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RE: =DF= Guide Requests

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11/10/2011 23:54:40   
Dart Ichimonji

1. Guide topic requested: War Farming guide for all classes
2. Why this guide is essential: Many people don't have the classes that are known by all to be good at wars, and still are not sure which would be best to use in wars for the most waves and those beloved defenders medals. This would save them much time in experimenting to figure that out.
3. How I know we don't have a guide like this: I checked the complete index and found nothing of the sort
4. Notes: (Optional) I am willing to help on the guide should it be made, but I cannot get any DC or special offer class. (frankly i would just do it myself, but seems I cannot organize it very well, and like i said, dont have ALL classes.)

War and quest farming are pretty much the same (the war waves you're fighting is actually a quest), so this farming guide covers it all. ~Peachii

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DF AQW Epic  Post #: 51
11/11/2011 21:15:47   

1. Guide topic requested: Sil exploring guide
2. Why this guide is essential: Sil is a really big area, and probably most of the things that whe gather in the DN thread will be forgotten, so as to make it more easier and enjoyable for new players.
3. How I know we don't have a guide like this: SIl is huge, no one could have started doing a guide by now.
4. Notes: (Optional) SOrry, I would help, but I am not good at this

Much of the informations are found in this entry, furthermore a link to the map already exists, so I don't see why a guide is needed. ~Peachii

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 52
11/12/2011 22:32:33   

1. Pirate Armor:
2. To know builds for pirate and dread pirate, also to see what weapons helms, capes pets look best with it:
3. Looked several times even in a-z armors:
4. I really liken the class and would like to know a couple of builds and fashionable items: (Optional)
DF  Post #: 53
1/16/2012 4:26:07   

All you need to know about Togslayers.

please use the template found on the first post ~Therril Oreb

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DF  Post #: 54
1/30/2012 4:08:00   
Therril Oreb
Legendary AdventureGuide!

1. Guide topic requested:A guide for the new and the returned.
2. Why this guide is essential:On regular base new players play DF or people that haven't played in a long time are often at a loss when they start DF (again). A guide with every helpfull link to get started along with more info of the writer of the guide himself could greatly help people this way.
3. How I know we don't have a guide like this:I checked the list and though we do have a lot of guides helpfull for the mentioned players, a guide to summarise and give more info is helpfull.
4. Notes: (Optional)Make sure you don't just make a list of every helpfull guide for those players. More information is required. Check such guides in AQ and MQ if you do not know what I mean.
Make sure the guide is not too difficult to follow since also younger players can play DF, so we don't want them to get lost are feeling welcome when playing DF and being here on the forums.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 55
1/30/2012 6:16:12   
The Cow says MOO


Therril. May I try? It might not be the best, but. Hey, a man is allowed to try, eh?

You are always welcome to try. Good luck :) ~Therril

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Post #: 56
1/30/2012 11:20:11   

1. Guide topic requested: A non-da accessories by lvl guide
2. Why this guide is essential: There is a ton of accessories out there and mot all of them are good making it take alot of time to compare them.
3. How I know we don't have a guide like this: There is a few but they are for DA owners making it complely useless to non-DA
4. Notes: None

This is not needed. The current Accessories by level guide is good as it is and it has a [DA] tag for DA Items so it is easy to see what non-DA owners can use. ~Therril Oreb

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Post #: 57
2/3/2012 2:26:38   

b]1. Guide topic requested: How to beat the quest "When"(more specifically the boss)
2. Why this guide is essential: he scales to an almost insane level and is a required quest for the storyline.
3. How I know we don't have a guide like this: I have used ctrl+F to scan the pages for "guides". Plus he is a reasonably new update.
4. Notes: (Optional)
Whoever wants to undertake this should consider the aformentioned scaling that can almost double his hp.

If you are having trouble with fighting a monster or boss fight, you should ask it in DragonFable Strategy
You should know that in the Strategy section, they have a guide called "Best Strategy Guide" these are guides meant for fights like you suggested and can be requested in BSG Guide Writers Needed!

~Therril Oreb

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 58
2/4/2012 4:45:00   
Ken Kitade

1. Guide topic requested: DOOM Knight Guide.
2. Why this guide is essential: I'm really close to getting the full set and I totally have no clue about it...
3. How I know we don't have a guide like this: There are guides but they aren't up to date If they are someone please inform me.
4. Notes: None

We rather have it that people take over an existing guide and keep it up to date rather then making a new guide to replace the old one.
Doom Knight Advanced - 9.0 Engine Guide is currently up to date except the leve 80 part so it is still reliable for in your case.
Should you be interested in taking over the guide, you can contact the owner of the guide. ~Therril Oreb 02/04/2012

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DF  Post #: 59
5/15/2012 3:09:10   

Not sure if this is the proper way to do this, as I've already started making these, but here goes.

