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=EC 2014= OOC: The Melee Has Begun

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7/23/2014 21:50:48   
Ryu Viranesh

Gather, gather, one and all
Wizard, sneak, and warrior tall
I bid ye listen to my merry tune

Hark ye now the brazen call
Gather ye in old Bren's hall
Seize the chance to earn a wondrous Boon

Behold, the Elemental Championships are upon us once again. To sign up and test yourself in the crucible of competition, submit your entry here.

Your entry will take the form of a character bio. This bio should provide, at minimum, the character's name, appearance, and combat capabilities. Extra detail is welcome, but please remember to be concise. When picking a character, be aware that the Elemental Championship has consequences for the characters you choose - what happens to them in this tournament will be considered as canonical for the character. Character death in the preliminaries will not disqualify that character from participating in the final round. However, characters who die and do not make it to the finals, or who die in the finals, are truly dead.

Secondly, you will need to pick an element - fire, ice, earth, wind, water, energy, light, or dark. Your character will be competing for the favor of the Lord of this element, so pick wisely.

Finally, reserve a space in your bio to serve as a link to your first post in the preliminary round. Once you have made your intro, edit in a link to your intro post in your approved bio. This is the only edit you may make to a bio once it has been submitted without express permission from the tournament hosts.

Submitted characters will evaluated by the tournament hosts, who will edit a note of acceptance or rejection in the bio itself, in the same vein as Step One of the RP Academy. A list of accepted and rejected characters, sorted by elemental allegiance, will be maintained in this post. Rejected characters may be fixed and resubmitted as a separate post, but not as an edit to the original post.

Once the application period is complete, the preliminaries will begin, and will last three weeks. Combatants will be assigned to the different preliminary arenas, and will participate in the free-for-all. Links to the IC and OOC threads for each arena will be maintained in this post, and the lists of combatants for each arena will be maintained in the OOCs for those arenas.

At the end of the preliminary round, eight Finalists will be selected: one for each Element. This means that in the preliminary round, you are competing against those players who have entered under the same element as you, rather than all of the other characters. The Finals will be held in the Finals Arena. Further information on the Finals will be provided once the preliminary round is complete.

Registrations are now open to any and all applicants. You do not have to have graduated from the RPA to participate. The application period will continue until August 9th, at which point the elimination round will begin.

All standard RP rules apply, as always. However, this tournament has additional rules, which are as follows:

1. Characters must engage in combat.
This is a combat RP event. You will actually have to fight.

2. Do not use cross-element powers.
This is the Elemental Championship. Your character is competing for the favor of one of the Elemental Lords in the preliminaries, and against the Chosen of the other seven Lords in the finals. No Lord will ever choose as their representative someone who cannot win upon the strength of their Element alone.

3. You must post regularly.
Consistent activity is paramount. Please do not enter the tournament if you are not committed to staying the course. Nothing is worse than an RPer paralyzed and unable to participate because his or her opponent has gone missing. Therefore, during the preliminaries any competitor who does not post at least once every 5 days (counted from the post time of your last post) will automatically forfeit. Your character will then be considered free for the slaughter - any other character in your arena will be allowed to kill him/her/it. If something comes up and you know you are going to miss the deadline, PM one of the tournament hosts. Exceptions can be made in these cases, but you must inform us beforehand.

4. Do not edit your posts once you have submitted them.
As with bios, you may only edit your posts with the express permission of the tournament hosts. Editing of bios and of posts without our foreknowledge creates suspicion of foul play. Double-check your post before you submit it, and live with any errors you might have once it is submitted.

5. Each RPer is allowed one and only one character.
You may not enter pairs, armies, or platoons.

6. Do not use colored text or other excessive formatting.
We require your posts to be easily readable. The default formatting of the forum is the best option for this. While you may use bold, italics, and underline as normal, do not, for example, create a post consisting entirely of bold text.

The penalty for failing to follow the rules may result in your immediate disqualification from the tournament. Failure to comply with the direction of the tournament's hosts may also result in immediate disqualification from the tournament. While discussion of a host's ruling may be allowed, we have the final say.

General info and tips:

Your host for this tournament is Ryu Viranesh, with Ronin of Dreams serving as an Applications consultant. We are always available via this thread or PM, and often available via IRC. We will answer questions as quickly and accurately as possible.

You should note that though this is a competition, collaboration is your best friend. Your character is in combat with other characters; you, however, are not in combat with the other players. We urge you to discuss combat and options with your fellow contestants. You are free to make collaborative posts, and to work out battle sequences. OOC threads will be provided for each arena for the express purpose of communication with your fellow contestants and with us. Additionally, if you are able, the channel #RPBoards will be available on irc.caelestia.net. We have created an IRC tutorial for RPers, that can be found here. Additional information on IRC can be located here.

Element – Accepted Entrants

Total: 24

Kriege Marns Thalarctos
Ineria Aluriest

Yggdrasil "Yggy" Talmur
Zenz Nightwalker


Connor "Crackshot" McCoy
Krios Alexander
Rowan Michael Harper

Rowan Moonstone
Kai Kuragari

Ranlae Evensong

Prince Makelyth
Aeron Dragenoth
Sorcia Masonshi

Gavin Votheris
Project F.E.R.R.E.T.

Character – RPer — Element

Kriege Marns Thalarctos - Kellehendros - Ice
Pithy - andres_950 - Ice
Yggdrasil "Yggy" Talmur - Question Mark? - Earth
Raz'Fizo - salene - Wind
Connor "Crackshot" McCoy - Apocalypse - Energy
Zenz Nightwalker - Geddesmck - Earth
Nod - tommy2468 - Earth
Rowan Moonstone - Necro-Knight - Darkness
Julianna - Jerenda - Wind
Ranlae Evensong - ringulreith - Water
Gavin Votheris - EmbraceTheDarkness - Light
Ineria Aluriest - nield - Ice
Kai Kuragari - Starstruck - Darkness
Prince Makelyth - Tdub - Fire
Krios Alexander - unknown2215 - Energy
Ross - blankmaskara - Water
Rowan Michael Harper - Dragonnightwolf
Lear - The Extinguisher - Water
Aeron Dragenoth - Arthur - Fire
Zorad - Siruiz - Water
Zoroaster - Micosil - Water
Sorcia Masonshi - Eukara Vox - Fire
Project F.E.R.R.E.T. - Ronin Of Dreams - Light
Ayohin - Bastet - Fire

List of Contestants by Arena

Cellar Arena: 8
Pithy - andres_950 – Ice
Sorcia Masonshi - Eukara Vox – Fire
Ross - blankmaskara – Water
Nod - tommy2468 – Earth
Julianna - Jerenda – Wind
Ineria Aluriest - nield – Ice
Gavin Votheris - EmbraceTheDarkness – Light
Lear - The Extinguisher – Water

Factory Arena: 8
Prince Makelyth - Tdub – Fire
Raz'Fizo - salene – Wind
Zenz Nightwalker - Geddesmck - Earth
Kriege Marns Thalarctos - Kellehendros – Ice
Zorad - Siruiz - Water
Kai Kuragari - Starstruck – Darkness
Ayohin - Bastet - Fire
Project F.E.R.R.E.T. - Ronin Of Dreams - Light

Fountain Arena: 8
Yggdrasil "Yggy" Talmur - Question Mark? - Earth
Connor "Crackshot" McCoy - Apocalypse - Energy
Rowan Moonstone - Necro-Knight - Darkness
Ranlae Evensong - ringulreith - Water
Krios Alexander - unknown2215 - Energy
Rowan Michael Harper – Dragonnightwolf
Aeron Dragenoth - Arthur - Fire
Zoroaster - Micosil - Water

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 1
7/23/2014 22:50:09   
Eternal Wanderer

Approved - welcome back to the Melee yet again. ~Ryu

And because I don't like to waste time...

Name: Kriege Marns Thalarctos
Race: Vastaa
Gender: Male
Age: 53 Winters
Element: Ice
First post: Here

Kriege Thalarctos is an imposing specimen, measuring just shy of eight feet in height when standing on his hindlegs, and about half that at the shoulder when down on all fours. Weighing in around a half ton of shaggy, yellowed fur and heavy muscle, he is fearsome to behold, even when not clad in his battle armor.

Kriege has a wedge-shaped head perched on a slightly elongated neck, and a heavy-set build featuring thick-shoulders and powerful limbs with large paws. The head itself boasts a large maw full of carnivorous fangs, as well as a series of three parallel scars that run down his snout, dividing his left upper lip into several sections. Perched atop the left side of his head is a single small, rounded ear, with limited ability to swivel and turn. His right ear was lost when he was young. He cheerfully informs querants that it was mauled off in a spat over a woman, a fight he won.

The hair of his forearms and lower legs is typically an inch or so longer than the hair of his torso, which features several bare patches as a result of years of use of his armor. His claws are shorter and thicker than those of his southern Vastaa cousins, designed for digging into ice for traction. Kriege's eyes, nose, and claws are black, much like his skin, beneath the faded and yellowed pelt that insulates him against the cold.

With his ursine appearance comes notable ursine traits. Kriege will never win a foot race, except perhaps against another Vastaa, but he has incredible strength and prodigious endurance. Years of training and combat have taken their toll on him, and Kriege is slower than he was in his prime, but he can still outlast most opponents simply by virtue of his stamina.

Kriege’s main possession of note is his battle armor, a set of heavy iron plates with spiked pauldrons that protects his torso and groin. The armor is thick, made to shed the thunderous blows of a fellow Vastaa warrior. The armor is old, battered and scarred by uncounted battles, with patched tears and claw scratches. The plates are crafted to provide protection, not flexibility, which is hardly an issue, since the Vastaa rarely feel a need to dodge. Topping the armor is a heavy helmet that covers Kriege’s face and upper snout. The helm is attached to the armor itself by a set of chain that protects Kriege’s neck, while still allowing him enough range of motion to turn his head and look around during a fight.

The armor continues down his arms, sheathing his limbs in metal, and giving his powerful blows even more heft. The armor articulates at the shoulder and elbow, using chain and lighter plates to provide range of motion. The end of his left gauntlet features a short stabbing blade, while the right is simply a gauntlet. Kriege is most vulnerable below the waist, as the armor leaves his legs unprotected, but for a short chainmail skirt that hangs about his knees. The armor is suited to Kriege’s fighting style, allowing him to hammer foes with his long reach. Alternatively, he can drop to all fours and charge an opponent, driving them to the ground and mauling them, or impaling them on the spikes of his pauldrons.

Formerly the leader of a far northern clan in a distant land, Kriege has lived a long and full life. He was never a brilliant leader, nor one who will be remembered in story and song forever, but he was stolid and dependable, and brought his people victory. That was all he ever asked for.

That, and to die in battle, rather than linger beyond his time, and die old and forgotten. It never happened. Kriege lost battles, but has never met a warrior able to give him the death he wishes. He trained his eldest son to take his place when he died, and when he laid Merdon’s bones upon the ice, he trained his second son to take his place.

And still he survived. He was slower, weaker, but pride and desire sent him into battle against Vastaa half his age. Experience saw him through.

