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Location: The First Pirate vs. Ninja War!, Golem Problem, Falconreach, Shadow of the Wind Village, Run of the Kessel!, The Jewel of the Four Winds, Honda's Accord, Captains Log: Secret Scrolls, The Cave of Wonderous Secrets!, Flight from Sho'Nuff, Darkness is Coming

Quests given
Random Quests
Chart Captors
The Haunted Dojo
Stealing Back Stars

The Wind Orb: Ninjas
Run of the Kessel!
The Hunt Begins!
Return the Scrolls
Walk Through Fire
The Jewel of the Four Winds
Honda's Accord

Shops owned
Shadow of the Wind Village
Ninja Items

Day of the Ninja Pets
Day of the Ninja Weapons

The First Pirate vs. Ninja War!

Thyton: Greetings <Character>. I am Thyton, leader of the Shadow of the Wind Clan of ninja here on Sho Nuff Island.
Thyton: We have been at war with the Pirates of Osprey Cove for a very long time, both of us searching for the Jewel of The Four Winds.
Thyton: Those foolish pirates have no idea of the Jewel's true power but, in their greed, all they can see is a great treasure.
Thyton: Last night they came into our village looking for the Jewel, which we do not have.
Thyton: They terrified the townspeople doing the only thing that they know how to do... take what isn't theirs to take.
Thyton: We have sent a large counterattack to Osprey Cove but it has left the village vulnerable to their invasion.
Thyton: Those honorless thieves need to learn that we won't just stand aside and let them walk all over us!
Thyton: We could really use your help to defeat them, <Character>! Just drive them out of our town and keep whatever treasure you find!

Golem Problem

Thyton: <Character>, I'm glad that you've come. Something... unforseen... has happened.
Thyton: The pirates of Opsrey Cove have sent their magical Treasure Golem on a rampage.
Thyton: It will only end when our village has been totally destroyed. A mindless monster like this is to be expected from the pirates.
Thyton: but what is surprising is that Rhubarb sent a letter ahead of the monster warning us about its attack.
Thyton: He says that someone attacked their town first posing as a ninja.
Thyton: He's been playing us against each other. Rhubarb says that he's dispatched a hero like yourself to stop the Treasure Golem.
Thyton: It is very honorable of him but we do not need his assistance to deal with their pathetic monster... not while we have you working with us.
Thyton: The pirates will meet their ends at our hands... but not today. We will put aside our differences and focus on this new threat.
Thyton: <Character>, you must stop this pirate monster and defend the village! Go, Now!


Thyton: Greetings friend. I have traveled far to reach Falconreach.

  • Why Are You Here?
    Thyton: I have come looking for information on a man named Drakath. Do you know him?
    Thyton: I need to understand him before I can predict his next move. I've learned much already...
    Thyton: He is an evil man who was once a spoiled child. He thinks that he is entitled to everything and takes what wants by force.
    Thyton: He believes that he is the rightful heir to the throne of Swordhaven... which is true in a sense.
    Thyton: Once all of this realm was ruled be a wicked power-hungry king named King Slugwrath. While he ruled the land was darkness.
    Thyton: A good knight... Sir Alteon... gathered a band of freedom fighters and after years of bloody battles against impossible odds...
    Thyton: Sir Alteon and his friends defeated the evil king. Alteon had no desire to be king but the people wouldn't hear it.
    Thyton: They feared that without his leadership the land would fall again into dark times, so he took the crown for the people.
    Thyton: King Slugwrath had only one son... Drakath. Now this villain seeks the throne. That makes him a thread to the entire kingdom.
    Thyton: That means his name is also... *snort*... Drakath SLUGWRATH! HAHAHAHA!...ahem, excuse me.

  • Where is Artix?
    Thyton: The young paladin named Artix was last seen standing OUTSIDE the graveyard of Amityvale. You can find him there.

  • Free Armor!
    Thyton: We ninjas have defeated the pirates of Osprey Cove. To celebrate I had our most talented tailor make a new pirate armor.
    Thyton: The cut is exactly like the pirate armor that Rhubarb will give you, but this is entirely BLACK to show ninja superiority.
    Thyton: I call it the The Dread Pirate Armor. It will give you additional defences against all Melee, Magic and Ranged attacks.
    Thyton: Any pirate skills that you have earned will be also unlocked in this Dread Pirate Armor, but to learn more, you must still speak to Rhubarb.
    Thyton: Would you like to show your ninja pride and equip this Dread Pirate Armor now?

