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RE: =AExtras= "SuperRewards" List of Problem offers

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5/25/2009 19:27:58   

2.offer,get tons of free screensavers at screensaver.com
3.may 23,may 25
4.i did the offer(downloaded a screensaver and applied it)and didnt get my ac's, so i found it on the list a day later and did it again and still i dont have my ac's!
5.when i contacted super rewards the y said,"the advertiser has not yetconfirmed the completion of this offer.
please send me the ac's!

account name: omen of awsomness

2.download free zwinky toolbar!
3.may 23,24,25
4.downloaded toolbar and guess what! it didnt give me ac's so i did it again and again, all had same result no ac's.
5.havent contacted super rewards yet, but i expect they will say "offer has not been confirmed" of somthing.

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5/26/2009 6:25:15   

HI my character name is ultimacoita.

I have the super rewards system. When I log in to aextras the offer page is completely blank it has no offers. So i am unable to get any ac coins. It works for my friends. I wish super rewards could fix this problem.
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5/26/2009 9:43:18   

2.every time i cliked an offer it says you currently have no clicked offer im getting sick of that message
the offer i get are nfo-myserver,ampservice-get rewarded for perspective,wigix,dailysurvey-take dailyservy everyday,taltopia-connect with fans,espin for teens,haboo-hangout for teens. the only offer that i checked and it keeps on saying no clicked offer :( :((
3.tuesday 3:00 then 9:40
4. keeps on getting an error no clicked offers :(( but i clicked it beleive me i clicked it
5.link something like that :(( :(
6.username csimon26 i used ae extras on aqworlds


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5/26/2009 12:27:02   

Yeah, the best was the Daopay- it was payment by phone!
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5/27/2009 15:53:28   

HI my character name is ultimacoita.

I have the super rewards system. When I log in to aextras the offer page is completely blank it has no offers. So i am unable to get any ac coins. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem. Fix this!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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5/27/2009 18:45:37   
tai chau

help me artix!
at home,my offers not really but when i tried to do at school,lots of very good offfers to do?
why don;t you put all of them together?i can't get any so please help about this porblem.
my account is tai chau
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5/28/2009 17:19:46   

was 69 but lowred to 39
download the leading translation (babylon)
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5/30/2009 15:50:45   

Many thanks to any AQW member who reads this and acts on it! :)

Find Friendship, Romance, and Life Long Love. Register Today!
549 AdventureCoins
May 30th 2009

Join the Survey Panel Group
147 AdventureCoins
May 30th 2009

Find Friendship, Romance, and Life Long Love. Register Today!
549 AdventureCoins
May 30th 2009

Alright, did those three (did stupid dating one twice cause it's good amount of AC) and I got squat. Nada. Nothin. They all say 15 minute delay

1. AQW
2. Names are up there ^
3. Today around Noon to 1:00 pm.
4. says "Viewed..." in the status page. I've completely fulfilled requirements for these. I would really appreciate my AC.
5. I've contacted them via email and gotten the response "Hold Tight! We'll help you sort it out!" But I've done this with other offers in the past and gotten the same response and no AC. It's a little depressing. :(

***note*** 'In the Find Friendship, Romance, and Life Long Love. Register Today!' there were some adult images on the site on bottom of screen after you create the account. Maybe put 18+ on it? Thanks.

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DF MQ  Post #: 33
5/30/2009 17:56:07   
the smallz

I did two surveys "NFO-Mysurvey" and AMP Surveys NFO is worth 240 Dcoins and AMP is woth 160 and I didnt get zip zilch none of the dragoncoins. It was a big waste of time and I want my coins i waited a while to see if it was just a delay but i came back 3 hours later and nothin happened and its a 15-30 minute delay. Stupid thing was a waste of time I want my coins

Offer: Nfo-mysurveys and AMPsurveys
didnt contact the people
I really want those coins

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DF  Post #: 34
5/30/2009 18:54:37   

I did the Moblie game download thing i did everything but when i got to the download it wont let me but i can choose others though. Do i need to download the specific one to work?
its 830 ACs for aqw

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Post #: 35
5/30/2009 20:25:43   

1. AQWorlds
2. Instant Action Garage Games FREE!
3. May 25th, I forget when.
4. Didn't get the coins.
5. Allow cookies... they're always enabled...

