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RE: Dragonfly Dreams Poetry

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10/1/2008 12:06:56   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!

What May Come
A Terza Rima

Not everything is as it seems.
And no one is ever truly happy here,
Mostly because we're told to dump our dreams.

But no one ever addresses our needy fears.
Somehow, we've been handed the end of the rope;
Left alone to make the muddied waters crystal clear.

In the midst of all the chaos we cope,
By seeking out the comfort amidst the pain
Looking into the things that should instill hope.

What is hope, and the reality that it stains -
For anyone can see that it exists not.
Shed a tear as you watch goodness wane.

Instead, it is gratification sought
Within a world that can't make up its mind.
Instant, fleeting, with it, lost souls are bought.

Where is the path? Through what does it wind?
Curving here, breaking past the manmade walls,
Descending until the broken spirit is all one finds.

From all directions the way wards path seems to call
Not caring who the confusion leads astray
And then stepping back so as not to take the fall.

Yet the path carries on, blindly leading the foray
And everyone allows it one more fleeting move.
Blindly groping for the invisible handhold that's taken away.

When will the awakening arrive, making us prove
That we are more than simple mindless machines
Trying desperately to avoid the looks that disapprove.

Why must we carry on, strapped to a ride that careens,
Tossing us, throwing us like some rag doll in a child’s hand?
Shouldn’t there be more to this macabre scene?

Eyes open, I see all of this. Eyes closed I weep and demand -
Is this the way we had our world originally planned?

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10/19/2008 15:44:04   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!

A villanelle:


What is it that my eyes doth see?
Is it a shadow amidst the light
Or is it something more haunting me?

The leaves stir, the bluebirds flee.
Something inside doesn't seem right.
What is it that my eyes doth see?

My heart beats as I stare through the trees.
I hasten my step; my instict is flight.
Or is it something more haunting me?

I break into a run, my heart and mind agree,
Feet pounding the path, the sun blinding my sight.
What is it that my eyes doth see?

The sound of my heart pounding out a plea,
I push my tired legs with all my might.
Or is it something more haunting me?

Bursting through the door, desperate to be free
Of visions, with the coming of the night.
What is it that my eyes doth see
Or is it something more haunting me?
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10/20/2008 15:26:07   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!

A Villanelle: The first two stanzas were made as a class. The remainder of the poem was part of the homework.


Clouds of darkness, roar of fear -
Would we be able to stand its might?
Let's prepare. It's coming near.

What happened to the sky so clear?
Gone away is our precious light,
Clouds of darkness, roar of fear -

What will we do when it gets here?
Stack the pillows while our lights are bright.
Let's prepare. It's coming near.

Rolling clouds, hail and wind so sheer,
Trees bend, as this rage they fight.
Clouds of darkness, roar of fear -

History said that this would be the year,
So buckle down and hold on tight.
Let's prepare. It's coming near.

The enveloping rush deafens our ears;
Funnel smashes to the ground, I shake in fright.
Clouds of darkness, roar of fear -
Let's prepare. It's coming near.

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12/3/2008 0:43:49   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!

A Conversation

Along came a spider and quietly sat beside me.
"Eukara," he asked, "If I may be ever so bold,
What is your view of this thing called humanity?
Because, from my perspective, it's all getting quite old.
Nothing is simple, nothing is sacred anymore
All you creatures ever think about is 'me, myself and I.'
It's all about presence, prestige..what a bore!
Isn't there a point when you ask yourselves why?"

I had never been asked such questions before
By a creature so small, so least in most eyes.
But his question remained and at my heart it tore,
Is that what we seem, selfish, money loving...then we die?
"Yes, friend Spider," I replied, "The world does seem quite cold,
It seems that most humans have failed to see
The wonders around them, but creation has no hold
On their hearts and minds as it used to be."

"I wish, in my heart, that it all was taken away
So that people could see what they have neglected.
Then they would see the new sun greeting the day
How their very presence, the world they have infected."
He looked at me thoughtfully, scratching his chin,
Then folded his arms, laid down and sighed.
"So what you are telling me is that there is nowhere to begin?
There is nothing that can be done in this mass suicide?"

