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RE: The Paxia Project 2

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11/9/2008 21:57:16   
Fire King

Incendia Urbs sounds cooler, plus it's fire city in latin.



AQ DF MQ  Post #: 26
11/9/2008 22:08:23   

Trying to make up for suckin' the life out of Igneus Robin? Nah jk.
DF MQ  Post #: 27
11/9/2008 22:36:58   

Mail Moogle of AdventureQuest

FAQed, not getting a sticky though. :P
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 28
11/9/2008 22:38:48   
Robin. S. Firedrake


Trying to make up for suckin' the life out of Igneus Robin? Nah jk.

... Yes actually.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 29
11/9/2008 23:39:25   


FAQed, not getting a sticky though. :P

no FAQ for my thread? lol jk
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 30
11/10/2008 14:57:46   
Robin. S. Firedrake

Wasn't expecting a sticky anyway Pie. Thanks!
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 31
11/10/2008 17:00:10   

The clan bases are great now, cant we make cities with the clan bases inside the middle (instead of a townhall)?
AQ DF  Post #: 32
11/10/2008 17:54:09   

Mail Moogle of AdventureQuest

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, what we need is to actually get the old thread, as this thread is just a hollow replica of the actual thread, that had some of the original ideas. I'm going to poke Reens to see if she can dig it up. >.>

Edit: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=11047448&mpage=3&key=�

There's the original thread of the Paxia Project (suggestion)


There's the original univision brainstorming thread

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 33
11/11/2008 9:40:44   

Care to "mod" those links into the first page Pie?

I'm going to throw out a little word of advice for the rest of this thread: Keep it simple.

Paxia is already pretty much ignored. The likelihood that the AQ staff is going to go out of their way to make some sort of major update to Paxia is highly unlikely. The more simplistic and art-light (as opposed to art-heavy) an idea, the better as well as more reasonable it will be to even consider presenting to the staff. Heck, chances are even a reasonable idea will be either turned down, ignored, or at best be considered.

The "boot anyone who has been inactive in a clan for 2 weeks" idea, for example, is quite reasonable. Given the old AQ raffle contests where anyone could win as long as they had logged in within the past 1-2 weeks we know there is already coding or a means for the game to check if someone has logged on within 2 weeks. There is no art involved so all it would require is some coding or possibly even just implement pre-existing coding (which works in our favor even more).
Whether or not the whole "boot the inactives" idea is a good one, it's a good example of a plausible idea that we could present to the AQ staff and have even a remote chance of being implemented. The "clan cities" idea, while not wholly farfetched, is being far too embellished upon to be plausible. If this was a fantasy thread then I'd say go hogwild, but to my understanding this thread is about an honest attempt to get in-game changes made in Paxia.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 34
11/11/2008 10:29:23   

we'll be getting Paxia Event sometime in the near future
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 35
11/13/2008 7:08:09   

Cities for a clan? It would be interesting.. To steal Z Tokens, you fight off the guards like the House system of guard kennels.. but for a better attack thingy (Ex: Where you have to actually rotate the cannon at an angle to make it hit, not a simple click), it won't be worth it unless another war was coming up. As for booting the inactive, maybe. The skirmish bar.. It would be useful so that we could actually do things such as offer alliances via the forums, even, to help each other and gang up against the person who was skirmishing with you.

But, here's a question: If there's a city, who's in charge? A player? I can't picture multi-player yet.. But it would be better to have a player. In fact, it would be pretty interesting if the leading player had his character modeled after the current clan leaders, as a sort of perk. But there's the flaw of time zones... Meh. Too much trouble.
AQ  Post #: 36
11/13/2008 7:24:25   

Wasn't too much trouble for Mayor Rayf in DragonFable. But ya, the more art the AQ staff have to make, the less likely (in all probability anyway) an idea is going to pass. It'd be something to consider as a future add-on should the idea for a clan city ever come to pass though.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 37
11/13/2008 10:51:02   
Robin. S. Firedrake

True that more art = less probability but there is the chance that AE could pull a Xan war type thing that's really long and destroy all the clans to get more time to update them. Heck even add more and more waves to the war if they run behind and whipe some out if they're going early. A distraction to give em a lot of time basically.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 38
11/13/2008 15:50:13   

They already did destroy the clans. That's how we went from 3 uniquely balanced clans to 8 carbon-copy-of-one-another clans... >_>

It isn't about a time frame, it's about getting the AQ staff to work on a "side project" that isn't one of their weekly updates in order to eventually add more content to Paxia. The more difficult it is, the less likely they'll be willing to pursue it.

