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Guide to Dragon Amulets and DA Only Items

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3/26/2008 23:13:15   
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Guide to Dragon Amulets and DA Only Items
Your Dragon Amulet and What You Can Do With It


Welcome to the comprehensive guide on Dragon Amulets (DA) and DA only items. Here you will learn all about the DA, the areas accessible to you, and the items available.

Table of Contents

1.X      The Basics
1.1      Buying a Dragon Amulet
1.1.1     Buying Dragon Coins
1.2      What is a Dragon Amulet
1.2.1     Using your Dragon Amulet
1.2.2     Quests
1.2.3     Dragon Lord
1.2.4     Dragon

2.X      What You Can Use
2.1       Introduction

2.2       Weapons
2.2.1      Daggers
2.2.2      Staves
2.2.3      Swords/Maces/Hammers

2.3       Items
2.3.1      Belts
2.3.2      Back Items 
2.3.3      Helmets
2.3.4      Necklaces
2.3.5      Rings

2.4       Armor

2.5       Pets 
2.6       Misc.

1.1 Buying a Dragon Amulet

The Dragon Amulet
Get your Dragon Amulet and unlock special areas, quests, powerful items and get access to an expanding number of exclusive areas in the game. These areas contain incredibly rare and powerful weapons. As the game progresses, the amulet will unveil more secret benefits including special story side quests, the ability to speak in the language of Dragons, and your ultimate destiny of becoming a Dragon Lord.

Get One Amulet!

  • Get one Amulet for your favorite character!
  • 200 Dragon Coins
  • Enter DragonAmulet only areas! ( Screenshot)
    - Special quests with rare item drops
    - New areas will be added regularly!
    - DragonLord class coming soon!

  • Use DragonAmulet items!
  • Make more characters!
  • Re-color your Armor ( Screenshot)
  • Support the growth of the Game
  • One time fee!
  • The character you upgrade cannot be deleted.
    Get one Amulet

Get All 6 Amulets!

Special Offer!
Take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade your ENTIRE ACCOUNT! Yes, just like AdventureQuest this is a one time payment and the best, long-term gaming fun you can get on the internet. Thank you so much for helping us make DragonFable happen!

  • Upgrade your entire account!
  • Get SIX Amulets!
    - One for every character!
    - Even ones you have not made yet
    - Even if you delete and make a new one

  • Make more characters!
  • Enter DragonAmulet only areas! ( Screenshot)
    - Special quests with rare item drops
    - New areas will be added regularly!
    - DragonLord class coming soon!

  • Use DragonAmulet items!
  • Re-color your Armor ( Screenshot)
  • 200 Dragon Coins per character (this is the only purchase of Dragon Coins that will apply to all characters)
  • Support the growth of the Game
  • One time fee!
  • When you delete and create a new character, the new character will also have a DA and 200 or 2000 DC's.

    Get 6 Amulets

1.1.1 Dragon Coins

Get the Advantage!

Get the advantage!
When you buy your Dragon Amulet, you will also get a hefty handful of 200 Dragon Coins. These coins will allow you to buy items and in-game extras from special shops to give you an edge in our toughest dungeons and against other players! These fierce weapons and items are rare, powerful and worth every Dragon Coin you spend on them.

$5.00 at time of purchase!
Add just $5 when you purchase a single Dragon Amulet to add an EXTRA 2000 Dragon Coins to a single character or, an extra 2000 Dragon Coins to EVERY character when you upgrade all 6!

$9.95 regular price.
You may also purchase another 2000 Dragon Coins for a single character at any time.

New addon offer: $19.95 for 5000 Dragon Coins
You may also purchase an additional 5000 Dragon Coins for a single character at any time.

    Get Dragon Coins!

1.2 What is a Dragon Amulet

Now you know where to get one, the cost, and the features and some benefits, I'm going to tell you the rest of the benefits to owning a DA.

