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RE: =WF= Gameplay Feedback Thread

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6/7/2011 21:49:24   
Go Man

I enjoy this game a lot more because i FINALLY am able to be a gurdian
Post #: 76
6/13/2011 9:32:13   

Is it my computer or are the cutscenes kinda lagging?
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 77
7/4/2011 14:50:03   

good old wf, I love it since some of the stuff is based off of aq but with robots #D
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 78
7/4/2011 20:26:25   
Go Man

This game is probably one of my favorite games on the web


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7/7/2011 23:09:12   
ArchMagus Orodalf

Okay, so after several days of grinding and hitting my EXP cap (and, once, my Gold Cap), I have unlocked the Novus Finale.

It was disappointing.

There were aspects that I loved. The Celestra-The'Galin battle was a good challenge, and the art (especially Celestra's!) was terrific.

But there were also aspects to the story that I couldn't stand. Namely plot holes the size of Battleonia.
  1. Prior to playing through the quest, I also asked Celestra about her past. She told me that "We (she and her father) forged Weapons of Salvation." This is untrue. Garavin alone was behind the forging, which happened 20 years after Celestra left Lore.
  2. In the intro to the quest itself, Celestra says that "It has been over a thousand years since the Devourer The'Galin first arrived on Lore. My father put me into hiding while he tried to face the Uncreator and died for it." - False in several ways. The way this is phrased implies that The'Galin first arrived on Lore around 1000 years ago, at the time when Garavin was alive. He in fact arrived first 5000 years ago, and Celestra knows this. Furthermore, Garavin did not die when he tried to face the Devourer. He was, in fact, granted life eternal as the Eternal by this Devourer.
  3. Veritos says that "her [Rubia's] deepest memories would be of Haden, the world on which we were born." This is either a plot hole or a retcon, because Vogenvuld says in Haven's Gate that Vanatia was born on Lore: "I met her once. She's a Necromantress, born on Lore several decades ago. A Network agent named Epheel saw potential in her, and brought her and her brother to the stars."
  4. Where did this Memory Matrix come from? All right, it's not a plot hole, but it sure as Heck is a pointless Ass Pull. In fact, if you wanted to be witty, you could even call it a "removable discontinuity" because it barely played a role in the quest at all.
  5. I would almost call the teleportation stunt Deus Ex Machina. It was briefly mentioned in The Space Moglines that "You know, Gravlax has been experimenting with teleportation technology, though it's of a non-magical variety," but the fact that it was perfected to a degree to be used as precisely as it was and consuming as little energy as it was (the nonessential energy of the LSS Alteon was able to propel a God all the way to the other end of the Galaxy?) is a God out of a Machine (more like a God moved by a Machine, but that's irrelevant. :P).
  6. "The Elemental Lords of a new world are vulnerable, but only if unengaged in creation." Hmm. This means that Dark Madder had much more power than a Greater Power of Uncreation Who was her boss, because unless I'm very much mistaken, she smote them with a blast of Darkness that broke their circle and allowed her to steal the Engine in the first place.
  7. In the previous quest, "Sibling Rivalry," Temura Ge'Thrak says that the red thing with eyes "is a physical manifestation of the Devourer." There are three ways to interpret this. It could be a direct manifestation of The'Galin, in which case the mind controlling it and the forms chosen were The'Galin's. It could be an Avatar, in which case there is another mind involved. Or it could be a golem, in which case there is no mind, only a set of programs. It is most likely the second, as It was called such in the quest (Creation's End). The trouble with this is twofold. Firstly, an Avatar takes direct instructions from the God in control. The'Galin would almost certainly not want to kill or Uncreate Celestra because of how well she has fought his Network, which was precisely his intent. Secondly, if The'Galin absolutely wanted an Avatar to be in Lorian space for evaluation of the planet, he could do so either by moving the Avatar across the galaxy or manifesting another. Another trouble is that The'Galin's estimate of "40,000 years." According to the Huntress, The'Galin travels interdimensionally, between universes much in the way the Gauntlet allows her to do. This would not take 40,000 years. In fact, Celestra even calls what she does with the Gauntlet teleportation in Sibling Rivalry, which essentially means that this avatar of the Devourer could simply teleport back.
  8. The'Galin's intention is apparently "to uncreate the Engine of Creation." This does not work. Uncreating this Engine would Uncreate the parts of the universe originally created by use of the Engine, or the Engine would persist in some other form because of how integral it is to reality. Regardless, The'Galin is not to Uncreate everything, or even to consume elemental energies. He tests the worlds as was his position originally assigned by Lorithia, and Uncreating the Engine does this in no way whatsoever.
  9. You also have a loose end. Whatever happened to the Network? Why were they trying to capture Rubia, and why did they not continue to send their reinforcements to try to do so? (I mean after the quest, when Rubia presumably returned to do her ambassador duties on Novus.)

