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Get Warlic's Ingredients

Location: Warlic's Zone -> Warlic -> Dragon Egg -> Strings of Flame / Brickhead / You're All Wet / Ol' Wind Bag
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Crossing the Line
Release Date: April 6th, 2007

Objective: Find four ingredients so Warlic can summon an unspeakably powerful creature to find the real Dragon Egg!
Objective completed: N/A

Boulder Elemental
Dirt Beetle
Inferno Elemental
Lava Glob / Fire Guards
Stone Head


Bag of Fire Yarn
Indestructible Litter
Bag of Salmon

(Those items do not appear in your inventory)

Strings of Flame
Warlic: We must summon an unspeakably powerful creature to determine which egg is the right one. To summon "IT" I require several reagents! #1 Bag of Fire Yarn - Venture into the Fire Cave, north of here, and see if you can find Bag of Fire Yarn.

Warlic: The creature we are summoning is incredibly dangerous. Let's see, I still require several more reagents. Indestructible Litter - Go into the Earth Cave to the east. It is a dirty job, but you must defeat a Stone Head boss and take his rubble.

You're All Wet
Warlic: I fear the creature we summon might be too difficult to control. Just in case you should get a powerful water weapon. Bag of Fish! - Travel to the southern waterfall and bring back a bag of Salmon.

Ol' Wind Bag
Warlic: We just need one more thing to summon the monster that will show us which egg is the Dragon Egg. Bag of Wind-nip! - Mmm, wind-nip. Wind elementals just cannot get enough of the stuff. Search the wind cave to the North.


#1: Bag of Fire Yarn
Description: Venture into Fiery Heart of Mt. Shining Star, north of here, and see if you can find a Bag of Fire Yarn
Location: #1 on the map

#2: Indestructible Litter
Description: Go into Itís a Dirty Job to the east. Defeat the Stone Head boss and take his rubble
Location: Go to #2 on the map, fight through the dungeon, and you will obtain this item

#3: Bag of Salmon
Description: Near the Waterfall Secret Cave you will find a Bag of Salmon
Location: #3 on the map

#4: Wind-Nip
Description: Near The Floating Cave on the north
Location: #4 on the map

Thanks to Peachii for corrections.

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