Guide 1:
1. Guide topic requested: a quest-by-quest chronology to answer the question, "What order should I do the quests in?"
2. Why this guide is essential: because some people like to follow the (main) storyline of a game. It makes the game more fun.
3. How I know we don't have a guide like this: I used the search function, looking for 'timeline', 'chronology', 'quest order', 'story line'. I also posted in the Q&A forum asking where I could find a recommended story order of quests (the post has since been deleted). I got some answers to point me in the right direction, but nothing I found specified all quests in story order.
4. Notes: (Optional) I've started making this already, but I'd like to know if the idea is viable before I post a first draft.

While A Guide for Starting/Returning Players contains a simple, yet effective chronology of the necessary Quests to complete Dragonfable's primary story, I could see use in a Guide dedicated solely to placing significant Quests and Events (Including past Wars) in the correct order.

Guide 2:
1. Guide topic requested: a list of locations
2. Why this guide is essential: trying to find information on all locations, or any one location without knowing what it's called, is difficult. It might also be useful for people making guides (which is how I discovered how difficult it is to find all locations). I had to search through the lists several times trying to find "Riverine Keep", for example. (Yes, it's actually the "100 Rooms of Fiery Doom" quest. But it's on the Gryphon Flightmaster's board, so how was I supposed to know it wasn't a proper location?)
3. How I know we don't have a guide like this: I did some manual searching. I may have also used the search function, but if I did, I didn't find anything. The closest I could find was the A-Z Locations, Quests, Shops, Wars & Events. Determining which of these items was a location, and which were quests, events, etc., was time consuming and tedious. That's a lot of links.
4. Notes: (Optional) Again, I've already got a first draft ready to post, but only if someone thinks this would be useful. It may be better to just tag all the locations in the A-Z Locations, Quests, Shops, Wars & Events to make them easily identifiable. Tagging each type of entry in the list would be useful, actually.

I'm not quite sure if this, however, would be necessary. A-Z Locations, Quests, Shops, Wars, and Events is fairly accurate and easy to navigate. All one must do to find the entry of a particular Quest is look up the true name of the Quest in-game. Even if one cannot find the Quest in-game and thus cannot find the Quest's true name, I believe there are other ways one would be able to find the Quest they are searching for, such as looking up the location where the Quest takes place. A new Guide such as this (As well as any changes to previously existing Guides) would have to be discussed with the ArchKnights of the DF Encyclopedia and the current owners of those Guides, respectively. -Faerdin

Faerdin, I'm not looking for quests, I'm looking for locations. "Riverine Keep" is on the Gryphon Flightmaster's map, as is Oaklore Keep. Oaklore Keep can be found by searching the A-Z list of locations, quests, etc. "Riverine Keep" cannot. So I was totally confused. Also, some locations are not on the Gryphon Flightmaster's map - like Ravenloss. I hadn't realized it existed (much less how to get there) until I read about it in the Pedia. Had it been marked in the A-Z list as a location, I might have found it sooner. If I don't know the place (or that the place is the quest), how can I find the quest I don't know about?

My apologies if this post doesn't quite follow proper procedure, considering I've already done the first drafts and I'm requesting two guides in the same post.

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DF MQ  Post #: 60
5/27/2012 14:30:39   
Sir Arceon

1. Guide Topic Requested: Scythes for Dummies/Best Scythes for your Level
2. Why this guide is essential: Scythes are by far the most useful weapons in the game, and many players, like Imaru and myself, are major Scythe fanatics. We want knowledge of Scythes to spread to all!
3. How I know we don't have a guide like this: I couldn't find it. Believe me, I looked EVERYWHERE.
4. Notes (optional): Many do not use scythes. This guide will be for those who wish to learn more.

You can find all scythes in the A-Z Weapon guide.
The links there go to their respective pedia page that holds all the information needed for our scythe fans

So a guide only for scythes won't be needed. ~Therril Oreb

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A new name... a new life...

But the more things change, the more they stay the same.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 61
7/22/2012 10:34:29   

1. Guide topic requested: A guide on the Atealan base classes
2.Why this guide is essential: Lots of people don't have 6 amulets so they dont know what 2 of the Atealan base classes do
3.How I know we don't have a guide like this: I looked through the entire guide list and didn't find one
4.Notes: Make it just like the other class guides with the skills, strategies, stat builds, etc.

The Atlean classes are not officially released yet, so making a guide about them would help very little right now.
Untill the classes are completely released a guide can be made about it.

Signed and Watched in the name of The Raven
~Therril Oreb

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Post #: 62
9/8/2012 17:15:20   

1. Guide topic requested: A Guide on the Warrior class
2.Why this guide is essential: Some people might find it hard to get the most damage possible out of it
3.How I know we don't have a guide like this: There is one in pending but it hasn't been updated & nothing has been added in 5 to 6 months
4.Notes: When being made try to make it similar to the other base classes but put the warrior spin on it

There shouldn't be any problem with this, as there are already Guides on Mage and Rogue in existence. -Faerdin

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Post #: 63
9/14/2012 9:04:28   

I'm very sorry to bump this thread, but I think since the dragonslayer guide in pending guides was abandoned, There should be a good one like the "All you need to know about dragonslayers".