  • Some of these are easy to fix. You can make Celestra change her dialogue to note that something her father did was useful and that her father didn't die. You can change Vogenvuld's speech or Veritos's to either make the siblings born on Lore or on Haden. You can remove the Memory Matrix. You can explain, eventually, why and where the Network went.
  • Others are harder. I'm not quite so sure how you'll patch the other holes.

    Gal, I hope you read this and consider re-writing the ending to the Novus Finale.

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  • AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 80
    7/18/2011 13:44:27   

    This might be an old change that started in AQ (I havent checked), but guests are sometimes disappearing without any explanation. The only guest I can round up at will to test with is a summon so I've got no idea if they all drain MP or some drain SP, but it's limiting my actions and the usefulness of charisma more than I was betting on. There's a need for balance, but anything that restricts your options in an already lengthy fight seems like a waste of time.

    I thought I remembered something about ranged attacks having an innate hit penalty? Maybe my imagination, but I feel like I'm missing a lot.. I think every single attack I have is 'ranged', as there's no magic to be found anywhere. Usually about a 50/50 chance to connect.
    Post #: 81
    7/28/2011 16:23:28   
    Master Merlin

    With the recent bimonthly releases announcement I feel the need to post here. I believe that the reason why WF is doing so bad is because it focuses to much on high level content that the majority of players will never see and neglects the small, quality updates such as bugfixes and gapfillers that we have come to expect from most AE games.

    For instance, I don't know if you've noticed, but half the game is infested by graphics issues, skills not working properly, etc. My drakel character's login experience is almost laughable. I equip an armor, I have a tail. I equip another armor, that tail is magically gone. I equip Vampireslayer, and I'm suddenly transformed into a human. I equip Heavygunner, and my tail is cutting through my legs. That sounds painful. It's these small, easily fixable issues that made me so annoyed and shattered my gameplay immersion so much that I quit the game. And you know what's the worse part of it all? These issues have been reported and known along for almost a year, and NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE ABOUT THEM!

    What has been done instead? Storyline releases that require rediculous level requirements, such as level 90+, which most player will never see in their time playing Warpforce. And it's not just the quest that is missed out on. Every month, new weapons and armor that are needed at lower levels never even get there, because they cannot match the level of the quest. My character has an inventory of 5/8 weapons, 3/8 spells, 4/8 shields, and more, and can't do anything to upgrade it, because of the rediculous lack of low level equipment. Don't get me wrong, I love the storyline and consider it one of the best in AE games so far, but if it means screwing over the low levels who can't even access it then something must be done.

    My suggestion? Take a release to fix those stubborn bugs, lower the requirements on the storyline quests, and try and do something about the horrendous lack of low level content. In this way, Warpforce will if not do as good as AQ in the profits department, at least have the same quality updates that we all know and appreciate. Thanks, that's all.

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    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 82
    8/26/2011 9:12:53   

    Feedback :

    The game itself haves a good design , an improvement in this game is that you can actually have a female character look female unlike in AQ . The game's art looks better then that of AQ.

    The bad parts are that it gets very repetitive and that you can't really do the main story line because you got to farm another 6-7 levels sometimes . There is a reason why Aion is nearly death despite having nice graphics , nice looks and decent pvp , its because it is grind , grind and grind . Grinding puts people off a game and reduces the ammount of pleasure someone gets from a game . In Battleon grinding doesn't really feel like grinding because you always have a quest to do or re-do or some main story line quest that has been released ( and is accesible for a lot of levels because the enemies are usually level bases in the story line quests ) .

