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M's Cursed, Dreaded Poetry 1.78

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10/5/2008 23:10:48   

Alright, with three poems from me, I thought they deserved their own thread, located right...well, here.

WARNING: There's a reason the thread is called "Cursed, Dreaded Poetry". Most of these are...well, dark/depressing/full of dread. They contain elements of hope, but most...are demoralizing. You have been warned...

The Comment Thread is Located Here

They are listed in the order that I thought them up, oldest to newest.

Table of Contents:

First Post--Introduction and Index

  • The Old Foe

  • Undead

  • The King

  • The Navigator

  • Who, What am I?

  • Interests

  • Location

  • Alive Yet Dead

  • Darkness

  • Evil

  • Fangs of Eternal Life

  • Fire Burns Me

  • Flower Petals

  • Hidden

  • Rebellion

  • Sickness

  • Soldier Amongst Heroes

  • Trapped

  • Wanderer

  • Time's Lie

  • Soul's Power

  • Peace

  • King's Steed

  • Approaching Battle

    Page Two:

  • Leader of All

  • Let it Be Known

  • Space

  • Writing

  • Memories

  • Live Another Day

  • Disappointment

  • Depression


  • Legends

  • Glitches

  • I am, I'm not

  • Unworthy

  • Freedom

  • Triumph

  • Finite War

  • Hero

  • Inspire

  • A Movie

  • Ghost Life

  • Time

  • Let it Be


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  • Post #: 1
    10/5/2008 23:11:56   

    The Old Foe

    The hunter of old shall return again.
    The power locked away is an ancient gem.
    You came to slay this foe.
    Yet you are not the hunter; you are the doe.
    Post #: 2
    10/5/2008 23:13:01   


    With a single pluck of a thread,
    I am brought back from the dead.
    While most will just try and get by,
    I just wish that I could die.
    Post #: 3
    10/5/2008 23:14:21   

    The King

    I am the almighty King of Greed!
    I have yet to do a single good Deed!
    In your greatest time of need,
    I'll make sure you are never freed!

    I contain perhaps the greatest power.
    Though I am beginning to thing at this rate,
    I shall be toppled easier than a tower.
    For I may just not be that great,
    considering the rebels are at my gate.
    Post #: 4
    10/5/2008 23:15:52   

    The Navigator

    At the light,
    you'll turn right.
    At The street of Theft,
    you will turn left.
    After two miles,
    You'll turn at Kyle's.

    I am the navigator.
    I can get you to any store.
    I've never needed directions.
    And I can get through many sections.

    I am the navigator.
    I navigate without a stir.
    I have never lost my way.
    Nor have I needed to say
    the dreaded phrase which I hate
    'I'm lost; we're going to be late!'
    Post #: 5
    10/5/2008 23:17:21   

    Who, What Am I?

    Who am I?
    Not even I know.
    What am I?
    I wish I knew so.

    Not even I know me.
    So what could I be?
    I may know me the best.
    But can you guess the rest?
    Post #: 6
    10/5/2008 23:18:39   


    In here, we are your guests.
    So you should know what we like, of course.
    However, I cannot comply with my interests...
    Since my typing voice is sounding a little hoarse...
    Post #: 7
    10/5/2008 23:19:42   


    Where am I?
    Now, now, wouldn't you like to know?
    You leave me guessing so.
    However, I cannot standby,
    So I shall now go.
    Post #: 8
    10/5/2008 23:20:57   

    Alive Yet Dead

    The hive is dead;
    I wish it was me instead.
    I wish I could have died
    instead of seeing friends fried.

    I killed them all;
    I was their downfall.
    In my search, I dug,
    but in the end, I’m just a bug.

    The hive is dead;
    I wish it was me instead.
    I wish it could be
    that I would be free.

    For many and for some,
    answers shall never come.
    I wish I could have died
    instead of seeing friends fried.

    I thought I understood
    the difference between bad and good.
    I cannot repay those that I killed,
    though it may be possible to rebuild.
    Post #: 9
    10/5/2008 23:22:31   


    In this place with no rain,
    can I really be sane?
    I do not know why I came,
    as it certainly wasn’t for fame.

    In a place of no memory,
    where one can barely see
    and death surrounds me,
    what is real and what cannot be?