In the past, "All you need to know about Dragonslayer" had been an unfinished Guide in the Dragonfable Pending Guides Forum that was going to be given away. Anyone who is interested in making such a Guide may do so! -Faerdin

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 64
9/16/2012 5:29:25   

Could I have a guide on how to defeat the monsters in the 'Full Darkness' quests please?

Guides on how to complete a specific Quest is generally seen as being too short, which is why a Guide on completing the Tower of Brightmist had not been approved a few months back. A better place to look for help in this situation would be the Dragonfable Strategy Forum. -Faerdin

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DF  Post #: 65
9/21/2012 8:34:23   

This is a bit of a strange request. I noticed paperclip of doom's doom/destiny guide is a little bit outdated. if one goes to Braughlmurk, they can upgrade doom and destiny weapons further. His guide doesn't have this. I noticed he hasn't logged in since February, so he may never update it again. Here are the links to the items that drop from the above area's quests and they show what they can be merged with.

Shadow Bone Shard
Braughlmurk Binding

Maybe someone can make a new one. This information is very helpful for people who haven't upgraded the weapons further.

That will be one of the next guides that get given away with a "guide owners needed" thread. Should be one in the next couple of weeks since we have a few that need to be given away. ~Ash

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 66
11/21/2012 12:58:51   

pyromancer guide (:

The topic is free for anyone who should claim it; indeed, making a Class Guide should be perfectly acceptable.
All that can be done until someone claims the topic and begins writing a Guide, however, is to wait. -Faerdin

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Post #: 67
7/31/2013 17:25:39   

A shadow hunter guide would be good. Considering how strategic the class is with combining different strings of combos.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 68
12/29/2013 23:56:13   

I'm making an official request, although I realize that, due to the lack of guide owners, it will probably be a long time before this is made.

Guide topic requested: A Guide to Shadow Hunters
Why this guide is essential: The class has so many combos that, in the event of a boss, it requires some serious strategy. At the moment, I'm making use of its Encyclopedia page, but I'm not able to come up with anything more than "hit it until it's dead". A stat list for it would also be useful.
How I know we don't have a guide like this: I used the search function on all of the pages of the guide section, the pending guides section, and the guide index. All that I have found on these forums is the Encylopedia page, which has the standard list of its skills and combos.

DF  Post #: 69
1/2/2014 20:04:45   

1. Guide topic requested: List of villains
2. Why this guide is essential: some people might find it interesting
3. How I know we don't have a guide like this: I searched
4. Notes: I thought about categorizing them like dead, alive/peace alive/war

1. Guide topic requested: Sleeping storyline branches and clues
2. Why this guide is essential: sometime it is hard to take track of all those things
3. How I know we don't have a guide like this: I searched
4. Notes: things like blade of awe, radiant pearls
DF  Post #: 70
2/21/2014 1:20:51   

There needs to be an ascendant guide. We already have one for cryptic and and riftwalker. Strange how there hasn't been an ascendant guide.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 71
4/2/2015 21:45:05   

With the recent ascendant cc class there should be a guide.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 72
4/2/2015 22:05:29   

Guide topic requested: All you need to know about Ascended Chickencow Armor
Why this guide is essential: It's always good to have a guide about every armor in the game.
How I know we don't have a guide like this: Actually, I know there's already a Chickencow classes guide. I just feel ACC is different enough from the other Chickencows to have its own guide.
Notes: If it's approved, it's going to be my first guide.

If you want to, have a go. The CC classes guide is outdated, so we do need an ACC guide. -Hopeful Guy

< Message edited by Hopeful Guy -- 4/3/2015 2:29:16 >
Post #: 73
4/8/2015 10:56:05   

This may sound like a strange request, but could Azan, get ownership over the outdated Chickencow classes guide? If his ACC guide is approved it would make even more sense if the ACC guide could combined with the Chickencow classes guide. Plus the owner hasn't posted on the forums in ages. Looks like he logged in a few days ago though.

He needs to request it on his own. We don't give people guides unless they ask for it. ~Ash

< Message edited by Ash -- 4/8/2015 10:59:45 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 74
5/2/2015 20:58:55   

We need a new owner for the guardian class guide. The owner has been inactive for ages. Somebody could take it over and remake it for when the guardian class is out and live. After the testing I mean.

We know about all the outdated guides and will find a new owner for them. If anyone does want it, they can send a PM to any Guides AK. -Hopeful Guy

< Message edited by Hopeful Guy -- 5/3/2015 3:48:30 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 75
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