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Mt. Thrall

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4/12/2008 23:28:48   
 formerly In Media Res


The Fatal Frontier
Prerequisite: Level 42

  • Yulgar's Inn > Devourer Saga
  • Travel Map > East > East > Devourer Saga

  • View the Crash with Music
    ...(May take longer to download)
  • View the Crash without music
  • Skip Cutscene
  • Leave

    «Scene: A starry night sky. A spaceship appears from nowhere, heading rapidly downward. It explodes and breaks up, but not before launching a half-dozen escape pods. The ship crashes in a forested mountain area. Escape pods and much debris crashes, but one pod manages to survive and land properly. Fade out.»
    Mount Thrall
    UFO Crash Site??

    Map Interface
    Click on any destination button to learn more about it. You may travel to the ones that are red.

  • Search Patrol
    Only the strongest adventurers need apply for this mission: Search the surrounding area for anything else that might have crashed down! (Level 50+)
  • Go!

  • Pod 1
    Escape Pod 1 evacuated Anaa from the Hope right before the crash.
  • Go!

  • Pod 2
    Escape Pod 2 evacuated Maxwell, his wife and child from the Hope before the crash.
  • Go!

  • Falcon's Fall
    The Fall of Hope
    The Hope has crash landed on Lore. Within the ship are the members of The Order, dedicated to tracking down and stopping creatures of the Devourer's Network!
  • Enter!

  • Alien Bounty
    Creatures not of Lore followed the Hope down. Find them, and stop them, before they cause trouble! Special rewards await after each hunt. (Level 5+)
  • Hunt!

    The Cold

    The Others

    Thanks to whackybeanz. Correction from OnuaNuva.

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    4/16/2008 0:56:58   
     formerly In Media Res


    Search Patrol
    Malzar Mystery!

    «Scene: a forest. A young Malzar enters and munches on grass»

    «You»: Hey, that little critter looks familiar!
    «You»: Hey, that little critter looks familiar!
    «You»: Yeah, it's a Malzar. They're one of the alien races that work for the Devourer's network. Its horns aren't yet grown - it must be a pup.
    «You»: Hello little guy, what are you doing out here all alone?
    «You»: You sure are cute for a network agent...
    ???: NETWORK AGENT, you say?!!
    «You»: Who's that???
    ???: Do not take another step, Lorian!

    «Enter Enki and Enlil»

    «You»: RHINO MEN?!? Now I've seen everything!
    Enki: You dare to taunt us?!
    Enlil: Calm down Enki-- I sense this Lorian can be trusted.
    «You»: Well, I can be trusted. Problem is, I don't know if I can trust YOU. Just who ARE you??
    Enki: We are the children of the Great Aether. We are travelers from the stars who seek to be closer to our creator.
    «You»: I have never heard of a Great Aether before now.
    Enlil: This world does not know of the Celestial Elements beyond the skies?
    «You»: Sorry, I just know about the elements here on Lore: Earth, Wind, Fire, Ice, Darkness, Light, Water and Energy. We use them in our battles all the time!
    Enlil: You wield the elements with your weapons? I find this remarkable. We Diceros also imbue our weapons with the elements!
    Enlil: Although we are also in touch with the greater elements, those of the heavens.
    «You»: Sounds powerful!
    Enki: In the wrong hands, perhaps...
    «You»: Hey, don't look at me! If I am ANY hands, I am the right ones! Ahem...
    Enlil: If you aid us in a task human, we could explain more about the ways of the Diceros. We could even enchant a weapon for you if you help us rebuild our ship.
    «You»: You Diceros have a spaceship?!
    Enlil: It is an interdimensional ship capable of traveling millions of light-years in the matter of minutes.
    «You»: So in other words, it's a spaceship.
    Enki: Lorian, you test my patience. Enlil, are you SURE this one can be trusted??
    «You»: Trust me, I can be trusted! Just tell me what I have to do and I will do it!
    Enlil: Very well then, brave one. Not long ago, when we crashed on this world, we discovered that others had crashed as well.
    Enki: Horrible creatures, who corrupt the lands and plague the inhabitants.
    Enlil: They have corrupted many of our own, and our Malzar we have raised for generations.
    Enlil: We need you to discover where these creatures are holding the Malzar, and our brothers. We will aid you in this quest if you accept it.
    Enki: We will fight by your side. If Enlil believes you can be trusted, you are counted as a friend.
  • Have Enlil help you battle!
  • Have Enki help you battle!
  • Quest by yourself!
  • Leave

    Full Heal
    Full Heal
    Full Heal

    «Scene: A crashed spaceship interdimensional ship capable of traveling millions of light-years in the matter of minutes»

    «You»: Enki! Enlil! I think I found another crashed ship!
    Enlil: Yes, «you», that is one of our ships! The corrupted Malzar we encountered must be coming from this area.
    Enki: Look! Someone is coming out of the wreckage!

