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The Destroyer: Part 2

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8/25/2009 20:24:19   
The lurking shadow

The Destroyer: Part 2

Location: Travel Map » Dragonspine » 12: The Destroyer Part 2!

«Scene: War's Altar»

War: FOOLS!! How could you not handle taking out one single human? These... ANIMALS should hardly pose a threat to you!
Carnage: He's stronger than he looks, Master ...Amusing, too...Hehehehe...
Mayhem: M'lord, we still won a great victory here. This human is from the future. With his knowledge, we may be able to stop any threat to us that would cause your downfall.
War: Perhaps...But with the Vartai alerted to our location and actions, we'll need to move quickly. I need you both to split up and create diversions. Big diversions.
Mayhem: What are you planning, M'lord?
War: We shall crush the greatest heroes of the land before they're fully prepared for us. If more otherworldly power gets involved, this will get very messy.

«Carnage and Mayhem leave. A black hole rips open beside War and a beast exits from the hole.»

Panic: ...............Orders?
War: Colonel Panic, once Carnage draws enough attention, I need you to go to his location and... incapacitate any big target he draws out. Let him kill the smaller ones.
Panic: Understood, Master.

«Panic leaves. War approaches the altar and the scene zooms in on the altar.»

War: Panic isn't complete, but he's powerful. Even if he fails...It won't change the end of my little game. This world will fall before my might!
«Scene: Battleon»

Galanoth: It looks like everyone's here. Now, perhaps you can explain a little more about our new "friends," Cyrus?
Cyrus: It's a sign of the apocalypse. Not much more to it than that.
Galanoth: ...If that's a joke, I'm not laughing.
Cyrus: Trust me, Tin Can, I'm not joking. This isn't garden variety evil. It's a RIDER. His altar brought him back to this plane.
«You»: A "rider"??
Cyrus: A creature designed specifically to remake or destroy worlds. Its power is much like that of the human gods, and you seem to have gathered the ire of one.
Cyrus: Once it's done with you and everyone you care about, it'll probably turn the world into a bunch of smoking craters.
Artix: We cannot simply sit here and wait for it to destroy the world. Is there not some way we can stop it?
Cyrus: Even my research hasn't turned up much. Our best hope is brute force on its weaker parts. Mainly, those two flunkies it sent after «You»...
???: Flunkies? We're much more than that... Hehehe...

«The scene shifts to the right revealing Carnage along with a few of his minions.»

Galanoth: Great. It's the raging madman.
Cyrus: Eselgee's here?? hehehe...
Galanoth: Less joking, more fighting!!
  • Battle!

  • Fight alongside Cyrus!
  • Fight alongside Artix!
  • Fight alongside Galanoth!
  • Fight by yourself!

    «Regardless of choice»«You»: Moglins, too? How powerful IS this thing?
    Carnage: HAHAHAHAHAHA! I am pure chaos and destruction. I'm--
    Galanoth: --outnumbered four to one.
    Carnage: Heh. This might be bad.

    «Panic enters.»

    Panic: ............Fools.
    Artix: And just what are YOU!?!
    «You»: --Besides very, very ugly?
    Panic: Your new master.

    «Panic unleashes beams of light that strikes you and Carnage. The flash becomes blinding and when it fades, you are at an unknown location.»

    «You»: ...Wh...what was that attack? Am I dead?
    Panic: Not yet, human.

    «Panic enters.»

    Panic: I don't have time to mess around with you yet. I'll just let you play with my little friend while I get things started...
    «You»: Play with your fr--- huh?

      1 BATTLE
      Monster chosen from your RA list
      Full Heal
    «You»: Where did that come from? It's definitely not from a place like THIS.
    Panic: We're in a psychoplane, human. I, Panic, intend to make sure you don't survive the visit.
    «You»: There's four of us here. You don't stand a chance.
    Panic: This is my world, human. You go by my rules. If you want a direct battle, you'll have to go through the worst of yourself first.
    «You»: How bad could that be??
    Panic: Well....... Why don't you just ask them?

    «The scene shifts to a mysterious character clad in dark armor. Artix engages in a fight with the character, who turns out to be Atrix, a corrupted version of Artix!»

