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Welcome to Geoto's FAQ/Q&A If there is a question you need answer PM Me the Question and I will place onto this Forum.

Q: Where is Geoto?

A: Geoto is in Paxia. Sail East from the Travel map and click Paxia. Geoto is in the Middle.

Q: I'm new on the Fourms What do I do?
A: Well You can Start by introducing yourself to someone they'll help you set up and you'll be a Regular Geoto Member in No Time

Q:How Do I Buy The Geoto Equipment?
A:First sail East once then go to Paxia click on Geoto and then talk to Geotal Click Shop and There you Have it. Geoto Armor, Geoto Mace and the new Geoto Sceptre.

Q:Why isn't There a Clan Pet
A: Well the AQ team is very busy making new wars and story plot. Be Patient. Who knows it may happen.

Q:Can we change the look of the Geoto Armor
A: No. They may update but I doubt it. The AQ Team are Working on may different things this of course isn't there main project.

Q: Why aren't there a lot of Paxia wars?
A: Because, Paxia is in Clan Unity, this is because of the coming of the Devourer.
As said before paxia is not their main project.

Q: Why doesn't Geoto have a Chat room?
A: In fact it does just Hit This link Chat Here and Click the Geoto Chat room. There is
also this chazty room created by lifeman9 Found Here NOTE: Inactive.

Q: What is GCC?
A: This is Geoto Clan Coalition it has three parts here is the thread to help Understand a bit more Link

Q: Can I Make an Alliance with another clan?
A: No. Even if they agree about 70% aren't on The forums so there would be no way for this to happen. Unless the AQ Team made one in the next event which is highly doubted.

Q: I have a question about Geoto where do I post it?
A: Right here I will answer your questions to the best of my ability.

Q:What events have occured so far and who won them (what was won)?
Orginal: Aerodu #1, Geoto #2 Nautica didn't take place
Nautica #1 Geoto #2 Aerodu #3

A:Event #3 - Paxus Says (12/4-12/6) - Igneus 1st (Broken Paxus Doll) and Geoto 2nd (Hand of Paxus)
Event #4 - Leaf it to Cleaver (1/25-1/28) - Igneus and Aerodu (Rusty Cleaver)
Event #5 Gong with the Wind- Ingeus 1st Gong of the Wind? Pet Aerodu 2nd Pet Weaker

Q: I have a question but it's not about Geoto. (More AQ Related)
A: Here is The AQ Q&A Thread

Q:Can I talk on other Clans Forums?
A: Yes you can with The Cross-Clan Communications.

Q: There is a Yellow circle By Some posts What does this mean?

A: The Yellow circle means a stickied post with a post that was posted in under 24 hours ago...

Q: How do I brush my teeth?
A: Uh... you may wanna ask your dentist

Q: Does Geoto have a private forum like the other clan? If so were is it?
A: Until Recently you could of went to Clan Information but, now that thread was deleted. Yes we do have one. It is Right here
Geoto's Forums

A Thank you goes out to Oddler For help.

Thank you for reading this and Welcome to Geoto and it's fourms!

EDIT: Made a few updates to the links, seriously I don't think the cross clan communications links have been updated in a VERY long time, they were using [url] tags rather than [link] tags ~ Oliver Bell

SplinterClaw -> RE: =Geoto= Official FAQ/Q&A (2/28/2007 0:59:18)

This will be very helpful for all members, good job lifeman. It also has good questions that extend beyoud just joining or leaving questions as well

sjra -> RE: =Geoto= Official FAQ/Q&A (2/28/2007 13:13:12)

People really ask you stuff like that? Eesh... not in a bad way, though...

lifeman9 -> RE: =Geoto= Official FAQ/Q&A (2/28/2007 17:55:04)

I've got questions like this before..

MajorSamus -> RE: =Geoto= Official FAQ/Q&A (3/2/2007 20:46:16)

Actually Lifeman9, GCC stands for Geoto Clan Coalition... I wonder why everyone thinks it Council.. >_<

lifeman9 -> RE: =Geoto= Official FAQ/Q&A (3/3/2007 7:57:15)

Really Now? Hm.. Why does every think say GCC Geoto Clan Council -.-'

Oddler -> RE: =Geoto= Official FAQ/Q&A (3/3/2007 20:27:36)

lifeman9, It Looks Good..

lifeman9 -> RE: =Geoto= Official FAQ/Q&A (4/28/2007 13:26:40)

Recently Updated

Added Forum question

Feel free to PM me.

Super Meh -> RE: =Geoto= Official FAQ/Q&A (5/26/2007 0:33:34)

'How do i brush my teeth'?

Where you get that from mate?

oscar2 -> RE: =Geoto= Official FAQ/Q&A (5/31/2007 15:02:37)


dollerboy2000 -> RE: =Geoto= Official FAQ/Q&A (5/31/2007 15:11:38)

Hello, welcome to Geoto. It would be appreciated that you do not post in this thread unless you have a question.

oscar2 -> RE: =Geoto= Official FAQ/Q&A (5/31/2007 15:15:50)

I did have a question what clan won the first clan war

dollerboy2000 -> RE: =Geoto= Official FAQ/Q&A (5/31/2007 15:16:49)

I think it was Aerodu. We came in second. Third was Nautica.

oscar2 -> RE: =Geoto= Official FAQ/Q&A (5/31/2007 15:18:20)

oh thank you im trying to kill night bane right now

dollerboy2000 -> RE: =Geoto= Official FAQ/Q&A (5/31/2007 15:18:49)

Okay, remember. Post for a queston only.

oscar2 -> RE: =Geoto= Official FAQ/Q&A (5/31/2007 15:26:27)

so exactly why do ppl think im new to geoto?

dollerboy2000 -> RE: =Geoto= Official FAQ/Q&A (5/31/2007 15:28:44)

Since you asked, it says New Member as your title and I checked your post count and it is very little. Please ask questions regarding Geoto olny.

oscar2 -> RE: =Geoto= Official FAQ/Q&A (5/31/2007 15:34:43)

when is the next clan war event?

dollerboy2000 -> RE: =Geoto= Official FAQ/Q&A (5/31/2007 15:35:07)

Okay, please stop posting here.

lifeman9 -> RE: =Geoto= Official FAQ/Q&A (6/8/2007 6:28:43)

Updated a few errors

dollerboy2000 -> RE: =Geoto= Official FAQ/Q&A (6/12/2007 8:32:52)

Excuse me Lifeman9. I have a question. What errors did you fix?

lifeman9 -> RE: =Geoto= Official FAQ/Q&A (6/13/2007 9:58:41)

Grammar Spelling Q: A: Symbols

gameman117 -> RE: =Geoto= Official FAQ/Q&A (6/13/2007 15:59:52)

I feel honored to have been mentioned in the Q/A.


ORIGINAL: lifeman9

Q: Does Geoto have a private forum like the other clan? If so were is it?
A: Until Recently you could of went to Clan Information but, now that thread was deleted. Yes we do have one. It is Right here
Geoto's Unactive Forums There are three active member myself which Ranmyaku, the other two are Namic321, and gameman117. Namic and I are currently the only Mods, and Paladin of Valor is our Admin.
PoV is currently busy and has hardly anytime for the forum.

lifeman9 -> RE: =Geoto= Official FAQ/Q&A (6/27/2007 10:54:37)


dollerboy2000 -> RE: =Geoto= Official FAQ/Q&A (6/27/2007 12:05:19)

Um Life, may I please know your update?

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