"I didn't say that, Sir Spider," I said. "I merely begin a whim,
A thought, you see, of a way to turn the tide.
You see, I think there is much to learn from you and your kin,
You take only what you need, there is no rush of pride.
You beautify, you create, you add, therefore the world is affected
By actions that help, you show that man can indeed hold sway
Over his surroundings, without ever being detected,
A conservative predator with a very specific prey."

We both sat and thought, then thought and sat
Neither speaking nor moving for a time and a half.
I looked out across the clearing, considering this chat
That I had with a spider, then began to laugh.
"If only all our problems were this easy to solve
The world would be a fantastic place indeed.
But, as long as humanity, around itself does revolve
The world and all peace will continue to bleed."

"Looks like you need to be the first one to get involved,
To be the one whose words people begin to heed."
He smiled at me weakly, and slowly it began to evolve
into something more; something that I would need.
He stood and patted my leg, "Some of you try to rid the riff-raff,
Trying to make the world more than the current trend points at.
I, we, have faith in what you say on humanity's behalf."
Dumbfounded, I stood, not knowing I had done all that.

And I watched the spider float away, his wave becoming distant,
Forcing me to think about the near promise I just made.
Is everything we do just bringing a disaster more imminent?
Or are our efforts, what some want to do, more than a masquerade?

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12/13/2008 4:04:01   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Broken and Torn
To be read while listening to Paul Spaeth's "Truth in Soul"

Hide away my fragile heart.
Hide your face from the pain,
That threatens to tear you apart.
Put away all your hopes and dreams
For tomorrow only brings
A love that isn't what is seems.

Turn away from the hope.
Turn away from the dream.

Close your eyes and turn away
From the love that you once knew.
Let it not, hold sway
Over all that is you.

Do not depend on their words anymore
Just turn and leave your spirit on the floor.
None of them will care if you come or go (they won't know)
Stop trying to tell yourself they will change (you know they won't)

No more lying to yourself, no more trying to prove
That all this time it was love they gave to you.
If you continue down this path you know,
Where it leads,
One small push is all that they need.
To crush the one emotion left that is true.

Close your eyes and turn away
From the love that you once knew.
Let it not, hold sway
Over all that is you.

<Take your life and run away,
Run where the mighty winds blow
Take your life and run away
Heal the brokenness only you can know

Take your life and run away
Face the light of the rising sun
Take your life and run away
Know your decision was the right one.>
(Repeat 2 times)

Take your life and run away,
Run where the mighty winds blow
Take your life and run away
Heal the brokenness only you can know

Then you will know this freedom
Then you will know this love
Then you will see those who truly mean
The love the poets have spoken of.
(repeat 2 times)

Then you will know
Love has a voice
Then you will know
A true friend's choice.

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1/6/2009 2:49:07   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!


If I could but touch you
And tell you that everything was okay,
Would it be enough? Would it be true?

Would all things be made new?
Would the sun light up your day,
If I could but touch you?

What if, somehow, I could declare you through
With all the stuff that comes your way?
Would it be enough? Would it be true?

And if this feeling of helplessness grew
Would it help when black and white fade to grey
If I could but touch you?

I can see the tears, how your smiles are few
And beat myself up trying to keep sadness at bay.
Would it be enough? Would it be true?

Now I am left wondering from this limited view,
Knowing all I can do is pray,
If I could but touch you
Would it be enough? Would it be true?

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1/19/2009 1:05:49   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Empty Heart

Ever known a time when you couldn't find the words to say?
Times that flowed with the regret of something you should have known?
Or just what you tried to deny?
Or, better yet...chose to ignore?

Ever trust someone you thought was real?
Did you give that person your soul, only to find it twisted,
A mass of plaintive mews before a lion's roar?
Did the heavy paws crush what life was left?

Ever experienced love: true, pure agape love,
Philadelphia love...such that is supposed to be uplifting?
Yet, in the instance that you returned it,
Did sibling rivalry push its way between you?

Ever thought that the ties that bind were never knotted -
That the frayed strings of imperfect care lay tattered
Strewn across the coals of indifference,
Only to burn you when you least expect it?

Ever wonder why we put ourselves through this hell?
Why we continue to hope that somehow, reality isn't what it seems?
That if we just believe, it will all get better
And not be ruled by the nightmare that haunts our steps.