    During Day of the Ninja 2010:
    Thyton: I am Thyton, joinin of the most secretive ninja clan on Lore. But today... today we celebrate the Day of the Ninja!

    Thyton: Now you don't! They are still here, though. My ninjas are stealthy. I am proud. Can YOU match their skills?

  • Ninja Weapons - opens Day of the Ninja Weapons shop.
  • Ninja Pet Shop - opens Day of the Ninja Pets shop.

    Shadow of the Wind Village

    Thyton: Welcome to the Shadow of the Wind Village. I am Thyton, jonin of this ninja clan. Now tell me how you found this place.

  • Random Quest! Go on Thyton's random quests!
      Thyton: For months we've been trying to get the pirate's navigational charts... using trained monkies. It is now clear that this is a job for a real ninja.
      Thyton: Invade one of their ships, work your way forward and try to find some charts in the navigational room! Let nothing stop you!

      Thyton: Our village has always been troubled by the spirits of darkness <Character>.... they are called Kageijin.
      Thyton: Battle these shadow spirits, and cleanse one of the villages haunted dojos. I would be very greatful.

      Thyton: One of the few creatures to steal any of our ninja secrets is the fearsome Okuchi No Okami, and his army of Sneenjas.
      Thyton: Recently they stole several crates of shuriken which was en route to the village. I want you to retrieve one of the crates.
      Thyton: Okuchi No Okami must be punished for this insolence. If you find him, teach him that it is a bad idea to steal from the Shadow of the Wind Clan.
  • Quests
    Thyton: I have prepared a mission for you to perform for the glory of the Shadow Of the Wind Clan! Now, you prove your worth to us!
    • Run of the Kessel!
      Thyton: I've got your first mission <Character>. For many years the Pirates have ruled the seas around Sho Nuff Island.
      Thyton: Their control over the seas make it very difficult for us to get supplies to our village, and get send our ninjas to far off missions.
      Thyton: But we have secretly been working on a new boat design, enchanted with our own wind ninja magic.
      Thyton: Follow me, I'll explain more when we get to the harbor.

    • The Hunt Begins!
      Thyton: Now that you have proven yourself to the clan I have a task for you, <Character>.
      Thyton: The source of the fighting between the pirates and ourselves is known to us as the Jewel of the Four Winds.
      Thyton: It is a powerful item that gives those who hold it control over the winds. Those simple pirates want it for their own reasons...
      Thyton: ... for whomever controls the winds, controls the seas! But they know nothing of its true power.
      Thyton: For centuries, we have closely guarded the secrets of the ninja wing magics that have made us such a powerful clan.
      Thyton: But if we were to gain control of the Jewel of the Four Winds then our magic would grow a thousandfold!
      Thyton: We would be the unquestioned rulers of this island and the most powerful ninja clan on Lore!
      Thyton: The jewel has been kept secret inside the Ruins of Kordana, at the center of the island, for longer than anyone can remember.
      Thyton: All of our attempts to recover it have ended... badly. But now, a man named Drakath has taken the jewel from its resting place.
      Thyton: I see by your face that you know this man. That is good. I want you to find him. He has been clever enough to escape our spies so far.
      Thyton: You must go to the Ruins of Kordana and pick up him trail there. Hunt him down like the animal that he is. Return the jewel to me...
      Thyton: ... by any means necessary. Now, go!

    • Return the Scrolls
      Thyton: Kordana said that Drakath headed north? He was making his way to our clans oldest foe...
      Thyton: ... a devil fox called Okuchi No Okami. This thief stole many of our most prized ninja scrolls a long time ago.
      Thyton: We have made several attempts to get the scrolls back but Okuchi No Okami moves them every few days. He always keeps them close.
      Thyton: If Drakath can lead you to Okuchi No Okami... then your mission is to get our scrolls back for the Pride of the clan.
      Thyton: Return once you have found Drakath's hiding spot, and when you have the scrolls in hand. Go now, <Character>. You have your orders.

