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MogBusters! - Don't try this at home....

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5/27/2008 18:37:00   
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 Likes the Wine, Not the Label

Don't try this at home....

Location: Travel Map > Travel South > MogBusters > MogBusters

«Scene: a rock spire standing in a beachy landscape. The view shifts upwards until it reaches the top. Two Moglins are standing on top with a mannequin as you enter.»

Jamog: I hope you're joking Adamog, that isn't going to hold.
Adamog: It'll be fine, gum is a great... Oh hello there!
«You»: Oh my goodness!! You guys-- are the MogBusters!!! I can't believe I ran into you!
«You»: Are you doing one of your experiments!? Can I help?!
Jamog: Yes! Today we are testing the myth of the...
Adamog: *mutters* Where was this guy yesterday when I had to drag this carcass up the cliff?
Jamog: Dragonwing Glider...
Adamog: What?
«You»: Well that answers my next question about the guy strapped to a dragon wing. What exactly is this myth?
Jamog: Our research found an old story about a Dragonslayer so intent on killing the beast that when it took flight to retreat, the Dragonslayer jumped on its back to continue the battle.
Adamog: The Dragonslayer was so enthralled in the fight that he didn't stop to think what would happen when he killed the dragon miles up in the air.
Jamog: The story goes, that in a moment of clarity, the Dragonslayer cuts the wing off the beast and uses it to glide safely back to the ground.
«You»: Wow, what a story! Let's see what happens!
Adamog: Ok! Here we go in 3.. 2... 1...
  • Launch!

    «The dummy is released, and falls off the cliff. The wings catch the wind, and he starts gliding!»

    Adamog: Whoa, I can't believe it! This seems like it might actually be plausible!

    «The gum holding the dummy's arms together stretches and breaks. The dummy falls down into the river below»

    Jamog: *Sigh* You know ... somehow "I told you so" just doesn't quite cover it.
    Adamog: Eeeep! We should probably go fish him out of there!

    «Fade to black. Scene: the beach. The dragonwing glider lies on the ground near you, Adamog, and Jamog»

    Jamog: Well, there's the wing-- but where's the rest of Chester?

    «Chester the Dummy floats to the surface of the river»

    «You»: There he is! Bobbing in the water.
    Adamog: Excellent! Hey, you look like a strong swimmer! Mind fetching him out of the water for us?
    «You»: Sure, no problem!

    You dive in, talking full advantage of the mishap that caused the seas to be infused with underwater breathing potions. You search the reef until-
  • Continue

    «Scene: underwater. A Sarkanain and a Mermazon Archer are standing in front of Chester»

    «You»: Finally found him. Hey wait! What the...
    Sarkanian: Why are you trespassing here land-breather!?
    «You»: I'm just here to fetch back Chester for the MogBusters. And I don't breathe land. That would hurt.
    Mermazon: NO! You leave the mighty lord of plastic alone!
    «You»: Come again?
    Sarkanian: Yes, he is the one of whom the prophecy speaks!
    Sarkanian: "A plastic man will fall from the world above and lead us to the promised land...."
    «You»: *Snickers* but... he's just... Ah forget it, I see where this is going.
  • Fight!
      2 BATTLES
      «Full Heal after each battle»

      See Water Mobs list below
    «Back on the surface...»

    Adamog: Great! Hope it wasn't too much trouble.
    «You»: Trust me, you wouldn't believe me if I told you.
    Jamog: Alright, so what's next on the list Adamog?
    Adamog: Next we have the Rocket Chair! This story revolves around a clumsy alchemist.
    Jamog: Right, he accidentally drops some candy he was eating into his beverage resulting in an explosive eruption?
    Adamog: Exactly! Looking to harness this energy or maybe just bored by walking, he straps a rocket powered by his new formula to a chair.
    Jamog: Alright, let's get the rocket put together and try this one out.
    Adamog: Well, see ... there might be a small problem there. I seem to have misplaced a couple of items during our trip over here.
    Adamog: The candy catalyst has to be somewhere on the beach and I must've left the beverage by that ancient relic we found. Remember, the one that took my 50¢?
    Jamog: Imagine that... Adamog more concerned with kicking a machine that took his change that this experiment.
    Jamog: «You», could you search around for our missing items while we get Chester set up for the next experiment?
    «You»: Sure, I'm on it!
      2 BATTLES
      «Full Heal after each battle»

      See Land Mobs list below
    «You»: That must be the catalyst the MogBusters were talking about!
      2 BATTLES
      «Full Heal after each battle»

      See Land Mobs list below
    «On the beach, there is a soda bottle next to a Yo-Da Cola machine»

    «You»: Ancient relic? This must be it, because there is the beverage I need! Now, let me just take that and--

    «The machine shakes»

    «You»: Whoa!! What the--?!«Back with Jamog and Adamog, Chester is tied to a chair with a rocket»

    Adamog: Great! You've found them! I'll just mix the beverage with my secret ingredient here.
    Jamog: Wait, what!? "Secret ingredient" isn't part of the experiment, Adamog. What did you just put in there!?
    Adamog: No really - it is a secret, even I don't know what it is. I saw this can with a flaming skull and crossbones on it and thought it would be just the thing to spice this up.
    Jamog: *Sigh* I can already see where this is going....
    Adamog: Don't worry, this is nothing like the gum thing, or the rock thing -- or the shoe thing, that one was a fluke. Ok I'm dropping in the catalyst in 3... 2... 1!
  • Launch!

