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Lines of Betrayal~A Collab. Fiction Effort~Thread III

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6/26/2008 16:56:18   
Recar Dragonlance

Welcome to mine and Firefly's collaborative fiction. Join in our magical tale of War, Corruption, Destruction and Betrayal. I hope you enjoy the story!

The Final Stand

The price of freedom is far too great.
Wars shall commence, worlds will shake.
Glory fades like old moons wane,
As warriors search for one to blame.

Angels descend to no avail,
Death awaits to quail or fail?
The mark of time shall always scorch,
As elves will shoot and dragons torch.

The beasts of legend rise once more
As nocturnal creatures bar their door.
Nature is split and magic used ill
Neither side will be the first to still.

In the shadows, the true victor hides,
The beasts shall cower as the night dies.
Ambition unlocks the recesses of power
And immortal blood from the skies shall shower.

Sad that the wisdom of thousands of years,
Will end up in nothing but broken tears.
When chaos, finally, departs from this land
Which race will make the final stand?

People involved

Note: Number of astericks means number of chapters they've written.

Recar - description*
Firefly - dialogue and storyline*
Eukara - fight scenes*
_Depression - Critique
jerenda - emotional scenes
horusmaster9 - Either description or fight scenes (don't know if he is still contributing)
Nex Del Vida - fight scenes*
Sithishade - character interaction*

Current Characters
Recar - angel 2
_Dep - angel 1
Firefly - bounty hunter 1
Alix - bounty hunter 2
jerenda - vampire lord/lady
horusmaster - messenger
Eukara - dragon
Nex Del Vida - Main Elf
.Discipline - Investigator

The Chapter assignments:
Prologue: Recar~Done!
Chapter 1: Eukara~Done!
Chapter 2: Sithishade~Done!
Chapter 3: Firefly~Done!
Chapter 4: Nex Del Vida~Done!
Chapter 5: Jerenda

Read the spoiler only if you are contributing. If you aren't and ignore my warnings, Firefly shall murder you. This is the outline to the story!


Prologue: Big bad war, angels come down to stop, get's killed.

Chapter 1: A vamp lord who controls a region is attacked by a bounty hunter. He and his followers are killed.

Chapter 2: A were comes across the dead vamp and followers. Unsuccessfully tries to find reason of death.

Chapter 3: A dragon expresses his/her doubt at an elf who hired a human bounty hunter to kill a vamp. Interrupted by that very bounty hunter who tells them the job is done. The dragon and elf begin to plan for further acts of rebellion, confident that if a mere human could kill a vamps/weres, MBs can definitely defeat the vamps/weres

Chaper 4: The elf sends a messenger to other MB rebels. Messenger is killed by another human bounty hunter.

Chapter 5: Bounty hunter 2 meets up with investigator and reveals that messenger he killed is part of rebellion. They deduce that the MBs are responsible for the murders.

Chapter 6: Scene one--Vamps/weres get mad at the impending rebels and decide to send Aaron to try to assassinate Dorniath and Vanadium because they are the main organizers. Scene two--MBs prepare/gather forces for full-out rebellion.

Chapter 7: Aaron arrives in front of the cave hideout thingy and meets Salania. They do an uber-fight. (Inner Firefly: [waits for suing from Naruto creators] *puts on fangirl uniform* Uber gunfights FTW! ...Too bad I don't get to write it... =/). Anyways, they get locked in some kind of stalemate and Vanadium/Dorniath/make up a character (I'm giving the author creative freedom on this part) comes along and is about to help Salania. So Aaron escapes/runs away because he know he'll be defeated

Ending: A war takes place in which most of the races come close to extinition or are extinct. Humans become dominent and the rest are pushed into the shadows.

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DF  Post #: 1
6/26/2008 21:28:14   
Nex del Vida

Methinks you can cross off Pyrosect's chapter as done. I would say mine as well, but I don't count it done until it has been ripped apart by anyone and everyone (especially Eukara... I was a /bit/ too harsh oh her, methinks.)
AQ  Post #: 2
6/26/2008 22:32:46   


I was a /bit/ too harsh oh her

Don't you mean "on"?

Recar, I PMed you an up to date version of the first post, with all the coding and stuff. All you have to do is edit it in here.

I've talked to .Discipline. Due to the new forum hierarchy, he is no longer a contributor. I've yet to know if _Dep and Horusmaster plan to contribute in the future.