    • Walk Through Fire
      Thyton: Okuchi No Okami may be a thief but his information is always good.
      Thyton: Drakath hides in the volcanic caves near the northern coast of the island. He must be awaiting rescue.
      Thyton: There are many perils in that cave, but you have shown that you are a skilled ninja. Make your way through the cave and find the jewel.
      Thyton: You have tracked him well, <Character> and now you have him cornered. Be careful, a cornered animal is often the most dangerous.

    • Jewel of the Four Winds
      Thyton: Well done, <Character>. You have arrived just in time. Drakath has just landed in the center of the village.
      Thyton: Let me know as you have prepared yourself to face him, and get the Jewel of the Four Winds.

    • Honda's Accord
      Thyton: <Character> we may not be done with this fight yet. The villages are reporting strange noises from the woods to the west.
      Thyton: Go investigate the disturbance. It is probably the remnants of the sneenja army... but be prepared for anything.

    • Sepulchure
      Thyton: <Character>, I have a mission for you. The creatures of the woods have started running for their lives.
      Thyton: A mysterious dark energy on one of the mountains to the south seems to be the source of their terror. I want you to investigate this energy. Go.

    • Illusion
      Thyton: You have impeccable timing as usual, <Character>.
      Thyton: As you know Okuchi No Okami stole several wind scrolls. We have managed to recover most of them... even if some have been damaged.
      Thyton: We've learned that a rogue band of Stone Ninjas have also managed to find some scraps too.
      Thyton: The damaged scrolls describe an ancient art that summons the Tomamo, a creature that places its victims in an eternal illusion.
      Thyton: They already summoned the creature but it takes time for it to charge its power.
      Thyton: Find the Stone Ninja Guards and beat them and the Tamamo before it has finished charging, or else we're all doomed!
  • Talk
    Thyton: Gathering information is a ninja's most important skill. I will answer your questions.
    • Who are you?
      Thyton: My name is Thyton and I am jonin... the leader... of the Shadow of the Wind ninja clan.
      Thyton: I am the keeper of all the secret skills of this clan, and if you are accepted into the clan, I will be your teacher.
      Thyton: If you are accepted into the clan then you WILL become a ninja but your usefulness to the clan will be determined by your skills.
      Thyton: If you wish to learn what I have to teach then I demand total concentration....
      Thyton: ... wait... what were we talking about?

    • Ninjas?
      Thyton: A ninjas life is one of dedicated training and meditation but the rewards are beyond measure.
      Thyton: Once you have mastered your mind and your body there is nothing in the world that can stop you.
      Thyton: A single ninja is worth a hundred spies and a hundred soldiers. Especially a ninja from the Shadow of the Wind clan!
      Thyton: Many ninjas place their martial arts above all else but a ninjas real value is in their honor.
      Thyton: ...Of course, all the honor in the world can't dodge a pirate's bullet.

    • Pirates?
      Thyton: *Spits* Pirates! Nothing but treacherous, back-stabbing thieves! They know nothing but brute force.
      Thyton: They are only loyal to their treasure. They could never understand the dedication that our lives and skills demand.
      Thyton: They are a troublesome breed. They are too chaotic to predict and every move that we make, they match somehow. It must end.
      Thyton: I have some plans to stop them... but I'd need someone as focused as they were fearless to help me. Maybe you are that person!
      Thyton: If you help me strike some mortal blows against the pirates, then maybe you could earn your reputation within the clan as a ninja.

    • Shadow of the Wind Village
      Thyton: Sho Nuff Island can be a dangerous place, but the Shadow of the Wind Village is the MOST dangerous place of all.
      Thyton: Anything that enters the village without permission... does not leave. For generations ninjas have come from all over Lore...
      Thyton: ...to learn our clan's secret ninja arts. A few have tried to take our secrets, fewer still have succeeded... and those will be hunted down.
      Thyton: If you need weapons to train with, try Jubei's Weapon Shop. Ayane can sell you ninja masks and other head-gear in the helm shop.
      Thyton: If you need a stealthy pet, check out Snake Ear's Pets! They might not open their doors to you yet but they will soon enough.

