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Blarney War 2009

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4/21/2009 6:59:33   

Blarney War '09!

Location: Blarney Portal Painting » 2009: Lucky Science!

«You can skip the cutscene at anytime»

«Scene: Confrontation with the Leprechauns»

«You»: Alright, Zorbak. Apparently NEITHER of us can be trusted to negotiate with the Leprechauns, since we've BOTH started wars. Let's see if we can get through this year intact, huh?
Zorbak: Mehehehe... Yeah, you did GREAT last year! ...Ooh, look. They made a mecha. I'm soooo scared. *sigh* Let's see what they have to say.
«You»: General O'LepraKhan, you're back. Again. What a surprise.
Lucky O'LepraKhan: Aye, me brothers-in-arms are back -- and this time we be prepared, so hand over your gold!
Lucky O'LepraKhan: We may have suffered a... setback last year, but this year, with the help of my new Lucky Power Armor we will take OUR REVENGE!
«You»: ...A "setback." Right. That's a tactful way to describe "crushing defeat." So what is it this year, more of your "almagiscichemy(TM)"?
Lucky O'LepraKhan: YES!! My patent-pending combination of alchemy and Drakel magiscience now powers a Lucky Drive within each of the mecha piloted by an elite Leprechaun warrior!
«You»: Hey Zorbak? That stuff I said earlier? Forget about it. So, General, what color is the sky in this strange alternate reality where you think you actually stand a chance?
Zorbak: Oh, this is going to be GOOD. ...EBIL.
«You»: Look, last year you guys messed up SO BADLY that you blew up your own base. You're not just 52 cards short of a deck like I thought... you're missing the table, the chips AND a dealer.
Lucky O'LepraKhan: You fools! I know what I'm doing! You will all fall before the might of the new LepraKhan Nation!!!
«You»: Yeah, you said that last year too. You couldn't back it up then, either.
Lucky O'LepraKhan: Grrrrr... Greencoats, fall back to our staging area! We will launch the full force of our army from there!!

The Leprechauns exit but a Leprechaun stops halfway.

Greencoats: Take my clover, take my pot, take me where the weather's too hot. I don't care, I'm still wealthy, you can't take my gold from me...

Greencoats exits

«You»: Pfffft.... HAHAHA! GREENCOATS! Oh, man, still a complete fruitcake!
Zorbak: WOOHOO!! There're gonna be some leprechaun corpses to reanimate -- it must be MY lucky day!
  • War!

    The Leprechaun Nation is back for Round 2! When they first appeared, they accused us of stealing their gold. Then their leader Uncle Sham tried to tax all of Lore. Last year they joined forces with a rogue Drakel named Lucky O'LepreKhan with a plan to turn their excess gold into fuel for war machines, and they're back again with more advanced weaponry!
  • To Battle!
  • Shelayleigh Weapon! - You now have a Shelayleigh! It will disappear when you log out.
  • Only Guardians can get the Sheylayleigh. Adventurers get the message "If you become a Guardian, you can use this Sheylayleigh!"
  • Leprechaun Power Armor! - You have equipped a special Leprechaun Power Armor! It will disappear when you log out.
  • Explore Camp - Shooting down 1 Leprechaun gives you +0.1% Ranged Attack Bonus
  • Back to Town

    Click on the four-leaf clover for a Full Heal. You can also click on the Leprechaun hat to wear it, in which the message "You are now wearing a Leprechaun's tophat!" appears.

    Guardians can click on the potion bag to refill their potions if they have less than 5 on hand. They can also click on the treasure box to have Zorbak joining them in battle.

  • Click on Robina's bow if you want her to join you in battle!
  • Robina has joined!
  • Click on Captain Rhubarb's hat if you want him to join you in battle!
  • Captain Rhubarb has joined!
  • Click on Warlic's crystal ball if you want him to join you in battle!
  • Warlic has joined!
    To Battle!


    «After 400,000 monsters were defeated...»

    Optional Full Heal
    Optional Full Heal
    Optional Full Heal

    Deep with General LepraKhan's hidden secret lair, in the heart of an inactive volcano south of Battleon...
    ...Yes, the same one they used last year...

    Cyber O'Sullivan: Aye lads! We will have all the power we will ever neeeed!!
    Cyber O'Sullivan: Must have more gooold! I have a fever and the only cure is...
    Cyber O'Sullivan: More GOOOLD!
    Cyber O'Sullivan: It's certainly not leaving the middle of this active volcano, right above all this molten lava.
    Cyber O'Sullivan: O'REILLY! Bring the next load over. And be CAREFUL this time!

