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=MECH= Where do you like to write?

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6/6/2009 15:00:00   
not steve

I usually write in bed around midnight. I just think I am more creative in a semi-conscious state. I like to edit in the morning outside though, that is when i remove all the things that don't make sense and aren't real words. But enough about me, where and when do you guys go?


AQ DF  Post #: 1
6/6/2009 15:28:00   

I need a pen and paper. I also need people to leave me alone. I cannot write if my psycho friend in front of me is turning around to talk to me. But I have written in math class before and will again so long as people leave me alone long enough to do so.

Seriously? You're sort of right- I generally get the solution to a complicated problem just before I fall asleep and have to write it down (that's almost the only time I actually use my diary ^_^) and weirder things seem more possible when you're half asleep. But there are times when I just get that itch... you know, the thing that makes your fingers twitch and your brain start sparking like mad, and you can't focus properly on anything, and words are banging around inside your head and trying to get out, and you just have to snatch something and start writing, even if the words that come out are gibberish and your freinzied manner of writing smears the not-quite-dry ink all over the paper, but you can't stop because something inside you is driving you to continue. That's when I write the best. When my muse, instead of hiding in the corner and making me work to draw it out and inspire it, decides to viciously attack. I <3 my muse. Even when it's violent.

Sorry. That turned into a rant. =) Anyways. I like to write in the cold. Not freeze-you-to-death-and-give-you-hypothermia cold, but that cold sharp wind that comes just after nightfall and somehow smells like flowers. That coldness that's just enough to awaken your mind, and makes reality seem sharper then ever before. Sometimes, if it's night and I can't think properly, I'll climb out my window and just sit on the roof for a while, drowning myself in the wind. Then, with my mind clear, I see everything, and it all makes sense in my mind. I can write well then. I can write anything and it seems like anything can happen in my story, and if I say it then it'll be so. Times like that you feel like you really can change the world, and all you have to do is write and the world will bend to match you.

Writing and typing, for me are different- I like to type in the dark. (Okay, I'm just obsessed with the night. But whatever works.) If my dog didn't eat my last set of earbuds, then I'd put them in and turn up the volume and close my eyes. Sure, it makes you dizzy to type with your eyes shut (or maybe that's just me) but it works so much better.

Is that what you were asking? I have no idea... I got so distracted... ^_^


AQ DF  Post #: 2
6/6/2009 18:34:12   

I don't exactly need pen and paper but it helps. A lot. I dislike the computer screen.

I work best after midnight. 1-3 is good. Unfortunately, it's also very unhealthy. So I don't do it most of the time.

Ultimately, the thing to get me writing is to tell me not to write. When I have a whole day stretching before me (like now) I'll waste my time (like now). When I'm stuck in boring chemistry class with a boring teacher telling me I must do my boring work, I write. Or I read. Maybe I should lock the books away. They're giving me a reason to procrastinate.

I don't exactly have a preferred place. The more exotic the better. I haven't tried my bathroom yet but I'm open to using it should the need arise. Oh wait, the second light bulb is out so it's a wee bit dark.

My balcony is cool. But it's often windy and annoying. I'd hate for my writing to get blown off the building where some poor innocent stranger might read the words "He twisted a knife into her throat, watching with impassive eyes as her blood stained her white dress." You get the idea.

Sitting outside on a bench is also nice, but my neck starts hurting if I'm away from a table too long. Bad posture.

I have a "work table" right behind the computer I'm typing at now, but it's filled with distractions. Books, paint, homework, a view of the lovely computer... The other table has fewer distractions, but it's less comfortable. Which is funny 'cause that one is a writing desk and this one is supposed to be a computer table.
AQ  Post #: 3
6/6/2009 20:35:11   
Argeus the Paladin

I am the exact opposite: I can't write without a computer. But this has its downsides - I tend to be distracted by a host of other things. MQ and the forums, for instance.
DF  Post #: 4
6/7/2009 14:36:04   

*bounces around, being as much of a distraction to Argeus as possible* ^_^ We don't mind when you get distracted; unless we're waiting on your stories, of course! ^_^

Why do we all work the best at midnight? It's kinda weird. The witching hour, you know.