    «Heronos enters»

    Enlil: HERONOS!!
    Heronos: You will find few Malzar in this area any more, "brothers"! I have given most of them the power they need and sent them off to join the Devourer's forces!
    Enki: No-- we are too late!
    Enlil: You were one of our strongest warriors, Heronos!! So you just let the Devourer's power pull you into his network of evil??!
    Heronos: It was my CHOICE!! I was wise enough to know which side to join. Perhaps the three of you would wish to survive and join him as well--?
    «You»: No-- wait!! Look over there--!!

    «Scene zooms in to show young Malzars just behind the crashed spaceship, then zooms out»

    «You»: It looks like a lot of young Malzars are still being held captive by Heronos!!
    Enki: Now that is something we are NOT too late for! Heronos, prepare to battle for your honor!
    «You»: Forget that! Let's pull his horns off and make him eat them!!!

    1 BATTLEFull Heal
    1 BATTLE«You»: We did it! The young Malzars look so peaceful.
    Enlil: Though they appear to be simple grazing beasts, the Malzar are intelligent. They have a keen sense of their environment and the emotional state of their fellow creatures.
    Enlil: The Devourer has a talent for the evil transformation of things. Corruptor and controller. We will join the battle and help you save your world-- you have our word!
    «You»: Okay, just so you know, I think I trust the two of you now.
    Enki: That makes me feel so warm and cuddly inside, Lorian.

    SHOP: Malzar
  • Purple Malzar Z
  • Gray Malzar
  • Green Malzar
  • Brown Malzar
  • Red Malzar
  • Black Malzar
  • Blue Malzar
  • White Malzar

  • End

    Thanks to whackybeanz.

    Random monsters:

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    4/16/2008 1:10:57   
     formerly In Media Res


    Pod 1
    Escape Pod 1: Anna, Scakk and the Cor-Dem

    Anna: «You»! You may not remember me, but I remember you-- or at least tales of your heroism!
    Anna: I was a little girl the last time I was here in this timeline. Carnax, the massive beast created by an evil Taladosian cult, had been cloned by Makkisar.
    Anna: The clones of Carnax attacked the Lore of the present in many forms, and combined with cybernetic technology from the future--
    Cor-Demy: We have a good idea!
    Cor-Demi: Srewop cihcysp ruoy esu nac uoy--
    Cor-Demi: rasikkam htiw elttab eht eviler dneirf ruo tel dna!!
    Cor-Demu: Now that IS a good idea, Cor-Demi!
    Scakk: Well, Anna, it seems that the Cor-Dems think you should use your psychic abilities to help our friend relive the battle to save the future!
    Anna: Locke my dear, I am perfectly capable of understanding Cor-Dem language. Not to mention I AM psychic and can read their minds. That IS a good idea, actually...
  • Relive the Battle to Save the Future!
  • Leave

    Thanks to whackybeanz.

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    4/16/2008 1:38:12   
     formerly In Media Res


    Falcon's Fall
    Hollow, Jess, and Morgan!

    Jess: Thank goodness, Hollow! Your concussive dampeners protected all of us in the crash! The baby isn’t even scared!
    Hollow: No need to thank me, Jess—I’m just doing my job. Besides, you two mean everything to me.
    (Old dialogue.)
    Hollow: «You», I thought I heard someone come in! What are you looking for? Oh, and please don’t touch anything in here...

  • I'm here to kick some demon tail! (Mastercraft Set)
  • What are you building in here?
  • Just checking to make sure everything is okay!
  • What happened to your cybernetic arm?
  • That’s a nice bike!
  • Explore the garage!
  • Next Room
  • Leave

    I'm here to kick some demon tail! (Mastercraft Set)

    Hollow: Great to hear, «You». Time for some payback!

  • Tell me about the new Mastercraft set!
  • Less talky, I'm ready! (Instantly sends you to quest location.)