    It was just a poor idea to make the story line level based . Great updates would be a map like in battleon that you can go to other places because currently the game looks very unfinished, therefore it isn't really a miracle it doesn't have financial succes currently because nobody wants to pay for a game that is unfinished or where they expect some major updates from .
    Post #: 83
    9/2/2011 18:11:26   
    ArchMagus Orodalf

    Okay. After writing 1.5 Guides, I have realized how gappy this game is at the moment. I find it awesome, though, that you guys tried to fill gaps with the Fire guns that were just released. More than that, however, has to be changed before this game is more playable. The following is organized from high to low priority.
    1. Fix the laggy warpspace and other such laggy cutscenes, including, but not limited to, V'eld Valkan and Lore in the beginning quest. These three things compose the introductory and other low-level quests, which turns prospective players away. (By "fix," I mean "remove" or use something different.)
    2. Decrease the level gaps between quests. You took a good first step by doubling XP and Gold gains. More, however, must be done. It's okay to have 5-level gaps in the beginning of the game (up to, say, Level 20), as the new players' curiosities will drive them on. Later on, however, it becomes a grindfest. At this point, 1- or 2-level gaps in quest content are advisable. You can keep the rewards for the quests, however, by adding a "recommended level" next to the required level, mentioning that the "recommended level" is the level required to get rewards from the quest.
    3. Make less of your content paying players only. This shoves potential players away. You already have a L75 cap for WarpTrackers.
    4. In the vein of payment, decrease Token prices. This isn't AQ, and there aren't Token drops in-game or Houses to shove Token inflation through the roof.
    5. Fill gaps before adding other equipment. For example, introducing four different Water BeastMaster pets while there are no Water Gauntlets at all in the game is a rather odd course of action. Specific gaps that I am aware of:
      • Water Guns (teehee). The only type of Water Gun in-game is the Laser Pistol; the same graphics endlessly for Gunner builds gets boring.
      • Wind Guns. There are no Wind Guns for free players until Level 55.
      • "Earth." By "Earth," I mean default. Default items need improvements; what happened in AQ was a good route to take; I realize it takes a while, though.
      • Light Guns. There's a 28-level gap for WarpTrackers between 17 and 45.
      • Darkness Guns. 25-level gap for WTs between 20 and 45, and then another one after Level 50.
      • Water Skills/Techs. After Level 18... there's nothing.
      • Wind Skills/Techs. There isn't anything here at all.
      • Ice Skills/Techs. After Level 20... nothing for WarpTrackers.
      • Energy Skills/Techs. After Level 13... nothing for WarpTrackers.
      • Light Skills/Techs: 40-level gap between 35-75 is huge.
      • Darkness Skills/Techs: 33 levels between 3 and 36, then 22 between 43 and 65.
      • Pets: In general. My idea is to have the word "domesticated" appended to the beginnings of all current BeastMaster pets and giving them NBM stats to create separate items as gap-fillers. Likewise, you could append "wild" to all NBM pets and stat them as BM pets.
      • Gauntlets: Despite an entire planet covered with Water, Satiren (or any other Missions) doesn't give us Water Gauntlets to use. Energy also has a huge gap after Level 55.
    6. Lowest priority of all (because barely anyone cares)-- fix story inconsistencies, such as the ones mentioned in my above post.

    This doesn't have to be accomplished any time soon. It's a long-term list of goals that should be accomplished, from my view, to allow WF a chance at success.

    < Message edited by ArchMagus Orodalf -- 9/2/2011 18:12:08 >
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 84
    9/24/2011 20:00:23   

    i love this game but the thing is that i dont know what in the world is going on! i understand that were warpfighters,trackers,guardians whatever! and we need to defeat a enemy known as the network whos leader is the devourer(name rings a bell) now that part i get, its just that when i do the quests there kind of inconsistences. i love this game as it has more playability than AQ, and it has a chance for a better story, if the team can work on it. the guy above me has more information than me(im lvl 10...). also, even though leveling is not that difficult for me, but i do believe that grinding just to get on with the story is a rather bad bad bad BAD idea, especially at high level. battling monsters again and again to get farther within the story is not very smart as, if you look at MQ, repetitiveness can lead to low gamer rating(not a bash talk on MQ, still a fun game but a bit repetitive). my suggestion would be either reduce the level req. or erase it completely, i understand your trying to keep a story together here, but sometimes scaling enemys maybe the only way to keep players. also try to have armors work for all races(i am a drakel turned human...) i understand it is hard but to make a game great involves alot of work and polish. also i find little npc involvement SO FAR. so far i feel like there just sending me to a planet to fight a giant whale.... this game has a GREAT chance of being AE's top game, it just needs alot of work and polish. also have variety in weaponry, i look at the weapon shop, and i know low level may not know everything, but i keep seeing the same weapons over and over. i understand your trying to please every level but once a week have a weapon drop or something(its alright to steal a idea from DF, there part of your company).

    please, i like WF, i would love to be a WarpGuardian, so please fix these. i understand it is only a expansion, but expansions are supposed to be BETTER not WORSE. so please, cut down on the releases and fix the bugs before they get too out of hand. your fan base will understand, and if they dont, tough luck!
    DF  Post #: 85
    10/2/2011 19:24:43   
    ArchMagus Orodalf

    I've got an idea with regards to this.