As nice as the eye candy of a new look for the clan/clan bases would be, I think we really ought to focus on getting that "constant war" idea implemented first (or at least confirmed that it's never going to happen) and then discuss topics that are more aesthetic than functional (not that clan cities wouldn't eventually become functional, but one step at a time and one priority per step).
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 39
11/13/2008 21:57:57   

but... i don't wanna war with the clans, i like alla clans. they gave me ice cream and stuffz, why should we go to war with each other?


Torin, lvl 74 magey hybrid. Geoto, second craziest clan (and dern proud of it!)
AQ  Post #: 40
11/14/2008 9:51:41   

We use "war" in the AQ meaning; i.e. "a competition in which the goal is to reach a certain victory count, the highest victory count after a period of time, or deplete a meter to 0." To pacify chaos and unity alike, this is to be thought of as a friendly competition between clans rather than a full-blown all-out assault as such things meant back in the old days.

The idea mainly is to provide a certain degree of competition in Paxia not only to inspire activity and participation of clan members but also as a means to keep us busy during lulls (between official Paxia events) as well as prepared and trained for whatever bad, nasty things may come to threaten us once again as has happened in the past (at least that's a good reason for you RP folk out there).
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 41
11/14/2008 17:34:14   
Constructively Friendly!


War = Friendly competition or Friendly war...lolz
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 42
11/15/2008 8:00:35   

Hmm, to encourge AQ staff, why dont we suggest something like gardiun-only bounus, like aim and fire the weopen if s/he wants? With one of those clickes that say "You must be a gardiun if you want to fire this cannon etc." This should encourge users to become gardiuns. Which is a good thing for AQ staff, and would propley make this paxia thing a lot more populer for them!
AQ DF  Post #: 43
11/15/2008 11:48:54   
Constructively Friendly!

Not a bad idea at all, I like it.

Though it is Guardian, not gardian.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 44
11/15/2008 12:23:40   
Robin. S. Firedrake

Not bad at all... Maybe it would help if some artist *Coughs*DS*coughs* from all the clans could get together and work up a new NPC for the clans? maybe that would be neat too.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 45
11/15/2008 14:45:23   

NPC, I dont think the AQ staff will like it that much...
Anyway, can someone either point me or post here all the replys you got from the AQ staff? I think there was more then one reply, wasent their?
AQ DF  Post #: 46
11/15/2008 21:17:57   
Robin. S. Firedrake

I do believe only Fal has posted as of yet.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 47
11/27/2008 12:53:40   
Sir Gnome

I'm still currently away, but I will definitely want to be helping with this project - If you don't mind, I'll post something here to edit into the first post, Shodu's layout was good, but
things have moved on some since then, and so we should probably have something similar to this which explains the 4 main old plans.
What we have below is what I would suggest replacing the top post with - You of course don't have to, but I feel this is clearer... And I've run a spellchecker
over it too :P

P.S. I've now turned my PMs back on, so you can send me one if you have an issue about this

Now done - I've reworded things, so this should be the easiest to understand work so far

Important Links
The Paxia Project AQ Suggestions thread
The old Paxia Project Brainstorming thread

Alright people, for those in the dark, the Unity Movement and the Disgruntles have finally compromised to propose a new system in Paxia that will allow one clan to engage another clan in a skirmish, similar to when Aerodu and Geoto bashed heads in the First Clan War, though it'll be much shorter in terms of length, rawr.

Also I think we should suggest clan cities in-game. More stuff to do in Paxia = more activity right?

In terms

We need ideas, because we're not allowed to have a brainstorming thread in Suggestions. 1, 2, 11 and 12 will be taken care of by UPP, but we need ideas. Most particularly, we need Clan Armour ideas, people willing to make art for it, etc. Opinions on what we already have are also VITAL, so don't be afraid to post, whatever you think of any idea - We promise we won't be offended!

For the most up-to-date 'Official' suggestion from us, the thread can be found here

There are currently 4 main suggestions on show:

1) Tournaments - UltraPowerPie
2) 'Total War' (still working on this name) - Sir Gnome
3) Rebuild Paxia! Rebuild the Clans! - King Cy
4) Lunar Cycle - Shodu

Tournaments- UltraPowerPie

This is designed as a compromise so that both sides benefit, the Paxians and the Staff who have to code all this mess. Keep in mind the exact details are still being worked out, but here's the general Idea.