    Hollow: While I was captive in the Underworld the demons revealed to me ancient techniques for imbuing equipment with certain elemental capabilities.
    Hollow: I was to utilize this knowledge to make the Salvation Knight that much more powerful. It is that very tech that went into the Blade of the Salvation Knight.
    Hollow: The element I need is called Demonite and only grows in clumps down in the Underworld.
    Hollow: So not only do you get to return to the Underworld to deliver some retribution, but with enough Demonite, I can forge a darkness set with supreme offensive capabilities. I have named the set Mecha Knight!
    Hollow: Are you ready to hunt down those Grakmas so that I can craft your Mecha Knight gear?
  • Let's go!
  • Maybe Later.

    What are you building there?

    Hollow: I have about 20 projects going on right now. I’m always making something-- I can’t help myself. Check out my shop for some gadgets. (Old dialogue)
    Hollow: I have many projects in varying stages of completion. Since I have returned from the Underworld my focus has shifted to demon-slaying gear.
    Hollow: I am tinkering with plans for a device that will pull the demon from the Underworld realm so they can be slain, and not just regenerate. Who thought I'd be the one to train Demon Slayers one day? Hah!
    Hollow: Take a peek in my shop. See if there's anything you need.
  • Let me take a look inside your shop!
  • What is your favorite thing to work on?
    Let me take a look inside your shop!

    SHOP: Hollow's Garage
  • Hollow's Weather Remote
  • Whammer
  • Number 9
  • 292
  • 292 Z
    House Items
  • Hollow and Jess
  • Maxwell, Sasha and Emma
  • Anna and Scakk
  • Morgan

    Hollow: I hope you found something useful!
    What is your favorite thing to work on?

    Hollow: I’m a bit partial to ROBOTS. Great big ROBOTS. You could call them titanic in scale. I built one recently that I call the AssaultKnight!
    Hollow: The Assault Knight is about 8 stories tall and packs a lot of heavy firepower. The Devourer’s Network has sent some of their giant minions, so we’ll need it.Hollow: I need someone with a lot of GUTS to pilot it and go fight some of the giant Network monsters! Are YOU the person for the job?? (Old dialogue)
    Hollow: I'm a bit partial mechs and robots. Great big mechs. You could call them titanic in scale. Since I've been on Lore I've built the AssaultKnight, and recently, the Salvation Knight that we used to defeat the Wicked King.
    Hollow: Both are about 8 stories tall and pack a lot of heavy firepower. They come in handy when fighting intergalactic, planet-consuming deities or the greater demons of the Underworld.
    Hollow: It takes a hero with a lot of nerve to pilot one of my mechs! Are YOU the person for the job?
  • I can handle the Salvation Knight! (Underworld Saga!)
  • Are you crazy? Of course I’ll pilot the AssaultKnight!
    ...«See below»
  • Maybe some other time
    Just checking to make sure everything is okay!

    Jess: That’s very kind of you. We all seem to be fine -- no more than a few bumps and bruises. Thanks to my hubby’s engineering genius!
    Hollow: *rolls eyes* Jess, please, I’m getting a little embarrassed here...
    What happened to your cybernetic arm?

    Hollow: My arm? It is a "gift" from Mayhem's possession. I still have more tests to run as I am not even sure what my arm is composed of anymore.
    Hollow: Something with Mayhem's powers... my arm now has morphic properties. Transforming into anything from complex weapons like canons, to simpler tools or melee-type weapons like a hammer.
    Hollow: Or a stir-stick for my morning coffee.
    That’s a nice bike!

    Hollow: Yes, Zeutorias is a beauty! Fusion-powered, Zeutorias can do 0 to 60 in 2 seconds and make a jet-assisted jump of 400 feet! Ohhhh yeaaaahhhhh.

    Explore the garage!

    *Plans for the Assault Knight.*

    *Hollow's favorite #9 wrench.*

    *This bucket looks eerily familiar.*

    *Nothing particularly interesting about this wall.*

    *Watch out for that first step!*

    *Every mechanic needs his own set of Craftsguy tools!*

    *The Salvation Knight: loved by Good, feared by Evil.*

    *If you click on Zeutorias.*

    Hollow: Woah there, «You»! Keep your grubby hands off my bike! Only MY grubby hands are allowed to touch it. Maybe I could be persuaded to make you one of your own one day.

    Finished looking around?