I've assigned the next chapter to Jerenda, the only active contributor without contribution.

It's all in the version of the first post I sent you, Recar. Just edit it in.

Nex, my other computer, where I saved your chapter, will be down for a few days. So I can't critique atm. Will once you post (after everyone else posts) or once I can use that computer again.
AQ  Post #: 3
7/16/2008 13:36:05   

Smoke, I've got the next chapter.

What about the character bios? They would be exceedingly useful things to have. Especially because I can't remember who anyone is or anything close to important about this. Except for the fact that I like Vida's crazy elf-dude. Which is not useful in the slightest.

Because of the insanity that my life is ATM, I will not be able to begin work on my chapter until after the 19th. Before then I will be dedicating the majority of my energy towards the contest story. ^_^


AQ DF  Post #: 4
7/16/2008 13:50:53   

I've got the bios. Here they are. Recar told y'all to save them. Guess you didn't listen. =P

Because I'm busy and lazy, I'm not bothering to recode all of it. So live without the bold for now...

Eukara, if you're reading this, can you post your chapter ASAP? And Shade, yours as well after Eukara posts. Did you end up having the corrected version or not? If I don't get a noticable response soon, I'll be PMing you guys.

I'm gone for the weekend and I've enrolled into a multimedia course that'll take up my time for the next two weeks. More outline once I find some inspiration and once the current chapters are reposted. I'll manage this to the best of my ability. Just cooperate and repost the current chapters, people. Really sorry if I sound annoyed. RL is being hectic.

Role: Bounty Hunter 1
Name: Salania Zawerdor
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Allegiance: Mythical Beasts
Appearance: Pretty tall for a female, around 5'7. Long, thick golden blond hair and wide blue eyes that sometimes look purple. Lean and fit, physically attractive.
Fighting Skills: Salania does not possess any magical abilities whatsoever, but she is known as one of the deadliest bounty hunters around. Her prefered weapons are a pair of handguns and she is ambidextrous, capable of using both hands to shoot at the same time. She is capable of using all types of weapons and is competent at hand-to-hand combat as well, so she makes up in what she lack in magical abilities with greater skill and reflexes.
Personality: Salania is extremely stoic, calculating and professional when it comes to her career, feeling no remorse of the ones she kill. However, despite her bloody line of work, she is not a cruel person otherwise. Outside of jobs, she is playful, romantic, clever, and optimistic.
Past: Salania is the daughter of a father who is an assassin and a mother who is a merchant. Her mother left her father after he refused to give up his profession, taking the young Salania with her. However, Salania witnessed the terrible deeds done by merchants like her mother such as back-stabbing and manipulation so she ran away to find her father. He trained her into who she is today, telling her to believe the only way of survival being killing others and that justice could only be enforced through violence and vengeance.

Role: Investigator
Name: Montgomery Luna
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Race: Human / Werewolf
Allegiance: To the pack!
Appearance: A tall hispanic male in a black business suit, he has long black hair tied in a ponytail and sports a black tophat. When in wolf form he has black, scraggly fur.His eyes are yellow.
Fighting Skills: He bears twin VampBane guns in a very masterful way and is fierce in wolf form, using sharp claws to disembowel the foe.
Personality : Monty is always deadly serious, except when with good friends. Don't mess him around, as he always wants the facts of the case, and will do anything to get them. He is often flamboyant, but in a scary sort of way.
History: He grew up in a small town in Vandar, that was home to several wars between vampires and werewolves. He was bitten by a wolf at the age of 15, and became a loyal member of the pack. His brother, Mortimer, became a high vampire. Monty does not know this yet.

Role: Messenger
Name: Trent
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Allegiance: MBs
Appearance: Long black hair with a dark brown streak on the back. Dark skin. Light brown eyes. About 6 feet tall. Thin, but not really thin. Very fast. And pointy ears. :D
Fighting Skills: Prefers the sword; however, he would do better with a sword in each hand. Uses speed to his advantage.
Personality: A joker. He almost never takes anything seriously unless he is fighting. Although he has a rather care-free personality, he almost never breaks any rules. Strangely enough, he also tries to enforce them.
Past: He was born into a poor family in the streets. His parents were killed by one of his hometown's many enemies when he was still young. He learned to live on the streets alone and discovered his gift of speed by outrunning some hoodlums who were riding motorcycles. For some time, he took up bounty hunting and killed his hometown's enemies to get money. After he killed the leader of a band of motorcyclist thieves, there was a massive war in which thieves(of all races) fought against his hometown(which was rather small) and its relatively weak police force. The town was burned to the ground and Trent was taken prisoner. He escaped by taking two swords from one of his hometown's many warehouses(that wasn't destroyed in the war) and killing his enemies(which just happened to be the rest of the thieves). Now a messenger for Elves in hiding around the world, he uses his speed and fighting skills to get his job done.