I had continued to hope. I had faith in reality and promises made.
I thought that love was more than petty humanity.
I held onto the frayed ends, desperately trying to change it.
But in the end, hell is all that was there.

I never wondered what a broken heart was.
But I have learned anyway.

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1/19/2009 13:23:38   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!


The fault is all mine.
Why didn't I heed my heart?
Yet, I still tossed my pearls to swine.

I didn't need to read between the lines,
Nor look for hidden wisdom, on me, to impart.
The fault is all mine.

I heeded to that which yeilded decline;
That would rather cling to the end than the start.
Yet, I still tossed my pearls to swine.

The warnings were prophesied - together combined -
And I personally allowed it to play its part.
The fault is all mine.

In the honey-coloured smoke, there were signs,
And there was evidence of being torn apart.
Yet, I still tossed my pearls to swine.

And now, this pain, to which I am resigned,
Will wrench and crush my trusting heart.
The fault is all mine.
Yet, I still tossed my pearls to swine.
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2/1/2009 18:01:01   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!

I'm Only Alive With You

I have come to this place so many times,
Wondered how it is that you tolerate me so.
And looking at the scatterings of framed pictures
I am afraid to know what it is I owe.

Over and over again, I am spoken for
Yet, I deserve nothing of the sort.
And just when I thought I was falling
I am reminded of your unfailing support.

In no way can I get by in these days
Without seeing your face before me.
For if I ever left you behind,
I would fail oh so miserably.

The faith you have in me goes beyond
Anything I have in you.
Yet, every moment that goes by
You repeatedly come to my rescue.

Everything I have, I have because of you.
And frequently I forget such details,
Only because I have not the appreciation
To know without you, I will fail.

I will wonder until eternity
Why it is you outlasted my heart.
And why you insisted on staying around,
Never to depart.
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2/5/2009 2:35:23   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Borrowing Bathrooms
Sentharn, Eukara

Untold ages ago, the days were grand
Gold and glory and the yellow princess
But I need now to borrow a bathroom
To wash my hands of this convoluted mess

The dreams of the dead held firmly in place
By well wishers, soothsayers and bitter fight.
Songs of lament flow across the pages
as this brand of sadness adds its own bite.

Sinuous tongues and rhetoric charms
Reach from the floorboards beneath
Siren songs of the days gone forever
Enticing tales, land beyond reach

'If only,' sighs, and virtual eyerolling
Show more than any eye could behold.
Far distant shores gleam under shaded eyes
Burying long lost treasures untold.

Phantasm ideals, false supplication
Sad little kings on their sad little hills
Eyes attuned to what has been, what isn't
Blind to what is, what will come as it will

Chances never given, ideals never practiced,
A coat of arms showing love's release.
Forward facing needs were tossed back
Upon dirges for the recently deceased.

Closed minds and closed books
Legends repeat and reveal
The bloodied hawk circles ruins
Blasted wood and tangled steel

Never given the chance to support
To give rise to something great.
Said ruins mourn, mangled bodies shake
Upon this unmade bed of hate.

Little girls still toss roses
Upon the precious few
Special attention from dying suns
In rows of two by two

Which leaves those left in the background
To wonder what will happen next.
Will there be more, or will there be less
Or will everyone merely stand around perplexed.

Time flies like the wind
While ideas sail, silly or wise
Yet little can be done
While immersed in a fictional guise

The mirrors never lie in cases like these
And neither do those of godly demeanor.
So, oh porcelain gods, I beseech thee,
Let me borrow a bathroom to make everything cleaner.

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3/9/2009 19:45:56   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Silver Lining

The clouds roll in.
Dark, foreboding
Obliterating my view of the sun.

Where's the blue sky?
Crisp, uplifting,
Renewing my soul with each passing day.

The thunder sounds.
Loud, heartstopping,
Chasing away my thoughts of tomorrow.

Where's the music?
Crisp, uplifting,
The awe inspiring song of nature.

The lightning glares.
Crass, corrupting,
Mocking me with its false comfort and help.

Where's the sunlight?
Warm, refreshing,
Inviting my inner child to come play.

