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Senomi -> Mollo Tree, The (2/9/2007 18:47:00)

The Mollo Tree

Other name: Food Supply

Location: Sir Vey's Camp -> Sir Vey -> Quests -> Food Supply
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of For The Birds
Release Date: February 9th, 2007

Objective: Sir Vey has sent you into Oaklore forest to see what has caused the Forest Furies to stop eating their normal diet of Mollo fruit.
Objective completed: When you arrived at the Mollo tree it was being guarded by Vurr'men and the ground had been picked clean of the fallen fruit.

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 182
Gold rewarded: 30

(4) Forest Fury
(1) Lovey Bear
(3) VurrMan


Ancient Text
Dusty Old Tome
Emerald Key
Locked Book
Mage Sketchbook
Pouch of Sparkling Sand
Ruby Sculpture

Sir Vey: Hmm. It seems like they were just hungry. That's very odd. The Forest Furies usually eat the fruit from a huge Mollo tree in the woods.
Sir Vey: Something must have happened to their normal food supplies to make them so aggressive.
Sir Vey: If this continues they will come back for the seeds and they will be even more dangerous.
Sir Vey: I'll stay here and guard the seeds. You have to go the Mollo tree and find out why the Forest Furies aren't eating that fruit.

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    Find a hidden NPC named Greg in this quest

    Thanks to
    -- Gallant, lesnick, cartoom802, explorer x1, shockwing, ULTRAGUY for reward drops, weapon of choice for the hidden NPC.
    -- Stephen Nix for the rewrite.
    -- Sagrym for corrections.

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