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Frostval in July!

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7/30/2008 21:41:44   
Lost Star

Frostval in July!

Location: Travel Map » Zorbak's Hideout » Frostval in July

At last Frostval, the ebil moglin Zorbak joined forces with the mysterious Khandie Khain and her mother the Nightmare Queen in order to bring an end to our holiday cheer. Zorbak's evil plot was foiled but the Nightmare Queen's sinister motives remain shrouded in mystery. When disturbing news arrives of Prince Sharian and Queen Kithia of Deren, along with several other of King Tralin's citizens falling into a deep and troubled slumber, it is clear that the Nightmare Queen and Khandie are up to their old tricks. Yet what could their purpose be in assaulting so far away, and does it possibly have anything to do with a sinister plan to get revenge for the sting of a Frostval past?
«Scene: Outside Nightmare Queen's Castle»

Scene zooms to the ground near the floating castle where Kithia, Shirian, Khandie Khain and the Nightmare Queen are.

Kithia: I will never serve you...
Shirian: We shall fight you with our final breaths!
Nightmare Queen: The Sweaty Peel shall strip you of your identity and render you servants of my Nightmare Realm! Khandie, bring forth the peel.

Scene zooms into Khandie Khain.

Khandie Khain: Mother, what will it do??

Scene shifts to the Nightmare Queen.

Nightmare Queen: It will steal their memories and their minds and make them our servants. Watch, my daughter.

A light appears on the Nightmare Queen's fingertips, and touches the peel. The peel then levitates and flies towards Shirian, covering his face.

Kithia: Prince Shirian!! What have you done to my son?!
Shirian: uurrgglle....

Scene shifts to Khandie Khain.

Khandie Khain: Steal their identity.... hmmm...

Screen fades away.

«Scene: Inside Nightmare Queen's Castle»

Khandie Khain: I used to be such a good little girl...

Screen fades away.

«Scene: Outside Deren, followed by inside it»

King Tralin: More and more of my people are falling into the slumber; it pays no heed of race, creed or culture. Diviara reports that even Amilara has fallen asleep.
King Tralin: Even my Frogzard Knights cannot wake a single Zard from its dreams.
«You»: I see, but what we do, your Majesty? We cannot get into the Nightmare Realm unless we fall asleep ourselves. We cannot control our dreams the way the Nightmare Queen can.
King Tralin: That is where a bit of research from the School of Thought comes in. They are experimenting with some ancient technology for exploring ones' own consciousness and discovered this.

King Tralin leaves the scene for a short while, bringing back a tuba upon his entry.

«You»: A tuba? They performed their test on a tuba? What is it? A test tuba?!
King Tralin: Actually it is a sousaphone, but not just any sousaphone. This sousaphone is the Lucigenesis Device.
«You»: Lucy who--?
King Tralin: Lucigenesis. The sound of this Tuba will send you into a Lucid Dream state where you remain in control.
«You»: I thought you said it wasn't a tuba?
King Tralin: ............
King Tralin: Now prepare yourself-- I will now use the instrument to send you to the Nightmare Queen's realm!
  • !!!
    King Tralin holds up the tuba. A short tune is played and you appear in the Nightmare Realm

    «Scene: Nightmare Realm»
    You appear somewhere in the Nightmare Realm. A sign writes "Dangerous Criminal: Do Not Free". A sack of Nightmare Coins is placed nearby a Gorilla

    Alignment Choice!
  • Try to find out who the coins belong to
    **(Increases Good Alignment)
    **«+1 to Good/Evil Alignments»
      «You»: What is this? Who are you?
      Gorilla: I must be a dangerous criminal, for the sign proclaims I am.
      «You»: I suppose I cannot argue with that logic. However, what did you do to-- Hey! You talk!
      Gorilla: Oh indeed, I am quite educated on many many things. You are about to enter the Hall of Lost Memories. I would be quite careful were I you.
      «You»: Uh, thanks, I guess? Um... How exactly are you dangerous?
      Gorilla: That should be obvious.
      «You»: Sorry, not really.
      Gorilla: I think. I think therefore I am dangerous. Dangerous to everything the Nightmare Queen seeks to establish.
      «You»: In that case, I rather think I should free you. For anything dangerous to the Nightmare Queen is certainly helpful to me.
    • Free the Gorilla!

      The chain attached to the Gorilla comes loose. At the same time, a counter for Nightmare Coins appear at the bottom right corner of the screen

      Gorilla: I thank you. Here, take these coins. (Click the bag) They are useful in this realm to purchase things. Take that and a stern warning. What lies beyond is not for the weak of heart.

      If you are a Guardian, clicking the bag gives the message "You now have 15000 Nightmare Coins!"
      If you are an Adventurer, clicking the bag gives the message "You now have 8000 Nightmare Coins!"

