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Eternal Chaos -> Spider Leg (11/9/2006 21:06:45)

Spider Leg

Level: 53
Price: 5,000 910
Sellback: 2,500 455
Location: Epic Quest 15 - The Shadow Master

Element: Darkness
Attack Type: Magic
Damage: 6-26 4-26
BTH: 8 6

Hits: 2
Element: Darkness; Void-Damages MP
Type: Magic
Damage: 100% Base and Random; [10% of monster's base MP] damage
Stats: No
BtH: +15, [Set at +300]
Effect: You heal MP equal to the damage dealt on the second hit, rounded to the nearest 4.
Note: The second hit is not treated as an attack from a weapon Special. It is treated as an "other".
Rate: 25%

This scary but fragile staff can drain Mana from your opponents.


Thanks to dna cupcake for the stats so far. Element from Pallosalama.

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