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RE: =AK= The Ultimate Rare Item Thread!

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7/8/2012 8:53:47   

@almanac01, well, HF at ranking up your character. :) Although I don`t agree that rare hunting invovles any luck, it all depends on how much and often you play this game to keep track and be ready for new rares. :)
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 501
7/8/2012 9:11:06   
ShadowScythe Valen


Rares are only items that aren't available after a certain period of time. They have no real value over other items, so they shouldn't gain an increase in value, even at an annual rate.

Yea tell that to the <'08 version of AQ
AQ  Post #: 502
8/31/2012 18:24:40   
Loss Of Many

I only have the Rhythmic Cymbal Monkey from Frostval 10', Bar of Soap from Frostval 07', Paxia Award Trophy from 06' (for nostalgic reasons) and Blue Server Cap. Oh, and Consuming Wizard's Fire and Sword of Wind from 10'.

< Message edited by Loss Of Many -- 8/31/2012 18:28:12 >
AQ  Post #: 503
8/31/2012 19:14:14   

My Vampire Nerfbat is probably my favourite. It gives me perfect nerfing coverage when coupled with Nerfkitten, and can come in really handy for tough ice monsters (mostly the essence dragon), because as a lucky beastmage my BtH isn't as high as it could be.

Baby Void Dragon is really great too. It's currently stored in favour of perfect elemental pet coverage, but I might get rid of my water pet, since I hardly ever use it.
AQ  Post #: 504
9/1/2012 2:13:37   

I have none.... like golden emperor, I have missed every event
AQ  Post #: 505
9/1/2012 17:38:20   

I don't know the exact number but I think my total number of rares is over 100
AQ  Post #: 506
9/1/2012 17:39:40   

@kalle wow Your Characterpage is full of epic stuff! nice


AQ DF  Post #: 507
9/1/2012 17:41:38   
Golden Emperor

I'm here. Missed all rares.
AQ  Post #: 508
9/1/2012 18:35:24   
I Overlord I


I'm here. Missed all rares.


I could understand missing out on quest-based items, but Giftboxes? That's pretty peculiar. You have a month-long period to purchase them.


“Nothing is so common as the wish to be remarkable.”
AQ  Post #: 509
9/1/2012 23:28:56   
Shadow Genesis

@Kalle i mighta counted wrong but counting seasonal rares and perma-rares, i got 103 O.o (i also counted harvenger and sariels since they will be rare soon)

heck of a lot more than me :P

I only Have:
Patriot Blade XII G
Holiday Colossus
Harvenger G
Sariel's Vigil G
Full Metal Santa
Leprechaun Power Au-rmour G
Cutting Edge Guard
Kiss of The Ameesha V
Drone Strike
Red Server Cap

.......i feel so unsupportive of the game. i only have 12 rares then again i did sell at least 30 thinking they'd b seasonal b4 the rewards sweep, and i did take a break from 4th to 7th grade :P
AQ  Post #: 510
9/1/2012 23:56:28   

The only rares I have are a 90 Dacra and the Best Axe (which more or less counts as a rare, because it's irreplaceable). However, I'm thinking of at least selling the Dacra, because it's completely worthless to me at this level.

I think I used to have the level 40 Sword of the Frost King, but I eventually sold it, because I ultimately made myself into a Mage. I also bought the Server Caps when they came out, but I sold them almost immediately afterward, as they were taking up space that I needed. The same goes for the Snowglobe. This isn't like a typical MMO where you can go about flaunting your "rare" holiday equipment just by walking around. In this game, rares are far more personal because really, no one is ever going to know you have one other than you. Rares are only worth something if they're actually viable in your inventory.

I never bothered with the giftboxes or whatnot, but even if I had, the ~25 levels I've recently shot up by due to the rewards sweep would have made any of those giftbox items hopelessly outdated by now anyway (I was around level ~95 last Christmas, wheras now I'm 119).

Still, I've grown somewhat attached to the Best Axe for some reason, so I guess I'll always be keeping that around. I also have the seasonal Carnation Blossom in my house's storage because, well, I think it's... cute (I consider it my house pet). Lastly, I keep the spell counterpart to the Vitae Thruster/Elemental Seeker, Insane Candy Hearts around because... it's technically the ultimate compression spell if I ever need something of the sort (which I don't).