      Gorilla: You must go into the Hall of Lost Memories. There you will face nightmarish forms of long-lost people from your world. You must defeat them to preserve the REAL memories of them!
      Gorilla: If you survive that, the Hall of Daydreams lies beyond! Good luck to you!
    • Go!
  • Just take the coins!
    **(Increases Evil Alignment)
    **«-1 to Good/Evil Alignment»
      Gorilla: (Click the bag to take your treasure.) Hey! Those are mine!
      «You»: Not any more. You are tied up; and besides, you are a dangerous criminal.
      Gorilla: Looks like you are the criminal to me!
      «Gorilla breaks free of his chains»

      1 BATTLE
  • Skip Choice
    **(No change to Alignment)
      Same as Good Alignment

    You soon come upon the Hall of Lost Memories, where long-forgotten figures manifest themselves as memories who see you as little more than an invading parasite and seek to destroy you!
  • Continue
    1 BATTLE«Full Heal»

    1 BATTLE
    «Full heal»

    «Scene: Khandie is circling around in an open field»

    «You»: Is that Khandie at noon... and singing?
    «You»: Somehow I feel as if there is a horrible pun here, but it is just beyond my grasp.

    Scene switches to an area where the background shows burning houses. Demento and you enter.

    «You»: Th--That's DEMENTO! Blood brother of Galanoth who died trying to hold back Drakonnan's first wave in the Great Fire War!
    «You»: But it is a "demented" version of him-- and I need to annihilate him to preserve the true memory of him as a hero!
  • Fight!

    1 BATTLE
    «Full Heal»

    «Scene: Outside Nightmare Queen's Castle. The peel flies away from Shirian's face and back to the Nightmare Queen»

    Nightmare Queen: My dear Drakel children, I have a device for you to build a legendary device. With it we shall amplify our thoughts and make our dreams reality!
    Shirian: Your will, my Mother...
    Kithia: As you command. My people shall act, your Majesty.
    Nightmare Queen: You see, my dearest Khandie? They do as I command. Their past no longer exists. They are now my children.
    Khandie Khain: Now your children--?
    Nightmare Queen: Oh do not concern yourself, my dear heart. I loved you first. They are nothing like you, little one...

    Scene zooms to Khandie Khain.

    Khandie Khain: Nothing like me, hmm?
    After leaving the Hall of Lost Memories you come upon the Hall of Daydreams. Its similarity to the real world that you know is astounding, but something about this place seems subtly different...
    «Scene: Battleon»

    Bishop Finch is standing outside the Inn. Scene zooms in on him and you enter.

    «You»: Finch, what are you doing out of the attic?
    Bishop Finch: I am not out of the attic. This is only a dream!
    «You»: Oh yeah, right. So what are you doing here, then?
    Bishop Finch: I was daydreaming about a nice meal downstairs. There was roast beef and mashed potatoes and roasted corn on the cob and and apple pie and....

    Bishop Finch beams.

    «You»: ..............
    Bishop Finch: I could just taste it... can't... you see it now?

    Roast beef, mashed potatoes, roasted corn on the cob and apple pie appear and circle around.

    «You»: Well now that you mention it, yes....

    Bishop Finch stops smiling.

    Bishop Finch: That's the problem though... it's all fake.
    «You»: FAKE?
    Bishop Finch: Totally.

    The food disappear.

    «You»: I am not sure I quite understand.
    Bishop Finch: It's just my daydream and we are trapped in it.
    «You»: Oh... So how do I get out of here?
    Bishop Finch: You must navigate the Maze of Distractions.
    «You»: What is that?! It sounds somehow both alluring and... bad.
    Bishop Finch: It most definitely is. Don't get too caught up in the distractions, and remember that your goal is to just get to the end of the maze!
  • Go!
    Into the Maze of Distractions you go! See if you can get through to the end of the maze without being distracted. If you do, then you should feel a sense of accomplishment in your ability to resist temptation!
    «Maze of Distractions»

    You enter the scene.

    «You»: Hmmm... This doesn't seem bad so far. In fact, this place is boring. I want nothing more than to get to the end of this maze right now!

    Outlay of Maze

    Orange = Optional Legendary Monster Fight
    Green = Optional Arm Wrestling, you can leave at anytime
    Here are a list of weapons/armors/guests you may come across in the Maze of Distractions (Nightmare Coins - NCs):
    Nightmare Mask - 250 NCs
    Lime Ape Guest - 500 NCs
    Dream Mjollnir - 2000 NCs
    Clockwork Armor - 3000 NCs
    Healing Pants - 3000 NCs
    Dream Reignbringer - 2500 NCs
    Dream Golden Axe - 2500 NCs

    Here are the following encounters within the Maze of Distractions:
    Nightmare Coin Sack (Allows you to get 15000 NCs. Only available at the starting point)
    Arm Wrestling Fight (Choose between Aquella - 1, Artix - 2 and Captain Rhubarb - 3. Left and right arrow keys to move arm)
    Legendary Monster Fight!At the end of the maze...

