull face!
  • No, I want to go back home.

      Yes! I want a skull face!
      «Your face changes to that of a skeleton*

      DEATH: Ok, you now have a skull face. Enjoy. If you want to change back, please visit Warlic's Magic Shop in town.
    • Return Home
      No, I want to go back home./Return Home
      DEATH: You wish to return back to your normal world? I don’t blame you. This place gives me the creeps too. Live long and.. nevermind...
    • Bye

      «You return to Battleon.»
    Entry information by Archmagus Orodalf. Monster encounter information by In Media Res.
    * - The skull face saves as your face, so you retain it even after logging out. If you have a "rare" face, you may want to refuse the reward, since the skull face replaces it permanently.

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