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Epic Quest 15 - The Shadow Master

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3/26/2010 17:14:40   
Oh Bother.

Location: Yulgar's Inn > The Devourer Saga > Epic Quest 15 - The Shadow Master
Location: Travel Map > Sail East > Sail East > The Devourer Saga > Epic Quest 15 - The Shadow Master
Prerequisite: Level 31

The Shadow Master

*Your quest has taken you from Battleon to Darkovia, Granemor, Mount Eigerbuld, Krovesport, Augerthorne, and many other places. Now, just returned from Queen Safiria's dungeons with the Eye of Naab, you are ready to discover the face of the Shadow Master!*

Sage Uldor-
Welcome back, [your name goes here]! I knew you would be back today. You have the Eye of Naab?
You- Yes, Sage Uldor! It wasn't easy beaking into the castle of the Vampire Queen, but somehow i did it. So what is the plan? How are we going to use the Eye of Naab to find out who the Shadow Master is?
Sage Uldor- In theory it is simple... I will focus a psychic call through the Eye of Naab. If the Shadow Master wants it as badly as his shadow dragon servant said he does--
-- then the shadow master will come to us.
You- Isn't that... uhh... risky?
Sage Uldor- I brought back-up, just in case. Hand me the Eye of Naab and we will begin.
*You hand the Eye of Naab over to Sage Uldor*
Sage Uldor- Now, let us see if the Shadow Master wants to talk.
*Sage Uldor sends out a purple psychic blast from his head*
*The ground rumbles*
You- Was that it? What do we do now?
Sage Uldor- We can only wait. It may take weeks before we know the result.
You- Well... that's pretty boring. I hate waiting weeks!
Sage Uldor- Why don't you just go on some quests until then? I will call you back when something happens.
You- Okay!
(To Be Continued)
*Ground rumbles*
You- Wait! What was that??
Sage Uldor- Suddenly-- my mind is clouded! Something must be blocking my psychic ability! Quickly, it's time to call in some help!

Sage Uldor- Here it comes!!

*You only fight 6 monsters during the battle*

You- Is it just me, or were we just attack by a hoard of seemingly unrelated elemental monsters?
Sage Uldor- No, it was just you.
You- Wha--? So they WERE related?
Sage Uldor- Not as much related in a physical sense.. but they were all suddenly driven to attack THIS AREA for some reason. As though something had suddenly appeared here that was against the natural order...
*Large pit opens up in the background and swallows two trees*
You- ............ That is somewhat disturbing.
Sage Uldor- I believe the hole we see is an invatation. Why don't you choose someone to go down there with you... just in case?
(Choose guest from the list posted earlier)
Sage Uldor- Call me when the way is clear!
*Go Down!*
You- Wow, a creepy spider-web infested cave. Maybe this is a bad sign?
???- There {Insert your name here} is! NOW!! ATTACK!!
You- What?? What did I do?

Battle Undead Ribber
5 Ribbers in all
2 lvl 25 with a possible 3rd lvl 25
2 lvl 50 with a possible 3rd lvl 50

Ribber- You... you must be destroyed!
You- Wait a minute-- you Ribbers are looking for the Shadow Master! You want to destroy him because of some evil he did to you, right??
Ribber- You are the Shadow Master! DIIIIEEEEEE!
(Fight Giant Undead Ribber)

You- Hey Uldor! I think I need you now! I fought a bunch of those Undead Ribbers again... the creatures i found a while ago that claimed to be searching for the Shadow Master. They seem to think I'm the Shadow Master!!
Sage Uldor- That cannot be true. It said the Eye of Naab will revel the Shadow Master. The Ribbers must have followed the Eye to this place. Seeing you here they thought you were the Shadow Master.
???- And they were wrong. Very wrong.
Sage Uldor- Epheel! Many have been meeting you in Nightbane's castle in Darkovia! Are you the Shadow Master???
Epheel- Yes, I am. I'm sure that you think I am EVIL. And it may be true to some... I have done evil things in the past. The Ribbers blame me for much. I have been alive for nearly a thousand years. In all that time, my duties have led me to do many things. The Ribbers are an entire race that became undead because of me. You see, I make deals. All for one ultimate purpose: to save the world from an ultimate force of destruction. You know this force as the Devourer, among other names. There is a book in the library of Isle D'Oriens which can tell you more of that. Suffice to say, my mission has... casualities. But YOU, YOU are HEROES of this world. The Devourer travels between dimensions, scouring the unverse for life-filled worlds. It eats the elemental forces then moves on, often leaving a wasteland. Before the Devourer arrives, though, it sends an Agent of Destruction to observe the world. There lies the key to saving your world. If this Agent of Destruction is itself destroyed, the Devourer will be fearful of the world, and pass it by... letting it live on.
You- But why does everyone think you're EVIL in the first place?? Where do you come from??
Epheel- My long history here has created many enemies, who spread lies about me. Eventually, I became a myth, and to many I was forgotten. I was a wizard... one of the first HUMAN wizards long ago. Back in the time when Drakel ruled the world of Lore. And the Devourer attacked us for the first time. The Drakel hid in domed cities while other less advanced races tried their best to survive. The Elemental Lord and Dragon Lords had long retired and we were let with no great defenders. The Devourer made a few races go extinct. A few aside for the Drakel made it: Humans, elves, dwarves, and others. I tried to fight the Devourer and paid for it: the Devourer warped my body into this hideous form. A further curse was that i would live forever, until the Devourer itself destroyed me! I swore then to do all i could to find out how to destroy the Devourer all I have discoverd is how to prevent its attack... But for now, that will be good enough. Now, I ask you: Are you brave enough to take on this task? When the time comes, will you hunt this Agent of Destruction??
You- Yes, yes I will!
Epheel- EXCELLENT!! I have some items for you. A gift that will signal the arrival of the Agent, and more to help you.

(Shop Opens)
Epheel's Gift
Spider Leg

Epheel- Now go, await the signal! your time to save the world is soon to come!

(End Quest)

Zarlath, Chicken Trobble and Foragh from Ronin Darkwalker. Typo correction from ArchMagus Orodalf, Stephen Nix, and Avro.

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