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Snugglefest 2010

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2/12/2010 15:43:50   
Oh Bother.

SnuggleFest 2010!

Location: Event Button > SnuggleFest 2010!

Twilly: Hiyas! It's that time of year again-- and Twilly is SOOOO happy! It's a special day after all--
Twilly: It's--- SNUGGLEFEST! Yay! SnuggleFest is the one day a year that everybody is friends and nobody tries to hurt any monsters!
Twilly: Huh? What's that? The monsters are still trying to hurt YOU?? Well okay, I guess you can still fight them. Anyway, SnuggleFest is Twilly's favorite day!
Twilly:Want something fun to do? Go on special missions for people in Battleon! When you finish their mission, you become their "Hero"!
Twilly: Okay, Ive invited them in so they'll be here any minute! Complete all 8 missions to unlock two things:
Twilly: A secret quest AND the special SnuggleFest shop where you can get rare weapons, shields, pets, and more!!

«Truffle leaves the scene. The 8 NPCs who require your help enter.»

Twilly: Just click on someone to talk to them.

You can click on the potion bag to refill your health potions if you have less than 5 on hand.

«Complete all 8 of the requests to unlock the finale. When you complete a request, the person gets a big red heart to show that it's done. After each request, you get a full heal.»

  • Hans in Love!
  • Love Potion 729!

  • Back to Town

    «The 8 NPCs involved are Artix, Valencia, Galanoth, Safiria, Captain Rhubarb, Riona Shadowgale, Aquella and Robina respectively. The quests given are the same as those given in SnuggleFest 2009. However, you receive an additional message after completion of each request, as shown below. Also, a few adjustments have been made in some of the quests.»

  • Artix has given you holy water!
  • Valencia has given you a rare trinket!
  • Galanoth has given you a gem from a dragon hoard!
  • Safiria has given you a blood ruby!
  • Captain Rhubarb has given you a golden pearl!
  • Riona has given you a bracelet!
  • Aquella has given you a strand of mirror kelp!
  • Robina has given you a pretty wildflower!
    «After completing all 8 quests...»

  • Riona Shadowgale's Quest: Full Heal after 2nd, 4th and 5th battles
  • Aquella's Quest: Full Heal after 2nd and 3rd battle

    Twilly: You helped everyone! I want you to be MY Hero this year, too! And they all gave you such nice things, as well! Oh, be sure to check out the SnuggleFest Shop before you go!
    Hans: Wait, before you go--!
  • ???

    «Scene: Battleon»

    «You»: ....................
    «You»: Hello?

    «Complete silence.»

    «You»: Anybody here??!

    «The silence continues.»

    «You»: Hm, veeerrry strange. Battleon seems to be abandoned!

    «You enter the Battleon Inn, which is completely empty as well.»

    «You»: Uh oh. This could be worse than I thought.
    ???: Back here!!

    «You proceed to the next room in the Inn and find Warlic and Sage Uldor.»

    Warlic: «You», how glad I am to see you!
    Sage Uldor: I would say the same, if I could actually see.
    «You»: What's going on here? Where IS everyone?
    Sage Uldor: I foresaw this just hours ago. I saw all of the people of Battleon and even the lands beyond being drawn away from their homes by a call.
    Sage Uldor: An alluring call that none could resist... Something that touched their hearts and filled them with so much love that they had to do whatever it asked of them.
    «You»: Like ABANDON Battleon?
    Warlic: Uldor was only able to warn me before everyone was pulled away by the call. I might have been able to help the others resist it, but I am using all my powers just to help the three of us resist it.
    Warlic: Luckily you were not here when the siren call first began. It was at its strongest then. Apparently whatever is causing it is becoming... sated... with those it has already drawn in.
    «You»: That sounds... extremely bad. We need to find them, and get them back!
    Warlic: I am weakened defending us from the call... but I can tell you in which direction to search. Head west to No Man's Land. To... to the tower of Visia the Shaper!
  • Go!

    «Scene: No Man's Land»«Scene: Visia's Tower»

    «You»: Visia! I know you and I have some bad blood between us, but I need your help... unfortunately. Are you here??

    «Visia enters the scene.»