    • Drakath?
      Thyton: I have reason to believe that a man named Drakath is on this island with evil and dangerous plans. Do you know him?
      Thyton: I need to understand him before I can predict his next move. I've learned much already...
      Thyton: He is an evil man who was once a spoiled child. He thinks that he is entitled to everything and takes what he wants by force.
      Thyton: He believes that he is the rightful heir to the throne of Swordhaven... which is true in a sense.
      Thyton: Once all of this realm was ruled by a wicked and power-hungry king named King Slugwrath. While he ruled the land was covered in darkness.
      Thyton: A good knight... Sir Alteon... gathered a band of freedom fighters and after years of bloody battles against impossible odds...
      Thyton: Sir Alteon and his friends defeated the evil king. Alteon had no desire to be king but the people wouldn't hear it.
      Thyton: They feared that without his leadership the land would fall again into dark times, so he took the crown for the people.
      Thyton: King Slugwrath had only one son... Drakath. Now this villain seeks the throne. That makes him a threat to the entire kindgom.
      Thyton: That also means that his name is... *snort*... Drakath SLUGWRATH! HAHAHAHAH!...ahem, excuse me.
  • Heal & potions - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

  • Become A Ninja!
    Thyton: I see. You wish to become a ninja. I can sense that you have it in you, but first you have to do something for me.
    Thyton: There is a very rare book of... um... tactics! Yeah that's it! It's called Itchy Itchy Paradise! All the copies in the village have been bought...
    Thyton: ...but I think that Jubei in the weapon shop said that he might have a copy. If you can get a copy of this book for me, then I will gladly teach you!
    • Give "Tactics" Book Ninja Armor
      If you haven't unlocked Ninja already:
      Thyton: Excellent, I've been looking for this book forever! Here is your armor, <Character>. Your studies begin today!

      If you have unlocked Ninja already:
      (Pop-up: You have already unlocked the Ninja Armor.)

    • Wear Armor
      Thyton: Do you wish to put on your Ninja Armor? It will be very hard to blend with the shadows looking like a <Class>.

      • Wear Ninja Armor - equips Ninja class.
      • Give Armor back


        NOTE: You do not need to be wearing the Ninja Armor to obtain Wind Scrolls from Thyton's quests.

    • Train Armor
      Thyton: If you bring me a Wind Scroll (You can find them in any of my quests), then I will teach you a new Ninja Armor skill.
      • Train Ninja Armor
        If you haven't fully trained Ninja already:
        Consumes 1 Wind Scroll, unlocks a new skill.

        If you have fully trained Ninja already:
        (Pop-up: Ninja Armor fully trained!)

    • About Ninja
      Thyton: Ninjas are masters of stealth, poison, and assassination.
      Thyton: Use your tools and venoms wisely. Create devastating combos, striking for heavy damage if you can find openings.
      Thyton: The more Venoms you inflict on your foe, the more power you gain when entering Catalytic Flow, gaining Boost, Bonus, and Crit chance.
      Thyton: During Catalytic Flow, use empowered venom effects to further harm your foe. Some attacks will be even more effective against envenomed foes.
      Thyton: You can also Ambush to attack foes twice in a row before they have a chance to respond.
      Thyton: I've also heard rumors of an ancient technique developed by the legendary Honda. But those secrets are long lost...

    • Items - opens Ninja Items shop.
  • Set Home Town
    Thyton: Are you certain that you wish to set the Shadow of the Wind Village as your home town?
    • Yes
    • No

    Run of the Kessel!

    Thyton: Nestled in this cove is the vessel called the Kessel. The vessel was made by Gessel Von Tressel, the best-selling vessel maker.
    Thyton: She named the vessel for her husband Kessel Von Tressel, who used to Sumo wrestle.
    Thyton: THIS is the prototype for our secret weapon. The ship has been enchanted with our wind ninja magic to move faster than any other ship ever built.
    Thyton: It only requires a crew of one. I'd like you to test the ship, <Character>. If you can get through the pirate blockade under the expected time...
    Thyton: ... then the ship is a success. This will be a dangerous mission. The pirates may try and board the ship to destroy it...
    Thyton: ... and it moves at VERY high speeds. One wrong turn and you're shark bait. Oh.... and try not to scratch the paint.

