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Mysterious Player -> Techno-Turkey Terror (11/22/2006 18:42:07)

Techno-Turkey Terror

Location: Falconreach -> Click on button, Thankstaking Storybook -> Chapter 1 -> Dr. Voltabolt -> Terror!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: November 22nd, 2006

Objective: Fight your way past Dr. Voltabolts clockwork army and stop the Techno-Turkey before it can be released on Falconreach! Collect Corn Kernels and a Turkey Tail Feather and return to Dr. Voltabolt for a special holiday Turkey pet...Butterbomb
Objective completed: You did it! You saved town from a giant mechanical turkey! Now that I say it, it sounds kind of silly. Return to Dr. Voltabolt with Corn Kernels and a Turkey Tail Feather for your special holiday turkey pet.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(3) Bee-Bot
(2) Beetle-Bot
(3) Sneevil-Bot
(2) Tog-Bot
(1) Techno-Turkey / Mega Techno-Turkey - Boss

Dr. Voltabolt

Corn Kernel
Turkey Tail Feather

Access to Battle Turkey Upgrade.


*You must defeat all of the monsters before heading right to the Techno-Turkey.*

If you approach the sign labeled 'DON'T EVER PUSH':

Super Secret Button!

You found a secret button with an arrow pointing to it that says 'MEGA TEHCNO-TURKEY'. Would you like to press it?

  • Yes - activates extreme mode.
  • No

  • *Enter the 'Perfectly Normal House' to battle the Techno-Turkey and complete the quest.*

    Dr. Voltabolt: *Ahem* Dr. Voltabolt, Zupreme High Tecnomancer... and Dentizt, at your zervice.

  • Talk
    <Character>: Eh, whats up doc?
    Dr. Voltabolt: AH I zee that you haf come to vitness the power of my latest brillinat invention!
    <Character>: What is it this time? The worlds most deadly toaster?
    Dr. Voltabolt (thinking): HE HAZ BEEN LOOKINK AT MY PLANS AND SCHEMATICS! I vill haf to hide zem better.
    Dr. Voltabolt: OF COURSE NOT! I haf decided to show ze world zat science can build a better turkey zan nature can.
    <Character>: Oh... well doesn't sound to bad. So what, it tastes better? Gose better with stuffing?
    Dr. Voltabolt: Yes, well it started zat way..but zen I added ze lasers, you know how it goes. But I haf made a turkey better than nature ever could!
    <Character>: Lasers? So by "Better Turkey" You mean "Turkey that can destroy town". Right?
    Dr. Voltabolt: ... Yes.
    Dr. Voltabolt: This is ButterBomb, my battle turkey. I haf trained him in ze ways of combat to pilot my battle Techno-Turkey.
    Dr. Voltabolt: If you can defeat my little pet and his friends, you may haf him. Bring me Corn Kernals and Turkey Tail Feathers as proof of your victories.

  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
    Dr. Voltabolt: Open and say "Ahhhhh...."

    Dr. Voltabolt: Zhere vee go! Now, on vith zee fighting!

  • Get Pet Turkey - opens Battle Turkey Upgrade shop.
    Dr. Voltabolt: Required itemz....

    If you create a pet in the Battle Turkey Upgrade shop:
    Dr. Voltabolt: Exzellent... here you go my little friend. It is my bezt creation ever! Enjoy and don't froget to floss.

  • Quest - see current dialogue.

    Other information
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • Defeat all monsters before moving on.
  • You may now go carve the Tehcno-Turkey!
  • Mega Techno-Turkey activated! (This is very bad)

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  • Jay for corrections.

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