    There's a way to end it that uses all of the current content and art so that it doesn't go to waste and that ties together all of the loose ends. (The plot holes would still have to be fixed, obviously, and the Deus Ex Machina is still there.). My idea:

      1 BATTLE: Celestra
      Full Heal

    «You»: Celestra... is that you? Just you?
    Celestra: It... is. Just me.

    «A red circle, all that remains of The'Galin's avatar, floats downward.»

    «You»: Is that--?
    Celestra: The'Galin's avatar. He's regaining strength. He'll be leaving soon. I-- I DID have a plan. But I never thought he'd try to take me.
    «You»: !!! Watch out!

    «The circle flashes once and grows a little.»

    «You»: Stay back, Celestra! You're weak from the recent possession!
    Celestra: No, «You»; you're weak from the recent battle.
    «You»: Then we'll stand together.
    The'Galin: Fear not, mortals. I am merely expressing happiness.
    Celestra: Your happiness is something I never want to see, The'Galin!
    The'Galin: Poor, misguided souls. My Master will be pleased, indeed...
    The'Galin: Know this, Huntress, WarpForcer: My plan has worked to perfection... and the two of you have performed very well indeed.
    The'Galin: You have saved your world... OUR world... and countless others, just as you have set out to do, just as I hoped you would.
    «You» and Celestra: What?!
    The'Galin: Dear Huntress, you should have listened to Xilar the First Communicant... did he not tell you that my Master was terribly proud of your efforts?
    The'Galin: Even now, «You» is thinking of the plan conceived... the plan to send me 40,000 years across the galaxy!
    The'Galin: Doing so is an act so representative of the Unity that my Master wished to inspire...
    The'Galin: Send me away, «You», but allow me to clarify things for you first. I believe we need a little time for your plan to work to perfection.
    «You»: ... clarify things?
    The'Galin: Yes. You were wondering about Rubia, were you not?
    The'Galin: Vanatia's tampering with the Engine of Creation instilled a part of her into it as she used her power to control it.
    The'Galin: Upon her death, the sudden reversal of the Engine's function and creation of Novus occurred, drawing a piece of her soul into the planet and its denizens.
    The'Galin: Rubia is the result.
    The'Galin: She bears Vanatia's appearance, magical prowess, even parts of her memory... but not her nature. She began as a clean slate, influenced only by the loving, caring, unified Greetle.
    The'Galin: My Network, however, had other plans for her. They discovered the nature of her existence and aimed to use the soul-fragment that she carried to resurrect their erstwhile leader.
    The'Galin: But Rubia was too pure for them. She defeated their efforts and sought a destiny of her own... and travels down that path even now.
    The'Galin: And so here we are. My Network is converging...
    The'Galin: This sector will be saved for many thousands of years... all thanks to the two of you.
    The'Galin: Do it, «You». Initiate your plan.
    «You»: Gravlax, do you copy?
    Gravlax: (on radio) Indeed! Locked onto your location!
    «You»: Lock onto the Devourer's signature, use every ounce of nonessential power on the Alteon and BEAM HIM TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE GALAXY.
    Gravlax: Checking power levels... Yes! (T)hat will just about do it! Initiating teleportation-- NOW!

    «Teleportation animation ensues.»

    «You»: *sigh* And that's that.
    Celestra: I wish I could have pressed the button. I can't say I'm unhappy about it, though. You've done well, friend. The Network will be gunning for you when he returns, though.
    «You»: I have 400 centuries to prepare. I will be Level ONE MILLION or so by then.


    The Network witnessed the removal of The'Galin and abandoned all missions in favor of finding their missing leader.
    Rubia returned to her home of Novus and shared her discovery of the Memory Matrix with the Greetle. Even now, they work to understand... everything.
    You were named one of Lore's greatest heroes. Your name would be listed in many histories around the galaxy as one who saved more worlds than any other.

