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Ebil Twilly!

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11/14/2008 13:44:53   
Lost Star

Ebil Twilly!

Location: Travel Map Zorbak's Hideout Ebil Twilly!

<<Scene: Plains>>

<<You>>: Twilly! I saw you from a mile away -- What are you doing wandering around out here by yourself?
Twilly: Twillies is just out looking for a nice picnic spot, <<You>>! Do you want to help?
<<You>>: Well, a picnic sounds fun! Especially on such a nice day as this!
Twilly: Okay! Let's go find a nice spot!

<<Scene: Some other part on the plains>>

<<You>>: This seems as nice a place as any! What do you think?
Twilly: Twillies thinks that it looks like something was just here a minute ago!!
  • !!!

    You obtain Twilly as a guest.

    Earth type monster
    Optional Full Heal

    <<You>>: That was 2 things!
    Twilly: I can count, too, you know! No need to talk DOWN to me because I am short!
  • ???
    <<You>>: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to!!!
    Twilly: Don't yell! Don't you see these big ears?? Yelling hurts them! You are so cruel!
  • ???
    <<You>>: What's wrong, Twilly? I'm not trying to treat you badly!

    Twilly walks off

    <<You>>: TWILLY!!!
    <<You>>: What did I say?!?

    <<Scene: Forest>>

    Twilly walks for awhile and begins to sniffle

    Twilly: What, oh what can Twillies do to be treated more like one of THEM? What can't they look at me and see just another Adventurer like themselves?? *sniff sniff*

    Zorbak enters

    Zorbak: Hey you!! Snap out of it!!!

    The snot dangling on Twilly's nose flies and hits Zorbak's staff

    Twilly: Zorbak!! You'd better run away before I open up a can of Whipped Cream on you!!
    Zorbak: It's not "whipped cream", it's -- oh, nevermind! I'm not here to fight you, fellow Moglin!
    Zorbak: Mehehehe... I'm here to HELP you!
    Twilly: How can YOU help me? You're my sworn ENEMY!
    Zorbak: I may be your sworn enemy, but I really DO care about you, deep down inside...

    The scene zooms in to Zorbak, showing his totally blue and icy heart before zooming back out.

    Twilly: Really??
    Zorbak: Meh-- YES, really.
    Twilly: That's great!! Twillies is SO happy! Let's go have a picnic!
    Zorbak: Well, we should DRESS for the occasion, don't you think?
    Twilly: The weather is so nice, though! What self-respecting Moglin needs clothes on a day like this?!
    Zorbak: Just play along with me, here. Where we're going for a picnic, you'll need to dress appropriately.
    Twilly: Okay, sure!
    Zorbak: Meh heh ... hehe...

    Zorbak points his staff at Twilly and Twilly now wears a wizard's clothing.

    Twilly: Oh, Zorbak, I feel better already!!
    Zorbak: How about a little game, Twilly? You can be the Necromancer's Apprentice for a day! We'll cheer you up even more-- here, have some of this delicious brownie batter!!
    Twilly: Yaaayyy!!

    Twilly eats the brownie batter

    Twilly: Yuuuummmmmm......

    The screen fades black

    <<Scene: Forest where Twilly was, with a note on the ground>>

    <<You>>: Twilly!!! Twilly, where are you?!
    <<You>>: What's that--? Some kind of note on the ground...

    The note reads:
    Dear hapless fool,

    If you are reading this, you have been had! Twilly is now my apprentice! I will make him do terrible, terrible things and there is nothing you can do to stop me, even if you find the anti-batter in the dark forest and swamps of Darkovia! Mehehehehehehe!

    Yours Truly (Not!),
    Zorbak and his little pet Twebil!