Role: Angel 1
Name: Zayna Rach (goes by "Zia")
Age: 2300(?) I dunno how long an angel's lifespan is in this story. If it's what I used in one of my stories, 1000 is about 9 years.
Gender: Female
Race: Angel
Allegiance: MBs(?) Either that, or she's allied with no one. Really...
Appearance: She's 5'9", and though for a human that would be tall, Zayna is actually slightly on the short side for angels. Her waist-long golden-brown hair shines in the Sun. Her bright, blue eyes show the depth of her compassion for the life around her. She has snowy white wings, a total span of nearly seventeen feet. She's not skinny, but few would hesitate to call her slender.
Fighting Skills: Unlike the cliche angels that fight with a bow-and-arrow, Zayna enjoys using a staff, an 6-foot long oak pole, ornately decorated with silver cherubs and golden halos. The staff is imbued with what some would call "holy powers" which make it virtually indestructible. Zayna obviously hopes not to find out what can break the staff, if anything. It's not that she's a weak person, by any means. But her speed only barely rivals that of an elf, unlike other angels more known for their quickness. Zayna is extremely flexible, making attacks miss left and right, and that combines with her fairly adept skills with her staff to create a formidable opponent. If she has any, that is.
Personality: Zayna likes not making enemies. In fact, she could become friends with anyone. She probably would, too. But don't try to hurt her friends. Zayna doesn't take kindly to that, and she'd meet you on a battlefield without hesitation to get vengeance. And don't talk bad about her hair. She takes the utmost pride in her long, flowing hair.
Past: In the past, Zayna's been known to... well, make friends. She hasn't had an eventful history, though she did once have a boyfriend. If you could call him a boyfriend. When he left her to reunite with his old ex-girlfriend, Zayna found herself depending on her other relationships for support. But since then she seems to have recovered, though some of her friends wonder what happened to the other two angels, who disappeared suddenly nearly a week after Zayna was dumped. Did she kill the boy and his new, former ex-girlfriend? She had seemed to get much better after they vanished...

Role: Vampire Lord
Name: Drathix, Count Drathix von Roch, at your service. (Pronouce Roch like Rosh)
Age: Nearing three thousand years
Gender: Male
Race: Vampire
Allegiance: With his land and with his kind.
Appearance: Tall, with creamy white skin and a smooth, striking face. His eyes are a hypnotic blue, and his ebony hair gives him a slightly wild look. His eyebrows are thick and bold, and his features are like chiseled stone.
Fighting Skills: In hand-to-hand combat, he is nearly unbeatable. Very swift and light on his feet, he can hide in the shadows and wait to strangle his prey. Against a blade he would probably die, especially if the blade is mixed with silver.
Personality: His favorite pastime is strangling young maidens with his bare hands and watching the light fade from thier eyes... then feasting upon thier rich blood. He is a quiet sort unless roused by a chase or battle, in which case he is a cool, calculating opponent who will strike you down unless you act fast. He has a wild side which can be awakened by the smell of blood.
Past: You would end up bored to death if he decided to tell you all the details of his three thousand year life. His wife is better to talk to about these types of things- she knows how short attention spans humans can have.