Kriege is not a name. Rather, it is a title given to the leader of a clan. For years he was Kriege Thalarctos, and then “the old Kriege,” for the other clan leaders who were cubs with him had laid their bones upon the ice. Then he was simply Kriege, even after he gave the responsibility for the clan over to his son. No one could imagine calling him anything else, and Kriege himself has all but taken it for his name.

Northern winters are hard and long. There is a tradition among Kriege’s people, that in the middle of the winter, when the cold nights stretch long, and the Quiet murmurs through the heart of the blizzards that seethe across the land, the eldest Vastaa will put on their armor, and tell their family they are going hunting. They say their goodbyes, and then walk out into the snow, and when they find a place that seems good to them, they lay themselves out on the ice to die, so that the others of their clan will not suffer by supporting those too old to be of use.

When Kriege had seen forty-five winters, he donned his armor, went to his son, and said that he was going out to hunt. He walked south, and yet, it seemed to him that none of the places he saw were right. Kriege sheltered for the night, and kept going.

He wandered south, out of the lands of his people, and into those of his distant southern cousins, where once he had met and courted his second wife, but here too, he found no place that seemed right to him. He wandered south, through the lands of the others, barbarians with strange ways, but these lands were not right either, so he kept going. He wandered west, and west, and west, finding new things, new people, new places across a distant, wild sea. Yet, none of them were right, and so day after day, Kriege continued on.

And then he came to Bren.

Perhaps here, Kriege thought, he would find the death he had been searching for.

Edit: With Ryu's permission, I made it explicit what element Kriege is competing for.
Edit 2: A minor edit to Kriege's cosmetic description, and the addition of a link to the first post.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 2
7/24/2014 19:40:55   

Approved, but do keep reasonable limits for the powers which you’ve given Pithy in mind. ~Ryu

Well, I've had this character sitting in my folder for a while, so I might as well give her a chance to shine. Have another competitor for Ice.

Name: Pithy
Gender: Female
Age: 64
Race: Elf
Appearance: Pithy stands at 5’10’’ and, despite her age, her appearance has barely changed during the last 40 years. She is possessed of the pointed ears intrinsic to her kind, and, like many elves, her body and features are gracefully sculpted in a manner that lends her svelte, pale form a sharp, almost ethereal quality. However, many would be admirers have been turned away by the regal bearing with which she conducts herself, and the severe stare of her left, icy blue eye. Her right eye and cheek are mostly obscured under a swath of cascading, black hair. She does not seem inconvenienced by this. So far, no one has seen her right eye when open, but many have noticed crystalline shapes peeking from under the cover of her hair, almost as if concealing a mask of jagged ice.

During her years traveling through human lands and becoming acquainted with several passing adventurers, she has picked up some of their taste in dressing. Her most recent choice in attire consists of complimenting, off-white tunic and cotton leggings. The loose tunic is fastened around her waist with a black belt, allowing the hemline to reach her hips like a particularly short skirt. Covering slender fingers, she wears black, leather gloves reaching to the middle of her forearms over her tunic’s sleeves. She also wears long, black leather boots over her leggings, reaching just below her knee. Projecting metal plates designed to protect the wearer’s knees are affixed to the end of her boots, the only form of armor in her outfit.

Above it all, she tends to wear a set of cowled, vivid blue robes with golden thread marking the finishes at the seams, fastened by a clasp bearing an inlaid insignia shaped as an open rose. The hemline of the robe is asymmetrical, splitting at the height of her hip at the front and descending until they meet on her back, at the height of her ankles, in the manner of a long, triangular coattail. She often wears the item as one would a cloak, letting the long, wide sleeves of the ensemble fall limply to her sides.

Belongings: The robes she wears have been enchanted to resist the elements and the wear and tear of long journeys. However, the enchantment isn’t designed as armor, so it provides no defense against the force of the blows, and only the clumsiest and weakest swipes might fail to cut through the fabric.

Pithy is most often a light traveler, and, beyond her apparel, the only noteworthy item she often keeps on herself are a pair of daggers and a rapier. The daggers themselves are of decent quality, but ultimately quite ordinary, and Pithy is just as likely to use them to clean her nails or to prepare a meal as to use them in an altercation.

Her rapier, on the other hand, is a different story. She bought it off a merchant on the streets of a city she passed in her travels who knew nothing of the weapon beyond the fact that it looked pretty and expensive. The slender and elegant weapon is made of a silver hued material, something that, should it be lacking in protective enchantments, would never manage to endure the abuse Pithy has put the weapon through, abuse that she doubts even a proper rapier would survive. The hilt was crafted in the shape of a flower closing its petals, leaving an opening on one side to hold the handle, and meeting at the pommel to form a vicious spike. While the outstanding beauty and endurance of the weapon are interesting in their own rights, it was not what made the rapier so peculiar. The crafter, upon creating the weapon, had inlaid a series of runes along the inside of the flower shaped hilt, transforming the rapier into a focal point, allowing for a more precise and efficient use of magic channeled through it. For all intents and purposes, someone had crafted a magic wand and given it the shape of a duelist’s sword. As far as she is concerned, it was worth far more than what she spent on it.

Personality: Serious. Distant. Cold. Harsh. All decent adjectives when it comes to describing Pithy’s personality, to the point that some of the people she has traveled with have made wagers as to whether or not they could crack a warm smile out of those lips instead of the usual displeased grimace or sneer.

While often regarded as practical, even opportunistic by some’s standards, Pithy values organization and efficiency, and can appear methodical to the point of perfectionism. Indeed, the intense, analytical manner with which she tends to observe her surroundings tends to make her seem even more unapproachable. It might be for the best, for those that are more perceptive have claimed to occasionally notice an uncompromisingly rancorous bitterness in her exposed eye.

One thing that tends to infuriate her occasional companions is that, while she normally does not mince words, whenever she stumbles upon a piece of information another happens not to have, she has the annoying inclination observed in many wizards and magically inclined beings to treat it as a secret worth keeping.

History: Both Pithy’s bearing and choice in weaponry give poignant hints towards Pithy’s origins, and, despite certain differences between elven and human social structures, one would not be wrong in assuming she had a noble’s upbringing.

Her parents were Guardians, powerful knights and spellcasters, bound to the forest and dedicated to the defense of their woodland enclave. Much reverence was given to this order, and they were treated as one would treat the most respected aristocracy. However, neither Pithy’s intense gaze nor severe manner suggests the fact that she was born the talentless, sickly foil to her twin sister. Now, elves bearing more than one child – twins, no less – is an odd occurrence, and much was expected of them. Both were trained in the art of fencing by their parents and were tutored in matters of the arcane from an early age along with several prospective mages, but where her sister would excel, exhibiting a talent matching, even succeeding that of their parents and earning the praise and admiration of her teachers and peers, Pithy would struggle to so much as match the prowess of the lowliest magical pupil.

Parents should love their children regardless of their perceived shortcomings, and despite Pithy’s failures, hers always tried to reassure her. She need not worry, this was simply not her calling; they loved her all the same. They did not understand how their every word of compassion wounded her, each an admission that she was inferior to her sibling. Her sister was the strong one, the compassionate one, the warm one, the talented one, and even though they looked virtually identical, Pithy began to feel more and more as if even her appearance was a vicarious imitation of her sister’s. How could she compare if she never stood a chance? How were they different?

And so frustration and bitterness festered.

She devoted herself to studying and training, from sunrise to dark’s fall, always pushing for perfection. She sparred often, striking matches with her sister, her parents, when available, and other knights, slowly refining her techniques until she grew into a swift and precise duelist. She poured over magic tomes, seeking to achieve with focus and execution what she could not with power, but despite her best efforts, it was never enough to best her better half. Those around her made note of her progress, of her persistence, and many were proud of her, her family included. But it was never enough. She despaired, and could see her sister’s encouraging smiles as little else than mocking gestures.

Pithy left. If she was a full-fledged Guardian, bound in pact to the spirits of the forest, she could defeat her. But that would not be allowed. She was too young, too impatient, too unlike her, according to her parents and mentors. They knew nothing. She travelled to the frozen north, blinded by thoughts of reprisal. She had read of spirits of the tundra, hungry, seeking warmth and life in a land that had none, haunting unwary travelers. If she could not match her sister on her own, she would use the spirit’s power. Using sorceries, she entrapped a spirit of the land, forcing it into a pact that bound it to her, lending Pithy its powers.

Upon her return, riding a tide of murmurs and worried, shifting glances, she strode to her sister’s presence and demanded a duel. The encounter was a close one, and it left much of the arena frozen in ice, but in the end, Pithy could not surpass her sister. The duel ended with Pithy knelt before her better half, clutching her wounds before the judgmental eyes of a whole settlement. They knew what she had done, the origin of the power she wielded. Regardless of appearance, it had been taken forcefully, a chain’s binding, not a pact’s honor. It did not belong to their home, to the Guardians, and neither did she, not anymore. So her sister told her, before turning her back to her. Pithy’s backstab was intercepted by her father’s blade, and she was restrained by her mother’s magic. Only her family’s mercy, unwanted as it was, spared her. She was kept in restraints until she recovered, and was promptly exiled from her woodland home.

Since then, her life has been spent on the roads. She never stopped searching for ways to magnify and improve her control over her spellcraft, a task she pursues with an almost resigned abandon, and one can most often find her trailing rumors of magical artifacts found in any corner of Lore. The trail has now brought her to Bren.

Skills, spells and abilities: Pithy is precise and quick with her feet, a nimble swordfighter basing much of her fighting style on swift, pinpoint strikes meant to shatter or bypass opponents defenses. Occasionally, she makes use of side-arms, such as the daggers she carries with her.

While Pithy’s education in arcane matters was expansive and she retains knowledge of several disciplines, due to binding an elemental spirit of ice, her magic has become aspected. While this means that cryomancy comes naturally to her, other forms of magic suffer. The other elements will not obey her most of the time, illusion spells sap the heat from around them, and the use of healing magic on deep wounds is likely to inflict frostbite on the recipient before significant progress is made.

That said, her ice magic does manage to supplement her fighting style, allowing her to summon barriers of ice, sharp icicles, blasts of frigid wind, or spikes and shields, should she need the extra armament. The colder the environment, the easier it is for her to summon her magic, though the opposite is also true. One of the simplest, yet most effective uses of her magic is to focus some of her frigid power into her rapier, an act facilitated by the runes within the guard. The weapon will be enveloped by a whitish glow in this state, and anything it touches will begin to slowly freeze while the charged blade remains in contact. Foes will find their bodies slowing and numbing with the scathingly cold touch of her blade, and any unfortunate victim of a thrusting lunge may find their wounds freezing from within until the weapon is dislodged.

First Post: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=21786250

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 3
7/25/2014 3:00:09   

Before I approve this submission, I’d like you to expand on exactly what abilities Gavin possesses, since you’ve branded him a paladin but not described if said position carries any amount of magical abilities with it or not. Given that paladins usually do, I find this to be worth clarifying. ~Ryu

Finally! I've been on my toes waiting for these to start. Can't wait for the EC's this year, best of luck to everyone.