The storms rage on.
Blind, relentless,
Restlessly pursuing me with vengeance.

Where is the peace?
Bliss, perfection,
That caresses me as it gently leads.

So, without "one"
There is no "other"
Our silver lining would never be seen.

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4/8/2009 15:40:06   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!

No One

No one was there when the new plans were laid.
No one was there when the magic swirled.
No one was there when the creatures were made.
No one was there when the leaves unfurled.

No one saw the sky as it was painted blue.
No one saw the bridges being built.
No one saw the eyes take on that greenish hue.
No one saw the spirit as it began to wilt.

No one stood beneath the early morning sun.
No one stood beside the crashing waves.
No one stood witness to a deer's frolicking fun.
No one stood trial for the blessed unsaved.

No one gave their heart to what lay ahead.
No one gave their mind over to the people there.
No one gave their tears, lovingly shed.
No one gave their effort to make others care.

No one was there as the winds blew past.
No one was there as the storms didn't care.
No one was there when the walls crashed.
No one was there.
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4/23/2009 16:20:05   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!


Waves crash and roll up the finely silted beach
Leaving behind fragmented shells
Within my reach.

Transparent, a tiny crab skitters across the sand
Never looking anywhere
But the next stretch of land.

Again the waves roll in, tugging fast
Taking away such
That it is a whisp of the past.

Along the retreating sandy path, nothing can stay
Crushed beneath time
Shells that have long since lost their way.

Idly, the shells roll down towards the foam
Unimportant under shadows
Never to be picked up, adopted, given an home.

On the broken peices tumble, tossed here and there
Sinking finally as the waves recede
Wiping away the light, sunlight has now become rare.

Deeper below the surface the broken shells taried
Never again will glory be seen
Their sobs not heard, their grief not seen, their lives buried.

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4/23/2009 17:50:43   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Stand Tall

Everything has a beginning.

Sometimes, what begins cannot be seen,
no matter how hard we try.

And we search and search for the elusive answer.


What if it merely makes us cry?
or die?
or even lie?

And as we grow, breaking through the surface of our minds,
do we stop to think what may come?

How we affect some.

Instead, we use those around us to stretch and reach
for that which is beyond our hands.

Through our fingers trickle the sands.
Fighting the bend of the outside demands.

It is painful, this reach, this attempt to become
something more than everyday.

Striving to make a way.
Being different, having our say.
Resisting the ever-pressing sway.

Until finally, strong in build and strong in heart

We have what it takes to start
Away from "reality" we depart.

To make our own way in this convoluted mess,
And past the myriad of useless tests.

This canopy has less for me
Than what I am meant to be


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5/10/2009 22:39:22   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!

In the Silence

Walk into the emptiness
Beware of the floor
Don't touch the walls
Stay away from the door

Don't reach out
Nothing will be returned
Try not to hold
Or you will be burned

Forget the sweet words
All the things that were said
When you started out
And in blindness were led

Was the laughter false
The playfulness a lie
Meant only to be brief
Just to leave you to cry?

Left to think that what you had
Was never meant to be
You were a peice to a puzzle
And then were turned free

Freedom isn't the end result
That you had in your mind
Quite the contrary
Painful is this find

Tossed away, cut apart
Left in silent gloom
Perhaps it would have been better
Had you never found this room

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5/10/2009 22:57:20   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!

So Very Alone

I need noise!

Clashes, bams, booms and screams
In order to block this painful dream.

But no, that is not the agreed upon fate
That plagues my heart

That gruesome weight.

Take it from me, drown it deep
I do not wish this pain to keep.

Please, I beg, push it far from my fragile mind
Because it is connected to my heart

Broken I will find.

Why must I put so much of myself into these things
Shouldn't I know the nightmare it brings?

I should, but yet, I cannot stop stupidity and trust
Characteristics of me

Nothing but dust.

And before me, to my chagrin, a great wind stirs
And all the lines of love become nothing but blurs.

I return to find a pallor of dark clouds
That I cannot blow away

There hangs my death shroud.

Unknowns, unneeds, unwants, unhugs, unloves
There is my reach to everyone above.

But I am down here, far away from your stand
Though offering it still

You won't take my hand.
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5/10/2009 23:30:46   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!