Role: Vampire Lady
Name: Siana del Karie (Karie is pronounced Care-ee and yes she is of Spanish ancestry)
Age: Only about two thousand years, much younger then her husband.
Gender: Female
Race: Vampire
Allegiance: To her husband and her people.
Appearance: The Countess is as tall as her husband, with a delicate, careful appearance that makes her appear like a piece of china that's about to break. Her hair is a reddish brown and her skin a darker shade of white then the Count's. Her lips are full and red, and her green eyes threaten to absorb the souls of all who look within them. Her smile is as piercing as the dawn, and can make any mortal fall madly in love.
Fighting Skills: She prefers not to fight, but rather to seduce all who come with intent to harm. She has been amazingly successful in the past, managing to bring down several would-be assassins. If worst comes to worst, she carries a knife with her at all times. The knife has a wavy pattern on the blade, and if you look the rubies on the hilt are actually plain glass orbs filled with the blood of her victims.
Personality: She can be very enchanting if she wishes, and delights in carefully slicing up the still-living bodies of those who try to kill her or her husband but have fallen to her beauty. The screams of the dying are music to her ears.
Past: I'll let her say this part.
"My past? I was born to loving Spanish parents, pity they died when I was eight. Tragic accident involving the roof and a pair of knives..." She gives you a wicked smile that sends shivers down your spine. "Anyways, I was bitten at 25- human years- and met the Count a couple hundred years later. It took him all the way through the fall of Rome to convince me to marry him. I finally said yes when I was nearing one thousand and- just a minute." Your hostess pauses in her speech to slit the throat of a man on the floor. The man is wearing the garb of a trained assassin, and there is an expression of bewildered apathy on his face. He tries to speak but the only sound that comes out of a gurgle and a spurt of blood. "Where was I? Oh yes. Well, after our marriage we...took control of this little piece of land and we've lived here ever since. Satisfied, Jerenda?"

Role: Dragon
Name: Dorniath
Age: 5,000 human years, early 20s in Dragon years
Gender: Female
Race: Dragon
Allegiance: MB
Appearance: Dark green hide, not scaled. Wings are polished silver and look like the wings of an eagle, full and strong. Eyes are silver also, though when angry will swirl from silver to black. Strongly built - can't lead the dragons as a weakling, you fight for where you are.
Fighting Skills: Razor sharp talons grace her feet and her tail is a formidable weapon. Several razor sharp spines protrude from the end of her tail, her bite is most definitely worse than her bark and could snap the neck of most dragons with its strength while her teeth could rip into flesh easily. She prefers to fight with her talons and tail, more dignified.
Personality: Dorniath knows she is intelligent and powerful. She is wary of "friends" since most individuals have an agenda when they approach her. Dorniath has no qualms with talking to lesser creatures provided they are intelligent enough for conversation. She finds humans entertaining with their incessant need to own and conquer everything in their paths during the duration of their tiny little lives. She prefers to talk to elves, but even they can be a nuisance after too long. She was the youngest, male or female, to earn a position of power within the dragonkin at age 3,000 and conducts herself as one who is in full knowledge of that fact.
Past: Born to parents who were highly thought of in the dragonkin community, she grew up knowing that dragons with power can change the world. She saw it with her own eyes as she watched her own father turn the tide of human development. Her mother was the soul responsible fro uniting the centaurian races under one banner, ending millenia of fueding. When her time came to grasp a throne of power, Dorniath fought hard and killed the main rival, a great male, proving that it wasn't age or gender, but determination and will that won out in the end.

Role: Main Elf
Name: Vanadium Galilei
Age: 275 (This is assuming Elves live to 1000-ish)
Gender: Male
Race: Elven
Allegiance: To himself, to anyone intelligent or affluent enough to amuse him.
Appearance: Blond hair, bright green eyes, purple cape and top hat. Very flamboyant. Uses a cane for looks and a weapon. Black tux with a red carnation always present on the lapel.
Fighting Skills: Elegant and proficient fencer, fast on his feet. He uses the sword hidden in his cane (what? Cliche? Where?) to surprise enemies. He is a proficient illusionist, and although these magics cannot be used offensively, he can confuse his enemies sufficiently.
Personality: As said above, flamboyant. He is arrogant and selfish, and has few real friends: most appear to like him for his money and social power. He is a Duke, albeit a minor one. Loves toying with people--if he finds someone to be of inferior intellect, he will exploit them to tears (usually literally.) Needless to say, Vanadium is extremely unlikeable. He knows this, and doesn't care: in fact, he enjoys it.
Past: Raised in an extremely well-off Elven family of nobles, Vanadium received a large inheritance after the death of his father. It is widely speculated that Vanadium, in fact, killed him, and the elf has not denied this. After being shunned by his family (they all subsequently died, leaving him more massive amounts of coin) he left his homeland of Nis'rael and traveled about the country, becoming a confidence man and illusionist. He still travels widely, but has settled down (at least as much as he ever has settled down) in Insert setting of story here and struck up a friendship with Dorniath the dragon.

