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Doug Digg

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3/28/2008 21:44:40   

Doug Digg

Location: Lymcrest (Books 1 and 2), Return to Lymcrest, Dwarf Culture

Quests given
The Lymcrest Labyrinth (All Versions)

Shops owned

Lymcrest (Books 1 and 2)

Doug Digg: Greetin's traveler! Welcome to the minin' town of Lymcrest! I'm Douglas Butterscotch Tummybundle Digg Jr... But you can call me Doug.

  • Quest!
    Doug Digg: Do you want to explore the labyrinth, <Character>? Be careful down there... if you get lost, it may be years before you get found.
  • Talk
    Doug Digg: Sure, I got a few minutes to chat. What do you want to know?
    • Who are you?
      Doug Digg: I'm Doug Digg. Lymcrest has been my home as long as I can remember. My family moved here 89 years ago when I was just a pebble.
      Doug Digg: I'm the one who uncovered the door to the labyrinth a few days ago while followin' a particularly rich vein of samsonite.
      Doug Digg: Most of the other miners, both human and dwarven, are too frightened to go down there, but not me! I've never met a cave I didn't like.
      Doug Digg: I made it all the way down to the second floor. It's tougher than it looks, hero. If you want to beat my record, you're welcome to try!

    • Lymcrest?
      Doug Digg: Until recently we were a happy little minin' town, where humans and dwarves worked together to make our town great.
      Doug Digg: We are very different races but none of us ever let that get in the way of gettin' the job done... and we all love what we do.
      Doug Digg: Minin' is hard and dangerous work, but everyone here has a very special connection to the earth. It's hard not to when you wear dirt all day.
      Doug Digg: Then, the dark times started. Suddenly, all the elementals went nuts and the river caught fire and wouldn't go out.
      Doug Digg: It hasn't been easy for us. We ship ore and stone to every town and smithy in Alteon's kingdom! People are countin' on us!
      Doug Digg: Let me tell ya, it ain't easy pannin' for gold and silver when you're up to your knees in fire.
      Doug Digg: We also need the river to power the smeltin' plant. You and Warlic have helped a great deal but if somethin' doesn't change soon...
      Doug Digg: This town, and all the minin' families here will have to pack up and leave. The town of Lymcrest will just dry up and die.

    • Warlic?
      Doug Digg: Aye, I know the Blue Mage. He's a friend of Lymcrest...always has been. In fact, he's a bit of a local hero.
      Doug Digg: Until you showed up, he was the only one who would come to help us with the elementals. If not for him, things would be much worse.
      Doug Digg: Whenever he came to town for supplies he would always have a kind word for everyone he met.
      Doug Digg: He may seem a little tight-laced from time to time, but he's got a heart the size of a boulder under those robes.
      Doug Digg: Warlic has a knack with the elements. He can freeze fire, and conjure rocks out of thin air.
      Doug Digg: I've never seen someone with power of the elements like he has.
      Doug Digg: I'm just glad that he's on our side! You too! As long as you both stand with us, Lymcrest has hope!

    • Xan?
      Doug Digg: A while ago there was a young human named Xan who lived here. He always had a talent for magic.
      Doug Digg: He was always a pain...always actin' like he was better than those around him.
      Doug Digg: Last I heard, he was settin' off for the magic school in Swordhaven. You don't think this pyromancer is the same Xan, do you?

    • Dwarves?
      Doug Digg: Am I the first dwarf that you've ever met? I ain't surprised. We tent to keep to ourselves.
      Doug Digg: You humans seem to keep to the topside, unless you're spelunkin' for treasure or some cave dragon stole your beloved.
      Doug Digg: There's a whole world down there that you've barely scratched the surface of.
      Doug Digg: Maybe one day your travels will take you to one of the great dwarven kingdoms, and you'll see the wonders deep beneath Lore's crust.
      Doug Digg: Let me know if you're plannin' a trip. My cousin Brollybrap is an undertravel agent. He'll get you a great deal!
  • Heal & potions - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

  • Set Home Town
    Doug Digg: You want to make Lymcrest your home? We'll make a miner our of you yet <Character>!
    • Yes
      Doug Digg: You're all set!

    • No

    Return to Lymcrest

    ???: HEY!

    Doug Digg: How ya doin'? We don't get too many visitors 'round these parts.

    Doug Digg: Hmm? Do I know ya?