    Next Room

    Morgan: Hey there, «You»! A9M9 and I were just discussing tactics we can use against the Devourer’s Network forces!
    Morgan: We heard about the Salvation weapons you found that were hidden away hundreds of years ago.
    Morgan: Those weapons contain a mineral that the Devourer’s minions are weak to -- do you remember the name?
  • Pabulum
  • Viridium
  • Morkfrumorkian
      Incorrect Answer: Pabulum or Morkfrumorkian

      Morgan: Hmm…after testing that, it doesn’t seem to work. Are you sure? Maybe you should quest for the Salvation weapons again to find the answer!
    • Battle for the Weapons of Salvation
    • Back

      Correct Answer: Viridium

      Morgan: Hmm…after testing it seems that you are correct! Viridium does indeed weaken minions of the Devourer The’Galin! You are sharper than 30 year old H'lognar cheese!
      A9M9: It appears that the creatures of the Network develop an “allergy” to the mineral Viridium as they travel in the Devourer’s wake between worlds.
      Morgan: Yee-haw!!! I made some viridium-tipped bullets for my six-ton guns! Feel free to borrow one of them to go hunting Network monsters!
    • Six-Ton Gun!
      (You can keep this temporary weapon until you log out)
    • Leave

      Morgan: Good luck hunting! You come on back now, yah hear?
    Thanks to whackybeanz.

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    4/16/2008 2:15:58   
     formerly In Media Res


    AssaultKnight vs. Titan Monsters!

    «Full heal»
    It takes almost ten minutes to climb up to the cockpit of the AssaultKnight. When you enter and sit down, the controls and seat form around your body perfectly, and you just know that whatever monsters the Devourer has to throw at you will be begging for mercy!
  • Begin Mission!

    «In the AssaultKnight, you fly onto a plain.»

    «You»: Wow! These loudspeakers are really LOUD! My voice can probably be heard from miles around!! Let’s see what giant monsters want to challenge me!
    «You»: Whoo! I always wanted to say that!!

    1 BATTLE
    The monster is Level-Scaled.
  • Replay
  • Return to Town
    For the duration of this quest, your statistics are different since you are using the AssaultKnight. All changes are temporary, and everything returns to normal after you finish the quest.

  • Your race, class, and clan become "Lorian", "Mecha", and "Mecha Lechas". Your Attributes are re-arranged, and you have three of each potion.
  • Your miscellaneous items are removed.
  • Your spells are removed, and replaced with the Repair Mecha* series of spells.
    * ( Scratches, Nicks, Dents, Serious Dents, Systems, Critical Systems )
  • Your armours are removed, and replaced with the AssaultKnight armour.
  • Your shields are removed.
  • Your weapons are removed, and replaced with the Elemental Matrix** series of weapons.
    ** ( Geo-Crystek, Thermo-Flare, Hydro-Geyser, Hiemal-Frost, Aero-Cyclonic, Dynamo-Static, Lumino-Phos, Adumbradiation )
  • Your pets and guest are removed.

    «If you die during the battle...»
      Death: Such a big, strong robot you are. How is it that you actually failed to defeat your enemy?? I can't accept you into my domain until you prove to me that you can do better than that!!
    • ??!?

      «You are sent back to Mt. Thrall with the options to Replay or Return to Town.»
    Thanks to whackybeanz.

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    4/17/2008 19:55:39   
     formerly In Media Res


    Pod 2
    Escape Pod 2: Maxwell, Sasha and Emma

    Three months ago, a strange disturbance fractured time itself and tossed many unsuspecting travelers into the forgotten wilderness surrounding the great mountain of Thrall. A band of shamanistic refugees in search of the great Aether, as well as a band of soldiers known as The Order, and the vile network of The’Galin, have all made this unforgiving wild their new home. Little do they know, there are others lurking in the darkness, intent on protecting their native lands. It now falls upon you to aid The Order in reestablishing a base of operations, and to protect them from the cruel force of this treacherous part of the world.
  • Continue

  • Explore Mt. Thrall
  • Rewatch Cutscene
  • Return to Battleon

  • Countless Adventurers wonder why trees can be clicked on, do you really want to know why?
  • Now is this the normal moon, the void moon, or that other moon we never see?
  • Why do all the network ships lack color?
  • This must be the escape pod Maxwell and his family were in.
    Emma: Hey there! I am Emma Maxwell and I’m twelve years old! I may be just a kid, but I have portals….I know things.
  • Your hair?
  • Portals?
  • Goodbye

    Your hair?
    Emma: Oh yeah, I can change the color of my hair whenever I want to. I am only half human.. my Mom is not from Lore! That’s pretty neat, huh?
  • Your clothes...
  • Back