Name – Gavin Votheris

Race – Human

Gender – Male

Age – Mid twenties

Element - Light

Appearance – Gavin is a 6'ft tall Caucasian male. He wears a pure white chest plate with a golden trim. He dons a white pauldron on each shoulder, both also embroidered with gold trim. Underneath his Armour he wears a blue Brigandine style cloth piece, along with a loose blue dress shirt which he keeps the collar popped out from under his chest plate. He wears a set of white vambraces on each arm, accompanied with the golden trim. On each foot he wears a white boot with golden trim along with each knee having its own white along with the gold trim, knee guard. Gavin also wears a white cloak to signify his loyalty to the paladin order. As for looks, Gavin Votheris has black side-swept hair and green eyes and is clean shaven. He is medium build with a bit of extra muscle.

Equipment – Gavin packs with him at all times his bastard sword. An old sword his father gifted him on his fifteenth name day, the same day he left for the Paladin order. Gavin doesn't feel the need to pack an arsenal around with him so his sword is the only weapon he keeps on his body.

Personality – Gavin Votheris is a caring person who hates to see the weak be harmed, this being one of the reasons why he joined the Paladin order. Gavin comes off as being serious until he warms up to you. While being seemingly closed-off and distant to others, Gavin would die for someone else if it meant them escaping injury.
Gavin grew up on a farm in the northern regions or Lore and knows the meaning of harshness. He will stop at nothing to get something done and is passionate for anything that interests him. He is a decent swordsman but often finds himself being judged for his cockiness.

History – Gavin was raised on a farm until the age of fifteen before he set off to join the Paladin order with his father’s sword. His parents had always wanted a better life for their son so they sent him to what they thought was the next best place aside from squiring for a knight.

Gavin grew up alongside the other Paladins, all varying in age. He was taught a minuscule amount of light magic at such a low rank and was more so trained in the art of swordplay. Gavin along with two other new recruits trained as Paladin’s recruits for many years before they received new titles.

The three Paladins’ became close friends over the years and Gavin began to develop feelings for his female counterpart. As their best friend left to train in light magic, Gavin and Isabella stayed at the keep to help in any way they could. Gavin and Isabella became the couple of the Paladin order over a few months and were never found apart from one another.

Gavin took Isabella out to their favorite spot one summer morning, under the shade of an old oak tree that rested not far from the keep. The two sat, leaned up against the warmth of the hard wood, fingers inter-locked, and looked off at the open fields…they never even noticed that bandits that had managed to sneak up on them.
The first arrow took Gavin in the right shoulder and left it lame; the second arrow took him in the back of his leg as he tried to stand. Isabella had already gotten to her feet by then, but the cut the bandit gave her left Isabella lying on the ground beside Gavin.

Gavin was infuriated, everything he stood for did nothing to help him save Isabella as she lay there slowly slipping away. Despite the pain Gavin rushed over to her and picked her up in his arms.
“Don’t die on me” and “You’re going to make”, phrases like these passed his lips as he held her in his arms, Isabella died within the hour.

Gavin left the order within a fortnight, each day brought up old memories. He had heard of the elemental championships and the things the winner received, things that could bring back his Isabella. He found himself in Bren within the year, hoping on hope to win the championships, and be with his Isabella once again.

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AQW  Post #: 4
7/26/2014 13:00:41   

This submission has not been approved for several reasons. Firstly, your weapon of choice could use a bit of further description. Is there something special about them which makes the crumpets a useful weapon? Since as described at the moment, I can’t really see any reason why she should possibly prefer them over a more conventional weapon. Secondly, the ability to effectively instantaneously teleport whenever she desires, whenever she wants is unbalanced, considering that she can theoretically escape from near any situation through its use. As such, it needs to be reined in a bit; perhaps altering it so that she needs to remain still/not be accosted for several seconds in order to make use of it. Lastly, just as a note, remember that the use of some of your illusions will need to be reasonably worked out with whomever you end up fighting, given the effects which a handful of them induce. ~Ryu

I was beginning to worry this wasn't going to happen!

Name: Kai Kuragari
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Element: Darkness

Appearance: Kai is around 5'3", but it's hard to get a good handle on her height or weight exactly because she's constantly in motion. Whether it's cleaning, dancing, assisting, or just going for a walk, Kai never seems to stand still. Her hair has been trimmed and styled since last year; it no longer reaches to the floor, but instead is an attractively smooth tumble of midnight black hair that sweeps artfully down her back past her shoulders. For this year's EC, it has been tightly braided so as not to get in the way of her fighting. Kai plans to engage in combat this year. Her dress is also nowhere near as frilly and exciting; instead, it is a simple dress, ending below the knees, pink (a color chosen in a moment of total vanity), with a ribbon tied around in a butterfly knot in the back. It is sleeveless, but not backless. Kai would of course be lost without her purse, empty save for its velvety black inner lining and what seems to be an excessive supply of crumpets. They are delicious, but dangerous. Like Kai! And finally, wrapped around her neck is an enormous, fluffy pink scarf. Kai just wouldn't be Kai without it.

Equipment: Kai of course uses her crumpets as weapons. Whether it's blunt force trauma direct from the fist or a projectile launched with unnerving accuracy and force from a tender female hand, Kai's crumpets make excellent...and dangerous...weapons. Her scarf and her ribbon probably make good whips in a pinch.

History: Kai moved to the small town of Bren from somewhere in northern Lore. Her arrival was without great ceremony, yet was still immensely interesting to the inhabitants, who never saw unusual things until the Championships rolled around; yet here was this exotic woman, fiery and beautiful, come to live and work in their town. It took a while for Bren to get used to Kai, but Kai got used to Bren in a heartbeat; her life was seamlessly integrated into the pulse of the town, and she gladly entertained customers at her store-cum-restaurant for several months. When she announced that she'd be entering the Elemental Championships, for Darkness no less, it shocked the town; her loss was inevitable, shook the heads of the old-timers on their rocking chairs, for Kai was just a woman - no more, no less.

Skills and Abilities: Kai is a trained martial artist and a skilled spy. She is sneaky and underhanded in all of her doings, which has helped her everywhere she has gone, even the sleepy town of post-Championships Bren. She is silent as a shadow, invisible as a whisper, a breath of air upon the wind...when she wants to be. Most of the time she is boisterous and energetic, charging into battle and enjoying the fun of combat rather than trying to do any serious damage.

Kai also has illusion abilities, which allow her to project things that simply aren't there into the minds of others. She is not particularly powerful with this, but she can easily fool those who are not looking too closely into seeing what they expect to see rather than what they actually see. However, when exerting herself to her full potential, she can influence the balance and perception of others in ways that could unbalance or discomfit them. One of her most powerful tricks is to induce a hallucination that would turn the world upside down from the point of view of the victim, though this is taxing and is not used willy-nilly. Kai has command of a host of smaller tricks and illusions, ranging from the mundane (changing the design on a tablecloth, turning someone into someone visually similar) to the powerful (turning invisible for a second or two, conjuring a frightening monster, darkness). Kai's illusions require emotional focus and strict attention, which is already difficult enough from her effervescent personality. Startling or distracting her is enough to cause them to dissipate.

In addition, she has the ability to move around her shadow. Kai has limited awareness of the goings-on around her shadow, and can use it to scout. She can also "peel" her shadow off the ground to deliver a strike or grasp a target that gets too close, but this is taxing. However, this ability is useful because Kai can at any time instantly relocate to her shadow, emerging from it as though the substance beneath it were water.

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Question Mark?

Approved - welcome aboard. ~Ryu

Name: Yggdrasil "Yggy" Talmur
Species: Human
Preferred Pronouns: She/Her
Element: Earth

Appearance: Chin-length hair, pulled back and dyed bright green. Green eyes. Dark skin. Short-cut fingernails. Healthy teeth. 5 feet, 6 inches from toe to head. Arm and leg length proportionate. Body/Mass index suggests healthy weight. Shoulders are slightly broader than normal. Arms and legs are visibly muscular. Torso is not visibly muscular. Muscle mass is from running and lifting, not from defined or directed exercise. Foot/Hand size proportional. Fingers are quick and delicate from picking locks. Posture is straight but relaxed. Feet splay outward rather than inward. hands gravitate toward belt when not in use. Fidgets with free hair or belt when nervous. Burn scarring on left shoulder from dragon fire.

Equipment: Boots of brown leather, enforced with metal in the toes, and rubber in the soles. They lace from the base to the top, and the laces are covered over with a flap of leather. Loose, roomy, sand-colored pants are tucked into the boots, and wrapped at the tuck-point with red-brown cloth. Pants are secured with a brown leather belt with a circular clasp. There is a moonstone set into this clasp. The belt has four pouches attached to it, two on each side of her body. The posterior left pouch contains five (5) grams of dried grave-root, for the creation of healing potions. The anterior left pouch contains eight (8) smoke pellets. The posterior right pouch contains five (5) grams of powdered sun-lilly, for the creation of mana potions. The anterior right pouch contains four (4) small pieces of chalk. Strapped to the belt but not to her thigh is a brown leather sheath. Within the sheath is a knife. The knife is curved slightly, and is well sharpened and polished. The hilt is leather and metal, and has been re-wrapped with leather straps several times. Tucked into the belt but not into the pants is a dark brown tunic made of soft, thick cloth. At the bottom, it reaches just to mid-thigh, and is embroidered with a green looping design. It is vented laterally for easy movement. At the throat, it is embroidered with a mirror of that same design, and hangs loosely at the neck to avoid choking its wearer. The sleeves were once long, but have been cut and sewn rather poorly to shorten them. They are somewhat ragged and loosely cover the bicep. The body of the tunic is loose and unadorned. A pair of fingerless gloves adorn her hands. They are well-fit and made of a smooth brown leather. On her back, she wears a cloth and leather bag. The bag contains all of the following: 4 empty glass vials. 1 canteen of water. 2 packs of rations. 1 lock-picking kit. 1 small sharpening stone. 1 small canvas bag of rune-stones. 1 vial of alchemist's earth, wrapped tightly in black cloth. 1 click lighter. 1 roll of gauze.

Abilities: Yggdrasil has a good grasp of lock-picking and basic thievery, comprising the ability to move unseen, to open locks and doors, to evade some attacks, and if necessary to kill or maim via poison or knife. She has some small knowledge of first-aid, enough to bandage and treat natural wounds. Yggdrasil also has some skill in alchemy. She can recognize many useful ingredients by sight or by chemical reaction, and can brew potions in the field, given the materials. Finally, she has a firm understanding of ritualistic earth magic, the means by which she may, through the use of runes, chalk circles, and memorized incantations, be able to manipulate the earth upon which she stands, to encourage growth, dynamism, or recession of either.