    Doug Digg: Wait...<Character>?
    Doug Digg: Haha, it's been too long!
    Doug Digg: What brings you to Lymcrest?

    Doug Digg: Hmm...you should come along to my place.
    Doug Digg: We've got some catching up to do!

    Doug Digg: So, Lim sent you, huh? Figures that shut-in wouldn't have heard anythin' about us!
    Doug Digg: But man! Frozen for so many years!

    Doug Digg: Ah, well, I s'pose things have changed a bit since the Rose came along.
    Doug Digg: They harvested a lot of our resources a while back.

    Doug Digg: Soon afterwards, all the remainin' miners left, too. Didn't think there was anything left to mine.
    Doug Digg: The town's been empty ever since.

    Doug Digg: No, no—don't worry, <Character>!
    Doug Digg: People think Lymcrest is all but barren at this point.
    Doug Digg: But what they don't realize...is that we've got all the resources we could ever need, right here.
    Doug Digg: All we've gotta do...is dig a little deeper.

    Doug Digg: Oh, I don't believe ya'll two have met!
    Doug Digg: This is Lyra, my beautiful wife!

    Doug Digg: Of course!
    Doug Digg: You didn't meet her all those years ago 'cause she was on some envoy missions for the Dwarven Kingdoms.
    Doug Digg: She's an important person, y'know!

    Doug Digg: Come to think of it, our daughter should be home soon, too!

    Doug Digg: Don't worry about it, sweetheart! We'll get it fixed up in a jiffy.

    Doug Digg: You know my daughter?

    Doug Digg: So...you're probably wonderin' how I have a daughter, and why she's not a dwarf!

    Doug Digg: Well, it all started about sixteen years ago...

    Doug Digg: Well, ya see, that's when the first...incidents started happening.
    Doug Digg: With the elements.

    Doug Digg: And after that...well, you know the rest.
    Doug Digg: But anyway!
    Doug Digg: I was busy discussin' the schematics of the tunnel one day, when I heard a cryin' sound comin' from the forest nearby.
    Doug Digg: And wouldn't ya know it! Someone had left a baby alone in the bushes!

    Doug Digg: A'course, one thing led to another.
    Doug Digg: We kept waitin' for her real parents to come back, of course.
    Doug Digg: But no one would claim her. And people just kept movin' out of Lymcrest.

    Doug Digg: And it was the best decision of our lives!

    Doug Digg: And once things started getting worse, with Xan an' all, I sent her off with Lyra.
    Doug Digg: But enough of that! Now, who wants pie?

    Doug Digg: I can't complain! It's all I'd ever ask for.

    Doug Digg: But...umm...
    Doug Digg: We have a favor to ask of you, <Character>.

    Doug Digg: We know it's sudden, but...
    Doug Digg: She's been real excited ever since she came back from that tournament in Swordhaven.
    Doug Digg: Well, not before me and Lyra gave her a stern talking-to, a'course.
    Doug Digg: But...it made us realize. We can't provide for her here anymore.
    Doug Digg: Supplies are running low, and dwarves...well, we can survive on rocks.

    Doug Digg: And with all the travellin' she's been doin', it only cemented our decision.

    Doug Digg: And after what you and Warlic did for us, we'd trust either of ya.

    Doug Digg: Falwynn, sweetie? Cookie bear?

    Doug Digg: Your mother and I...well, we've decided...
    Doug Digg: We want ya to go with <Character>.

    Dwarf Culture

    Doug Digg: Hmm?
    Doug Digg: Oh, <Character>!

    Doug Digg: How are ya? Having a belter?

    Doug Digg: Certainly got more than one. On what subject?

    Doug Digg: Not sure you would ken too much while readin' some of the books written by my kin though....

    Doug Digg: Hmmm...
    Doug Digg: Oh, I know!
    Doug Digg: It just so happens I wrote a little script myself for the Blue Mage himself a while ago, but he never asked for it after.
    Doug Digg: It should be just what you're lookin' for!

    Other information
  • Isaac, a player, created the original name Douglas Dig, which was later altered and used by the DragonFable team.
  • Falwynn is the adoptive daughter of Doug Digg and Lyra, as revealed in Return to Lymcrest.

    Book 3 Appearance
    Flashback Appearance

    Thanks to
  • Jay for images and corrections.
  • Occavatra and Stephen Nix for other information.

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