    This is the end of the Maze of Distractions! You might want to backtrack to be sure you did not miss anything! Really, you should go back through the Maze now!
  • Start the Maze over again!
  • Start the Maze over again!
  • Leave the maze now!

    «Scene: Frostvale Village»

    You enter the scene.

    ???: Zorbie, honey, I'm sorry but money is just too tight this Frostval. We can't afford the shipping from Frostvale for that chemistry set you wanted.
    Zorbie: But Mommy!
    «You»: Zorbie...? Tee hee hee.

    Zorbie and his mother fades away. Zorbak enters

    Zorbak: You should stay out of memories that don't concern you!
    «You»: Zorbak!
    Zorbak: ...And you cannot trust this area anyway-- that has NOTHING to do with why I hate Frostval!
    «You»: Sure it doesn't....
    Zorbak: Meh. You can get all touchy-feely if you want to but do it outside of my head.
    «You»: Why are you here?
    Zorbak: Mu Glen wants me to find Khandie.
    «You»: What? Why would she want that?
    Zorbak: She learned she was a kidnap.... that is none of your concern! Look, just be careful. The Hall of Fears is next.

    Scene switches to outside Nightmare Queen's castle, and slowly zooms towards the castle.

    «Scene: Inside Nightmare Queen's Castle»

    Nightmare Knight: Your Majesty.... the King of Deren has sent word that I should inform you that your plan is going to fail. He says to remind you that he told you so.
    Nightmare Queen: How did he do this?
    Nightmare Knight: He has the Lucigenesis device...
    Nightmare Queen: What? Impossible!
    Nightmare Knight: Nevertheless, Majesty, he has it and his champion has already cleared the Maze of Distractions and is about to enter the Hall of Fears. They are confident they shall defeat you.
    Nightmare Queen: Soon my armies shall manifest in the real world and we shall see.

    Kithia enters the scene.

    Kithia: The device is ready, Majesty....
    Nightmare Queen: Excellent. You see, my daughter? We shall have our revenge upon Frostvale and their wretched holiday. Soon the whole world will be my servants.
    Khandie Khain: What of those who resist, Mother?
    Nightmare Queen: The Sweaty Peels will make short work of them.
    Khandie Khain: I am not so sure it's good to steal people's memories like that...
    Nightmare Queen: It is good enough for me, deary.
    After moving on from Zorbak's memory of his home village in winter, you enter the Hall of Fears...
    «Hall of Fears»

    You enter the scene.

    «You»: Okay, this is a little strange. I wonder which of my fears I will have to confront in here...

    Zorbak and Mu Glen appear

    Mu Glen: Zorbak, I'm sorry, but I have met someone else.
    Zorbak: B--but-- Why, Mu Glen?! What does he have that I don't?? Is he taller?? Is he more powerful?? What, Mu Glen, what??
    Mu Glen: He is-- more ebil.
    Zorbak: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Zorbak and Mu Glen disappear

    «You»: Wow-- I get it! It isn't MY fears I have to get through! It is OTHERS' fears!!

    Background changes to the desert, where Galanoth and Akriloth appear.

    «You»: Galanoth! And Akriloth!!
    Galanoth: My Dragon Blade!! Why is it not activating?!?
    Akriloth: HAHAHAHA-- Without the extra power of your blade, you are little but a crunchy snack! Your armor will keep you alive long enough to be digested by my stomach acids...

    Background switches to the graveyard, where Artix and the Mysterious Necromancer are.

    «You»: Artix and the Mysterious Necromancer--?
    Artix: Prepare to be cleansed, foul villain!
    Mysterious Necromancer: Meet your DOOM, paladin.

    The Mysterious Necromancer raises his hand. A light appears at his fingertips and hits Artix on the head, changing it to a skull.

    Artix: ........................
    Artix: What is your bidding, my master?

    Background fades away, into the original background of the Hall of Fears.

    «You»: This is-- horrible!

    «Scene: Battleon in a Nightmare»

    Scene zooms to the snowman in the middle of town. You enter the scene.

    «You»: Hey you, ice for brains! Where is your queen?
    Snowman: That's not very nice, is it? I never asked to be this way, you know.
    «You»: Oh gee... I am sorry. I just...
    Snowman: Nah-- I'm just kidding you! I totally enjoy being evil!
  • Fight!!