Miscellaneous Personal Information: Yggdrasil has a wry sense of humor, and enjoys telling jokes to relieve levity and tension. She dislikes cynicism as a method of existence, but tries to maintain a realistic view of the world around her, and the people she meets. She scrutinizes others for ulterior motives, is naturally suspicious of those who hold power, and prefers not to associate with those who violate her personal principles, as doing so makes her feel dishonest. She does not like to lie, murder, steal, or otherwise do wrong, but recognizes the necessity of doing so given the path her life has led her down, and has trained herself to do so as such. She holds no such reservations toward non-fatal combat. She has lived on her own, moving between inns when she could afford them and living in the forest when she could not, since she was 15. She is currently 29. She harbors a paranoia toward infection, both fungal and bacterial, which arose both from its necessity given her life and a bad experience with necrotic plague as a child. She has two siblings that she knows of, one of whom lives in Osprey Cove, if a pirate could truly be said to live in any one place, and the other of whom lives somewhere in Amityvale. She has never been able to find zir, although incoming and outgoing letters indicate that ze must exist. Yggdrasil is puzzled by this, and will seek to investigate and hopefully find her missing sibling if she survives.

EDIT: Expunged data incongruous with Yggdrasil's biology. (Removed; "Appearance:" 'Chest size minimal.' : Did Not Replace)

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This submission has not been approved due to two key reasons, both of which have to do with Ineria's equipment. Firstly, any kind of weapon with an "auto-hit" ability tends to be grounds for denial given just how easily such an ability can be abused. Secondly, as its currently written, the description of the Illistrious Aegis calls the item a “light shield”, yet it is simultaneously also 3 times heavier than any steel-made shield. This of course might be referring to "light" in a relative sense, given the different build which Illistrians possess as compared to a human, but this should be clarified. Should these two items be fixed, Ineria looks as though she'll be good to go. ~Ryu

Dearie me, Ice seems a favoured element so far this year... But this year is Ineria's turn at the ECa and I'll not deny her.

Name: Ineria Aluriest
Race: Illistrian
Gender: Hermaphrodite, not that she would ever let you know. She considers herself female, and would never suffer to be referred to by the xe/xyr/xem pronouns by those who do know her true gender.
Age: 20
Element: Ice

Appearance: With full-flowing violet hair that has never seen a blade in her life, hanging just short of the ground and pale blue skin, Ineria exudes an otherworldly quality in her appearance. Her towering form but serves to reinforce this; Ineria stands at 7 feet and 5 inches, yet is still considered short for one of her kind, who stand on average at 7 feet and 10 inches. Despite height that could consider them giantkin, Illistrians tend toward slender frames, and Ineria is no exception. slender, but in that slenderness, a muscularity and dexterousness which belie years of hard training to make herself stronger and more agile. As befits her slender frame, Ineria's chest does not extrude far. Indeed, utilisation of cloth wound around her chest to compact what little there is does not discomfort her. Her facial features are fair, and soft, gentleness and worry come easily to them, though steely determination is a look that is not alien to those same features. Her nose, soft and rounded, petite rounded ears that almost lay flat against her head, lips, soft yet full, eyes, a soft blue, yet a glint of icy determination within their depths and hair, fair as any maiden's: These combine to give her a serene beauty.

Equipment: Ineria has four items of note, two mundane, two rather less so. Firstly and most mundane is her main weapon, a longsword that stays sheathed at her side. It is a simple blade, made from steel as most longswords are, and with do defining features. It is plain as can be, though it is made proportionate to Ineria's size, the blade reaching for four feet, and the grip with enough room that Ineria could wield it with two hands if needed. The second mundane portion of her equipment is her armour: An affair that combines chainmail with plates that lay somewhere between heavy and light plate in weight nd durability: On bottommost layer, she wears simple cloth garments to protect her skin from pinching from the chain-links, which cover most of her body. The plates then cover areas that require it: Thighs, shins, upper arms, forearms, chest: Joints are left unprotected by the plate to allow for mobility, but are not completely left to the chainmail, either: simple leather protection lays above these less defenced areas. The ensemble also includes gauntlents made from light-plate, which allow for full maneuverability of the wrist, and light-plate boots which allow maneuverability of the ankles. There is also a decorative heavy-plate helm, but it is used mainly for ceremonial purposes: Or for during war, as such, Ineria will not be wearing hers during the Elemental Championship.

the non-mundane are an Illistrian artifact and an items : Illustrious Illistria, a spear, and the Illistrious Aegis, a shield. The Illistrious Aegis is a light shield made from a metal known only to Illistrians, by nature that it is only found within the nation of Illistria. For intents of defence, it is far hardier and more durable than steel and no less than 3 times heavier than a heavy shield would be if made from steel. The metal also has a base magical attunement to ice. Illistrians have, rather unoriginally, named the metal Illistrium. The metal also helps to bring out some of an Illistrian's natural, latent ice powers. Illustrious Illistria is a national heritage, an heirloom of the royal family, the symbol of office without which, none may lay claim to the throne of Illistria and a weapon that, by right, Ineria should not have. It is made wholly from Illistrium, but between the thinness of it, an enchantments placed upon it, it is virtually weightless. It sits in length at the same height as Ineria: 7 feet and 5 inches, and if Ineria were to hold it at arm's length, butt of teh shaft placed firmly on the ground, the spear pointing straight up, then her hand rests right underneath where the spear has a non-bladed cross-hilt. Most curiously, the spear continues as a simple shaft for a length that is the exact size of Ineria's neck: She's measured.

Atop this final shaft section is a stylised fleur-de-lis, that is the national symbol of Illistria, and the edge of which is bladed, with such sharpness that it could theoretically be used with surgical precision for cutting. Spiralling around the main shaft are Illistrian runes, magical enchantments laid upon the weapon, to increase its durability, render it weightless, and allow it, when thrown after a certain set of words are spoken, fly with unparallelled accuracy, so as missing to be impossible. The runes also greatly enhances the basic ice attunement of the metal, inflicted wounds would suffer frostbite immediately: any prolonged contact will cause frost to spread out Due to the weapon's value, Ineria takes into battle not to be used: indeed, the only occasion she would use it in were if she had NO other options: Ineria would use cowardly retreat before using the Illustrious Illistria, despite that going against her code of honour, as she is the artifact's protector now. She will use it only with no other option, and only against an opponent who means her death, or theft of the spear. She brings it into battle for only one reason: There is no-one else she can trust to hold onto it for her. It remains strapped diagonally to her back.

Combat ability/skills/whatnot: Ineria is a warrior, and she acts like it. For her, offense is what she can do with her sword and shield, as she utilises her Illistrious Aegis for offensive shield bashes as much as blocking, a practise that has left her shield-arm physically stronger than her sword-arm. She can use some very basic ice-type spells, such as frosting over any particularly severe wounds until such a time as she could get proper healing. She could summon at most 3 ice projectiles to fling at a foe at any given time. Having never trained in magic arts, she has very little mana. If she were to have not utilised any mana, she could generate a shield of ice that would be capable of blocking at most one attack, and beyond that, she would be completely drained of mana.

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Approved, though with some minor notes. Firstly, keep in mind that it will likely be difficult to target the harmonica’s ability, so you might want to refluff that as a field. Secondly, just remember to keep the stacking for the speed boosts sane, as you don’t want to run afoul of the godmodding rule. Other than that, enjoy the EC! ~Ryu

Name: Raz'Fizo (Kana Rassa can also be used when dealing with more formal affairs)
Race: Kaa S'satta
Gender: Unknown (Can be referred to by them, theirs, and they)
Age: They left the Kehn around 10 years prior to them entering the arena. Besides knowing that, their age is extremely difficult to determine.
Element: Wind
First post http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=21785534

Raz'Fizo stands at approximately 6 feet tall, which is average height for a Kaa S'satta of their age and stature. Raz'Fizo wears a scarlet hood, hemmed with white thread, which usually covers their hair, and go's to about the top of their forehead. In the custom of the Kaa S'satta, a dark grey acacia wood mask covers Raz'Fizo's eyes and nose. The mask is made to seem similar to that of a crows; with the nose being replaced by a small beak that protrudes 3 inches from the face, and with small slits cut out to reveal only a sliver of Raz'Fizo's white eyes. The mask is bordered by black plumage, that seems to meld with the mask. Raz'Fizo has very light gray skin, that seems almost translucent under certain lighting. Their skin is contrasted quite sharply by their blood red lips, which seem to be halfway sneering and halfway pouting. Raz'Fizo also has very defined and high cheekbones, which can be seen poking out from under their mask. Raz'Fizo has a very long neck, which is slightly hidden by a large amount of black feathers that seem to pop out of their collar. Below that, the hood and cloak continue down to Raz'Fizo's feet, dragging slightly upon the ground. Beneath the cloak they wear faded leather armor, with quite a few daggers hidden in their belt and other unobtrusive places. Raz'Fizo wears high leather boots, with golden straps, upon their feet.

10 fletched daggers- a set of small daggers, with small incisions cut upon the blades of the daggers. The blades are slightly curved, to make them more aerodynamic, as well as to make it harder to predict their trajectory. The incisions on the blade make it sting more upon impact, and also to have it make a small disconcerting whistling sound as it flies through the air. These blades are extremely light, well balanced, and sharp, and are exceptionally hard to use if not already trained in them. Blades like these are often used for throwing, but with the right training, they can also be used for defense and close melee.

Sirens Harmonic Harmonica- A small tin harmonica that rests one Raz'Fizo's shoulder, in a small leather pouch that is easy to access. The harmonica is specially made to make harsh, painful whistling noises that distract Raz'Fizo's enemies. The harmonica also comes attached with a small silver switchblade, that can be accessed by flicking the harmonica slightly. The blade is slightly hooked and jagged, as well as having small amounts of rust on it. The harmonica's noises usually cause the target to become nauseous as well.

Worn Leather armor- surprising durable and protective worn leather armor! This armor has been through multiple fights, but at the moment it seems to work just fine

Combat Abilities:
Dagger manipulation: Able to manipulate the air around their daggers, making it possible to change the trajectory of their daggers mid flight, as well as allowing the daggers to come back after being thrown. This wind manipulation can also be used to offset their enemies weapon, causing it to become less effective and powerful. The air can also be used to increase Raz'Fizo's speed.

Range Shift: This ability causes their enemies range and eyesight to decrease by a small amount. It basically distorts their enemies vision, making it hard to see

vengemove: Raz'Fizo moves incredibly quickly in one direction. This can be used to dodge enemies attacks, or get a better perspective on their enemy

Biting Winds: Raz'Fizo summons biting winds, holding their enemy in place momentarily, and dealing a small amount of stinging damage

Ran Kaas Rage: A concentrated blast of air blows their enemy backwards, with the possibility of their enemy dropping their weapon or stumbling and falling

Vacuum wind: Can stop certain attacks, reducing their effectiveness, and making them less powerful. This is useful on elemental attacks.

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Approved, with a single caveat. Connor appears to be skilled in the use of three distinctly different weapon groups (peacemakers, hatchets, and knives), and despite not possessing a proper “trained edge”, this still ends up as a bit problematic. Tone this down a bit by perhaps removing some of his aptitude with one of the weapon types and we should be good to go. ~Ryu

Eenie, meenie, minie, this one.