It's a basic Tournament system. You have the preliminaries, which has one clan go up against another clan set at random. Hopefully, this can be done at the same time, that way all the clans get some action. Then, after the preliminaries, There is the Semi-Finals, where the 4 winning teams are paired up with each other, depending on the set up. Then, the two winning teams advance to the Finals, and duke it out there. Also, let it be known that in order to satisfy both parties, the tournament is a friendly sparring match, as shown in the Actual Battle Section.

Pre-Tournament set up
A little un-sure here, however, we're thinking that at least a week prior to the tournament, there is a "clan purge" (See Clan Purge section for more ideas on the specifics). There could also be a Fortress Health re-set as well, depending if it the option is used.

The actual battle
There are a few options here, and it depends on how the winner would be decided. Naturally each "round" should last for about a week.

1) Use Fortress Health as the "point" system, and which ever clan goes to 0 first loses. To be fair, some sort of balancing formula would be implemented. Still trying to work this part out, so help us out.

2) Use the Wins/Member as the determinant. With a Clan Purge a week prior to the mess, it should help to even things out so the clans don't whine so much about dead weight

3) Looking for one, maybe YOU can help us out?

As for what would actually happen, a similar layout to how the Clan Wars played might work. 2 random mercenaries, followed by a clan member. In order to make this a sparring match, instead of fighting to the death, you fight to a certain amount of hp (AKA, 10, or something, like what we got going with the Stat Trainers).

We got some system for this as well, and a couple of ideas, so bear with us.

1) Instead of like a new weapon or something, increase rewards. A larger EXP and Gold Bonus. Certainly provides extra motivation for others to get involved

2) Just have one trophy to whoever wins, and award the prizes that way. Or just use a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place system like what's been going on with rewards.

Yes, what you want to see, how this all works out. Bare with us, the idea is still sketchy, but hopefully y'all can give some more meat to the situation.

1st week- Pre-Tournament week
2nd week- Preliminaries
3rd week- Semi-Finals (Health is restored to Round One status if we are using that option)
4th week- Finals

As you can see, the tournament can be accomplished in roughly a month. That way it works out for everyone, keeping Paxian busy and low maintenance for the staff... right?

Total War- Sir Gnome

a) The Overview
This model is designed so that clans can form alliances, declare wars, and so forth. This would mean that players could influence their clan directly, by either Aiding or Attacking another clan, and so changing the relationship between the two. Under this system, smaller clans could band together to defeat the bigger ones, and forum alliances would become meaningful. This is the kind of thing which would require massive setup from the staff, but could then be let to run, more or less. This is designed to give the most freedom to the Paxians in general.

b) Setup
Very simple. All clans are set to be ‘Neutral’ with every other clan, and clan health is set to an appropriate number. An alternative here is that all clans’ healths are set to the same, and there’s a week of non-conflict, where all the clans build up their health. The repair mini-game could give boosted rewards in this time.

c) The Options
At (very nearly) any point, you can either ‘Attack’ or ‘Aid’ another clan.
Attacking a clan will lower the Relation between the clans, and Aiding a clan will raise the Relation. A more detailed explanation can be found below. You can always Aid any clan, but if you are ‘At War!’ with two or more clans, then you cannot Attack any different ones.
At the point at which a clan is defeated (lowered to a predetermined clan health, or Surrendering) then three quarters of the clans Z-Tokens are distributed among all the clans that the defeated clan was ‘At War!’ with. The defeated clan will then be classed as ‘Defeated’ for either a set time, or until they repair back to a certain health. During this time, no clan may attack them, but they may still be aided.
When a clan’s health is low, then a ‘Surrender’ button will become available to all clan members at the clan base. 80% of the members of the clan who had been active since the clan became ‘At War!’ must click this button before the clan Surrenders (and is classed ‘Defeated’). The purpose of surrendering is to avoid losing as much Base Health as would be lost if the War was carried on to its end. Of course, War can also be ended by the Relation being raised above 200,000 (again, see the end).