    Visia: So-- I was expecting someone from the east to come to me. What has happened?
    «You»: The people of Battleon and other towns have been called away from their homes as if mesmerized. We think they have been drawn into No Man's Land.
    «You»: The Archmage Warlic was able to sense that this had something to do with YOU.
    Visia: Hahaha... I did not do what you say, but something strange did recently happen to me that may lead down the right path. And perhaps-- YOU can help ME.
    Visia: This time of year... there is so much... LOVE... an overabundance of it, in fact... that the mere physical forms of all natural creatures are not enough to contain it all.
    Visia: This "loose" love was forced to seek out a vessel that could contain it. In this case, that vessel was ME.... I knew no love, but secretly longed for it.
    Visia: But when this love's pure stream of energy collided with my Uncreation energies, a large amount of my power was torn away from me.
    Visia: It formed into it's own cohesive being and flew away from here before I could recapture it.
    Visia: In my present weakened state, I am not sure I CAN reclaim my power from this being. But with YOU helping me... perhaps we can BOTH get what we want!
    «You»: Ha! Team up with you?? I HATE teaming up with boss enemies!! It makes no sense! I don't think so.
    Visia: You offend me!! For that, you will pay!
  • Fight!
      1 BATTLE
      Visia (110)
      Full Heal regardless of win or loss
      «If you won the battle...»

      «You»: You put up quite a convincing argument there, Visia. okay, we'll help each other. Show me where this other being went... and let's get back what's missing!
      Visia: Excellent. Follow me!

      The dialogue continues below.
      «If you lost the battle...»

      Visia: How is it you still stand??

      «Twilly enters the scene.»

      Twilly: Twillies rezzed «You»! Yay!!!
      «You»: Thank you very much, Twilly. Now, where were we, Visia?
      Visia: Come with me, and let's get back what we're both missing!!

      The dialogue continues below.
    «Scene: Deeper into No Man's Land»«You arrive at the plains of No Man's Land, where a strange tree decorated with pink ornaments stands in the background.»

    «You»: !!!!!
    «You»: Is that what I think it is?!?
    Visia: If you think it is a giant mutant tree with hanging cocoons in the shape of human hearts in which your friends from Battleon and beyond seem to be imprisoned... then yes.
    «You»: Then we don't have a choice. We need to go UP there, now!
  • Go!

    «You start rising up the tree, towards the top, where the core of the problem seems to be at.»«The entire tree starts throbbing as if it were alive as someone who looks like an angel enters.»

    «You»: Whoa!
    Amoria: Ahhh... my sister! And -- a friend, I see.
    Visia: You again! You've changed... I barely recognize you.
    Amoria: Of course. I was nearly amorphous when I first separated from you, Visia.
    Amoria: Love is normally nothing more than free-floating emotion. It only means something within the mind of whoever feels it.
    Amoria: But there was so much love this season that it broke the bonds of the mind!
    Amoria: Once free, it acted much like air moving to fill a vacuum. The void it found was inside YOU, sister.
    Amoria: Your abilities granted you by uncreation allowed the love to take shape... and become me! Soon I found that nearly all creatures were drawn to me, their will sapped by love.
    Amoria: All the creatures you have encountered are those I touched along my journey here. But they are nothing compared to what I will become!
    Amoria: I am just barely holding in the energies I have gathered... If you do not leave me alone I fear I will not be able to concentrate enough to contain it longer--
    «You»: I have no problem with leaving you alone. Just let my friends go and we'll call it a day!
    Amoria: Are these YOUR friends, too, sister?
    Visia: No, they're not... And stop calling me sister! All I want is whatever you TOOK from me when you left! I've been feeling... not myself lately.
    Amoria: Then, SISTER, you will have to take it from me!
  • Fight!

    «A glow covers Amoria, who turns into a giant serpent-like creature.»

  • Fight with Visia!
  • Fight alone!

    Regardless of choiceVisia: Hmm... It appears I will be vastly outnumbered once those cocoons dissolve. I think I'll take my leave now...
    «You»: Good idea. I don't know if I'll be able to keep Twig from attacking you. Oh, and thanks for helping find Amoria!
    Visia: Happy SnuggleFest to you, too!
    Twilly: You saved everyone from Amoria! Yay!! I have some great stuff for you in this year's Snuggle Shop, too!!
  • SnuggleFest Shop

  • Heartache Axe
  • Rosethorn
  • HeartBreaker Axe
  • Bluestar Rosethorn

  • Squire's Heart
  • Hero's Heart
  • Champion's Heart

  • Summon Amoria Z
  • Summon Amoria
  • Guardian Summon Amoria
  • Candy Hearts
  • Summon Dazzling Amoria
  • Guardian Summon Stunning Amoria
  • Insane Candy Hearts
  • Summon Bewitching Amoria
  • Summon Heavenly Amoria
  • Summon Ravishing Amoria
  • Summon Seductive Amoria

    Twilly: I hope you like the Hero's Heart shield -- it should come in handy when you need it!
  • Go find Amoria again! - Repeats from the scene in Battleon
  • Back to Town!

    Write-up by whackybeanz. Monster lists credits to In Medfia Res. Corrections thanks to KlawdStrife.

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