Name: Connor "Crackshot" McCoy
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Element: Energy
First Post: Link

While of Irish descent, McCoy has received plenty of the Western sun to darken his skin a few tones (as it would be for any hardworking man in the West). He has a mess of brown hair atop his head and brown eyes to match. Personally prefers to be clean-shaven, although the option is not always readily available for him. As such, he can usually be found with a decent layer of scruff on his chin and cheeks. Good to look at, but you may need to either look past the dirt and grime or point him towards the nearest water trough.
His hands are rough like leather, and he's plenty strong due to all of the hard work in his younger days and all of the dirty work in his more recent ones. Strong and fit, and only a few inches short of six feet. A good combination for surviving in the West.
Typically wears a brown poncho marked with red and blue diamonds around the neck and along the edges. Wears a plain brown Stetson on his head with a small piece of string that hangs loosely below his chin (keeps that pesty wind from blowing his hat across the plains).

Besides the poncho and Stetson, Connor has a long-sleeved shirt of tartan for the Championship, mainly because of the familiar feel of it. It is mostly comprised of woven red and yellow threads, though there is some blue mixed in as well. Over this he wears a vest of yellow leather armor and brown leather armor for his trousers. For old times' sake, he's kept his old black cowboy boots for his footwear. He also wears brown leather gauntlets on his forearms and a yellow bandana around his neck.
He carries a Colt .45 on each hip, or "Peace Makers", as he prefers to call them. Capable of carrying six rounds each, but they need to be cocked before firing each shot. Unfortunately, Connor ran out of bullets a long time ago. Luckily, he has a good replacement for them.
Connor carries four Bowie knives on his person; he wears one on the inside of each gauntlet, one his left hip, and one tucked into his belt in the back.
There is a metal hatchet on his right hip, surprisingly light for how durable it is. Well, perhaps it is more like a one-handed ax, but Connor likes to call it a hatchet. It reminds him of home. It can holds its own against most metal weapons and is meant to be Connor's ace for close combat.
The bang bulbs: Three glass-like containers that suspiciously look like large light bulbs. They are neither true glass nor light bulbs, but that is easier to remember than the technical term. The large part of the bulb is filled with a pulsing ball of electrical energy. The energy occasionally spits out tendrils of electricity that clashes with the glass before dissipating. The bottom, which is thinner and longer so it can serve as a handle, has a bronze cap to seal in the energy inside. The bang bulbs are meant to be thrown in order to break the glass, thus freeing the energy and causing a small explosion, roughly twenty feet in diameter. Or the cap can be taken off to launch an electric bolt in whatever direction the bulb is facing. These are worn on his upper left leg in a straight line between his hip and knee.

A good shot with either hand, even when under pressure (though obviously better without it). Also a decent hatchet wielder with some unarmed combat experience, though more of a brawler than an actual martial artist. His true ability is with knife-handling, skilled in one-hand, double-wielding, and even knife throwing. Not the man you would want to cross at your local tavern or pub.
Since coming to Lore, Connor has discovered his powers with electricity. Charging metal is the easiest to do, and he can hold it within the metal and choose when to discharge into another object that the charged metal is touching (though conductivity can be an issue). Connor is also able to be a provider for energy, such as filling the bang bulbs. Additionally, he can charge his hands with electrical energy and release it upon impact in a shockwave. When his hands are charged, the energy creates a thin electrical barrier that provides some protection and allows him to trade a blow with an armed opponent (the contact will release the energy, and Connor had better hope to have enough time to charge his hands again before his opponent recovers to continue this style of fighting.
His most unique ability is without a doubt is his Storm Shots. In lieu of using bullets, Connor can fill a chamber in his Peace Makers by plugging both ends with his fingers and filling it with energy. The Storm Shot shoot like a normal bullet, but causes electrical damage rather than physical. It keeps the size of the bullet but when in mid-flight, the bullet has tendrils as thin as blades of grass and practically naked to the normal surrounding it in a two foot radius. When a tendril touches something, the entire charge of the bullet is pulled through the tendril and into whatever was unfortunate enough to touch it. Not enough to kill, but enough to burn, inflict lots of pain, and seize up muscles. It takes Connor about ten seconds to create a perfect Storm Shot and at least five to make imperfect ones (flaws such as more visible tendrils, smaller radius of tendrils, less damage, and more can be present).

He thinks of himself as a simple man in a non-simple world, but that is not exactly true. He has a bit of charm, a bit of cunning, and bit of compassion in him from time to time, but he knows that the world (or "worlds") is not nice enough to have compassion for him. Essentially, he's practical when it comes to survival, but is more relaxed when he has the opportunity to take it slow. He's done some good things, and he's done some bad things, but he's survived, and that's what counts. Has a preference for not taking risks, but he has yet to find many situations where he does not need to. He's not a rogue with a heart of gold, but it just may be made out of bronze.

Connor was not born in Lore, but rather on Earth. Specifically, in the West of North America during the 1860s. His father died during a mining accident before he could walk and his mother passed away from disease when he was twelve. Through a little bit of luck, a bit of help from strangers, and years of hardwork, Connor managed to get by. At sixteen, he fell in with a "bad crowd", but really a good crowd from his perspective. Robberies were his main business, and he was only ever involved in two duels. The first, at age seventeen, was against some wealthy landowner fellow who accused Connor of fooling around with his wife (and rightfully so). The deep-pocket only gave him a grazing shot, but Connor missed completely and hit a bottle off a shelf in a tavern behind his opponent. This prompted his ironic nickname of "Crackshot".
The second was against a bounty hunter, and Connor put a bullet between his eyes.
For years, Connor and his crew did what they did best in order to survive...well, survive with a few extra luxuries to spare. One day, while doing a solo ride, a cloudless thunderstorm whipped out of the blue. Connor remembered urging his horse forward, a flash of light filling his entire vision...and then waking up with a giant's lizard face with glasses staring into his eyes.
The lizardman, or "Drakel" as he later learned, was a "magiscientist" interested in the possibilities of alternate worlds. The Drakel, Dr. Lee-kan, suspected that his latest experiment must have been on the same "quantum world line" or something as the thunderstorm, which created a "temporal parallel door" that, somehow, transported Connor to this magic-infested world. Basically, he was brought from the West to Lore thanks to a lizard scientist.
Dr. Lee-kan promised to house Connor in exchange to study him. An easy deal, as most of Dr. Lee-kan's observations were not intrusive and Connor still had ample time to explore his surroundings. In addition to having new control over energy (either a result of coming to Lore or of the thunderbolt that was the catalyst for Connor's transportation, theorized Dr. Lee-kan), Connor enhanced his knife-fighting courtesy of local rogues, his hatchet skills with passing mercenaries, and his unarmed combat with the drunks and patrons of pretty much every tavern in a ten mile radius. He even learned to control his new power thanks to Dr. Lee-kan (even if he was more interested in the implications of a non-Lorian human having magical powers).
After several years and more than several failed attempts by Dr. Lee-kan to return him home, Connor decided that it was time for him to try his hand at the Elemental Championships. Powers and skills were great and all, but they weren't a home.

Edited with Ryu's approval from "excellent hatchet wielder" to "decent hatchet wielder".

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Approved - Interested to see why he’s decided to return this year after so long. ~Ryu

Back in time for the EC again it seems.

Name: Zenz Nightwalker
Element: Earth
First Post

Zenz is a muscular man in his late twenties, standing a few inches shy of six feet tall. He has been described as handsome almost as often as he has been described as "in need of a hot bath" or an "oversized dwarf." A lack of personal grooming has probably contributed to the latter two descriptions as Zenz spends much of his time away from civilisation, baths and barbers. Zenz on an average day is covered in dirt and has shaggy brown hair and a matching beard. On a special occasion he sometimes shaves and is only mostly covered in dirt. In the past Zenz wore metal armour, but these days he is content to travel in boots, loose-fitting trousers stained with a thousand varieties of dirt and grime, and a jumper in a similar condition. He also has a belt that is in better condition than the rest of his items, from which hangs his longsword, his tools and large bag of assorted soils, sands and stones. During battle he removes all but the trousers and belt.

Zenz is attuned to the Earth in a way that few others are. He can expand his senses into the earth and exercise control over it in various ways. This control takes many forms; from pulling rocks from the earth, sculpting shapes out of earthen materials or even rapidly pushing soil out of the way. Zenz makes most of his money as a miner and excavator, an easy task with his abilities, and he uses his powers to quickly burrow through the earth, being able to stay below ground for as long as he can hold his breath. As long as his bare feet as touching soil he can draw energy from the ground, making him stronger, more durable and more resistant to pain. An ability he has come to rely on is defensive in nature: the soil and dirt that covers every inch of Zenz can be quickly formed into a type of thin, yet durable armour to protect him. While this magical armour in use, Zenz is immobile, but almost immune from conventional attacks. On top of his magical abilities, Zenz is a veteran combatant, having previously proved his skills in the Elemental Championships on two occasions, and is extremely skilled with his longsword.

Immortal: An enchanted longsword. It can never break and the blade can never dull, yet it is otherwise an ordinary, if well-made, longsword.
Miner's tools: Zenz carries a small pickaxe and hand shovel with him. These are mainly tools, but can be used as weapons in desperate situations.
A bag of dirt: Not a weapon in the traditional sense, but Zenz carries with him a small bag of dirt, which he can use as a weapon by magically manipulating the contents.

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How We Roll Winner

This submission is not approved due to several key issues which are present in the bio. Firstly, direct references to subjects such as alcohol, drunkenness, and capital punishment run up against the forum’s rating rules and thus, I must request that you remove these from your submission immediately.

A greater issue in a Role Playing sense is the way in which this character appears to have been put together without a defining theme as to who he is; there’s a collection of abilities and characteristics that don’t seem to match up with each other or provide any complementary benefits to the concept itself. For example, the weapons and abilities which Rowan is in possession of are of such varying styles that it is unlikely that they would ever be used in conjunction with each other. The way which this character was made appears to have been with the intent of hitting certain particular character competencies rather than creating a coherent concept.

My advice is to think carefully about who you want your character to be and then build them up from there, considering things such as weapon choice, abilities, and temperament based on their circumstances. Once you have done so, you should have few issues in getting accepted. ~Ryu

Name: Rowan Michael Harper
Age: 42 years old.
Appearance: Physically built, standing at 5’8, Muscular, A tattoo of a wolf with bared teeth on his right shoulder, and a tattoo on his chest of a rose on fire. The hair is cut short and is solid black. One eye is blue and one eye is a pale sickly yellow. A ring with a skull can be seen on the pinkie of the left hand.
Clothing: A ripped armband dangles from the front pocket of a pair of jeans that have clearly seen better days. Their caked with dried mud. The shoes are black leather boots. The shirt itself is torn revealing the wolf tattoo. But the shirt color is black and purple. There is a black belt around his waist connecting with the jeans. and that ripped armband? That’s the asylum’s old identifying armband.
Weapons: A large machete hangs at the waist-side via a specialized slot in the jeans. Rowan also carries with him an Axe. And not one of those simple hand axes either, this is one of those hatchets that’s good for cutting through bone.
Element: Energy
Magic: None
Skills: Lock Picking, high theft, torture, energy manipulation.