    I must be careful and swift,
    or be enveloped by a rift.
    Every new turn brings danger;
    I could easily be killed by a stranger.

    I hold a dark secret inside
    which I have managed to hide.
    For until recently,
    I couldn’t see
    this part of me.

    Can I ever leave
    And still not grieve?
    Only time will tell
    if secrets lie in the well.
    Post #: 10
    10/5/2008 23:23:36   


    I am like a needle
    sticking from a cradle.
    While I cannot kill,
    I can make you ill.

    I am rather smart;
    I aim for your heart.
    If you attempt to strike,
    needle shall become pike.

    My art is deadly,
    so never mess with me.
    A game of chess is fun,
    but only helps me in the long-run.

    I hope you have great spirit;
    there’s more fun in breaking it.
    I cannot be outdone;
    I will always rise like the sun.

    So even if I fall,
    Let it be known to all:
    Evil can never be defeated;
    I’ll merely step aside instead.
    Post #: 11
    10/5/2008 23:25:48   

    Fangs of Eternal Life

    The large ‘gift’ of this eternal life
    is worse than being stabbed by a knife.
    For when all is said and complete,
    you and former allies must compete.

    Fangs fully drawn,
    you finish your task by dawn.
    Any longer, and you’ll regret,
    as your ‘gift’ will be forfeit.

    You may be a fright,
    ‘the scourge of the night’,
    But you will never find peace
    until your body is at ease.

    Do you live or do you die
    depends on what you live by.
    Accept this and kill all,
    or let yourself fall.
    Post #: 12
    10/5/2008 23:27:08   

    Fire Burns Me
    Dedicated to the DragonKnight Quintet

    I cannot see
    fire burning me.
    Fire causes paralysis,
    so many vital moments, I miss.

    If I stop to admire
    the power of fire,
    my limbs will fail me
    and I shall cease to be.
    Post #: 13
    10/5/2008 23:28:13   

    Flower Petals

    Flowers dance beside me;
    their beauty almost can’t be.
    In the end of all,
    shall they ever fall?

    I wonder myself what will remain
    And if any of it shall be the same.
    I include myself in there;
    I wonder if I will even care.

    For when even time stops flowing,
    I shall forever be knowing:
    Death will never come to those around
    for we never had life from the ground.

    So are we immortal?
    I believe I am just a petal.
    Neither death nor life exists
    And nothing shall persist.

    Flowers dance beside me;
    their beauty almost can’t be.
    We are neither living nor dead,
    So we can never be fed,
    Nor rest in a bed.
    Post #: 14
    10/5/2008 23:29:27   


    What wishes to be shown
    cannot be known
    for their safety
    and our duty.

    Hidden we are,
    spread afar.
    Our goal is protection
    and to prevent friction.

    If we are to be found,
    there will be one dominant sound:
    Death surrounding
    and never mending.

    What wishes to be shown
    cannot be known
    for their safety
    and our duty.
    Post #: 15
    10/5/2008 23:30:29   


    You cannot sell
    that I am ‘not well’.
    People will not believe
    that I would just leave.

    That may be so,
    but you shall never know.
    I was a little hesitant
    about giving you a ‘present’.

    What I am about to do
    may be a coup.
    As of now, I am the leader
    and you shall go without a stir.
    Post #: 16
    10/5/2008 23:31:30   


    I am very ill.
    I cannot be still.
    I am sustained by a large bill
    and my iron-hard will.

    No cure exists
    so I must persist.
    I will win this fight
    by throwing in all my might.

    They say I have days to survive
    I believe it was ‘less than five’.
    They do not know me;
    I am more stubborn than a bee.

    I am very ill.
    I cannot be still.
    I am sustained by a large bill
    and my iron-hard will.
    Post #: 17
    10/5/2008 23:32:45   

    Soldier Among Heroes

    I am just a soldier;
    nothing but a fighter.
    While those around me achieve fame,
    I am, at heart, exactly the same.

    I have been engaged
    in battles that have been waged.
    Yet through this all, I remain
    at heart, exactly the same.

    I am not a hero,
    more accurately a zero.
    I have no real skill
    since I remain still.

    My sole purpose to be alive
    is to leap ahead and strive
    to be like those around me
    that I barely even see.

    My skills slowly rise,
    but I am still not wise.
    If I am to ever truly be,
    I must learn to see.

