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Claw Tip Landing

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12/7/2007 17:37:05   
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Claw Tip Landing

Location: Travel Map -> Go South -> DragonClaw Island -> Claw Tip Landing

DragonClaw Island - a death trap for most boats. Surrounded by razor sharp rocks and high cliffs, there is only one way onto this secluded island.
  • Back to Battleon
Beleqwaya: Good day. If you have come this far to find me, then you must either be very curious or wish to perform a task for me. For the latter, I have some spell components for you to find.
  • Quest for spell components!
  • Who are you?
      Beleqwaya: Who am I? I'm Beleqwaya Melamin! I'm a Mage and a traveller. I've seen many places and wonders throughout Lore, yet I don't really have a place in it that I firmly call home.
      Beleqwaya: Now my travels have brought me to DragonClaw Island.
    • Travels?
      Beleqwaya: Yes - for many, many years I've wandered around much of Lore. Hundreds in fact. Being of Elven descent, I have plenty of time to see and do all that I wish.
      Beleqwaya: And so I just keep visiting new places. But I have not come here idly.
      Beleqwaya: Currently I am on a quest of my own to find a number of crucial spell components.
      Beleqwaya: Researching old tomes and book, "...I have learned that most of the last ones I seek could be found on the largest continent of Lore.
    • Okay...
      Beleqwaya: Unfortunately, my powers can provide me limited aid in obtaining them from the immediate area.
    • Are you too weak?
      Beleqwaya: Not at all! I can easily lay waste to monsters, and so the difficulty is not of that kind.
      Beleqwaya: It is in finding some of the monsters that I need to, and in finding some other components that aren't from monsters, but are instead simply in various places of the world.
    • Interesting!

  • Why are you here?
      Beleqwaya: This island is known, obviously, as "DragonClaw Island". It was an Island that has a clouded history, and not a lot is known about it.
      Beleqwaya: From my studies, I have learned that it has a number of magic-oriented objects associated with it.
      Beleqwaya: The island has a prominent natural magical convergence in the centre of the northern plain, at which a focus Site is built.
      Beleqwaya: There is also the magically created Hedge Maze that restricts access to the Focus Site.
      Beleqwaya: The Focus Site is an ancient place called "Cifu Estos". The purpose of these sites was to collect magical energies from around the area and focus it to the center of the spell circle.
      Beleqwaya: As well, I believe there is something held within the poisonous red fog on this island - an artifact I require to complete my search for components.
      Beleqwaya: Once the rest of my components are collected and I have breached the Hedge Maze, I will look into removing the fog.

    Quest for spell components!
    Before finding the list, or completing the quest at least once:
      Beleqwaya: Well, before you start getting the components, you are going to have to get my list and bring it back to me.
      Beleqwaya: Some critter grabbed it from my pack when my back was turned and bolted into the forest.
      Beleqwaya: The list is written in my enchanted ink, and can only be read when near me. If you bring it back here the words will show up for you.
    • Search for the list!

      1 BATTLE
      «Full Heal if you are Level 0-84»
      1 BATTLE
      «Full Heal if you are Level 0-84»

      «At this point, you have a 1/3 chance of continuing, a 1/3 chance of continuing to the , and a 1/3 chance of finding the list»

      1 BATTLE
      «Full Heal if you are Level 0-84»
      1 BATTLE
      «Full Heal if you are Level 0-84»

      «At this point, you have a 1/2 chance of going back to the , and a 1/2 chance of finding the list»
    After finding the list:
      Beleqwaya: You have not yet found all the objects that I require. Return with them all, and I'll let you use one of the items I've collected on my journeys.
    • I will find them all!
    • Who are you?
    • Why are you here?

      • A Gogg's Eye
      • Reanimated Hay
      • Phoenix Ashes
      • Groglurk Shell
      • Valence Tree Leaf
      • Dried Potion Herbs
      • Sweet Orcish Fruit
      • Volcanic Vent Gas

      «Any which have been collected since finding the list are checked. Components collected before the list is found do not count. You must collect all components without logging out.»