History: His father was a drunk, records indicate abuse. Dad met the electric chair when Rowan was 8. Rowan’s mother remarried a year later to a guy who bullied Rowan until he was 15. Rowan was sent to a detention center when his mom and stepdad went mysteriously missing. Rowan roamed the mean streets falling in with the wrong crowd and getting busted twice for brutality reasons. At age 18, Rowan was sent to an insane asylum. All records at the asylum call Rowan criminally insane and comment various brutal acts as well as murder. Rowan broke out of the asylum when he was 20, but was quickly apprehended and locked away until he was 32. Rowan was tortured and tested in painful new ways. Now Rowan attempts to lock away that history. Those memories. The torture. The unimaginable pain. And through it all, he has learned how to control and command energy. Anything as simple as a bolt-shape, to something useful like a hammer.

Personality: In a simple manner of speaking, He’s nuts! If he isn’t completely mental, the cool, calm, cautious, mind of a murderer still lingers. You want to mess with him? I wouldn’t want to meet this guy in a dark alley, or even a well lit alley for that matter. He’s done some really, really unspeakable acts!

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This character is Not Approved due to one specific reason. I very much do like the character, but feel that his set of fire abilities is a tad too strong when considering all of the other things that has at his disposal. My primary suggestion would to remove the heat-based ability, considering thatPrince Makelyth is already possessed of significant physical abilities and it doesn’t match nearly so well with the others in his repertoire. Also, as a note, time-based cooldowns tend to work rather awkwardly in the EC, so you might want to reconsider have you’ve structured those. ~Ryu

Name Prince Makelyth (Rhymes with "sith")
Gender: Male
Race: Dragon-Cursed
Age: 34
Element: Fire

Makelyth is an impressive sight, and it can be hard to tell if he is human, dragon, or Draconian. Standing at six feet and three inches tall, his weight is hard to determine, as he is in no way out of shape, as can be seen in his toned and powerful muscles, but he has extra features for a man of his height.

To begin with, his entire body seems to be covered with strange scales, tinted just a tad bit red, and looking as though they have broken out of his skin. These scales cover his entire body, going from his bald head, down his exposed torso, and reappearing at the bottom of his knee-length brown trousers. His bare feet are also scaled, but appear more human than other parts of his body, aside from the pointed claws at the end of each of his toes. The claws resemble those on his fingers.

A hole is cut through his pants specifically for the purpose of allowing his strange tail to extend to the ground. The four-foot appendage is tinted red, like the rest of his body, and has sharp, pointed ridges leading up from the bottom, following the tail. Further examination reveals that the ridges follow his entire spine, ending on the back of his head.

His face is, like the rest of him, a strange sight to behold. It appears slightly elongated, as if it is trying to break free of its skull, almost like a lizard's face. Instead of a nose, two slits serve as the primary breathing apparatus, contrasting his deep, red eyes that, aside from their color, appear human. His mouth is also fairly normal from the outside, although opening it would reveal sharp, pointed teeth. A scar going down from underneath his left eye to his chin only adds to his intimidating glare.

Makelyth's primary weapon is a three-foot sword with an intricate, gold-decorated hilt. The blade is held in a sheath that is decorated in a manner similar to the hilt. This sheath is strapped around Makelyth's body by a leather band, wrapped around his front side from his right shoulder to his left hip, and going around his back in the same way. The sheath is attached to the strap on his back, allowing for easy access with his right hand.

In addition, the prince carries several pieces of equipment on his belt. Four eight-inch knives are clipped at his waist, with two on each side. These knives are weighted for throwing, but have use in hand-to-hand combat as well.

The last thing he owns is a bag of red sand, strapped to his right hip. This sand, while seemingly ordinary, is actually mixed with quite an interesting potion. When this sand comes in contact with exposed skin, fur, or thin cloth, it will begin to eat through the material. At first touch, the skin begins to feel a tingle, which shortly transforms into burning pain. It won't eat all the way though the skin, but will leave quite a disfiguration and pain before wearing off. Makelyth's scaled hands are immune to its effect, as is anyone with hardened skin.

Prince Makelyth has spent his entire life training with a sword, and it definitely shows. Aside from that, he has good aim with his throwing knives and can also use them in hand-to-hand combat. He is ambidextrous, and therefore can fight with two of the knives at once.

He is very strong and athletic, and can run and jump well, although his tail is more of a hindrance in matter such as these. In addition, his tail can be controlled, and when it is used correctly, the ridges on it can be used to cut legs or anything close to them. His scales offer a type of armor, tough but breakable. It can withstand glancing blows and some weaker magic, but nothing too powerful

His other abilities are a result of his curse. He has a range of basic fire manipulation, with a few techniques suited for combat.

His explosive fireball does exactly what is sounds like, creating an explosion with a radius of around three feet in all directions. The flames are not very hot but can still be dangerous. This will be able to be used again in around thirty seconds.

His compact fireball is smaller, and more suited to doing damage to a single individual than to a group. This does not explode, but will hurt an opponent more and likely knock them back. This takes slightly longer to recharge.

Makelyth can also release the heat in his body to produce elevated temperatures from his person. This heat can be channeled to a specific part of his body, such as a hand that can be used to begin melting through armor. When channeled to the hand he is holding his sword with, the heat will transfer to the blade, making the metal red-hot. The blade will retain its shape and strength, but will be able to cut through opposing steel slowly. How long this takes to recharge depends on how much heat he transfers and how long he holds it.

As a final option, Makelyth can breath a stream of fire for a short amount of time. The stream is concentrated, focused on greatly damaging a small area. This is very powerful fire, and can once every several minutes. It is unlikely that any other fire could be created for at least several seconds after using this attack, and Makelyth will most likely feel quite tired after doing this.

The best word to use here is complicated. In actuality, he is an honorable and kind man. However, he is constantly conflicting with his draconic side, a part of him fighting for bloodthirsty, savage dominance. Makelyth does his best to keep this feral counterpart under control, but can succumb to some of its desires should he lose focus.

Not much is known about Prince Makelyth's past before his journey to these lands. What is known is derived from the records of his homelands up until the time of his exile. Manuscripts state that, through a long and complicated political history, an entire nation set out to exterminate every last dragon in their borders, with the dragons promising to do the same to the ruling humans. This conflict was later attributed to misunderstandings, miscommunications, and general mistakes made on both sides.

With most other sentient species fleeing, the two enemies were free to destroy each other in a devastating war of attrition. The reigning human monarch, King Bosnor, set his son, Prince Makelyth, in charge of a large portion of the human armies. Makelyth had no personal hatred or quarrel with the dragons, but carried out his father's orders without fail.

Unfortunately, it just so happened that the tribe of dragons Makelyth was in charge of eliminating was a tribe of Inferno Dragons of the west, who answered indirectly to the Fire Lord himself. Horrible acts were committed by Makelyth's men, and the blame for these actions fell upon the prince.

It is unknown whether the curse was placed by the dragons, the Fire Lord himself, or an envoy of the great Lord, but Makelyth's life was changed in an instant. A very painful process produced the dragon-like qualities seen on the prince, and the deed was done. Suddenly, the cheers of the crowds turned to jeers of disdain. No one wanted to be around such an abomination, especially among people raised on anti-dragon propaganda, preparing their children for war with the "ugly brutes."

Eventually, Makelyth's own father banished him from their lands, and that is where the records end. The prince's story picks up around five years later, when reports of the strange dragon-man began surfacing in towns near Bren. Makelyth has entered the Elemental Championship in hopes of restoring himself to his human form, regaining the love of his father and the trust of his people, and returning finally to his homeland.

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Probably going to run out of time to participate yet again because next week I'll be in Belgium for a week and then the week after the week after that I'll be at game design camp, but I'm not going to miss this, even if I can only participate for a bit.

Going to come back later once I've decided which character idea I've settled on. Probably going to be the two headed fellow I thought up a while back.
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Regretably, I can't participate this year due to a mix of business and not having my ideas fleshed out enough to warrent posting. You can bet that I'll be watching the precedings with baited breath.

Good luck to all participants.
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Approved. However, it is worth stating the fact that given that arena allotments are randomized, that your abilities may find themselves in tougher straits in one location than another. Should you find this to be a problematic prospect, you have my permission to resubmit should you desire to, though there’s nothing keeping you from playing this character - she’s perfectly acceptable. ~Ryu

First Post: Link

Name: Nod

Gender: Female

Race: Genetically-Altered Human

Age: 27

Element: Earth

Nod stands at a height of 6 foot 2 inches tall. Due to her genetic alterations she has an oddly shaped body with a long neck, wiry arms, a wide but relatively flat chest for a female, an average waist and muscular legs.

She keeps her ginger hair cut short, in order to keep her face clear while working. Her left eye is a light turquoise-green colour and her right eye is the same light turquoise-green but with a dark crimson slash going diagonally through the iris and pupil.

Nod's face is decorated with the results of her genetic alteration and torture. Scars and burns plaster her face, her cheekbones are sunken in, her eye sockets have been expanded, her nose has chunks removed from it, her lips partially removed, her tongue completely removed, her jaw thickened and strengthened.

Nod dons unflattering clothing: a tan tunic with no design, a black leather belt to keep the tunic held in at her waist and stout walking boots that have served her well through the years. At her shoulders, elbows and neck Nod has included steel armour. This provides her with the minimum of protection.

On her back, in a quiver-like pouch, Nod carries several wands of varying colour and shape:
. Fox - A light brown branch of Alder Wood, 30cm long, with a fox carved into the head,
. Tree - A tan branch of Ash Wood, 15cm inches long, with a tree carved into the head,
. Stag - A white-grey branch of Birch Wood, 22cm long, with a stag carved into the head,
. Owl - A lacquered black branch of Hawthorn Wood, 30cm long, with an owl carved into the head,
. Unicorn - A white branch of Holly Wood, 40cm long, with a unicorn carved into the head.

She also carries a small rounded-shield of oak with a silver rim Argent Buckler. The shield is light with a diameter of 40cm and 3cm thick.

Her muscular legs allow Nod to run faster than the average human and her genetic alteration have given her great stamina (enough for her to run for several days and night, although this was also partially due to fear and desire to escape). Her physical strength is enough for hand-to-hand combat with someone of above-average strength, but she is not a practiced fighter and will prefer to fight using her magic from medium to long range (although she needs to be at the very most 100m away from her opponents).

Her magical powers are enhanced by her small collection of Five Wands, which she keeps in a small quiver-like pouch on her back. Her abilities include:
Shivering Earth - Creating earthquake like effects in a small area. Does not cause much damage, if any, but can slow and confuse her enemies.
Shattering Earth - Similar to Shivering Earth, however this spell is more powerful. The ground at the opponent's feet rips itself apart, shooting shards out and creating very difficult terrain to walk on. Again, does not cause much damage but can slow, confuse and create minor injuries.
Enchanted Shield - Nod's shield lightly glows a dull grey and the silver edges of the shield strengthen to allow them to be used as a sharp weapon.
Hypnotic Dreams - Nod uses Unicorn (Her Holly Wand) to send her opponent to sleep. However, this spell cannot work on someone of great endurance, intelligence, or if they are immune to hypnosis. May also be prevented by strength of will, but some effects may still be present.
Earth Manipulation - Nod is able to manipulate and shape Earth to a certain degree. She can lift great boulders, but not mountains (due to her powers with Earth and not sheer strength. She would not be able to lift a boulder of Ice, for example). She can quickly create a brittle sword of Earth around her, but she cannot create an armour out of Earth. She can force shards of Earth out at her feet, or at the feet of her opponents.
Vision Shield - Nod breaks the top layer of Earth around her into a fine sand, which she forces into the air to create a screen of sand. The area effect can be relatively large, but the larger the area the less sand she is able to throw up.