    Mission Debriefing:

    Lore can now move forward without so much fear of alien enemies and without the hope-crushing knowledge that the Devourer might return in any living person's lifetime.

    All of us who know what happened this day must carry the burden forward and continue to search for a way to truly defeat the Network. It may now be scattered and weak, but those who are under The'Galin's influence will never cease in trying to find his power. Just as we will never cease fighting them!
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 86
    10/3/2011 11:32:24   

    this game has brilliant art. well done WF artists!
    AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 87
    10/19/2011 22:12:13   
    extreme wizard

    I have very mixed feelings about this game. First up, I have to say that I hate when games get expansions that go into some big sci-fi story...but you guys pulled it off. WF is actually a fitting sci-fi expansion, further backed up in AQ years before it was made, with the concept of advanced Drakel technology and the Network's part in the Devourer saga. This game has massive potential, and so far I'm liking how it's turning out. I love how we don't start off as some all-powerful boss of a hero that just instantly gets tossed to the highest rank. Instead, we come across a situation by chance and are recruited, not invited, into the WF. It's nice to start with a less invincible feeling.

    Now, the one this I really, really hate about this game...it's not friendly at all to new players. There is no real structure to the story that I can see; missions are just thrown around everywhere and you have to go find them. The biggest problem is how tough and tedious it is to fight at a low level. Accuracy is so pathetically low that I'm usually lucky just to get a hit on some monsters. Killing them usually takes 30 times as long as the 2-turn kills I do in AQ. I'm not talking turn-wise, I'm saying that it's hard to hit enemies, and then the damage ranges are crazy. I wish WF was more DF-like with combat, where damage and skills are more balanced and stable. Also, the trainer is crazy hard. It starts off with really good defenses, especially in Endurance training, and it deals a ton of damage. It gets even worse when it has 5 more points in every skill than I do. That has quite an impact at a low level when you try to train luck. The trainer immediately gets a boost to it's luck skill every time you do, making it harder every time to win. On my last try, the trainer did his super-damaging triple attack with his gun and got 2 lucky strikes. Half my HP was gone on the first turn, and I'm level 14. Hopeless. It's worse for a gunner. When training Dexterity and Luck, the trainer gets even more blocking/dodge ability. So now he has ridiculously strong attack, more health, better accuracy, and he can dodge. It's not fair to new players who are trying to train themselves into a proper build early-on.

    WarpForce has so much potential to be a great game, but that will never happen when it's so tough to start off.


    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 88
    10/19/2011 22:40:39   
    ArchMagus Orodalf

    ^Actually, accuracy is 85% (standard). DF-like combat moves too quickly, in my opinion. It's smash, smash, smash-- the defensive moves/classes hardly ever get used.

    And, yes, I think Tronzor's more than a little unbalanced.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 89
    10/20/2011 18:03:30   
    extreme wizard

    85%? Hmm, it feels lower. But I guess that's because I'm used to DF's combat where you miss maybe 1 in 100 hits due to the near-useless defense of most monsters. I guess you're right about the longer combat; I've also noticed how battles are speeding up as I level, so it really isn't as bad as I played it up to be in that earlier post. After surviving the earlier levels, it's really easy to see how awesome WF is.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 90
    11/14/2011 18:49:42   

    I think this game is awesome. But the problem is that there's a lack of quest if you compared with the level you unlock the last quest. I find that to be a problem because I'm not a big fan of the "Battle Monster" button and really hates to repeat old quests. In a future update I would love some more quests (without or with low level requirement) OR that you take away or lower the Level requirement for some quests. A challenge like the moglin forest in Adventure quest would also be a nice way to level up when the "Battle Monster" button seems kinda unrewarding in all ways possible.

    The best function in this game is the guardian ability to play old events. That's really helpfull and helps to compense for the lack of quests at the moment. Keep the good work up!
    Post #: 91
    11/27/2011 17:34:19   

    I think Warp Force would be more popular if it had Bally Hoo to do like the other battle on games do. When are they going to start Bally Hoo with Warp Force The Bally Hoo link says starting soon but how soon is soon? I hope somebody can answer that question because I'd really like to know....
    Post #: 92
    8/15/2012 9:03:44   

    I really enjoy the game cuz im lv 75 (Non-guard) I hit tonnes of damge. :P

    But there is one problem i have. You need to put more light swords in the game im lv 75 and i still have a lv 60 light wep, its wierd.

    My char: http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charviewWF.asp?temp=82340033
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