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RE: =Nocturu= Cross-Clan Communications

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4/13/2010 16:42:08   

Max, because Nocturu IS about darkness which is mostly about deadness and such.. So yeh.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 101
4/15/2010 20:17:16   
Riffus Maximus

New NPFs are now online and ready to be used
Tha New NPFs


AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 102
4/16/2010 3:19:23   

Sweet, let's take a look at them.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 103
4/17/2010 22:00:14   
Constructively Friendly!

I'm awaiting confirmation of my registration :3
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 104
5/28/2010 16:42:20   

Wow, almost a whole page of posts since I've been gone!
...Good for you for making new NPFs Max, I'll go sign up with it.
Post #: 105
5/28/2010 21:09:58   
Riffus Maximus

It's not much... it's not really worth looking at it, since no one has ever posted in there yet... except for Diggy.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 106
5/28/2010 21:33:41   

It's the thought that counts.


Post #: 107
6/3/2010 1:32:26   

Hi to my favorite other clan. Was in the neighborhood so I thought I'd drop by. Hi Max, long time no see.
AQ  Post #: 108
6/3/2010 2:12:51   

What, no hello for me? Aww. I feel unloved. /s

Hello back. How have you been?
Post #: 109
6/3/2010 4:39:52   

On behalf of the Lucian clan as the Head of army.

It's my duty to inform you that if you want to renew our past treaty between our two clans, which was an Alliance between Lucian and Nocturu. Then please post the treaty on either the public cross-clan communications thread or the private one located here. Failure to do so will leave our clans at a neutral standing.
AQ  Post #: 110
6/3/2010 13:03:27   
Spanish Inquisition

Hmm, considering Mau is basically the only active Nocturan at the moment....better hop to it Mau. Isn't Max on vacay?
AQ  Post #: 111
6/3/2010 14:47:48   

Yes, Max is gone...I'm basically the only one left.
And yes, I very much so need to renew that alliance! ...Where is the original treaty located, or do I just write up a new one as clan head?
Post #: 112
6/3/2010 15:04:39   

Write up a new one. :p
AQ  Post #: 113
6/3/2010 15:05:09   
Spanish Inquisition

Haha, I think it was just implied. I guess you could write a new one since you are in charge. Might be easier than searching for very old threads. Also...who is validating new members on the NPF? I didn't even know you guys made a new one.
AQ  Post #: 114
6/3/2010 15:06:25   

Oh whee~
I'll be sure to not put any convenient loopholes in it.
I'll go write it up on RoL...

Si: Validating new members? Max was until recently. We haven't really had any since he left, so no one.

< Message edited by Maureu -- 6/3/2010 15:07:12 >
Post #: 115
6/3/2010 15:10:25   
Spanish Inquisition

Sure you won't...

Well crud. I guess I have to wait a month before Max gets back? Atleast I can use the shoutbox though.
AQ  Post #: 116
6/3/2010 15:16:00   

I'll be there. A little.
Hah, success! The treaty is now written. I shall post it...
Post #: 117
6/3/2010 15:45:42   
Riffus Maximus

@Kandymine: Long time no see indeed. Thanks for droppping by, it's great to see you.

@SI: No worries, your account has been validated.

By the way, I'm back until next Sunday. I'll be on vacation for another week after that day.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 118
6/3/2010 15:46:23   
Spanish Inquisition

*glomps Max*

Thanks. :D
AQ  Post #: 119
6/3/2010 16:05:10   
Riffus Maximus

I haven't said it last post, but it has been quite a long time since I've seen you around. How's it goin'?
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 120
6/3/2010 17:16:49   

Ffew-- *wipes sweat off brow* I am no longer the solitary Nocturan here. I feel better.
Post #: 121
6/3/2010 19:12:23   
Spanish Inquisition

Doing fine. Yes, I've been lax on all the forums lately. Work and school kept me very busy with little free time. But I've got my degree now, so more time for forum browsing. Also, I'm on vacation, which helps. :D

How are you?
AQ  Post #: 122
6/3/2010 20:42:05   
Riffus Maximus

Crashing back into home is quite hard for my morale. I was relaxed and all of a sudden it's chaotic all around me. Moving out soon (1st of July) and I'll be able to work again.

@Maureu: I fear in three days you'll be all alone again, since I'm leaving for another week of vacation (at the same exact place with 2 same people).
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 123
9/23/2010 17:15:46   

Hey look what I found.

Greetings from Lucian! After weeks in the democratic pergatory that is the Lucian Senate, I have a proposition for you. It is one most grand. As an official spokesperson for Lucian, I offer you a chance to join us in becoming the mightiest force Paxia has ever seen Luctoru (or Noctian I'm still working on the name)!

The terms of this merge are as follows

Members of one clan will have full access to the other's private forums and full voting rights in all clan matters (ie. honorary citizenship).
All members of one army will be listed on the others' roster.
Voting on all other war and alliances should be done by both clans and both clans should follow through. Strategizing for war should also be done cooperatively. We also encourage characters to switch in game clans to offer help as needed.

Allowing each other to hold positions in our respective clans, and merging the PFs may be discussed on a later date.

Please let us know your decision within one month.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 124
9/23/2010 19:18:30   

Hmmmm... That's a mighty fine offer you have there.
The main problem being that 98% of clan members are blissfully unaware of any alliances and will continue to attack the other side, concluding that the opposites must be rivals, when in actually fact we are harmonious.

The names Luctoru and Noctian seem slightly off. I propose we name the alliance 'The ShadowLight Pact' to show that despite being intercooperative, we are also our own proud nations, as we need to continue our own traditions as well as working together, we clearly can't lose the essence of what makes us Nocturu and Lucian respectively.

This may be a great step in reviving our forums, also, as we can share a 'ShadowLight Council' which can contain members from both clans and can be used as a cooperative governing force. A large problem facing Nocturu at the moment is forum underpopulation. I seem to be the only member posting at the moment, and I'm not even in the council, as it isn't being properly maintained due to inactivity on the part of the currently appointed members.

This could be a great step, however, a vote may be needed, and that can't go ahead with our clan's current state...
It's a tricky business decision, but I honestly think it would be in the best interest of both clans to go ahead with it, even if that ends up meaning bypassing democracy due to strained clan conditions.

AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 125
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