Each of Nods wands possess unique magical properties and can assist her in the spells and attacks that she uses. Each wand can influence a spell in a different way:
. Fox - Provides confidence, bravery and protection from astral intrusion/ possession.
Nod uses this wand when her courage fails her, when meditating or casting a lengthy spell (offers small protection to her body when she is not in it and prevents possession while she is not in her body).
. Tree - Provides intelligence, wisdom and understanding.
Nod uses this wand to boost her spells and her strategic thinking during battle.
. Stag - Provides calming, healing and protection powers (controlled by the moon).
Nod uses this wand when she needs to escape from a situation that she cannot win, as it allows her to calmly think of how to escape and allows her to protect herself and heal herself.
. Owl - Provides protection and detection of magic, as well as concealing of magic.
Nod uses this wand when she wants to discover the location of magic usage, while allowing her to keep her own magic hidden.
. Unicorn - Provides powers of sleep and physical revenge.
Nod uses this wand as her main weapon. Her desire for revenge is so great that the Holly Wand reacts to it and gains more power. It's power over sleep is so great that Nod can use the wand to send her opponents to sleep without even needing to fight them.

Nod has never used two wands simultaneously before, because she fears that she could not control the power. The wands do not complement each other and opposing forces can be too dangerous. However, she is capable of switching between her wands at fierce speeds to better handle a situation where one wand is not optimal.

Nod was once a very fair and kind natured woman. Her desire to help others set her on her path of study and solitude.
After Nod escaped from her capture, she became harsher. But at her heart she was still the fair and kind hearted woman that she once was. Instead of wishing for solitude and peace, she wished to speak out against the injustices that went unpunished in Lore and for the equality of all. However, with the removal of her tongue she was unable to do so and so she began her new path to discover a way to reverse what had happened to her.
Although Earth is known as a stubborn element, Nod would think of herself more like sand, because she is flexible and reasonable. But few see this side of her, as her exterior appearance is a deterrent to those with prejudiced views.


Nod had grown up in Granemor, but after the attacks on the city and after the demolishing of the previous site of the city, she decided to move away. Her travels took her across the Great Sea and to Deren, where she began to study as a scholar. Nod fell in love with the scholar life and she decided to lead an even more solitary lifestyle to understand an even greater level of thinking. She wished to discover even greater spells than those she had seen being used when Granemor was attacked. She believed by doing so she could help to create a healthier world, where death was not as prominent.

However, seeking a solitary lifestyle is difficult for a pretty young girl. When foraging for different herbs for medicines and her meals, Nod was captured by a group of bandits. The bandits gagged her and tied her up, leading her away from her newly found home. Nod did not see where she was taken, but when her blindfold was taken off she was tied up in a laboratory.
The laboratory was used by a scientist that wished to splice the genetic material of the monsters of Lore into humans, creating a new race that would overthrow the world with him as its ruler (typical bad guy stuff).

Nod was kept in the laboratory for several months before she was taken to be "operated on". She did not know what genetic material she was injected with, but it changed her. When she tried to resist she was brutally attacked. Even when her flesh began to melt, even when her bones broke and grew anew, and even when her muscles ripped themselves apart; her cries were never heard by someone who was willing to help.
The experiments continued for long enough for Nod to forget who she was, who she had been and who she could become. For her, her life consisted of pain and more pain.

It was years before the scientist that conducted the experiments on her was unable to pay the bandits who collected his victims. On hearing that they were not to be paid, the bandits killed the scientist and decided to kill all of the specimens that the scientist had been experimenting on. Nod resided in the final cage, but when they opened up the gate to kill her too, she reached out and with all her strength ripped the sword from the lead bandit's hand.

Although the bandits were the same men that had stolen her years ago, she could not bring herself to kill them. She held the sword between them and backed out of the building. However, one of the bandits charged towards her and screamed that she was only a mutant abomination and Nod's peaceful nature cracked and disappeared. In minutes she had slaughtered the bandits and had left the laboratory.

Nod ran for several days and night before she fell in exhaustion and when she awoke she was being cared for by an elderly man, who had set a camp up where she had fallen. The man was partially blind and could not see Nod's disfigured face, so he could not see the abomination that she had become. When asked her name, Nod could not remember and she could not even say anything for the lack of her tongue. She shook her head several times, before the elderly man held up his hand and told her that it was better to say yes to thing, than to say no. At that she decided she would call herself Nod, to commemorate the first person who had treated her like a human in years.

Nod began her studies of magic once again, however this time she did not look for healing magic, but for offensive and defensive magic. She wished to find someone who could help reverse that which had happened to her, and she knew that she would never be able to do so herself. Nod started her quest to find a Wizard, Archmage, Scientist, Magician, Scholar, or Sage that could help her. Many stood in her way and saw her only as another monster to be slayed, but Nod defended herself each and every time. Her continuous research brought her to many towns, many enemies and many friends. With her knowledge of magic she was able to create her own Wands and Shield, and her Earth magic grew stronger with time.

In her quest to seek someone capable of helping her to remove the genetic alterations done to her, Nod heard about the Elemental Championships. She had never heard of the ECs before and she had never considered herself very pious to the Earth Lord, although she had spent several years studying and admiring the Earth Element.
Whether the Earth Lord would ever regard her as anything other than an abomination, she did not care. If the Earth Lord would not choose her as their champion, she would at least be able to discover someone capable of reverting her back to her normal self.

Nod decided to set off to Bren and to enter the Elemental Championships...

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I looked at my calendar again, and unfortunately, August ninth is the day I'm leaving for vacation. Sorry, I geuss I can't participate this year.
DF MQ Epic  Post #: 16
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Poor Water, nobody wants to represent it.
AQ  Post #: 17
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This submission has been rejected because the character in question is simply too powerful to be realistically played within the confines of the EC. Elementals are an extremely potent tier of being and are capable of feats which many other creatures could only dream of. You need to submit a character that is considerably less powerful than the one present in this bio in order to be eligible to compete. ~Ryu

Name: Aurumos

Age: Unknown, but estimated at a few centuries.

Race: Elementals

Element: Darkness


He is a humanoid looking being that is made up of fluid darkness that absorbs light (think of blackbody in physics) that pass through him, thus, his true body is invisible to individuals who relies on sight as a mean of detection. He wears a metallic shell that covers his head, torso, arms, pelvic region, shin areas. The metallic shell is manufactured by a vampire clan who were presumably drakels before being transformed into vampires, it is inert non-magnetic structure that allows other beings that relies on sight to see him. Aurumos has no visible facial features, but his observed silhouette seems lean and muscular.


Metallic shell that is made up of a unknown inert non-magnetic metal that both function as a strong protective gear and as a mean to communicate with other beings that relies on sight.
Being a creature of solid darkness, he can transform his appendages into any structure that he wishes, be it a cup, a key, a bowl or a spear. His morphs are sustained by the amount of light he has absorbed and thus is extremely durable because of his blackbody. The caveat is that he has to have absorbed light beforehand, otherwise, he would be incapable of morphing his appendages into other structures.

A katana that is made out of dragonbane and glows with everlasting light dragon breath. The katana serves as a mean of self-defence and as a power source because Aurumos feeds on its everlasting dragon breath as a source of food and power.

A medallion brought from the plane of darkness. When willed by Aurumos, he can achieve instantaneous travel between any places that have darkness or shadow. I.e. Aurumos can travel right behind someone walking down the streets as the streetlight creates a shadow upon the walker, whereas he cannot travel to someone who is standing in a lightbox that shines light in all 6 directions, as there are no darkness nor shadows.


He is once the leading general of the darkness plane that sought out to plunder Lore into an everlasting darkness, but since his encounter with the light dragons, he has changed his opinions of elemental superiority. Instead of wanting to overpower everything, he nows seeks balance between the elements. He is cold on the outside, but warm on the inside. He is a bit depressed as he has spent the last 3 centuries wandering around Lore undetected, like a ghost because the citizens of Battleon cannot see him, until he was lucky enough to discover some vampiric drakels that kindly made him an armour which he can wear to communicate with others. Aurumos seeks to help out the underprivileged, in atonement for the damages he has caused when he first ventured to Lore.


As the leading general of the darkness plane, Aurumos is a skilled strategist and a master swordsman. Although not very well versed with arcane arts, being an elemental being has its advantages, Aurumos is innately capable of drawing and then manipulating the energies from the Darkness plane to serve as "spells". Aurumos's physical attributes is as weak or as strong as the amount of light he has absorbed or the amount of darkness surrounding him. Theoretically, Aurumos physical strength has no upper bound, but Lore does not have a limitless source of light nor darkness either, thus on Lore, Aurumos strength is on par with the dragons. Aurumos is not very agile due to the metallic shell that encompasses him, but without the shell, he is extremely nimble due to his weightlessness.

He can morph his appendages into any structure he wishes and uses them accordingly, but by doing so, he exhausts the amount of energy contained within him and thus cannot sustain the morphed form indefinitely. However, the morphed structure is incredibly durable and flexible, being able to change shape and size on the fly.

His Dragonbane-made Katana, Drightane, that burns with everlasting light dragon flames is a sword that he uses as a mean of sustenance (he feeds off the light emitted by the katana). Although without any tremendous mystical qualities, the flames that engulfs blade can be channeled into a powerful blast, as breathed by the light dragons themselves - however, once channeled, Drightane's flame to "rest" for an hour or so before another blast can be channeled.

He was once a power-hungry and vicious man who had set his mind on obtaining a greater territory for the Darkness Lord but upon his encounter with the prime light dragon, who after a heavy battle bested Aurumos, he has changed his mentality. What happened during the battle was sketchy, but what Aurumos knew was the mercy in which the prime light dragon has shown him. The dragon could've killed him, but she didn't, instead, the dragon granted him a katana that could kill the dragon herself. Aurumos, furious at his defeat wanted to pierce the dragon with the katana but, at the same time grateful for the mercy shown towards him walked away. He knew that his action has disgraced the Darkness Lord and would have been punished severely if he was to return to the darkness plane, thus, he entered Lore in hopes of starting a new life - to atone for the damages he has caused.

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There are a few notables who are going to show up soon enough. Many people wait until just before the deadline in order to base their strengths and weaknesses off of other characters, in order to gain a competitive advantage or perhaps even just to get more time to think. Though there are only a few days left in the entry process, applications are far from over.
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Ditto. Five days is plenty of time left for more competition to arrive (sometimes I would wait just to see if an element needed a bit more representation).

AQ DF MQ  Post #: 20
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I can think of plenty of "EC Regulars" that are just waiting to scout the competition. No one wants to enter on the first day and then have someone better or more experienced than them enter the same element a week later. I don't think there will be much of a problem with element representation.

