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Research Facility

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2/1/2010 2:11:02   
Legendary AK!!!

E-Leet Mission 4
Quest Location: Hangar Deck
Quests Given From: Leet Stormfront
Requirements: Level 15, Rank 3 (completion of Jailbreak)


Stormfront: Hmm... I didn't want to tell you about this, but you are the most qualified WarpForcer for the job. What I'm about to tell you is top secret. The WarpForce has an experiemental weapons facility on the moon of Alpha Phi.
Stormfront: A few days ago, we lost contact with the facility. It's run by a Dr. Crader, an expert in artificial intelligence and robotics. We fear that something went wrong. You need to find out what happened, and save whoever and whatever you can!
  • Go to Alpha Phi!

    «You»: Alteon, this is «You». I'm on approach to Alpha Phi.
    «You»: Scanning the base for life signs......
    «You»: ......................
    General Stormfront: What is it, «You»??
    «You»: Sir, there ARE no life signs.
    General Stormfront: ........ Find out what happened. Stormfront out.

    You land on the moon.

    «You»: I'm on the moon now, and still no communications attempts by anyone. The base's location is just ahead--

    1 BATTLE
    «You»: Alteon, I was just attacked by a Defiler! I think we can assume the base has been compromised. I'm going to recon the area to gather some more intel.

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    You come to a large, smoking crater.

    «You»: Uhhh....Alteon, it looks like... the base is GONE. It's just, well, a big smoking HOLE in the ground!

    Someone in a helmeted battlesuit enters.

    «You»: !!!! Who are YOU??

    The figure launches some shoulder missiles at you.

    «You»: Hey!!
    «You»: There used to be a WarpForce base standing right there, pal, and now it's gone. Did you and your Defiler friends blow it up??

    The figure walks off.

    «You»: Wait-- Get back here! You have some explaining to do!!

    1 BATTLE
    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    You catch up to the figure.

    «You»: You can't just get away that easily, after blowing up one of our bases! I won't let you! There were--
    ???: -- 47 scientists and soldiers in the facility.
    «You»: -- Yeah! And you Defilers--
    ???: You think the Defilers did this? No, no-- You can't blame them. I DID THIS.

    The figure turns to face you.

    ???: I DID THIS!!!
  • Fight!

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    The figure removes his helmet, revealing an elven face.

    «You»: !!!
    ???: Finish me off. Why don't you finish me off?!?
    «You»: That's just not how things work here. You need to come with me back to the Alteon. There'll be an investigation--
    ???: There's no need. I did it! It's all my fault!
    «You»: You did, huh? I'm «You», of the WarpForce. Tell me just what happened. Are there ANY survivors?
    ???: I'm the only survivor. I am Doctor Crader...
    Crader: ... For months, we had been experimenting with better ways to fight the Network. The only non-living enemies we could find were Defilers.
    Crader: So we used them to-- to study more effective methods of destruction.
    Crader: You're part of the WarpForce... You know what we face every day. The threat that the Network poses to the entire galaxy. We had RULES to abide by.
    Crader: We were supposed to only take minimal risks as we pursued advanced technology. This cybertech battlesuit I'm wearing was reverse-engineered from some Defiler technology.
    Crader: But there is so little time, and such a powerful enemy to fight... That I decided to BEND the rules. I pushed my crew harder, tested more and more powerful weapons...
    Crader: Until yesterday. ...At least, I think it was yesterday. A new non-detectable nuclear explosive was activated too soon, before the final safety evaluation could be done.
    Crader: We-- we were going to detonate it on the far side of this moon, and once the activation occured there were only a matter of minutes to get it there.
    Crader: I volunteered to take the risk myself, so I put on this experimental suit.
    Crader: But... it exploder even SOONER than it should have. I was suiting up in the reinforced bunker where we stored out prototypes.
    Crader: I survived the explosion... The-- the rest of my crew did not. And the few Defilers we had in captivity also survived.
    Crader: They're all dead because of ME! Because I pushed them too hard!
    «You»: Doctor... I'm not going to say it wasn't your fault, because it obviously was. But I will say that you were following orders, and you tried to save them.
    «You»: This war against the Network is life or death for BILLIONS across the galaxy. You took risks because you knew they had to be taken.
    Crader: Wait-- Did you just say it WAS my fault?
    «You»: Uhhh... yeah. You were in charge here, right? But all along you did your best, and that's the most any of us can hope for. That every problem we face, we try our best to solve.
    «You»: Your work and your crew's work here will not go to waste. And if you come back with me to the Alteon...
    «You»: ...I promise you that we will help you make sure that your crew is remembered forever for their accomplishments.
    «You»: But we can only do that if you come with me.

    Crader hangs his head.

    Crader: I-- I-- I'm sorry.... I'm so sorry...

    He looks up again.

    Crader: Yes, «You», you are right. Let's go. Let's go make sure their deaths were not in vain!

  • Return to the LSS Alteon !

    Cybertech Battlesuit (L15)
    WarpGuardian Cybertech Battlesuit (L15G)
    Cybertech Battlesuit (L31)
    Cybertech Battlesuit Z (L31Z)
    WarpGuardian Cybertech Battlesuit (L51G)
    Cybertech Battlesuit (L70)
    WarpGuardian Cybertech Battlesuit (L85G)


    Thank you for handling this mission, WarpForcer! Doctor Crader is being well taken care of. His psychological state is a bit shaky, but going through what he's gone through will do that to anyone.

    His CyberTech battlesuit is just one of the advancements to come of his research: It also seems that he and his crew discovered a possible way to neutralize the Defilers' ability to cloak their ships. This could even the playing field a bit for us when it comes to ship-to-ship fighting!
  • Play again!
  • WarpGuardian Tower!
  • Exit

    Thanks to Rhowena

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