All too Aware

Only the lonely know that they are alone
Because only they can see the pain
Very few are those who can see the depth of another's shame
Instead of an indifference to others.
Only the lonely feel the void that makes a mockery
Understood as the only place the lonely belong
Singing evermore the melancholy song
Low chords droning on and on
Yearning for one bright smile to fade the black
Writing upon the heart, poetry of help and hope
Remind me again how it is I am to cope
Only the lonely know the truth in all of this
Never will there be comfort for the broken-hearted
Gone is the blue sky, depressingly departed.

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11/14/2010 13:52:13   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!

My mouth speaks
Yet, what is released is not my heart
For my heart has been broken again
Why do I insist so much on this
Knowing that this is what happens in the end

My heart feels
Yet, in its very nature causes me pain
Because my heart wants, my heart needs
What is not there, within my reach
And when I lose it, my bruised heart bleeds

My mind dreams
Yet, it is only a figment of my imagination
Something that in and of itself doesn't exist
And I put away myself, taking away
Because if not, my love will persist

My eyes see
Yet, what they see is not what is real
Visions, in their very nature, an illusion
Perhaps of a substance no magic on earth
Will bring to sweet life

My hands reach
Yet, what they reach for, long for
Is an insubstantial mist
Creating false forms that I long to touch
Only to dissipate, so that healing may begin

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11/14/2010 14:04:35   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Slate Grey Sky

Uniform, smooth is the sky above me
The clouds continue on, without a break in sight
Such perfection in its unbroken facade
Its solidity a testament to its might.

My eyes lift up to search the calm
To look upon miles and miles of grey
And my heart quakes, it falters
Suddenly, in panic, I scream in dismay.

"Give me something more than this sky.
Hand me," I fall to my knees, "a break,
That will allow some light to shine
Else, I fear, my imagination will not wake."

Tears, unbidden, course down my cheeks.
I have not the heart to wipe them away, for
I fear, even now, that to create their absence
Is to deny that I can feel anything anymore.

The unbreaking sky weighs down heavily,
Crushing my very life, crushing all I know.
The world cries, beauty dies, my mind reels
And broken, I fall, turning my eyes low.

I pound the hardened, cold soil, weak,
As if I am no more who everyone thinks me.
Useless, I lay prostrate before the deafening sky
Giving in to what its plan has come to be.

"Break me, please," I whisper in my heart.
"Take this grey sky from me," I plead outright.
"I don't want this life anymore," I cry.
Off in the distance, as I lay broken, a weak ray of light.

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11/14/2010 14:12:20   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!


Accentuate my need for you
Would you know if I told you
All my joy, derived from you
Yet, no longer am I with you
For displacement was inevitable
Remorse for all my vulnerability
Outside the circle drawn around you
Moments of closeness given to you
Memories are all I have of you
End my love I found in you

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1/6/2011 12:11:20   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!


Before time began, you and I were destined to meet each other
Unrevealed to me this was, and I knew you not as sister or brother.
Yet, it was meant to be.

Our conversations were heard long before our voices gave them life.
Our pains and healings were felt long before were were struck with strife.
And these were meant to be.

I sit bewildered as we talk, thinking this moment was foreseen.
Did those eyes see my strengths, my failures, my selfish being?
Even those were meant to be.

What would I have thought of you, had we met at another time?
Would I have fallen in love, would you have walked this hill I climb?
Yet, this time was meant to be.

What would you have thought of me, this sometimes hollow existence?
Would another time cause you to turn away, or follow with greater persistence?
For greater or worse, 'twas meant to be.

Our lives crossed paths, and even now I cannot fathom the why or how.
Why, oh God, has this been done? Why, of God, do they cross now?
My child, this was meant to be.

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1/15/2011 20:55:00   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!

On My Knees

It has been so long since I was brought to this place.
And I am so unsure, even guilty of neglect.
That the time it has been since I sought out Your face,
has been too long and my petitions derelict.

And yet, in the darkness that envelopes me as I walk
Though my own eyes cannot see what surrounds me
Yours do, and they see me as I drop at Your feet to talk
To plead my desire, hope and all that I want, to be.

But how do I come, selfishly asking for a favor,
To set down what I want, what I need from You?
After all the times that my own promises did waver,
How dare I come before You with demands anew.