First of all, you have greater access to the game. This allows you to go to use special weapons, use certain items, and opens a world of possibilities otherwise unknown that will be released in the future. It is, in essence, the key to opening DragonFable to its true potential.

Another benefit that has not come to fruition is the possibility of a cross-over in MechQuest, DragonFable, and/or AdventureQuest. We have already seen such with the Guardian class in DragonFable as well as the validation in MechQest for Guardians or DA holders. As more content is added, there will be more possibilities for DA holders to recieve special items in other games.

You will also be supporting the creator and the staff behind DragonFable and the rest of Artix Entertainment. The more people who opt to purchase a DA, Guardianship, or become a Star Captain will allow AE to use that money towards improving the games, adding servers, and saving up for Cysero's Electric Ukulele.

1.2.1 Using your Dragon Amulet

The simplest way to see your DA in action is simply by fighting "Titan Battles". These are special boss fights reserved only for DA holders. Another example would be anyquest where you are able to speak or understand the language of dragons. These two abilities are almost essential to the core storyline as they both reveal details that will be important in later quests and updates in DragonFable.

1.2.2 Quests

At the moment you can go here to see all DA required quests as well as the four Guardian-only quests. There are currently 18 DA required quests and another 10 that require you to be a DragonLord.

1.2.3 DragonLord

The DragonLord is a class you can partake in that is not related to your base class of Mage, Warrior, or Rogue. It requires a DA and allows you to use certain abilities that would not be seen in the game otherwise. It possesses a wide variety of DoT abilities and takes advantage of them.

1.2.4 Dragon

One of the most fulfilling experiences currently available in DragonFable is using your own pet dragon. You can have access to a pet dragon without a DA, but to unlock its full potential you must have a DA. What can you do with your dragon that requires a DA? Titan battles are currently the only DA perk. It allows you to turn your Baby Dragon into a full-grown and destructive power. This allows DA holders to take an active role in the storyline of the game.

2.1 Introduction

Now you know what the DA does, where to buy it, and the possible future, what more could you want? Loot! Goods! This sections is for all those wonderful items you can buy, sell, and destroy.

For those of you who forgot, this section will read as follows:

2.2       Weapons
2.2.1      Daggers
2.2.2      Staves
2.2.3      Swords/Maces/Hammers

2.3       Items
2.3.1      Belts
2.3.2      Back Items 
2.3.3      Helmets
2.3.4      Necklaces
2.3.5      Rings

2.4       Armor

2.5       Pets
2.6       Misc.

The format will also be simple to follow.
[link= Thread in the Encyclopedia]Name of Weapon/Item[/link]

If you feel that I am missing an item or weapon in this list, feel free to PM me.

2.2 Weapons

Here is the comprehensive list for all weapons in DragonFable that require a DA.

2.2.1 Daggers

Ace of Spades
Anlace of Resistance
Amber Twist
Arena Fighter Dagger
Ashita's Horns
Battlespire Brawler Dagger
Battlespire Novice Dagger
Bayamo Bolo
Bell Flower Blade
Brain Freezers
Call Of The Sea
Captain's Hook
Chrysotile Knife
Cobalt Stiletto
Cold Fright
Crisp Blade
Crisp Edge
Critical Strike
Cyan Moon
Dagger of Eye-Rule
Dagger of Falconreach series
Dagger of the Forest
Daggers of Stabina
Dark Epee
Deadly Dirk
Death's Tune
Deluge Series
Demon Chopper
Devil's Grin Dagger
Digger's Dagger
Dirk of Insanity
Dragonlord's Prize
Electric Arcs
Electric Elven Points
Emerald Clovers
Fading Ume
Fatal Salad
Flame of the Ancients
Flash Arc
Fortune's Heir
Frosted Stiletto
Frosted Tips
Golden Fire
Hallow'd Dagger Series
Harvest Ripper Series
High Praise
Hydra's Curse
Ice Pick
Jaania's Blade
Jade Stiletto
Juliet's Dagger series
Karot Dagger
Killer Carrot
Killick's Point
Kitchen Master
Kizei's Kiss
Kosava Edge
Lizard Dagger
Mako Shiv
Mephitic Dagger
Moonbleed Series
Pileus Point
Pit Fighter Lvl 27
Prudence Point
Ranger's Savior
Researchers Blade
Sandwalker's Dagger
Sapphire Sliver
Shardknife Series
Silent Alarm
Snowman's Arms
Spark Plug
Spear Tip
Swashbuckler's Dagger
Temple Dagger
The Burning Curse
The Deep Cut
The Frost Devil
The Hero's Secret
Theif's Worth
Thresher Shiv
Twin Blades of Destiny series
Twin Blades of Doom series
Twinned Blade
Violet Dirk
Waxing Silver
Xylothian Xevret
Zero Six