    «The rocket launches, and Adamog is caught in the afterburn»

    Adamog: Oint.... ment *cough* Salve....

    «The rocket soars through the skies, before running out of fuel and crashing»

    Jamog: «You», would you mind trying to find what's left of Chester while I tend to Adamog's burns?
    «You»: Alright, I'll start combing the beach.
    Jamog: He shouldn't be too hard to find-- Just look for the smoke from the smouldering remains.

    The beach is big. The sea breeze is salty. The beach is very big. The sound of the surf is soothing. The beach is very, very big. You are about ready to give up the search and look for a Gibet's Pub franchise to relax in when something catches your eye...
  • Continue

    «Scene: Chester is scattered across the beach, with Zorbak standing in front of the mess. You enter.»

    «You»: Zorbak!? What are you doing here?
    Zorbak: What? Necromancers can't enjoy long walks on the beach?
    Zorbak: If you must know, I happened to catch the scent of cooking chicken in the air. Walked along to investigate and this thing nearly landed on me!
    «You»: Yeah, I'm here to collect Chester's pieces for the MogBusters. Not sure how I'm gonna get all this back.
    Zorbak: Gah! I can't stand those two ever since they knocked me out of the running for my own show, "That's So Zorbak!".
    Zorbak: Mehehehe! I have an idea, why don't you let me put him back together for you.
    «You»: You would really do that to help me out?
    Zorbak: Oh suuuuure!

    «Zorbak's staff glows black. Chester pulls himself together, and then sits up»

  • Run!

    «Back with Jamog and Adamog...»

    «You»: Guys! We have a big problem!
    Jamog: What's the problem? Is there something wrong with Chester?
    Adamog: Did he fall in a well? *Snickers*

    «Chester walks in»

    Adamog: AAAHHHHHHHH!!!
    «You»: Yeah, that's pretty much what I thought.
    Jamog: ...but how? See, Adamog! I told you to not go messing with the experiment! Now look!

    «Zorbak enters»

    Zorbak: Stupid MothBusters! It seems Chester is tired of your abuse! Oh yeah-- and he hates the name Chester!
    Jamog: Zorbak, I should've known! Still bitter about the show, huh?
    Adamog: You can't fool us, Chester loves being part of the show!
    Chester: Actually.....
    Adamog: AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!
    Chester: *Ahem* If I may interject here.... WHY would you think I love being part of the show!? Why don't you let me shove you off a cliff or run you over with a team of horses!?
    Chester: It must be the daily abuse I love to the horrendous jokes!! "Oh hey Chester didn't blow up enough, let's fix that for him!" You know I still have nightmares about the goat incident!?
    Adamog: Chester buddy, we had no idea.
    Chester: Oh I am sure it never once crossed your mind as you were filling my cavities full of weapons-grade uranium! I used to have hair!!! In case you haven't figured it out yet... I QUIT!!

    «Chester turns to walk away»

    ChesterOh! I almost forgot....

    «Chester punts Adamog and walks off»

    Zorbak: Mehehehe!

    «Zorbak leaves»

    Jamog: Hmmmm, without Chester how will we carry on with the show?
    «You»: Oh wait! I might have someone in mind! I mean this guy will do ANYTHING for fish and ice cream. It's a bit of a walk from here but I bet it would be worth it.
    Jamog: Really? That's great news! We'll go find Adamog and then go get Chester's REPLACEMENT!!
  • Go to Part 2!
    Monster List

    Water Mobs
    Level 1-14
    Mermazon (5)
    Sarkanian (5)
    Mermazon Archer (10)
    Sarkanian Charioteer (8)

    Level 15-34
    Mermazon (15)
    Tropical Mermazon (30)
    Sarkanian (5)
    Sarkanian Charioteer (8)

    Level 35-54
    Tropical Mermazon (30)
    Mermazon Archer (40)
    Sarkanian Charioteer (35)
    Sarkanian Bladesman (30)

    Level 55+
    Mermazon Berserker (44)
    Sarkanian (51)
    Mermazon Veteran (60)
    Sarkanian Charioteer (64)

    Land Mobs
    Level 1-14
    The Bloatt (5)
    Vagaran (7)
    Small Treasure Chest (15)
    Blecch (1)
    Sea Squirt (10)
    Braken (8)
    St. Elmo's Fire (5)
    Driftwood Golem (12)

    Level 15-34
    CloudZard (20)
    Treasure Chest (30)
    Umazen Bandit (15)
    Harpy Scout (25)
    Sea Squirt (30)
    Braken (8)
    St. Elmo's Fire (15)
    Baby Sand Dragon (28)

    Level 35-54
    Braken (35)
    CloudZard (20)
    Big Treasure Chest (45)
    Blecch (28)
    Harpy Scout (45)
    Sea Squirt (50)
    Vagaran Warfighter (38)
    Giant Leech (32)
    Umazen (32)
    St. Elmo's Fire (30)

    Level 55-74
    Braken (58)
    Huge Treasure Chest (60)
    Lightbringer (50)
    Harpy Warrior (65)
    Sea Squirt (70)
    Vagaran (62)
    Giant Leech (72)
    St. Elmo's Fire (50)
    Sand Dragon (63)

    Level 75+
    Braken (58)
    Huge Treasure Chest (60)
    Hydra (85)
    Lightbringer (65)
    Harpy Warrior (65)
    Sea Squirt (90)
    Vagaran (84)
    Giant Leech (72)
    St. Elmo's Fire (50)
    Sand Dragon (63)

    Monster lists thanks to Scakk.

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