    Atrix: Why continue fighting for order, Paladin? It's pointless in the end!
    Artix: Because it is the right thing to do, monster!
    Atrix: What good has that been? No matter how much you fight, you WILL slip up...
    Artix: ........

    «The scene shifts back to your confrontation with Panic.»

    Panic: Now you see. If you just go down easily, I'll make it quick for you. My Master wants you alive.
    «You»: If I go down, you're coming with me!
    Panic: Heh! So foolish. I think you should meet another one of my friends...
  • !!!

      1 BATTLE
      Monster taken from your RA list
      Full Heal
    «You»: You have to do better than that, Panic.
    Panic: Soon, I will.

    «The scene shifts to Galanoth engaging in a battle with a corrupt Cyrus.»

    Corrupt Cyrus: Still you press on...Don't you get it yet? You can't beat us!
    Galanoth: I'd rather die trying than go down in a fight with you!
    Corrupt Cyrus: You'll never win. Just like the Vartai, your best efforts are in vain against us. We'll always be stronger.
    Galanoth: You're just a half-breed... Worse than a dragon!
    Corrupt Cyrus: I'm a symbol of everything you hate. Not just about dragons, Galanoth, but about yourself.
    Galanoth: What?!?
    Corrupt Cyrus: Your failures. You lost your first home to Akriloth, and couldn't get your revenge. Then dragons took Demento from you. You kill dragons to hide your shame, little human...
    Galanoth: .....................

    «The scene switches back once more to your dialogue with Panic.»

    Panic: Heh. Not much longer now.
    «You»: You---
    Panic: We can't crush your bodies, so we'll crush your spirits, then make you our servants!

      1 BATTLE
      Monster taken from your RA list
      Full Heal
    «The scene switches to a dialogue between Cyrus and an Ice Dragon.»

    Cyrus: ...You cannot be real. I watched you die.
    ???: Of course you did. You were the REASON I died. Your weakness cost you the one thing you cared about most.
    Cyrus: I've become stronger since that day! I'll never let something that horrible happen to us again!
    ???: Unlikely. You barely saved Xerxes from Jalek with Gaspar's help, and you know Nava's naught but a walking liability now...
    Cyrus: I won't let anything endanger any of them again...
    ???: You've all become weak since you lost her... Since you lost me, your dear mother. And YOU'RE the only one to blame for that. You've never been strong enough, and never will be.
    Cyrus: ....................

    «The scene shifts back to your dialogue with Panic.»

    Panic: Only a few more minutes at the most. Enjoy the front-row seats to the downfall of this world, «You»...
    «You»: I still have one last trick up my sleeve...
    Panic: And what would that be?
  • Try to help Artix!
      Help Artix!
      Can you help Artix?
      Difficulty: 60
      Stat Used: Charisma

      «If you succeed in the stat roll...»

      «You»: Artix, you're a Paladin. You know the fight for Light and Order is a difficult one. Look at all the good it's done, though.
      Artix: ........................
      «You»: Without you, we'd have fallen to chaos long ago! It's not an easy fight, but the world needs you, and is grateful, no matter how hard it can be to see it!
      Artix: You...are right, «You». Let us put an end to this madness and find a way to stop War!

      «Atrix disappears in a flash of black mist.»

      Artix: Now, let's go show PANIC the meaning of the word!
    • Fight! - Artix replaces your current guest

      The dialogue continues below.
  • Try to help Cyrus!
      Help Cyrus!
      Can you help Cyrus?
      Difficulty: 60
      Stat Used: Charisma

      «If you succeed in the stat roll...»

      «You»: Cyrus, you know better than this that you've done a great deal for your family and all the other Vartai. You're their leader now. They wouldn't look up to a failure.
      ???: Please. we all know the truth, human.
      «You»: If not for you, your family might not be here today. Do you really want to spend the rest of your days moping around here and leaving them open to danger?
      Cyrus: Of course not...I'm not letting War have his way with this world. Let's put a dent in his power!
      ???: Well played, human. I hadn't expected my little one to have so much help.

      «The Ice Dragon disappears in a flash of dark mist.»