How can I feel worthy enough to petition Your throne?
My words catch in my throat as I try to speak.
My heart pounds with the self-doubt that I have sown
And I kneel at Your feet, unbelievably weak.

Heart-heavy, I lean on the bed's edge, preparing to ask
That moment's sole desire, that day's sole revelation.
But who am I? Is it right for me to assign Him this task?
My soul reels amidst my haggard contemplation.

Finally I release, baring my soul, baring my love,
My voice, but a hoarse whisper beneath my words.
But one name crosses my lips as I plead above
As I humbly bow before my Lord.

My throat tightens as I realize the emotion locked inside
As it spills with my tears on the sheets of my bed.
Uncontrollably, I cry out, begging for mercy to abide
In a heart of hearts who feels the tug to leave the dead.

At times I cannot speak, I am so overwhelmed with need;
Needing to express my want, my pain, my concern.
"My God, just wrap Your arms around him and love him," I plead.
"Help him sort out all that he has and will learn."

I knelt, petitioning, until I could feel my legs no more.
The tears had since run dry as I uttered my thoughts.
Numb, spent, heavy-hearted still, I rose and closed the door.
Hoping that my time ends in him being caught.

So now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray my Lord, his soul You keep.
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1/15/2011 21:00:21   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!


Struck down again, it is hard to stay upright.
"Turn my face away from this endless night.
Right the wrongs that plague my sight!
Understand my struggles as I strive for light."
Glory eludes me as the darkening night,
Gives way to fear that reaches new height.
Lingering doubt only worsens my plight,
Eventually devouring my weakening might.

Trying so hard to handle this on my own
Only reinforces that I am truly alone.

"Forever I have waited for you to see
I have waited an entire eternity.
Now see how much you truly mean to me.
Dream and know love as it should be."

"There is nothing, for you, I cannot do.
Realize that I seek for you too.
Understand that all I do is for you.
Time with Me will help to undo,
Hardship you feel while it is you I pursue."

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1/15/2011 21:03:16   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!

This is to be sung/read along with the piece called Tranquility composed by Paul Spaeth. Two people sing it.


My heart calls out
I cannot breathe
My tears fall down
All around the darkness bleeds
And there’s nothing left for me.

Take my heart now
Please don’t let go
For without you
I can’t bear to be alone
And there’s nothing without you.

Let me take your hand, I will show you,
What there is in me and what I’ll do.
To see your heart break like it has
Is more than anyone in this world should have to pull through.

I am far beyond your reach,
So why can’t you just let go?
To reach out for me hurts,
I can’t bear the pain any longer.

Let the burden be mine to bear,
Turn your eyes to someone new.
Give them what I can't have
I just need you to understand.

But you see, that I cannot do.
All I need, is for someone like you
To want all that I have to give
And not think they are not worth my time.
All I ask is that you just try.

Please see, what you need,
Is here in me.
All you need,
Is here in me.

My heart calls out
And now I breathe
My tears have dried
All around the sunlight shines
And life stands before for me now.

Your hand in mine, love that is true,
The wonders in which I create in you.
To see your heart whole as it is now
Is what everyone in this world should have to see anew.

I am forever in your arms,
And you'll never let me go.
I can rest my head at night,
Knowing that your love for me is there.

I'll never be far away,
And will never let you go
You are more special to me,
Than the stars in the heavens above.

I will never be far away…
And you will never have to worry …
You’ll never be alone again…

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1/15/2011 21:06:17   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!

Slipped Again

Certainty seems beyond my grasp today,
Upon the unmade bed my body lay.
Sadly I cannot dream
A dead end I must seem
And no idea how long this will stay.

Why can't this apathy disappear?
I wish it would just take its leave from here.
Stop messing with my head,
Away, my thoughts are lead,
Unto pathways that are very unclear.

The world's great tug on me spins me around
Until all my desires are tightly bound.
They, wishing to be free,
Mournfully plead with me,
But I cannot bring up that which has drowned.

Buried within the confines of life I stand
Knowing this was nothing like I had planned.
Threatened with burn-out,
So shrouded in self-doubt,
While time slips away with the silver sand.
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