    Thyton: Very well done <Character>! You have proven that the Kessel is faster than any other ship off the coast of Sho Nuff.
    Thyton: You have also proven your worth and loyalty to the Shadow of the Wind Clan. You are now one of us.
    Thyton: Unfortunately the ship couldn't handle the stress of the test. The ship has basically fallen apart beneath your feet.
    Thyton: We will have to rebuild the entire vessel. But when we do, I know the brave ninja that I will ask to be our test pilot...
    Thyton: "<Character>: The Ninja Without Fear!"

    The Jewel of the Four Winds

    Thyton: The villagers have never seen a stranger fly into our village before, and there are rumors of an army in the woods.
    Thyton: Okuchi No Okami and his Sneenja army marches south toward the village. We don't know what they want...
    Thyton: But we have a man on the inside. Agent 58, the master of disguise, hides invisible among their ranks.
    Thyton: He has agreed to help us, if he can do so without breaking his cover. Still, with flying men and Sneenja armies on the move...
    Thyton: ...the villagers are panicked. As their leader, I must go assure them that all is well and get them to a safe distance.
    Thyton: I leave Okuchi No Okami and Drakath to you, ninja. Go now, and retrieve the Jewel of the Four Winds!

    Thyton: <Character>, I am in debt to you... The entire Shadow of the Wind clan is. You have saved us all and returned our honor to us.
    Thyton: You have returned our stolen scrolls, defeated the thief, stopped our village from being destroyed...
    Thyton: ... and stopped Okuchi No Okami from using our own ninja skills against us.
    Thyton: If he has awakened the Iron-Fist Giant, we will deal with that when the time comes. All that matters now is that our village is saved.
    Thyton: The clan is at your command. If you ever have any need of our help... every man, woman and child in this village will come to your aid.
    Thyton: You have proven yourself to be a capable and loyal ninja of the Shadow of the Wind clan. You honor us with your friendship.
    Thyton: You have our eternal respect and our eternal thanks.

    Honda's Accord

    Thyton: <Character>, our worse fears are confirmed. Honda the Iron-Fisted Giant, long time guardian spirit of this village has been awakened.
    Thyton: Honda has always been regarded as the guardian spirit of the Shadow of the Wind Village...
    Thyton: ...but we thought that was all he was... a spirit.
    Thyton: We had no idea he was a REAL GIANT WITH REAL IRON FISTS!
    Thyton: It is clear that we have forgotten much of what our ninja scrolls have to teach. If we survive, I will dedicate my life to unlocking these skills.
    Thyton: Somehow, Okuchi no Okami used the Jewel of the Four Winds power combined with the spells hidden within our scrolls to awaken Honda...
    Thyton: ... and turn this guardian against us! All of the clan ninjas have returned from their missions to protect the village...
    Thyton: ... But I do not think it will make a difference. Even with the combined power of our clan, we will not be able to stop him.
    Thyton: Honda will only fall to the might of a Dragonlord! <Character>, you and <Dragon> must stop him!
    Thyton: You are a true Ninja of the Wind <Character>. The future of the clan is in your hands.

    Captains Log: Secret Scrolls

    Thyton: What did you discover?

    Thyton: This is troubling. You certain of the location?

    Thyton: Very well. Gather the rest of our forces and be ready to move at first light.
    Thyton: We must match their movement, slow them down, and get to that cache before them.
    Thyton: Our future may depend on it.

    The Cave of Wonderous Secrets!

    Thyton: Indeed, he does not deserve them.

    Thyton: NO!

    Thyton: I have an idea that you might find acceptable.
    Thyton: We shall bring the logs you desire to Valencia. After one months time she will bring them to you.
    Thyton: Your knowledge will not be lost but you will not have an advantage over us.

    Thyton: <Character>, would you hand the scrolls and logs over now?

    Thyton: While you are clever to suspect that, we will honor our word.

    Thyton: Very well.

    Flight from Sho'Nuff

    Thyton: What darkness have you rats conjured from the deep?

    Thyton: How do we know they're not involved?

    Darkness is Coming

    Thyton: I am not going to respond in any snarky way. I am not going to respond in any snarky way...

    Other information
  • 'About Ninja' dialogue was added on October 27th, 2023.

    April Fools 2008 Appearance

    Thanks to
  • DemonicDarkwraith for image and corrections.
  • Pink_Star and arrol for location links.
  • Stephen Nix and Peachii for additional dialogue and corrections.
  • Voodoo Master for additional dialogue.

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