      Cyrus: What say you and I give Panic a beating he won't soon forget?
    • Fight! - Cyrus replaces your current guest

      The dialogue continues below.
  • Try to help Galanoth!
      Help Galanoth!
      Can you help Galanoth?
      Difficulty: 60
      Stat Used: Charisma

      «If you succeed in the stat roll...»

      «You»: Galanoth, you're a proud Dragonslayer. You can't just give up on protecting the innocent from the dragons that want to hurt them.
      Corrupt Cyrus: It's useless, human. He knows that he's too weak.
      «You»: Far from it. You may not have saved Demento, Galanoth, but I know he'd be proud of how far you've come since that day.
      «You»: We can't change the past, but we CAN keep it from repeating itself.
      Galanoth: You're right, «You». I can't let some Vartai stop me from doing what's right!
      Galanoth: Let's take out this mind-game freak and work on putting War down for good!
      Corrupt Cyrus: Slegging interloper! You aren't getting out of here alive, even WITH his help!

      «The Corrupt Cyrus disappears in a flash of black mist.»

      Galanoth: Time to put Panic in his place, eh friend?
    • Fight! - Galanoth replaces your current guest

      The dialogue continues below.
  • Try to outwit Panic!
      Outwit Panic!
      Can you outwit Panic?
      Difficulty: 70
      Stat Used: Intelligence

      «If you succeed in the stat roll...»

      «You»: Enough of this. I'm leaving.
      Panic: You can't just leave! I won't let you!
      «You»: Watch me....
      Panic: No! No!!

      «Panic takes a step forward and an image of War appears, causing Panic to be taken aback.»

      «You»: Checkmate, Panic.
      Panic: ...Beaten by my own rules. Well-played, human.

      «War raises his hand and dark beams start attacking Panic to the point that he collapses to the ground.»

      «You»: You lose, Panic....

      You skip the battle with Panic entirely and directly proceed to the scene in Battleon.

    «If you failed any of the stat rolls...»

    Panic: Tch. Pitiful. Such efforts won't save you from what I intend to do. Now, let us begin the REAL entertainment!

    The dialogue continues below.

    1 BATTLE

    Level 0-27: Panic (10)
    Level 28-47: Panic (30)
    Level 48-67: Panic (50)
    Level 68-87: Panic (70)
    Level 88+: Panic (90)

    Full Heal

    «Scene: Battleon»

    Artix: How...Interesting.
    Galanoth: I'd hate to admit it, but I'm impressed. Without you, we'd be dead for sure.
    ???: Ergh.... I... see now....

    «An injured Panic enters.»

    Galanoth: !!! Panic's still alive??

    «Panic's mask suddenly drops! It reveals...»

    Artix: That is not Panic anymore...It is...
    Cyrus: What it IS...is an IMPOSSIBILITY.

    «The scene zooms in on the real face behind "Panic," revealing Jalek!»

    Jalek: Jalek Guth'Hai, former King of Kaljerak's Chosen, at your service...

    «The scene fades away.»

    War: Rrrgh...Such annoyances. I lost Panic, and it looks like the psychic backlash took down Carnage with him. I'll need some time to reconstruct the brute...
    ???: You don't HAVE time, abomination.

    «Xerxes enters.»

    War: I figured you'd show up eventually. Drawn here by the prospect of a great battle? I promise I won't disappoint.
    Xerxes: No. You tried to use me. You've played puppetmaster behind the scenes and nearly ended up killing my brothers and sisters.
    War: ...So you finally figured it out?
    Xerxes: This is personal, and I'm going to rip you to pieces for it!
  • Continued!
    Destroyer: 2

  • Corrupted Blessed Battleaxe Z
  • Corrupted Pure Battleaxe
  • Corrupted Consecrated Battleaxe Z
  • Guardian Corrupted Blessed Battleaxe
  • Corrupted Consecrated Battleaxe
  • Guardian Corrupted Hallowed Battleaxe
  • Guardian Corrupted Sacred Battleaxe
  • Corrupted Holy Battleaxe

  • Martial-Tainted Guardian
  • Martial-Twisted Guardian Z
  • Martial-Twisted Guardian
  • Martial-Distorted Guardian Z
  • Martial-Distorted Guardian

  • Contaminated Moglin
  • Twisted Moglin
  • Warped Guardian Moglin
  • Corrupted Moglin

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower
  • Leave

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