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Paxia Under Siege!

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5/29/2008 0:57:28   
 formerly In Media Res


Prologue: Paxia Special Mission

Location: Travel Map -> Sail East -> Paxia Clans -> Special Mission Mecha War! -> Prologue Quest!

«Scene: Paxia Arena»

«You»: I wonder what this top-secret meeting could be about? Hello is anyone there?
???: Shhh! TOP SECRET!

«The eight clan leaders enter. If you are part of a clan:»
    «Your Clan Leader»: Welcome fellow «Your Clan» member!! We detected a group of elite Chaos Drakel on Paxia and we do not know why they are here!
«If you are not part of a clan:»
    Geoto: I sense you are not a clan member yet, but we need every bit of help we can get! We detected a group of elite Chaos Drakel on Paxia, and we do not know why they are here!
«You»: You can count me in. I will look for those Drakel and find out what they're up to!
  • Go!

    «Optional Full Heal»

    «You»: There is the Glacius clan base. Hmm... and THRE is something that might be a clue! Hehe...

    «You see a Drakel Air Raider shivering in Ice»

    «You»: What happened to you? And where is the rest of your group?!
    Drakel Air Raider: I-- I ran out of--f--- fuel---and crashed. Our captain left me. The mission-- was too imp-- important--
    «You»: What mission is that?
    Drakel Air Raider: T-- too cold-- to-- re-- remember. *shivers*

    Alignment Choice!
  • Okay, I will defrost you and then you can tell me!
    **(Increases Good Alignment)
    **«+1 to Good/Evil alignment»
  • Tell me right now or I will let you stay here and freeze!
    **(Increases Evil Alignment)
    **«-1 to Good/Evil alignment»
  • Skip Choice
    **(No change to alignment)

    The half-frozen Drakel air raider, ironically named the Blue Baron, tells you that his elite unit of Chaos Drakels have come to Paxia seeking a lost remnant of technology that may have been the basis of Drakel engineering. He points you to the northeast, in the direction they ere last headed...
  • Continue

    «Optional Full Heal»

    «You»: Whoa there, big guy! What is that metal thing behind you? Let me guess-- its a popular club and you are the bouncer?
    Drakel Bouncer: This does not concern you. Turn around and I will allow you to keep breathing.
    «You»: Maybe we can talk about this. I just want to know what Chaos Drakels are doing here. Tell me and I'll let YOU live.
    Drakel Bouncer: Threats will get you nowhere. I have no emotions. I have no fear. I do what I am told.

  • Go Through Him! (Fight!)
  • Go Around Him! (Hack his robo-brain with a stat roll!)
      Drakel Hax!
      Are you smart enough to hack this cybernetic Drakel's brain and get him to let you alone??
      Difficulty: 75
      Stat Used: Intelligence

      «Fail and you have to fight the Drakel. Succeed and you proceed»

  • Abandon Quest! (Chicken!)
    **«Glitched! Takes you to the stat roll»

    «You»: This thing is big. I wonder what it is? Some parts of it look like things Drakels can make-- but other parts look to advance even for them!
    Captain Marakos: Your observation is quite astute, Human!
    «You»: What IS this thing? And why are you trespassing into Paxia?!
    Captain Marakos: We are the Chaos Drakel! We answer to no one-- not even the Drakel who split from the K'elds following the recent civil war! I have come here as part of an ADVANCED team--
    Captain Marakos: --to find and reactivate ancient technology!
    «You»: So this thing is ancient technology? It looks-- well-- not that ancient!
    Captain Marakos: It is 5000 years old, and we have just removed tons of rock and soil to unveil its BEAUTY!
    Captain Marakos: The language found within is so old as to be utterly ALIEN to us, but our engineers have find a way to reactivate it. All I have to do is send a signal--
    Captain Marakos: --and this massive war machine will bid the doing of the Chaos Drakel Corps!!!! PAXIA AND ITS CLANS WILL SINK INTO THE SEA!!!!!!
    «You»: Pardon me. You will not be doing any island-destroying today.

    1 BATTLE«You»: What do you have to say for yourself now??
    Captain Marakos: Only this--

    «Marakos sends a signal to the machine»

    Captain Marakos: Say hellllo to my little friend!

    «The machine goes berserk and starts firing.»

    «You»: Ahhh! You tricky lizard!
    «You»: FIREBALL!!!!

    «You cast Fireball on Captain Marakos»

    «You»: How am I supposed to stop this thing from blowing up all of Paxia?!?

    «The machine stops»

    «You»: Whew-- the power of positive thinking!