    I will watch and learn
    and hopefully discern
    what makes them brave,
    yet me do nothing but crave?

    I can do nothing to win,
    as the margin is not thin.
    My will is not that mighty,
    as I cannot truly see.

    Striving for the absolute best,
    I will be different from the rest.
    This I vow to my very spirit
    so that I know I really mean it.

    I am just a soldier;
    nothing but a fighter.
    Yet I must try
    to get by.
    Post #: 18
    10/5/2008 23:33:56   


    I am trapped;
    my strength is sapped.
    Clever as a fox,
    they trapped me in a metal box.

    I have been forsaken;
    my rights have been taken.
    All that I once knew
    was taken from me in a coup.

    I am trapped;
    my strength is sapped.
    All I once was
    has left me with a buzz.
    Post #: 19
    10/5/2008 23:35:06   


    In this large bundle of hay,
    I will make my brief stay.
    I am nothing but a stray,
    wandering every day.

    Every day I roam,
    and tonight, this is home.
    I am nothing but a stray,
    wandering every day.

    In this large bundle of hay,
    I will make my brief stay.
    If I stop, I shall die;
    this is what I chose to live by.

    I live to forever know:
    my life is on the go.
    Tomorrow, I disappear,
    as if I was never here.

    In this large bundle of hay,
    I will make my brief stay.
    I am nothing but a stray,
    wandering every day.
    Post #: 20
    10/5/2008 23:36:42   

    Time's Lie

    Time is a lie
    that I must live by.
    Every time I hear the clock chime,
    I remember the lie of time.

    I wonder: what could time be
    without people like me?
    I am nothing but a truthseeker,
    yet I'll likely go without a stir.
    I think time simply cannot be,
    because of what we call memory.

    Time is a lie
    that I must live by.
    But in the end of all,
    one question shall not fall:
    Post #: 21
    10/5/2008 23:37:45   

    Soul's power

    The spirit within
    is extremely thin.
    It is difficult to obtain;
    it causes great strain.

    Once this is achieved,
    you cannot be deceived.
    This little gift
    could open a rift.

    Tensions at their peak,
    you may seem weak.
    But the soul will prevail;
    you will never fail.

    If you have the power,
    your will as hard as a tower,
    and you seek no greed,
    you shall succeed.
    Post #: 22
    10/5/2008 23:38:51   


    For those like me wanting change,
    I find something extremely strange:
    It seems the whole world takes delight
    participating in a large, never-ending fight.

    Looking around here,
    I see a load of fear.
    How can we get off this train
    if we cannot show restrain?

    Those saying they want peace are hypocrites;
    they are the ones often throwing the largest fits.
    When one returns blows one receives,
    I think of how we’ve forgotten the ‘peace leaves’.

    One can never truly be free
    when they cannot even see.
    I beg you vent your anger on me
    so peace may someday be.
    Post #: 23
    10/5/2008 23:39:52   

    King's Steed

    On the sea,
    I am free.
    Out here, I will cherish
    every moment before I perish.

    This sea is deadly;
    it doesn’t matter to me.
    Some say I’m here for profit;
    to me, it is just for the fun of it.

    Even in my time of greatest need,
    I ride the waves on my royal steed.
    I love it when the weather isn’t fair;
    I love the saltwater in the air.

    In my time, I’ve never lied:
    she’s my beauty and my pride.
    So even though she’s going down,
    I will ride her, wearing my crown.
    Post #: 24
    10/5/2008 23:41:20   

    Approaching Battle

    My eyes cannot see defeat;
    I do not think I can retreat.
    Even when impossible to defend,
    I believe I’ll fight to the end.

    The odds have never favored me;
    don’t bother asking ‘how can that be?’
    In all these years I have fought,
    a loss I have known not.

    In these battles, it’s win or lose;
    I’d pick the former in your shoes.
    Victory means on some, death will fall,
    but defeat means death for us all.

    Yes, I know that sigh;
    some will always die.
    But they have performed an act of theft,
    and for that, I have nothing left.

    I know their sight is a daze,
    but I will fight to the end of my days.
    I have no reason to ask you to fight;
    It is probably suicide, though quite a sight.

    Please, fight for me!
    For freedom and for glory!
    We’re all destined for the afterlife someday,
    So I ask you, for just this once, to stay!
    Post #: 25
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