Role: Angel 2
Name: Gabriel Mana
Age: 346
Gender: Male
Race: Angel
Allegiance: Peace
Appearance: Large armour which covers his entire body. It is golden coloured. This includes: gauntlets, shin guards, leg guards (can't remember the proper name for either of them), Body guard and helm. Most of his features are concealed in this armour, however long white hair flows out from the helm. Also, a beautifully carved face is behind the helm.
Fighting Skills: One of the greatest that ever lived (when he was alive) he fought for virtue and other things like this. When he ascended to heaven, he was submitted into the angel's which protected the world when they could. He ascended the ranks and is the greatest angel of all.
Personality: Seeing the harsh terrors of the world, he has stopped being a generally happy person and has sunk into his shell. He doesn't open up to anyone though he hates injustice. He fights with passion, not anger, and this is what gives him strength over hateful enemies.
Past: Read fighting skills.

Role: Bounty Hunter 2
Name: Aaron Knight
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Appearance: 511, clean cut black hair, lean but powerful muscles, and hazel eyes. His usually dresses in blacks and grays and walks with a cane, because he is blind.
Fighting Skills: Aaron is a blind sniper. As such, he has some abilities that others would consider unnatural. The man sees everything in a black haze with blue outlines, a product of his psychic awareness. He has the ability to mentally guide his bullets and make them extremely effective. In close combat, he wields a single, silver handgun with a laser sight, plus his hands and his feet. From time to time, he can garner the concentration to stop bullets.
Personality: Aaron is a quiet man, generally keeping to himself since others consider him to be handicapped. He rarely speaks, but will wordlessly offer his assistance wherever there is need. When in combat, he clams up completely and speaks to no one, often chewing on a wooden toothpick to help him concentrate.
Past: Aaron never speaks of his past.
AQ  Post #: 5
7/16/2008 16:32:34   
Recar Dragonlance

*Punches Firefly* I did save them. You just didn't tell me to post them.

Life issues are making me procrastinate, so can you kids post the next chapter already...or there will be trouble!



Recar told y'all to save them.

There's only one of me, how can I be "you all".

DF  Post #: 6
7/16/2008 16:36:49   

What? You told /everyone/ to save them so we all have access. That's what I meant. I meant that /Jer/ apparently didn't save them.

People, /do/ post the chapters.
AQ  Post #: 7
7/16/2008 16:40:27   
Recar Dragonlance

Wait, ignore me. Sorry, I misread it lol. I thought you were telling me off lol.

Well, it's Jer we're waiting for, right? I'll go punt her...
DF  Post #: 8
7/16/2008 16:45:17   


*doesn't know whether to laugh or cry*

Recar... *patpats and snugs* You sound like you need a break. Look on the story thread and read Jer's comment. She's a bit busy, so it'll be a while before she completes her chapter. Even then, we need Eukara, Shade, Nex, and myself to post on the story thread first. So we're essentially waiting for Eukky to repost her chapter atm.
AQ  Post #: 9
7/16/2008 17:01:49   
Recar Dragonlance

Fine, I'll karate kick Eukky! Tomorrow...grrr...well...this is embarrasing...

*disapears in a puff of smoke*
DF  Post #: 10
7/16/2008 18:14:09   

Please don't punt me, I've got too much to do to go flying across half the universe. Although that sounds like fun, and would probably be plenty relaxing, my mother would not be pleased when I get back. ^_^

Anyways, I have two alibis. One, see previous post. =P Two, I can't post Chapter 5 without Chapter 4, which can't be posted without Chapter 3, which can't be posted... you get the picture. *laughs wickedly*
AQ DF  Post #: 11
7/21/2008 8:16:16   

I've managed to get more outline done over the weekend. Am rather sad chapter one isn't posted. =/

Here's the outline. Don't read if you aren't contributing. If you ignore my warnings, Recar shall murder you. =P


Chapter 6: Scene one--Vamps/weres get mad at the impending rebels and decide to send Aaron to try to assassinate Dorniath and Vanadium because they are the main organizers. Scene two--MBs prepare/gather forces for full-out rebellion.

