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The Graveyard

Access Point: Amityvale (Books 1 and 2) -> Thursday -> The path? -> Graveyard, Amityvale (Books 1 and 2) -> Right -> Up
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: October 20th, 2006

Quests Available

Artix Krieger


Artix Krieger: Greetings and salutations friend! Wow, are you <Character> I am so glad you are in DoomWood. It is an honor to finally meet you.
<Character>: Thanks, its nice to meet you too. What are you up to here?

Artix Krieger: Wow, <Character>, I am so glad you are in DoomWood. It is an honor to fight beside you.
<Character>: Thanks. So what exactly are you up to here?
Artix Krieger: Exorcising the undead to free their souls. It is also great exercise!


<Character>: Need a hand?

*A zombie hand come flying towards the direction of you and Artix*


Artix Krieger: Heh...
<Character>: Heh....

Artix's Official List of things that should NOT be said around UNDEAD

<Character>: So... do you always hang out in creepy Graveyards battling the Undead?
Artix Krieger: No, not all the time.
Artix Krieger: Sometimes I go to Underground Crypts, Lich Lairs, Mummy Tombs and the occasional Shopping Mall.
<Character> (thinking): He really likes fighting the undead.
<Character>: Wait... the mall?
Artix Krieger: Indeed! The undead LOVE malls. Someone puts up a sale and they swarm like bees! *coughs* Zom-bees!
Zombie (thinking): *Was about to groan... shaaawwwwping? Arrrrewwww...
Zombie (thinking): Arrrrewwww... bruuuu wright saaaaale!?
Zombie (thinking): Arrrrghhhh... disssscount barrrgaaarghins!?
Artix Krieger: Say, if you are battling against creatures of Darkness it would be an honor to come with you.
<Character>: Sure, as long as you keep up!
Artix Krieger: !
Artix Krieger: I like the way you think, this is going to be fun. Lead the way friend!
<Character> (thinking): Wow, and not a single typo in that entire dialog.

Other information
  • Artix also stands outside the Graveyard with a complete set of options. (Talk, Quests)
  • This used to be the place that you met Artix in game the first time. (dialog changed)
  • You can take Artix with you on battle as a guest by pressing Team Up!
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