2.2.2 Staves

Ahab's Harpoon
Arena Fighter Staff Lvl 29
Aureate Orb
Balanced Baton
Battlespire Brawler Staff
Battlespire Novice Staff
Battlespire Pit Fighter Staff
Braken Tear
Celery Stalker
Cerulean Eye
Chargore Cobra Staff
Crushing Pole
Czar Motif
Deep Sea Staff
Desert Glass
DragonStaff of Destiny series
Electroservitor Column C
Emerald Burst
Etesian Staff
Fathom's Deep
Firefly Staff
Flameguide Series
Flaming Skull Staff
Force Of Nature
Garnet Ingot
Gilded Drake
Golden Arcs
Golden Crustacea
Golden Zapper
Hail Warning
Hallow'd Staff Series
High Tide Series
Incandescent Drop
Iris Fan
Lapis Lazuli
Leftover Staff Series
Locater Cane
Love at First Scythe Series
Mage's Support Staff
Melon Masher
Memory Staff
Mind's Eye Rod
Mind Vision
Mistral Rod
Mooncrash Series
Mystic Desert Glass
Oddwind, The Travler
Pequod's Harpoon
Ranger's Support
Returner's Staff
Rod of the Shard
Ruby Spike
Shimmering Scythe
Skullstaff of Doom series
Spider Slayer Staff Series
Staff of Coldness
Staff of Eye-Rule
Staff of Falconreach Series
Staff of Purity Series
Staff of the Dragonlord's
Staff of the Shard
Staff of the Trelix Series
Staff of Sleet
Starter Wand
T-Bone Breaker
The Executioner Staff
The Frost Spectre Series
The Golden Key
The Long Fight
The Tong
The Vortex
The Wastelands Staff
The Worldlever
Three Sister's Staff
Tricolor Glowstaff
Trident of Linea
Twinned Stave
Typhoon Staff
Ultramarine Dream
Waning Silver
Whithering Cherry Blossom
Withering Staff
Wizard's Worth

2.2.3 Swords/Maces/Hammers

Alcyone Cutlass
Archeology Student Axe
Arena Fighter Sword Lvl 29
Banded Broadsword
Battler' Saw
Battlespire Brawler Sword
Battlespire Novice Sword
Battlespire Pit Fighter Sword
Blinding Light of Destiny series
Brittle Horn
Brrrrzerker Blade
Cobra Mace
Crackled Light
Crisp Edge
Cumulus Skewer
Deathknight Blade
Deep Blue Something
Dragonlord's Loss
Drake's Blessing
Eye Scream
Ex's Calibur Series
Fighter's Worth
Fire Edge
Flying Steel
Freezing Point
Full Silver
Gallagher's Sledge
Golden Cobra Mace
Hale Ripper
Hallow'd Edge Series
Helm Splitter
Honor's Cutlass
Holy Smackeral
Hydra's Bane
Inlaid Edge
Iridium Axe
Jagged Hook
Khazri Blade
Leftover Sword series
Lightning Strike
Moonstriker Series
Murdok's Hand
Power Center Sabre
Professors Axe
Purebeam Series
Ram's Blade
Ranger's Companion
Revolving Rifleblade
Royal Lizard Dagger
Ruby Flamberge
Ruby Vision
Runed Broadsword
Saphire Wave
Scarab Edge
Scimitar of Entropy
Sea Cutlass
Serpentine Blade
ShadowReaper of Doom series
Shouting Broadsword
Sirocco Steel
Spider Slayer Sword Series
Spinning Death
Sword of Eye-Rule
Sword of Falconreach Series
Take a Chance
The Chopper
The Crushing Deep
The Frost Giant Series
The Gloryblade
The Golden Falcon
The Greenman's Blade
The Grim Ace
The Hilking Blade
The Hook
The Temple Broadsword
Tornado Triad
Twin Bladed Rapier
Twinned Edge
Two Headed Katana
Wavecrest Series
Wave Striker
Winged Blade
Whispering Lotus
Wrath Of Flame
Xan's Revenge