Chapter 7: Aaron arrives in front of the cave hideout thingy and meets Salania. They do an uber-fight. (Inner Firefly: [waits for suing from Naruto creators] *puts on fangirl uniform* Uber gunfights FTW! ...Too bad I don't get to write it... =/). Anyways, they get locked in some kind of stalemate and Vanadium/Dorniath/make up a character (I'm giving the author creative freedom on this part) comes along and is about to help Salania. So Aaron escapes/runs away because he know he'll be defeated if he keeps fighting.

I'm thinking of either Shade or myself doing Chapter 6. I'm leaning on Shade since his last contribution was before mine, but if he's too busy/doesn't want to, I can fill in. Or we can each do a scene. It's his choice.

Either Nex or Eukara for Chapter 7. I'm favouring Eukky because, again, her last contribution was before Nex's. However, if she can't, then Nex gets the chapter instead.

I've spoken with _Dep. He said he'll help critique and outline when I need help but lacks the time to write a chapter. Once Nex and I repost, I'll poke _Dep to critique our chapters. =P And he's excused from the don't read spoilers rule.

Recar, add all that to the first post. Change Dep's role thing to "critiquing." Maybe add a "plot" beside my name just to be clear for new contributors. Add the thing in the spoiler (except the Inner Firefly stuff...) and who's writing what (we'll go with the first choices for now and change later if need be).

I'm officially making it clear we /are/ accepting new contributors at this time. If you want to join, PM Recar or myself. Provide a sample of your writing and tell us what's your greatest weakness in writing. We'll then decide whether to accept you or not...
AQ  Post #: 12
8/11/2008 3:07:19   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!

I posted my chapter. I think that was the title...not sure. And I have done some personal revision, but the revision done on the forum before the purge is not available to me. So feel free to look at it.

And, who ever writes Salania after me must know she is in possession of a deadly and ornate silver sword. It was the one she used to kill the Vampire in my chapter.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 13
8/11/2008 13:58:34   

Thank you for posting, Eukara.

I didn't include the sword part in my chapter, but it doesn't really matter. It wasn't a battle scene; she doesn't have to carry the sword around with her all the time. But next time she battles (chapter 7, I believe. It's in my above post, though Recar didn't add it to the first post yet), be sure to incorporate that in. Eukky herself might be the one writing that actually, though it'll be a while. =P

I'll PM Shade about posting his chapter once he gets back from vacation. Then I'll post and we'll wait for Nex to come outta writer's miasma or whatever he called it. =P

Recar, if you're reading this, include the updated outline in my above post into the first post please?
AQ  Post #: 14
8/11/2008 14:27:40   
Recar Dragonlance

First post is updated. Yay!
DF  Post #: 15
8/12/2008 0:53:36   

Yay, we've got another chapter! Now to bug Shade and for me to find out what I'm supposed to be writing and decide how long I need to postpone it for... ^_^

On the plus side, school starts soon so I'll have more time. Oddly enough, my life works backwards like that.
AQ DF  Post #: 16
8/12/2008 10:16:49   
Recar Dragonlance

XD Shade has lost his chapter. Firefly had a backup, but her computer ate it. Uh oh... We're in trouble I'm afraid. Erm... The worst comes to the worst, we are going to have to make Shade write it again... I may re-write my prologue, since it sucks badly.

Your life is strange :S

< Message edited by Recar Dragonlance -- 8/12/2008 10:17:00 >
DF  Post #: 17
8/12/2008 12:20:48   

I've got a backup on this computer. It's all good. However, it's not the fixed version. Since I was the one who edited Shade's chapter originally, I can remember some of the stuff. I don't have the time to do a forum re-edit, but I'll go through the corrections again on IRC with him or something.

I'm PMing Shade the chapter in a minute. I've got my chapter and Nex's as well.

EDIT: I've PMed the stuff to Shade. I'll post mine and go through his chapter once he posts.

< Message edited by Firefly -- 8/12/2008 12:35:53 >
AQ  Post #: 18
8/12/2008 12:51:44   

...wow Firefly. You're amazing. *hugs*

Vida's currently on a leave-of-absence. His despondancy glands are acting up, as he puts it. Not a clue when he'll be back. Maybe Recar could post his chapter for him?

Yes, my life is really odd. During summer I either have nothing to do (and thus, no will to do anything) or have to go places just when I've decided to actually work. During school it's crunch time, which always makes me much more motivated. So I'm more efficient during school hours. ^_^
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