      Item Locations:

        A Gogg's Eye

        Kill a Gogg (or Megogg/ ArMeggogon), and click on his eye after you kill him. Goggs can be found in Ice Yonder, Random Adventure, or as a house guard (when visiting neighbours). Gnuvain's Abode contains one if you are Level 95+, and the entrance to The Hedge Maze contains Goggs. Both Goggs and Megoggs can be found in Warlic's Spellcraft quest under Bacon if you are of high enough level.

        Reanimated Hay

        Found after killing a Hayu in the Arena Challenge. Click on the remains.

        Alternatively, Skrow from Zorbak's Apprentice drops some hay when after you defeat him. Click on the remains.

        Phoenix Ashes

        Found on a Phoenix or a Firebird. Click on the ashes after you kill it. Phoenixes can be found guarding houses or in Smoke Mountains.

        Groglurk Shell

        Found after killing an Angered Groglurk in Bludrut Keep. Click on the shell after you kill it.

        Valence Tree Leaf

        Found in Isle d'Oriens, in the main courtyard. On the tree with Pae the gecko on it, click on the leaves on the top-left-most branch.

        Dried Potion Herbs

        Found in Granemor, in Lucretia's Apothecary & Potion Shop. Click on the bag on the floor, next to the potions. If you are not a Guardian, you need to get a Travel Pass from Valencia by first getting a Pet Rock from Warlic's Shop.

        Sweet Orcish Fruit

        On the Travel Map, click Sail South and then click on the trees just above Augerthorne.

        Volcanic Vent Gas

        Die and go to Death's Domain by clicking on Death's hourglass. Click on any of the smoking vents to collect the gas.
    After completing the list, or after completing the quest at least once:
      Beleqwaya: I see you have all the items that I requested. I must admit, I am quite impressed. As promised you can have an item from my collection.
      Beleqwaya: You only get to choose an item once. So choose carefully which item you would like. These items may not always be available in the future.
    • Choose an Item

        Beleqwaya's Gift

        Choose your reward!
      • Gauntlet of Might
        ......The Gauntlet of Might increases the damage you deal.
      • Diamond of the Body
        ......The Diamond of the Body restores some HP every turn.
      • Ring of Magic
        ......The Ring of Magic converts some of the damage you do into magical power.
      • Back to Beleqwaya
      • Leave Claw Tip Landing

    • Who are you?
    • Why are you here?
    Write-up thanks to ~Cin~, Parkmania, and Aeltahi. Correction from SLC. Note from TheDemonHunter_Rulz and RASTAFARIAN.
    Monster Lists

    Level 0-59
    Dragoo (55)
    Fire Gloop (51)
    Flyrtle (50)
    Ghoul (54)
    Giant Horror (52)
    Salamander (54)

    Level 60-69
    Abomination (59)
    Creech (57)
    Cyclops Defender (56)
    Deery (62)
    Four Eyed Menace (63)
    Minotaur Prime (60)

    Level 70-79
    Acid Spitter (72)
    Acidragon (65)
    Centocor (74)
    Cthulion (67)
    Four Eyed Menace (63)
    Gogg (67)
    Sectid (68)

    Level 80-89
    Am-Bush (80)
    Big Salamander (76)
    Blinding Sunray (82)
    Enormous Horror (75)
    Gogg (67)
    Mondrogor (82)
    O'Greeny (80)

    Level 90-99
    Aquus (83)
    Battle Troll (82)
    Earth Dragon (91)
    Grand Sphinx (86)
    Kharssal (88)
    Queen Hybee (85)
    Teeny BURP (90)

    Level 100+
    Earth Dragon (91)
    Giind (Megdragon) (100)
    Lightbringer (92)
    Mega BURP (100)
    Megogg (92)
    Mr. Worm (99)
    Narrviz (95)
    Sectus (105)

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