2.3 Items

Here is the comprehensive list for all items in DragonFable that require a DA.

2.3.1 Belts

Belt of Sight
Cinch of Balance
Heavy Chain Belt
Magma Belt
Thursday's Dragon Belt
Weathervane Cinch

2.3.2 Back Items

Chain Cloak of the Keep
Cloak of Doom
Cloak of Invisibilty
Cyreso's Green Cape
Dragon Wings of the Vampire Bat
Deathknight Cloak
Frostval Dragon Cloak
Ghostly Green Cape
Magical Frostval Cloak
Monkey On Yer Back
Nature's Wrap
Spider Web cape
Thursday's Dragon Cape
Vampire Cape
Wings of the Hundred Infernos

2.3.3 Helmets

13th Mask
Anubis Burial Mask
Batwing Helm
Champion of the Light
Crossbone Cap
Crossbone Hat
Deathknight Helm
DeathStalker Helm
Doombunny Mask
Dragonhead Helm
First Mate's Hat
Gargoyle Helm
Gooney Helm
Guardian Ghoul Dragon Helm
Ice Master Yeti Dragon Helm
Irismancer's Dragon Helm
Matey's Cap
Ninja Head Band
Ninja Mask
Pumpkin Helm
The Helmet of Ra
Thursday's Dragon Hat
Worn Skullcap
Zorbak Punting Hat

2.3.4 Necklaces

Defender's Dragon Necklace Series
Thursday's Dragon Necklace

2.3.5 Rings

The 13th Ring
Attacker's Band
Defender's Dragon Ring Series
Protection of Gorgok

2.4 Armors

Colour Custom DragonLord Armour
DragonRider Armor
Dread Pirate
Evolved Dragonlord

2.5 Pets

20-Watt Brightbulb
Ancient Ninja Terrapin
Black Ice Pwny
Brigadier General Butterbomb
Great White Charko
Jack Sparrow
Jimmy the Eye I
Jimmy The Eye II
Lil' Undead Monkey!
Major Butterbomb
Pit Grinder
Post-Adolescent Terrapin
Red Imp I
Red Imp II
Scary Doll
Sneevil Ninja Buddy
Tropical Bug Monkey

2.6 Misc.
Note From Noxus
Strange Portrait

Special Thanks
I'd like to thank the following for their contributions, no matter the size or date:
Burn, who aided Milesmeloro in The Dragon Amulet: Why and How.
Brilliancy, who suggested certain changes.
Cyrenius, who aided Milesmeloro in The Dragon Amulet: Why and How.
Lord Darkovia, who was charged with Dragon Amulet Required Items after Tag stepped down.
Magdalina, who helped in adding weapons I missed.
Milesmeloro, the original author of The Dragon Amulet: Why and How.
Sparkyfrazer, who aided Lord Darkovia in Dragon Amulet Required Items.
Tag, the original author of Dragon Amulet Required Items.
Versilaryan, for unknowingly reminding me to update this. Thanks, Foxy.

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