1. Same Problem
2. As Above
3. But The
4. Offer Was
5. Babylon/Download the World's Leading Translation Software for Free!
AQ  Post #: 36
5/30/2009 20:58:00   

Guys, my problem was solved by simply using another computer.
Seems like the offers change from each IP or area. BTW all you having problems ,always check your e-mail box, cause sometimes they will snet ya an confirmation e-mail,hehe.

Thanks and buh-bye


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AQ AQW Epic  Post #: 37
5/31/2009 9:38:58   

I did alot of offers but I only got my AC twice and I still get like 1000 AC...
Post #: 38
5/31/2009 14:05:46   

hey hey took everything on the aextra's for aqworlds did every step and me get no ac coins wth

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DF MQ  Post #: 39
6/1/2009 4:48:50   

hi how to upgrade iam no offers
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 40
6/1/2009 11:43:15   

What is the super rewards system?
Post #: 41
6/5/2009 23:48:48   

1. AdventureQuest Worlds
2. Sign-up for FREE at QualityHealth! Healthy Mind, Healthy Body. Worth 107 AC's each.
3. June 5th, 11:21 AM- 11:45 AM
4. Never recieved the coins, attempted 4 times
5. Contacted SuperRewards, they simply said that they hadn't recieved confirmation.

1. AdventureQuest Worlds
2. Smartphone Users! Get TONS of AdventureCoins for a 5 Minute Survey! Worth 1,660 AC's each.
3. June 5th, 9:56 PM, 9:55 PM
4. Never recieved the coins, attempted twice
5. Contacted SuperRewards moments ago, no confirmation.

Gimmeh mah coinz!

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AQ DF  Post #: 42
6/6/2009 0:06:29   
Stone Hart

My problem is I don't have any offers. Here is screenshot. Please fix it.

My username is Stone Hart

Post #: 43
6/6/2009 12:27:12   

1. AdventureQuest Worlds
2. Participate with National Survey & Get Fantastic Prizes! 139 AdventureCoins
3. June 6th, 11:05-11:26
4. Never ending offers
5. No SuperRewards contact.

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AQ DF  Post #: 44
6/6/2009 12:52:54   

the green toolbar
i dowlloaded it yestserday waited 15 mins and it didnt come so i waited 24 hours (today) and i still dont got it!
is there a bug?
DF MQ  Post #: 45
6/6/2009 13:16:43   

Funny, I was just about to post the very same one. I got a few others though.
1. AdventureQuest Worlds
2. Take Our Research Survey, Earn AdventureCoins, and Get Paid!! 164 AdventureCoins
3. June 6th, 11:30 AM
4. Endless offers
5. No contact with SR

1. AdventureQuest Worlds
2. Take the ECN Research Survey & Win a $500 Shopping Spree! 124 AdventureCoins
3. June 6th, 11:35 AM
4. Still haven't recieved Coins
5. No contact with SR

1. AdventureQuest Worlds
2. FREE Download: the Desktop Smiley Toolbar! 291 AdventureCoins
3. June 6th, 9:43 AM
4. Downloaded, installed, no AC's
5. No contact with SR

If half of the rewards worked, I'd be rich in AC's by now. Out of the 12 different offers (that's not counting the re-attempts) I have only gotten six working offers. There are some that I'm waiting on in that list that I did moments ago, so it's probably gonna change.

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AQ DF  Post #: 46
6/6/2009 13:36:12   

idk if i should put this here, however....
i recently downloaded one of the free toolbars off of the AExtras link.
what happens if i need to get rid of it?
my computer is low on space an my parents sometimes tell me to uninstall and get rid of downloads.
if i do this, will it take my coins away?
Post #: 47
6/6/2009 15:26:26   

You aren't going to get any AC's anyway. Neither of the toolbar offers give you anything, I've tried them both and still haven't gotten anything.
-EDIT- Found a new one!
1. AdventureQuest Worlds
2. Watch TV Take our TV spot Study! 185 AdventureCoins
3. June 6th, 2:38 PM
4. Offer is closed http://img192.imageshack.us/img192/2846/45731131.png
5. No contact with SR

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AQ DF  Post #: 48
6/6/2009 20:00:16   

I can get my Ac coins in with in 15 or 30 minutes it come in a day. How come I realy need help. Like when i sign up and I am finish it doesnt come in 15 or 30 minutes it takes a day. But before it toke only 5 minutes not even just 2 minutes aExtras

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 49
6/6/2009 20:02:21   

@Captain Rhubarb: It has been 2 weeks...are players able to have both PayBuyPartner and SuperRewards?...Have I been missing out?
DF  Post #: 50
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