d) The Rewards

A few options here, can take some, all, or a yet-to-be-suggested alternative

  • A clan who defeats another clan wins access to an item, either through their clan shop, for a permanent one, or through a temporary item chest that would appear in the clan's headquarters. While these rewards were available, Negatus would not be (Thanks CR, Ephermerality)
  • The clan equipment is boosted, either on a long/short term. Defeated clans could also find their equipment nerfed (though not surrendering ones)
  • The main reward is that when a clan is ‘Defeated’, all the clans that were ‘At War!’ with it receive an equal portion of three quarters of the defeated clan’s Z-Tokens.
    As for player rewards, perhaps when a clan reaches a set number of Z-Tokens, the clan could trade them in for the right to sell a new powerful item in their Clan shop. The specifics of these rewards can be discussed later - Due to the nature of Z-Tokens, this idea may not be feasible.

    e) Timetable
    This event would be permanently running in Paxia, unless a) A main storyline had to take over there b) The Wars become overly repetitive/one sided, and things need resetting

    f) Main Information

    All clans start 'Neutral' with all other clans. At this point, you can do two things to either clan - Attack, or Aid. Attack means you fight two enemies from the other Clan, and this drops your 'relation' by 5. Aid means you fight two monsters from your RA list (that aren't of the other clan's element) outside the other clan's base (supposedly defending their base). This raises the 'relation' by 5.

    When the 'relation' becomes high, the clans become 'peaceful'. The effects of this are:
    1) The 'Attack' option, when successful, reduces relations by 10, rather than by 5 (so that if clans want to be allied, they really need to work at it).
    2) The 'Aid' option now means you play the base-repair mini-game, using the other clan's tokens to repair their base. This improves 'relation' by 5.

    When the 'relation' becomes very high, the clans become 'allied'. This means that:
    1) The 'Attack' option now only reduces relation by 3 - it’s difficult to become allied, but once there, it’s easy to keep.
    2) The 'Aid' option now has two sub-options. The first is 'repair', and is the same as the 'Aid' when at peace. The other option is 'Mercenary' (best name I could come up with), where you fight at random any of the clans which the allied clan is at war with. The exception to this is that if they are at war with a different clan allied to yours, you will not be able to attack them. If allied clan is not at war with any other, then only 'repair' option is available.

    When the 'relation' becomes low, the clans become 'uneasy'. The only effect this has is that the effect of 'Aid' now increases relation by 10. 'Attack' is the same as if the clan's were 'neutral' to each other (so that getting into a full-blown war is difficult).

    When the 'relation' becomes very low, the clans become 'At War!'. This means:
    1) When attacking the enemy clan, you do damage to their base health, as well as further reducing the 'relation' between you by 5.
    2) The 'Aid' option now means you attack members of your own clan, as you defend the 'enemy' clan against people from your own clan who are attacking it. This improves relation by 3.
    3) When a clan's health is reduced to a certain number (yet to be fixed), half of its Z-tokens are shared out between all the clans that it is 'At War' with, and the losing clan then becomes 'Neutral' with every clan, and cannot participate further in the event until its base health has been restored to a certain level. This means that it cannot 'Attack' or 'Aid' any other clan, nor can it be attacked nor aided.


    Relation Scale:

    0-200,000 = At War!
    200,000 - 400,000 = Uneasy
    400,000 - 600,000 = Neutral
    600,000 - 800,000 = Peace
    800,000 - 1,000,000 = Allied

    All clans start at 500,000 relation points with every other clan.

    Rebuild Paxia! Rebuild the Clans!- King Cy

    Paxia is a important part of the history and life of Lore.
    A integral part of the Devourer Saga.
    All the clan bases were destroyed, leaders kidnapped and saved.
    That Paxia and Clans need activity in the Battleon forums.
    Positive goals to unite all members, in all Clans, and in keeping with the story line.
    To clear the Clans of “Deadwood Members”
    To make a more even playing field
    To give fresh air to the Clans and Paxia

    This is an event about rebuilding the clans bases , not waring with each other!

    Remove everyone from all clans.
    Disable the flee button for all battles in this event.
    Disable all Clan bases for this event until each Clan is fully rebuilt.
    Negatus would not be available.

    This event starts at the ruins in Paxia.

    First screen:
    Button 1 > Join a Clan
  • The clan gets Rebuild Points for your Clan to rebuild its base.
  • You can not leave a clan during this event
  • (Incentive to get more NEW members into your clan.)

    Button 2 > I do not wish to be a Clan member, but I want to fight the monsters.
  • May choose a clan at a later time.
  • Fights monsters for only gold and exp. NO Rewards or shop access of any kind.