Hah, I'll remember that for the next time I want you to hurry up and write. ^_^ Just tell you not to write.

*laughter* You'd traumatize all of your neighbors. ^_^ Poor people. That's 'cuz writing desks are overrated. The perfect writing desk would be one you could adjust the height easily. With lots of drawers to keep various things in. And perhaps a slanting-up table so that you didn't have to lean in so close to see your paper. And then some sort of massage function... recently I've been writing steadily until my hand is aching and dead. So like a little hot-water pocket next to the actual writing space. Something cool like that.
AQ DF  Post #: 5
6/7/2009 20:17:43   

No. Assuming you can get up and down it, the perfect writing desk floats one hundred feet above the tallest building nearby, with only a chair, a pencil, and stacks of paper. No other distractions. You write, or the height will make you faint.

Great, I think I'm going to have nightmares tonight.

I think there was a study showing how the creative side of the brain works best at midnight, but whatever, I mistrust science when it tries to apply itself to art.
AQ  Post #: 6
6/8/2009 18:44:06   

*laughter* I like it. *saves as awesome Firefly quote* ^_^

Why? Are you afraid of heights? *suddenly interested*

It's probably true... something about the consiousness merging with the unconsiousness... explains why no one can spell at two in the morning- spelling is a left-side thing. ^_^ (Unless I got my sides of the brain mixed up, then it's a right-side thing. Whatever. The logical side.)
AQ DF  Post #: 7
6/8/2009 18:58:47   

No, I'm not afraid of heights. But any /sane/ person would be /slightly/ afraid if they were floating a hundred feet above the highest building with only a chair to support them. If you /slip/...

Yes, the right side is the creative side and the left is logical. People usually think that creative people are left-handed because the nerves cross or something. That's why I think science is crap when applied to creativity; I'm right-handed and completely right-brained.
AQ  Post #: 8
6/10/2009 10:54:45   
Poetic Melody

When I'm supposed to take notes in school. It's probably not the wisest time, but it's when I'm the most free!
DF  Post #: 9
11/8/2009 21:13:32   
Constructively Friendly!

When? From between 11pm and 5am. After then it gets... really weird. *pities whoever had to read that last report*
Staying up for two days straight also helps. I dunno, I think it might have something to do with being tired...?

On what? Pen and paper works well, computer almost as well.

As for /where/...

My room has too many distractions. Someone decided to hang all these sparkly things off the ceiling and around the fan, and I'm not allowed to take them down. Shiny things and lights = instant brain-numbing distraction. So I can't write there.

The car is good... if one's pen didn't go /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ all over the page. <_< And car trips never seem to be long enough to get anything done.

Writing while walking is good... except one walks into things. *strides headfirst into tree* >.<

Writing in class works... unfortunately I just graduated. =\

Writing during an exam is wonderful... just, ah, not what you /should/ be writing. <.< >.> Hehe.

So I walk off with my dog to a spot down the billabong and write there. It's popular with couples, so sometimes it's unavailable. Otherwise, just gotta put a box over my head so can't see the shineys. ^_^
Post #: 10
11/8/2009 21:27:00   

I don't really have any one time that I prefer for writing. Anytime when all my little siblings aren't bouncing off the walls is nice...

As to where well, personally I prefer writing, or rather typing at my computer. (I dislike hand writing anything, and try to avoid it as much as possible.)
DF MQ  Post #: 11
11/8/2009 23:19:20   

Unlike a lot of people that apparently need a pen and paper, I need to be able to at least see a computer. That actually makes it hard for me to write during the times I have set aside for writing, which is a dilemma I am attempting to fix. I like to write late at night and around mid-day. And I have to have music, which also makes it impossible for me to write. I'm just psycho like that, I suppose.

Writing while walking is good... except one walks into things. *strides headfirst into tree* >.<
Tried that. Ouch. And I couldn't read what I had written afterwards.