    «The Shiny Boy mech appears»

    «You»: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Shiny Boy: You are quite mistaken! The Mecha's salvo was simply a wake-up call!
    «You»: Who-- what are you?? And what do you mean??
    Shiny Boy: It does not matter who I am right now. What matters is that you know--
    Shiny Boy: -- this mecha just reactivated FIVE mega-cannons buried across Paxia!
    Shiny Boy: Before long the cannons will begin the bombardment of clan bases.
    Shiny Boy: I will refurbish as many Shiny Boy power suits as I can. Then it will be up to YOU--
    Shiny Boy: --to help lead and organize the clan armies in a war against Chaos Drakel and--
    Shiny Boy: Their new mecha technology from 5000 years in the past!
    «You»: .......................
    «You»: Are you sure you have the right person?
    Shiny Boy: No, but you will do.
    «You»: I hope I get at least a cookie for this.
    Shiny Boy: In fact, I DID bring you cookies- from 5000 years in the past!

    REWARDS: Paxia Mecha
  • Old Chrono Blade
  • Modern Chrono Blade
  • Elder Chrono Blade
  • Chrono Blade of the Present Age
  • Tarnished Venerable Chrono Blade Z
  • Gleaming Venerable Chrono Blade Z
  • Post Modern Chrono Blade Z
  • Ancient Chrono Blade
  • Current Chrono Blade
  • Venerable Chrono Blade
  • Postmodern Chrono Blade
  • Time Cookie (10/25/60)

    To be continued! A battle to save Paxia will soon begin...

  • Back to Town
  • Back to Paxia
  • Learn more about this strange "mecha" in: MECHQUEST
    **(Opens in new window)

    Thanks to ShadySwipe and whackybeanz. Glitch from silaren. New location from Sora Aeragorn.


    If you are Level 45+, then all battles are Level-Scaled to Your Level +5.

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    8/11/2008 3:42:56   
     formerly In Media Res


    Big Mech Attack!

    Location: Travel Map > Sail East > Paxia Clans >Mecha War -> WAR!

  • WAR!!!
  • Prologue Quest!
  • Back to Map

  • The Igneus base inside an active volcano.
  • The Dynami base and its beam of energy.
  • The Nocturu base and its dark secrets.
  • The Glacius base is surrounded by ice.
  • The Nautica base is deep underwater.
  • The Geoto base is hidden by forests and hills.
  • The Lucian base is high atop a mountain peak.

    «Shiny Boy»: The time to battle has come! You may borrow a suit of Shiny Boy armor to help in your fight.
  • Borrow the Armor!
  • Skip

    War Map
    Clear each zone of enemies in order to reach and destroy the cannons!
    «There are five zones: "Yellow" (Earth and Light), "Green" (Earth and Darkness), "Purple" (Ice and Darkness), "Red" (Energy and Fire), and a second "Purple" (Wind and Water). Each zone has its own counter. Regardless of which zone you choose:»
      2 BATTLES (Random)
      «These are Random Adventures from one of the zone's elements. Optional full heal after the second battle»
      1 BATTLE (Drakel)
      «Optional Full Heal»
    «After a zone reaches 100%»
      1 BATTLE

    «After all zones reach 100%»

    «Optional Healing»
    1 BATTLE (Drakel)
    «Optional Healing»
    1 BATTLE (Drakel)
    «Optional Healing»
    1 BATTLE«Full Heal. Scene: the Shadowscythe Mecha. You and Hollow enter»

    Hollow: My sensors indicate that the enemy mecha is becoming fully operational! You are going to need some BIG-TIME help, my friend.
    Hollow: Just your luck I found out about this mess we're in, too! I just happen to have brought some big-time help with me. Ever hear of my ASSAULTMECHA?!?
  • Yeah!!

    «The Shadowscythe mecha reactivates, and rises up for battle»

    1 BATTLE: Shadowscythe Mecha (60) [Scaled]
    «For the duration of this battle, your statistics are different since you are using the AssaultKnight. All changes are temporary, and everything returns to normal after you finish the battle. See the AssaultKnight quest for more details.»

    «Full heal. The AssaultKnight armour is unloaded, and you appear on the Paxia plains. Shiny Boy enters.»

    «You»: It's you again! Are you going to tell us who you are yet??
    «Shiny Boy»: You have defeated the giant Shadowscythe Mecha and saved the Island of the clans!
    «Shiny Boy»: New evidence has surfaced which suggests this mecha was not, in fact, buried here on Paxia.
    «Shiny Boy»: It may just be that some kind of connection exists NOW, between all times and places.
    «Shiny Boy»: Portals are known to be created and controlled by wizards and their kind...
    «Shiny Boy»: ...But whatever kind of portal can allow THIS kind of interconnection is NEW--
    «Shiny Boy»: --Powerful and DANGEROUS beyond current comprehension. Take a suit of my armor-- just in case!
    «You»: I still don't know who you are!
    «Shiny Boy»:Knowing who I am may do more harm than good. Just be prepared for worse... and good luck!

    «Shiny Boy disappears with a crackle of electricity. The reward shop opens.»

    SHOP: Mech Attack
  • Shiny Boy Z
  • Glimmer Boy
  • Shiny Boy
  • Dazzle Boy Z
  • Brilliant Boy Z
  • Sparkle Boy
  • Time Cookie (10/25/60)

  • Back to Paxia
  • Back to Town

    Thanks to whackybeanz.


    If you are Level 45+, then all battles are Level-Scaled to Your Level +5.

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