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Post #: 511
9/2/2012 0:13:16   

Full Metal Santa
Chillax Crusader
Blarney Rogue 3
Anthracite Coal Armor
Troll Form
Amethyst Claymore
Holiday Colossus
Frozen Flagpole
Mega Clover Shield
Winter Shield
Bar of Soap
Amulet of Drakonnan
Dragon Spirit Totem
Blue Server Cap
Red Server Cap
Golden Helmet

its kinda impossible to keep rares when u got so little space

AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 512
9/2/2012 0:43:37   

Thus far what I have seen in only this last page I am king of rares. But I'm sure in the annals of these 21 pages there was some one who has rares rarer than my rares. Without any ado, here they go:
Patriot Blade XII -- 2012
Anchorhand -- 2010
Panforte Maul -- 2009
SkyScorcher -- 2007
SkyScorcher Arcanus -- 2007
Frozen Flagpole -- 2007
Frozen Magic Flagpole -- 2007
Razorscale -- 2007
Bee Bee Gun -- 2007
Bladewing Spear -- 2007
Sword of the Frost King -- 2006
Monster Prod -- 2006
Dragonfang Scimitar -- 2005
Eye of Carnax -- 2005
Crescent Blade -- 2005
Patriot Blade -- 2005
Dragonhand -- 2004


Anthracite Coal Armor -- 2009
Bunny Jammies -- 2007
IceFall -- 2007
Golden Plate of Legacy -- 2004 But obviously I bought it way back in 2005 I believe. Right around when Nightmare Plate was about to be released and word had it that Golden Set is going to be rare.
Troll Form -- 2004 but I got it at the re-release in 2005
Battle Tested Axe Master Armor -- The only armour I don't need to look up release date for. My first double hit armour and the first (unless I'm wrong) dual hit armour released for non Guardians at the time. It was such an amazing armour for its time. And quite possibly among the best frostvale gift releases ever released. The date was Frostvale 2004.
Armour of Sensing -- 2004 Another regrettable sale.

Golden Shield of Legacy -- 2004 Got it early 2005 or late 2004. 300K Gold was A LOT in those days.
Frostshard Sliver Shield -- 2008
Logos -- 2005 I truly regret selling Ethos and Pathos
Ethos -- 2005
Pathos -- 2005
Sparkling Ornament Shield -- 2009
Blowout Shield -- 2007
Memorial Shield -- 2008
Four-Leaf Clover -- 2006
Mega Clover Shield -- 2007
Winter Shield -- 2006/2007


Daimyo -- 2004/2005 One of the best pets to own at the time. 6 hits of Earth and Light and heals you? Wicked! The only one worth mentioning.


Azru Stone Gen. 1 -- 2005
Azru Stone Gen. 2 -- 2005 a regrettable sale again. Even though the same as above, still. I remember when these were shields.

Well folks, that about sums the last half hour or more that I just spent on my rares. Hope you enjoy reading through as I did writing it all.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 513
9/2/2012 1:25:03   
Dracolich Rider

I always regretably sold my rares
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 514
9/2/2012 2:53:10   

^not true, you still have the hand of chillax in your storage
AQ  Post #: 515
9/2/2012 7:12:06   
Shadows Of Death

Full metal santa,
call of chillax,
snowglobe my only current rares on my main... i regretably sell all my rares on a regular basis :(
AQ  Post #: 516
9/2/2012 7:37:38   
Seth Hydra
How We Roll Winner

Patriot Blade XII

Fullmetal Santa(90)

Cutting Edge Guard

Shield Generator

House Items:
Cinco DOOM mayo Painting

I heavily regret selling my Straightjacket, Abbysal Salvation armorGIV, Chillax Crusader,Robodeer, Mini Chillax, Holiday Collossus, due to lack of slots, or simply coz I didnt have money for other itemS
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 517
9/2/2012 8:31:26   

Let's see here...

Guardian Melee Block Hammer VI
Guardian Ice Lord's Blade
Inclement Imposter
Patriot Blade XII G
Fresh MissleToe
Z-Blade Scythe
Eyes of Chillax
Platinum Edge
Panforte Maul
Frostval Staff
Alex's Wand

Leprechaun Power Au-rmour G
Doom Knight
Mr Funtastic
Loco Costume
Chillax Crusader
Frostval Spirit Armor
Anthracite Coal Armor
Vicious Diretooth Form
Guardian Horsefly Rider
Enraged Paindeer Mount
Guardian Block Armor VI
Leprechaun Power Armor

Hand of Chillax
Red Pinecone Shield
Frostval Tree Topper
Frostshard Silver Shield
Sparkling Ornament Shield
Special Edition Linking Logs
Amalgamated Frankenshield
Guardian Bouncy Trampoline
Mystical Guardian Knotwork Shield
Guardian Superior Frostval Giant's Shield

Chall of Chillax
Summon Hybee VII
Guardian Toy Bomb
Two Sizes Two Small
Kiss of the Amesha V
Summon MegaZard VI
Summon LOCOmotive VI
Consuming Wizard's Fire
Toy Soldier Bombardment
Summon Woolly Thoctar V
Summon Heavenly Amoria
Summon Slavering EgGobbler
Summon Guardian Dragonchaun VII