I used to text stuff to myself, but that got too expensive. I didn't and don't really count them as actual texts, but meh.

So I'm pretty much stuck writing when I am at my most depressing and least creative - English class. My teacher is kind of creeped out by the sadistic themes with twist happy endings that I write during class and never want to look at again.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 12
11/11/2009 6:04:21   

Mmm... I get some paper, a subject from a random person out of my class or I think of one, a pen and I start writing o.O
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 13
11/12/2009 18:40:57   
Sir Nicholas

I like to write when I'm in an exuberantly cheerful mood: When I've really got the blood flowing and the ideas are buzzing about like flies. I'm at my best when I'm listening to music, when I've got my Microsoft Word up, (For spellcheck) and I've also got an extra page or two for additional ideas from other sources.

(Where I write, is on my computer, in my house. But that's pretty obvious! n_n)

What's awesome is that my good moods are coming in more and more these days. I wake up and I end up feeling just happy to be alive.


We are the pure among the corrupt.
We are the innocent among the guilty.
We are the sword and shield of the Divine, and forever shall we serve.
AQ  Post #: 14
11/12/2009 19:39:02   

Mail Moogle of AdventureQuest

I need to use a computer, I hate writing but love typing. I always think of my ideas on the fly, so I usually write at my home, or on the rare occasion here at UT where I have to email it to myself so I can incooperate whatever I wrote into my story.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 15
11/12/2009 23:03:48   
The Extinguisher

I need to get a new notebook, because the one I have right now is falling apart and almost full D:

I tend to right whenever I can, in my notebook. It also helps when writing music, because computers are awkward.
Post #: 16
11/19/2009 3:35:12   
Reaper Sigma

I can't concentrate with a pen and paper. I write with my computer.
Post #: 17
11/23/2009 7:26:09   

Whoa, I'm almost the total opposite of you guys and gals.

I can't concentrate when writing on my laptop, hence I drag around a notebook through school where I just pen down ideas occasionally and in the 1 hour before I sleep (because for some reason, I need to be lying down in a 'resting' position for at least 1 hour before my brain realizes it's time to switch off) I collate those ideas into a semi-cohesive paragraph which I later bin, then pull out and revise, and then more often than not, bin again.

AQ  Post #: 18
11/23/2009 14:46:10   

I write wherever the mood suddenly hits me. If I don't have any paper around, and my computer is WAY too far, I'll put it down in my cell phone's memo-pad. When the idea hits me, I need to get it out of my head, or else I'll think about it way too much and ruin it, or I lose it completely.
Even with Photoshop, I usually try not to think of an idea for stuff like that until I'm nearing home, or I'm lying in bed thinking about nothing (how I fall asleep) and my muse goes, "HEY! You there, with the face. Here's an idea. It's awesome, and you should go work on it. Right now. How about now? Now... now... now... now..."
It can be quite annoying.

And completely off-topic:

I mistrust science when it tries to apply itself to art.

Firefly, I agree about science working with artistic things. But math on the otherhand. I write and make all my other art through mathmatic thought processes. It's just how I work. So science can't be that far off. ;P
Post #: 19
11/23/2009 15:11:02   
Eukara Vox
Legendary AdventureGuide!

I have a really strange place where I get a lot of writing done. It's unbelievable how much I can get done there. The place is called Inflatable Wonderland. It a huge (imagine a Sears or Macy's department store) that is nothing but bounce houses, inflatable slides and obstacle courses. It's extremely loud. And kids are running around like maniacs.


I get an amazing amount of work done. In two hours there, I once wrote two full chapters, one for Dionysus Challenge and one for the book I am working on to publish. Chuck E Cheeses is good for working too. The only thing that I can think of that points to why I can get so much work done is that my brain is trying so dang hard to concentrate on the task at hand, I can't fall to distraction. When it is quiet, my brain finds reasons to be distracted.