    «O'Reilly runs in and bangs into O'Sullivan, knocking a pot into the volcano»

    Cyber O'Sullivan: I hope your lucky charms went down with that gold, O'Reilly, because they were clearly BAD luck!!

    «The scene shakes»

    Cyber O'Sullivan: You hear something?

    «The scene shakes again, knocking several leprechauns into the lava»

    Cyber O'Sullivan: Oh boy...not AGAIN.....

    «The lava rises, and the scene cuts to outside to show the volcano exploding»

    «You»: Whoa!! Looks like they had a little problem with their almagiscichemy! Secret hidden base go BOOM.

    «Gereral LepraKhan enters»

    «You»: ...Again. You really DIDN'T learn, did you, General?
    Lucky O'LepraKhan: It's not over yet!! My Cyberchauns may be blown up, but you will feel THE WRATH OF O'LEPRAKHAN!!
    «You»: ...Ow. That hurt worse than anything you or your army have managed to do to me yet.

    1 BATTLE: General LepraKhan

    Robina: You did it!! O'LepraKhan is finished!
  • Rewards!

    Get War Reward! - Opens Past Blarney Rewards shop
    Skip Reward/Already Have It

    Robina: Phew! They must have stolen less gold this year, because that explosion wasn't quite big enough to create a time portal like last time. I wonder what they'll try to do next year!
  • I can't wait!

    You return to Battleon
    Monster List
    Level 0-14
    Am-Bush (3)
    Baby Earth Dragon (6)
    Cyberchaun (10)
    Deathwood (2)
    Frogzard (0)
    Giant Cyberchaun (12)
    Giant Spider (1)
    Huge Rat (0)
    Leprechaun Power Armor (14)
    O'Teeny (5)
    Owl (10)
    Seed Spitter (2)
    Stone Golem (9)
    Werewolf Warrior (5)
    Wolverine (8)

    Level 15-39
    Chomper (19)
    Chrask (13)
    Cyberchaun (10/25)
    Deery (12/32)
    Ferocious Chrask (29)
    Giant Cyberchaun (12/27)
    GigaWorm (30)
    Leprechaun Power Armor (14/29)
    O'Beany (22)
    O'Greeny (20)
    O'Meany (25)
    O'Teeny (5)
    Owl (28)
    Sneak (25)
    ToadZard (15)
    Whomp (15)
    Wolverine (25)
    Woodland Pack (15)
    Young Earth Dragon (19)
    Young Minotaur (15)

    Level 40-59
    Am-Bush (40)
    Chimera (60)
    Cyberchaun (25/40)
    Earth Dragon (39)
    Giant Cyberchaun (27/42/57)
    Gizzard (45)
    Green Knight (40)
    Leprechaun Power Armor (29/52)
    Minotaur Prime (60)
    O'Greeny (35/50)
    O'Meany (40/55)
    Owl (58)
    Plodd (34)
    Slattwob (45)
    Sneak (35)
    Szniflip (38)
    Terropain (36)
    Wolverine (55)
    Woodland Pack (35)

    Level 60-84
    Alpha Werewolf (60)
    Am-Bush (60)
    Behemoth (65)
    Cyberchaun (55)
    Deery (62)
    Chimera (60)
    Earth Dragon (71)
    Giant Cyberchaun (42/57/72)
    Leprechaun Power Armor (52/74)
    Minotaur Prime (60)
    Nogh'da (60)
    O'Beany (67)
    O'Greeny (35/65)
    O'Meany (40/70)
    Sneak (75)
    Soralag, Drakel/Dragon Hybrid (60)
    Wolverine (75)
    Woodland Pack (65)

    Level 85+
    Alpha Werewolf (90)
    Am-Bush (80)
    Battle Troll (82)
    Cyberchaun (70/85)
    Deery (82)
    Earth Dragon (91)
    Herd Boss (100)
    Giant Cyberchaun (72/87)
    Leprechaun Power Armor (74/89)
    O'Greeny (80/95)
    O'Meany (85)
    Owl (78)
    Rabid BURP (80)
    Sneak (90)
    Woodland Pack (85)

    Thank you to Rhowena and whackybeanz.

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