    1 BATTLE
    «Full Heal»

    «You»: Now tell me where the Queen is before I melt you down!
    Snowman: You're too late, chump. The Queen is in your world now, doing what Zorbak and his silly plans never could. She's destroying Frostvale and that wretched holiday for all time.
    Snowman: She is erasing their memories with the Sweaty Peel and....
    «You»: The Sweaty Peel....?
    Snowman: Oh come on! We totally revealed that several sessions ago. Don't you pay any attention to those omniscient 3rd person cutscenes?
    «You»: What?!!
    Snowman: I guess that's a no. Well let me patch up that fourth wall and explain everything....

    2 hours and an encyclopedia's worth of explanations later...
  • Continue

    Snowman: And just like Khandie she has brainwashed Kithia and Shirian and now is taking over your world. So you see? You really have no hope whatsoever.

    Zorbak enters

    Zorbak: That insufferable woman. She wants to outdo me!
    «You»: Zorbak!
    Zorbak: I won't have it. Besides, Mu Glen insists I free Khandie... some nonsense about "taking advantage of the innocence of youth"...
    «You»: What are you saying?
    Zorbak: I am saying -- Come with me and let's stop the Nightmare Queen!
  • Yeah!!

  • Continue with Zorbak helping
  • Continue Alone

    «Full heal after each battle»«Scene: Outside Nightmare Queen's Castle»
    Khandie Khain and you enter the scene.

    Khandie Khain: Get out of here! I won't let you get to my mother!!
    «You»: Step out of the way, little girl-- Your mommy and I need to "talk".
    Khandie Khain: I'm warning you!!
  • Fight!

    1 BATTLE
    «Full Heal. The Nightmare Queen enters»

    Nightmare Queen: Didn't anyone ever teach you GOOD MANNERS?!?
  • !!!

    1 BATTLE: Nightmare Queen (200)

    «Regardless of whether you win or lose, you get a full heal and continue the dialogue. Zorbak walks forward, holding the almost empty Love Potion Number 729»

    Zorbak: Do you recognize this?!?

    Camera zooms in on Zorbak

    Zorbak: This is the last of Love Potion Number 729!
    Zorbak: With but a SLIGHT alteration, it will now work the other way around!!
  • !!!

    A red mist forms from the last drop of Love Potion Number 729 and it envelops the Nightmare Queen. The mist dissolves.

    Nightmare Queen: ......................
    Nightmare Queen: Oh Zorbie, my dearest darling. I could never steal your thunder.
    Zorbak: I think I might be ill...
    Nightmare Queen: Tell me my love-- what ever shall I do for you?
    Zorbak: Right... Destroy that device and free your prisoners... all 3 of them!
    Nightmare Queen: Immediately, my dear!

    An explosion engulfs the screen. Scene changes to outside Deren.

    «You»: Wait-- How did we end up here??
    Zorbak: Deus ex Machina.
    «You»: Say what?

    Kithia, Shirian and King Tralin enter

    King Tralin: One of my wizards did it.
    «You»: Oh! Well that makes it all better.
    King Tralin: My dear Kithia, all is well with you, as well my son Shirian. But who is this child...
    Kithia: Ah yes, the child--
    Shirian: This is Khandie, father. She was abducted from her parents and had her mind stolen by the Nightmare Queen.
    King Tralin: How terrible. Well, Khandie, we shall seek to find your parents at once.
    Zorbak: Good! Then I can get Mu Glen off my back and get back to business!
    «You»: Oh, Zorbak--
    Zorbak: What now?!
    «You»: Thank you for saving Frostval, Zorbak.
    Zorbak: HUH!?! I did not! I never!!!
    «You»: Oh but you did Zorbak, You did. You saved Frostval.
    Zorbak: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    «You»: I will make sure all the other Moglins know it, don't worry. Especially Twilly. I will tell him first!
    Zorbak: Where is that Sweaty Peel when you need it...

    Zorbak runs off.

    Nightmare Queen: Zorbie!! Don't leave me!!!

    The Nightmare Queen chases after Zorbak. The screen fades black.
    Tune in sometime in the future for the exciting 'conclusion' to the Khandie Khain Saga. "The Search for Pancreatic Shock" Where you too can hear Khandie's family say:
  • Continue

    «Scene: Hall of Daydreams, where Khandie Khain is circling around»

    Shugga Khain: Hey I'm Shugga--
    Honey Khain: "And I'm Honey, Honey"
    Father Khain: "And you are my Khandie Girl...."
    Frostval in July

  • Antique Clockwork
  • Ancient Clockwork Z
  • Healing Pants
  • Grand Healing Pants Size Z
  • Ancient Clockwork
  • Grand Healing Pants
  • Vintage Clockwork
  • Epic Healing Pants

  • Replay Quest
  • Replay Maze of Distractions
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    Entry thanks to whackybeanz. Details completion from necatur and Zues.

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