I prefer to type, but sometimes, it just feels good to hand write my story. I love the feel of writing on paper. Maybe it is growing up in a time when you did most of your work by hand, I don't know. But it just feels nice.

Don't get me wrong, using the desktop or laptop is nice too. But some days, I just need a note pad and pencil.

My biggest problem with not having my computer is not having research at my fingertips. Especially with stories like Dionysus' Challenge, I need to constantly cross reference my Greek history, literature and mythology to get everything right. Just the other day, I had to figure out what version of the "Realm of Haides" I was going to use. I knew there were three main viewpoints, depending on history. It helped to read deeper into writers like Hesiod, Homer and Pindar to see which version of the realm I wanted to use for my story.

If it is quiet, now that I actually have a laptop, outside is a wonderful place to write. Otherwise, just sitting here at my desk suffices.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 20
11/26/2009 14:37:28   

Anywhere I can find inspiration.
AQ DF  Post #: 21
11/26/2009 18:22:35   

Well, I've come to the conclusion that I /can/ write on the computer. I don't exactly like it, but it's actually faster since no matter how fast I write, it's not as fast as typing. And as Eukky said, it's useful if you need research. However, my main approach is to write it out first and research the details later, so that's not the main reason to write on a computer for me.

The thing I like most about it is that you don't need to type it out. =P I still write on paper when I don't have a computer with me though. And for some things, like outlines, it's easier to have a physical copy to work with.

I do agree that math is slightly useful for art. I do a fair amount of art myself, and when trying to transfer images or get proportion right, I sometimes divide the paper with my calculator in hand. I once mapped out an entire picture to redraw. But it's mainly just basic math and spatial sense. You don't need to know the sine graph and the trigometric functions to know art. =P
AQ  Post #: 22
11/26/2009 19:35:05   
Gianna Glow

I prefer pen/pencil, my notebook, a quiet room, and preferably rainy.
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 23
11/26/2009 19:56:06   

Well, I was trying (today) to type a post and get it up on my computer, but we were all supposed to be working, so I had all sneakily turned on the computer and had opened the internet page I was supposed to submit it to and was typing with the monitor off whenever I could. But once I accidentally hit the backspace button when I knew I wasn't actually clicked into the text box, therefore sending my browser back to the last page.

So I yelled at the computer screen and started again. Typing with the moniter off. Very fun. I just can't delete... I have to look at the screen to delete. So anyways, then I hit Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C to copy it just in case, and then when I came back I forgot I had highlighted everything. And the next words I typed erased all my other ones. But I didn't realize that, and so I typed another paragraph, figured I'd better save that onto the rest of it, and highlighted everything and copied it again. Therefore deleting the tenative save I'd placed on my words. And, because it was still highlighted, I did it again, deleting the one paragraph I'd written. But don't worry, it was copied.

Then I had to turn on the screen to delete stuff and I realize what I'd done. So I went "Nooooo!!!" and hit Ctrl+V. And then I went "Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!" and despaired. Because all that showed up was the paltry little paragraph, not the entire thing that I thought I'd saved.

So I finally gave up and went and wrote it out in the garage where I was supposed to be working. And then I typed it all up into Microsoft Word and spell-checked it and posted it, hours and hours late. It was awful.

And that's my story for today. I'm thankful for paper. Not really thankful for spaztic computers at the moment. Now I'm going to copy this, in preperation for posting, as I always try to do in case the forums or the computer hiccup and delete my post, and I'm going to be thankful for copying and pasting as well. But not really highlighting.
AQ DF  Post #: 24
11/28/2009 15:23:21   

Ha ha. Sorry to hear about your plight, Jer. Computers tend to cough when I'm near them. However, my preference for paper comes from the lack of distractions and the feeling more than the computer's burps.

Though... typing with the screen off. Y'know, that's a /really/ good method for writing quickly, because you can't go back and edit what you've written. I should do that for next year's NaNoWriMo... if my parents don't think I'm crazy once they spot the blank screen. Oh, wait, I will probably be gone from home next year... I think I can try it!
AQ  Post #: 25
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