Sorry to see you go, Legendium and Riprose. Legend, I was hoping you and I might have an uninterrupted battle this time.
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>enter a week later with the same element

I have heard 3 people threaten to do this to me over IRC. :(
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Then you just gotta beat them.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 23
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Approved, though do remember to keep the reasonable limits of your abilities in mind (and perhaps tone down the creation of after-images by your final ability). ~Ryu

Name: Rowan Moonstone

Race: Human


Age: Late 20’s

Element: Darkness

Appearance: Around 5’9, Rowan is a decently fit young man, with the build of someone who’s worked with both spell and sword on a regular basis. His skin sports a few simple weapon-based scars from training or accident, and his skin is a pale color, since he spends most of his time in the light-absent DoomWood and AmityVale. Rowan’s armor, while still keeping the Death Knight base, has been modified in his time in the Northern CryptLord’s tombs. The armor has been reformed and now features a blue-sapphire trim, over his previous golden, but still retains its black base color. The Pauldrons, instead of having the rounded curve and the skulls on top, have been molded together to simply feature a skull itself that wrapped around his shoulders. The horns are unchanged, still extending from the temples of the pauldrons, and curving upward.

History: A young man whose father was a Necromancer and mother was a High Priestess of Swordhaven, Rowan Moonstone has been shown both the Light and Darkness of Lore, and that the two do, in fact, attract one another. His mother kept his Father, Tomas, from the madness of the shadows and he kept Solara Moonstone from being blinded by the light too severely. After his father’s murder by an over-zealous Paladin while on a task from Alteon himself, Solara clung to the only thing she had left. Her son. While Rowan himself was too young at the time to truly understand the loss of a parent… he did always wonder why his father never came home.

A few years of peace followed and despite their loss, the Moonstone’s had moved on and found a new happiness…until the darkness once again came to snatch away a loved one. When a cruel Necromantress assaulted SwordHaven, Rowan found himself watching from his cottage window, in terror, as the undead fought the Pactagonal Knights and his mother fought the twisted Necromantress herself. Just when he thought his mother was going to succeed, the evil woman released a power like he’d never seen and ended his mother right before his eyes, then fled. The Knights never did figure out the woman’s true reason for attacking the Kingdom. Now alone and sobbing at his mother’s corpse, Rowan had seen the Light fail to protect his mother and he didn’t understand why.

So, as darkness pressed at the young man’s mind as he grew older, alone and lost, he saw only one solution. If the Light was not strong enough to defeat the Darkness, then he would use the darkness itself. “Fight fire with fire…” he called it. The young man trained with sword and martial combat from the Pactagonal Knights around SwordHaven, showing ferocity in combat that the Knights were often shocked by. Once Rowan felt he was ready and had earned enough funds to travel from various jobs around SwordHaven, the young man set off for DoomWood. There, he planned to hunt for the fabled Necropolis and Necromancy University.

The years pass, and Rowans skill with magic soon matched his martial abilities. While summoning was a part of his education, Rowan’s abilities were more focused on pure Shadow manipulation. After a full 6-year education at the Necro U, Rowan began his journey as one to fight the Darkness…using the Darkness itself.

After competing and failing to make the cut in a previous Elemental Championship, Rowan returned to the Necropolis, both frustrated and disappointed. He hadn’t been defeated, he had been chosen unworthy by Lord VoidStar… He wasn’t strong enough yet to be honored with the right to fight for him. As much as this stung, he knew his parents returning to life depended on his victory in the next Championship, and he knew just the person to teach him honorable combat. Collecting his equipment and his spell Tombs, Rowan ventured deep into the frozen wastes of Lore’s NorthLands. In the Necropolis, he’d located a few pages referencing a Crypt buried deep in the snow, ruled by a LichLord…His plan? Get in, prove his worth to the Undead Lord and learn everything he could, and if the Lich wasn’t willing to cooperate…He’d dispose of him and teach himself.

After a long, cold journey, Rowan arrived and was…formally greeted by the Tomb’s undead spider Gaurds. Difficult, but with his martial skill and simple will to proceed and claim his prize, Rowan stepped over the broken carapaces and entered the Crypt. Nothing on Lore could have prepared him for such a place. Channels of a substance that even the Death Knight could not identify ran through the halls, hooks featuring limbs of many kinds hung from the ceiling, and undead creations shambled by that he didn’t recognize. Most beings would have used this all as an excuse to simply turn back and never return, but Rowan only saw this as the confirmation that this Crypt hid the secrets he sought.

Some of the undead, he was able to dominate with his will, and simply moved them out of his path, but not all were so quick to submit. Once the presence of the interloper was more well-known, the Death Knight soon found himself fighting more skeletons and ghouls then he could control! He certainly had not expected this kind of a force to be kept in such a place, but with a flurry of sword strikes and darkness magic, he fought deeper. Eventually, Rowan felt himself growing more and more exhausted as his mana was drained with each spell and his arms grew wearier with each parry or strike. He soon found it wiser to simply avoid as much of the undead as possible, and with a few well-timed shadows-steps, he found himself in what he assumed was his goal. A large gate, that opened quickly when the Death Knight used his remaining energy to blow the lock from its face. With a creaking sound, the gates swung open and revealed his prize. He’d expected the LichLord to be here, but instead, he only found a pile of shattered bones and robe in one corner of the room…and a corpse clad in Paladin armor in the other corner.

From his deduction, the Paladin had defeated the Lord of this place, but not before he gave his own life in the process. Figuring it was his own weakness that had gotten him killed, Rowan observed the corpse, taking a liking to the unique design of the former light-wielders shield. His new defensive tool now slung over his back with his sword, Rowan found his way to the Lich’s collection of Tomes and writings. Collecting the writings that he could relate to, the Death Knight drew one of the Mana potions he brought in his pack and consumed it, having refused to waste his plan of escape on the undead earlier. Mana replenished, the Knight shadow-stepped until he was near the outer corridor, then dominated a few of the remaining undead to attack each other as he made his escape out into the frigid air and snow. Free from the Crypt, Rowan smiled…Finally, he had enough information for months! Once returning the Necropolis, Rowan learned everything he could. New forms of forging armor and weapons, shadow constructs, and self-enhancements…All tools he could use for the day when that letter arrived for the Championship…

Personality: Rowan wears a polite, moderately friendly composure, one of manner that his mother taught him. He’ll occasionally use his dry-bone humor and have a little fun, but should he have the desire, his quick wit can result in a sharp and cutting tongue. Over time, he has seen that perhaps the truth isn’t always the wisest first option, so the Death Knight’s true intentions are not always clear. In combat, Rowan is relentless. He believes that not letting an enemy breath is key to victory. Keep them disoriented; keep them constantly on their toes, and keep the fight as mental as physical with cutting words.


RuneSword of the Plague: The Successor to the Necrosis Sword that Rowan used last year, The blade’s sides feature three risen ridges near its hilt, while the rest of the blade smooth’s to a lethal tip. He forged it with the same cursed alloy as his original sword, making it as light and swift as its predecessor. Across its black face, glowing blue runes have been carved into the metal, giving the sword the power for one enhanced blow before the symbols must recharge. As before, the Sword can be used as a channel for shadow energy as well.

CryptLord Shield: Taken from a Paladin Corpse he stumbled upon inside the Crypt, the design seemed very well forged, so Rowan claimed it as his own once he had the place for himself. Using the Tomes and knowledge he’d learned both in the Crypt and the Necropolis, Rowan repaired and reforged the Shield, merging a pair of blades into its tips. The Paladin crest was pounded soft and a white skull was formed in its place. The shield is shaped in a rough diamond shape, the bottom being longer and split down it’s middle. To free up the Death Knight’s hand, the shield is physically connected to Rowan’s gauntlet via three straps, which can be removed if he needs to lose the shield for any reason.

Image reference

WindBorn: A simple blade he won from a Wind Competitor last year, the blade is shorter than his Necrosis one, but provides a quickly drawn close-quarters weapon if need be. The blade lacks any abilities, but given it was from a Wind user, Rowan gave it the name. The Sword, lacking his Plague RuneSword’s power, cannot be a channel for any of his elemental powers.


Necrotic Throw: Rowan tosses his sword at his opponent for a ranged attack and then pulls the weapon back to its owner with a shadow bolt, returning the weapon to him.
Shadow Claws: Rowan forms shadows around his gauntlets, creating a thick skin of darkness and short but sharp claws. This requires little mana and is one of Rowan’s go-to’s for close-quarters combat.

Skulls will Roll: Rowan forms a skull made from raw, volatile shadows and launches them at his target, where if they should make contact, will release their shadowy contents with impressive force. This also uses little mana, but if used enough, this can be an easy way to suck himself dry.

Shadow Bolt: Rowan launches a bolt of darkness from either his sword or his palm, though its incredibly easier to use this ability when he has his sword as a channel, like a Caster would use a staff or wand. When using his palm, the bolt is still useful, though can tend to be a little inaccurate.

Martial Skills: Having trained with the Pactagonal Knights for quite a while, Rowan sports a little above average swordsmanship, but where his true strength lies is in his hands. If deprived of sword and spell, Rowan will not fail to resort to basic but merciless blows, jabs and hooks to attempt to defeat his foe.

Shadow-Step: Rowan sacrifices a decent amount of mana to shift his body into a shadowy form and quickly move from one location to another. As quickly as this is done, it's very taxing on the user’s mana and cannot be done many times without totally exhausting the Caster.

Necrotic Orb: Rowan sacrifices all mana to form a sphere of swirling shadows around himself. The quickly moving energy will attempt to dissolve any spells that attempt to harm the character, but are less effective versus melee blows. Light spells can pass right through with no difficulty.

Shadow Skelestruct – Rowan raises his arms and focuses, forming a skeletal torso from raw darkness. The construct is then launched at an enemy, claws linked to Rowan’s own hands, allowing him to move them to form any strike he wishes before the shadow-thing dissipates. The construct has a travel range of about 20 feet.

Swift Death: Continuously drawing into his mana pool, Rowan empowers himself with an aura that both increases the swiftness of his form, while draining it’s physical power to do so. Moving with more speed and reflex, the Death knight’s blows become focused on either the sharp edge of his swords and shield, or the sheer quantity of the attacks. Anyone who has lived to see this spell in action would recognize it by the violet glow that engulfs the man’s iris’s and the shadows that leave ghostly afterimages behind. Before his mana run’s dry, the spell cancels itself, as not to fully exhaust Rowan’s magic.


-Rowan, despite having had a High Priestess for a mother, is severely weak to light magic and has sensitive eyes if the Light is severe enough, since he spent so long in DoomWood and AmityVale.

-Rowan is not the most agile fighter, and relies on his armor to protect him if he fails to either dodge or block a blow.

-Prefers to be up close and personal, often putting himself at odds with a Spell-based enemy.

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How We Roll Winner

I am back and this time, NO BLIND GUYS....!!

Guess I'll be representing Fire this time. Expect a bio from me later today or early tomorrow.

I look forward to the ECs this year. :)
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