    Your clothes...
    Emma: I can change the color of my clothes too-- thanks to my daddy. He found a cool material on his travels called Holo Cloth. All I have to do is think of the color and my clothes change! I bet you’re jealous, huh?
  • Back

    Emma: My daddy is a time traveler, well we all are actually! We travel through portals and see all sorts of stuff. We travel time and space hunting down the bad guys!
  • Tell me about them.
  • Back

    Tell me about them.
    Emma: Well we have seen a lot of bad guys who are a part of the network. Nasty looking Drakel with dragon wings! Big scary demon looking dudes with horns! Ugly slime monsters who have no eyes or mouth! All sorts of nasty stuff.
  • Back
    Atlas Maxwell: So we meet again I see...
  • We have met?
  • Your eye...
  • The Order
  • The Crash
  • Take Maxwell with you as a guest
  • Back

    We have met?
    Atlas Maxwell: Perhaps not in this lifetime, but we do know one another I assure you of that.
  • Back

    Your eye...
    Atlas Maxwell: Do not let my eye scare you, it is simply the manifestation of my power.
  • Power?
  • Back

    Atlas Maxwell: This eye is known as the Eye of Truth, it lets me see beyond that of normal sight. I would explain it further, but it is complicated.
  • Back

    The Order
    Atlas Maxwell: The Order is a team that was formed when our home was attacked by Makkisar’s army. Carnax destroyed our city and we fled underground. We continued the fight from a hidden base known as The Hatch.
    Atlas Maxwell: With the help of adventurers from another time, we managed to defeat Makkisar and his army. We eventually learned that Makkisar was being used by The Network, and that they were behind the attacks.
    Atlas Maxwell: We commandeered one of The Network ships, and fled from Lore. We have been hunting The Network ever since, stopping them from corrupting other worlds as often as we can and rescuing those in harms way.
  • Back

    The Crash?
    Atlas Maxwell: We were not planning on ‘landing’ here. We were being chased by an armada of network ships, when our ship unexpectedly teleported here and we lost control.
    Atlas Maxwell: The crash saved our lives. We would have surely been dead if the Network had caught us. If only I knew what or who brought us here...
  • Back
    Sasha: Hello there, I am Sasha Maxwell. As you may have heard I am not of this world. I was created by Makkisar during the siege of Stonerule.
  • Created?
  • Maxwell?
  • Back

    Sasha: That’s right, I was created by Makkisar. My father suffered from the corrupted thoughts of Truth, plaguing his mind and causing him madness.
    Sasha: Truth left my father for a short time, in this time my father created two special projects. Project I and II, two children who could carry on his life’s work and fix the mistakes he made.
    Sasha: My brother Jacob stayed behind with my father in his true place in time. He swore he would free Makkisar from his stone prison and make things right.
    Sasha: I am worried my brother has been corrupted by Truth, just as my father was before him.
  • Back

    Sasha: Atlas is my husband, we met a year before the siege of Stonerule, back when he was the prince of the kingdom.
    Sasha: He was to be the next ruler of Stonerule, but he never seemed to care much for being royalty. He spent most of his days in Hollow’s garage working on the Stonerule Military Assault Mecha.
  • Back
    Ayame: Greetings human, I am Ayame.
  • A talking snake?
  • Goodbye

    Ayame: I am no snake foolish human, I am an Aether dragon. Most dragon kin have the ability to speak your native tongue.
    Ayame: My species comes from the far reaches of space in the realm known as the Aether. Far beyond the heavens, past the darkness of the void, there is a great blinding light. This is the Great Aether.
  • Back
    Viktor: ...
    Viktor: Humans capture Kor-Dem. Humans name Kor-Dem. Humans treat Kor-Dem as human. Kor-Dem escape human soon.
    Atlas Maxwell: Viktor you’re not going anywhere.
    Viktor: Kor-Dem mad...

    «Clicking on the rocks to the left in the order 7-5-7 (from right to left)»

    Truth: the pieces are coming together

  • Truth: as the Aether penetrates the darkness

  • Truth: the chosen one is among us

  • Truth: the immortal child is born

  • Truth: free me from my prison

  • Truth: find the chosen one

  • Thanks to whackybeanz. Spoilered infomation from Genoclysm. Correction from Nex del Vida.

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    4/17/2008 23:10:00   
     formerly In Media Res


    Alien Bounty

    All Level-Scaled to Your Level +5. Full heal after every other battle.REWARD
    You receive one of the following:Thanks to whackybeanz and ruleandrew.

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