  • Continue

    <<You>>: Oh no! It sounds like Zorbak gave Twilly BROWNIE BATTER -- which is known to lower inhibitions among those who eat it!
    <<You>>: I need to search Darkovia for some Brownie ANTI-BATTER to counteract the effects! And then I need to find Twilly!!
  • Search!
    Deep in Darkovia there lives a race of creatures called Brownies. No one knows HOW, but they make something known as Brownie Batter, and it tastes so good that anyone can lose their mind over it. Only one substance can cure the effects of this "batter" -- Brownie ANTI-BATTER!

    But before you can collect the Anti-Batter, you must first find a Brownie-- and to find a Brownie, you need Brownie Bait! Brownie bait is made from two things: Cheese and Rice -- both of which are rare in Darkovia. Find some Cheese and Rice, and you will be able to find a Brownie and get his Anti-Batter!

    (It couldn't be TOO easy to save Twilly, now could it?!)

  • Continue
    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    You found some [item]!!
  • Continue

    Here are some of the items you may obtain:

    After collecting both rice and cheese...

    <<Scene: Battleon>>

    Twilly, Zorbak and Yulgar enter

    Yulgar: Good day there, young Twilly!! How are-- Huh??
    Zorbak: Why, it's your old pal Yulgar! Say hi, TwEbil!
    TwEbil: Hi, Yulgar!!
    Yulgar: TwEbil?!?
    Zorbak: Show the tall hairy man that little trick I taught you!

    TwEbil points his staff at Yulgar and Yulgar's head turns into a skull.

    Yulgar: Youch!!
    TwEbil: Wow!! It worked! HAPPY DAY!!!!!

    Yulgar places his hands on his hips in frustration.

    <<Scene: Darkovia>>

    The scene shows the collected rice and cheese on the ground

    <<You>>: ...........................
    <<You>>: Okay, so the cheese and rice has been sitting out most of the day already, and no sign of a Brownie.
    <<You>>: I'll be surprised if when one DOES show up, he doesn't keel over from food poisoning!
    <<You>>: ...........................
    <<You>>: !!!! Here comes one!!!

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    <<You>>: Awww..... Sorry for PWNing you, little guy. But you just attacked me! I promise, I won't beat you senseless again.

    The Brownie stops shivering and looks at you.

    Knut the Brownie: R--Really?
    <<You>>: Really. All I wanted was to get some Anti-Batter from you to help one of my friends.
    Knut the Brownie: If I give you some Anti-Batter, will you let me go? And can I take this YUMMY cheese and rice with me?
    <<You>>: Of course!!
    Knut the Brownie: Okey-Day!!! I got your Anti-Batter right here!

    Knut touches his whole body and plucks off a portion from him, passing it to you.

    <<You>>: Thanks, Brownie! Now -- off to find Twilly and Zorbak!
  • Go!
    <<Scene: Zorbak's Hideout>>

    Zorbak: So how do you like your new place, TwEbil?
    TwEbil: It could use a little interior decorating, but it's just dandy! Twillies loves-- I mean, TwEbil loves it!

    You enter

    <<You>>: Aw maaaan! Twilly! What did Zorbak DO to you?!
    TwEbil: ????
    Zorbak: TwEbil, GET THAT INTRUDER!!
  • Fight!

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    Zorbak: It appears your friend's power is too great for us, TwEbil!
    Zorbak: Have a fun time trying to win this fight by yourself!!

    Zorbak leaves

    <<You>>: I'm glad I found you, little buddy! Let's fix your little problem -- Here, have some ANTI-BATTER!
    TwEbil: MMMMMMMMMM -- more brownie batter!!

    TwEbil eats the Brownie Anti-Batter

    <<You>>: How does THAT batch taste??

    Poof! and Twilly turns back to his normal self

    Twilly: Twillies feels a tummy ache coming on.... *uurrrggle*



  • Summon TwEbil
  • Summon Bad TwEbil
  • Summon Impish TwEbil Z
  • Summon TwEbil
  • Summon Wicked TwEbil

  • Brownie
  • Walnut Brownie
  • Double Fudge Chunk Brownie

    Entry thanks to whackybeanz. Monster list correction from arnulfinho

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