    Event and Description
    You go to an arena with all your clan members in the seats, with the clan leader in the center where he announces - "*your name* has chosen to represent *clan name* in this Paxia event to the death.... all rise and give honor!"
    *Clan leader leaving animation*

    You then fight 8 monsters all scaled (level+-*.10) and of random elements, with heal after every 2 battles, winning rebuild points for your Clan each battle. At the end all your clan mates are standing and roaring approval.
    Treasure Chest.
    Your clan gets Bonus Rebuild Points for rebuilding your clan.


    Choice 1
    Re-due level One (above)

    Choice 2
    Help rebuild ALL Clans
    You fight 8 Boss EVIL Monsters all scaled (level+-*.30) of random elements with a heal between each. Rebuild Points for each Clan, Diplomatic Points for your Clan

    Choice 3 [When Fully Rebuilt]
    If your clan is finished then the Clan members can PICK the other clan to rebuild their base at the level one style. Their clan gets the rebuild points, your Clan gets Diplomatic points


    A Clan Armour Shop when Your Clan is fully healed.
    The Clan with the most Diplomatic also gets a Special Award(?)
    Event runs until all Clans are rebuilt.

    Lunar Cycle- Shodu

    Every month in Paxia the moon becomes full and passes directly over the island, and to celebrate a series of competitions begin.

    For the first six days of the month Paxians compete against one another, much like in previous competitions, for the Honor Badge, which may or may not have another effect. The clans are given one day to rest, and their scores are then released.

    On the next day the clans are confronted with the task of repairing their base from damages, and thus they compete for the Strength Badge. On the seventh day the competition ends and scores are released.

    Again, another six day task starts, however it's to get supplies to heal OTHER clans. Thus the contest for the Miracle Badge begins. On the seventh day this competition closes, the clans rest, and scores are released.

    Now finally, for eight days, the final challenge comes to play and the Paxians must defeat strange creatures that came from the passing moon together. The clan awarded with the Honor Badge gets twice as many kills per victory as the other clan. The clan that recieved the strength badge recieves half the damage to their base compared to the other clans. The clans that got the Miracle Badge will get 0.01 of a kill for every kill another clan gets, and recieve .001 clan health for every clan health another clan recieves.
    The clans compete to see who can drive the invader off, and in the end the clan that does the best (WITHOUT the Badge bonuses) is awarded with access to a temp set for the remainder of the month. The clan stats for every competition is shown, as well as the overall best clan stats. The total number of clan badges is shown for each clan in their respective bases.

    The purpose behind this series of quests is to encourage constant activity, get bragging rights, and keep Paxians engaged in various forms of competition, while still rewarding them somehow. This is only a general outline, it of course needs a lot of work, but critique right now would be good.

    Just to point out here, there doesn't seem to be a reward for those who do best when the badges ARE implemented, so a thought or two there may be necessary ~SG

    Other Ideas

    Clan Wipes: Clan membership should be wiped so inactive members are no longer a part.

  • Option A: Clans are wiped every two weeks [or other time period], members have to rejoin
  • Option B: Inactive AQ Players are wiped every two weeks [or other time period, question on how 'inactive' is defined]
  • Option C: Anyone who doesn't visit Paxia within two weeks [or other time period] is wiped

    Clan city suggestions:

    General: Donate gold and Z-tokens to build defences, hire mercenaries, build weapons. Attack other clans. Trick or treat at the clans on Mogloween with each clan having special candy that you can use to buy weapons from those clans (Clans will ONLY accept their kind of candy). Run errands for NPCs, possibly random CPU versions of clan members.
    Igneus: Name should be Incendia Urbs

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  • AQ DF MQ  Post #: 48
    11/27/2008 14:44:59   
    Constructively Friendly!


    How many DID see it?
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 49
    11/27/2008 16:39:24   
    Sir Gnome

    Sowwi sacchi, busyGnome is busy until I'm properly back - Its got a good ring to it, and I do like the two-stage theme we've seen in this and a couple of the other ones - If its generally liked, it can be added to the first post :D When I'm back, I'll go through all this in detail, for now I'm in 'cos the Moogle asked me to spruce things up a bit, which I hope the above achieved.

    Also seeing a point you raise there, the deadweight issue is adressed in this thread, but not over in AQSugg - Something Pie can put into the first post

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