Guardian Fishboy
Guardian Cadenced Cymbal Monkey
Mini Chillax
Naughty Helves
Vampire Nerfbat
Roasted Chestnut
Mr. Banjo Stillsocks
Guardian Baby Klang
Guardian NPC in a Box VI
Maddening Evil Candy Cane
Kiwwer Akriloth Guardian Plushie

Misc. Items:
Guardian Megalodon Jaw
Guardian Valkyrie Helm
Seven Leaf Clover
Crucible of Fire V
Blue Server Cap
Red Server Cap
Mindlock Orb V
Heart of Chillax
Ear of Corn

...71 total rares. Not bad
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 518
9/2/2012 12:40:42   

Dragon Spirit Totem <3

I'm not quite sure how many people still have it..I regrettably sold Dragon Scimitar or whatever, Jotun Blade, Bobble-Devourer, and ice-golem armor >.<
AQ DF MQ Epic  Post #: 519
9/2/2012 13:19:49   

I'm happy with my Patriot's Blade and My Way Helm!I specially like my way helm as -8 to fire,energy and earth plus it improves one of your stats-Strength,Intellect and Endurance so its too good!I also have red and blue server cap,Snowglobe though they are of no use according to me!I had Chillax Crusader but I was a fool and sold it!I also had My Way Armor and My Way Shield but I sold them too cause I did'nt find any proper use for them!I'm not quite a rare collector!

< Message edited by Abaraa -- 9/2/2012 13:24:13 >


AQ AQW  Post #: 520
9/2/2012 13:28:46   

shouldnt we have one of these in the aqw thread? they have waaay moer rarez than aq does.

the only rare i have that i can name is the last frostval suit. and it was worth every gold piece i spent on it.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 521
10/13/2012 18:21:33   

Now we can have 200+ rares
AQ  Post #: 522
10/13/2012 20:04:23   

I've never been a very sentimental rare collector, for when I've needed room, off they went! However, I've kept a few neat and/or choice rares.

Holiday Colossus [Very nice weapon]
Platinum Edge [Real beaut]
SkyScorcher [Real beaut]
Darklaw [Old farming tool]
Eye of Carnax [Was very powerful when first released]
Crescent Blade [Still looks great after all these years]

Straightjacket Z [Amusing, great power]
Full Metal Santa [Nice power]
Anthracite Coal Armor [Interesting power and look]
Marsh Troll [Looks great]
Icefall [Interesting power]
Vicious Diretooth Form [Looks great]
Enraged Paindeer Mount [Amusing]
Wabbit [Amusing]
Zombie form [Old school]
Troll form [Old school]
Guardian Ice Dragon Rider [Old school]

Cutting Edge Shield [Powerful. Love it!]
Hand of Chillax [Neat effect]
Father Time [Neat effect, looks great]
Golden Shield of Legacy [Old school]
Dimensional [Old School]
Winter Shield [Nice looking]
NerfLord's Crest [Nice looking]
Memorial Shield [Nice looking]

Great Pumpkin Patch [Nice looking]
Kiss of the Amesha V [Looks great, neat effect]
Summon Woolly Thoctar V [Looks great]
12th Day of Frostval [Nice looking]

Daimyo [Looks great even after all these years]
Baby Void Dragon [Looks great, niche use]
Cupid [Nice effect]
Naughty Helves [Amusing]
Gween [Amusing, interesting effect]
Sleestak [Old school, niche use]

Bar of Soap [Great power, interesting effect]
Heart of Chillax [Nice power, interesting effect]
Shield Generator [Interesting effect]
Red Server Cap [Interesting effect]
Blue Server Cap [Interesting effect]
Mindlock Orb V [Powerful effect]
All six Sign items [Nice selection of powers]
Amulet of Drakonnan [Old School]
Paxia Award Trophy [Old School]
AQ  Post #: 523
10/18/2012 0:09:22   

Msm's List of Practical Rares to Keep (or that you may regret selling)

feel free to ask me edit or add anything practical, since I just put it together and quite sure I missed at least one.

Great Pumpkin Patch,
Kiss of the Amesha V

Full Metal Santa
Bunny Jammies

Arc Shield
Cutting Edge Shield

The Cat
Deadeye Cupid
Baby Void Dragon
Vampire Nerfbat

Crucible of Fire
Mindlock Orb
Bar of Soap
Shield Generator
My Way Helm
Hand of Chillax

< Message edited by Msm -- 10/18/2012 0:51:17 >


AQ AQW  Post #: 524
10/18/2012 0:16:09   

Bunny Jammies gets you murdered with those elemental resistances.
AQ  Post #: 525
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