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Mer'a Rescue Attempt

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3/27/2010 13:29:42   
A True Hunter

Mer'a Rescue Attempt

Location: Dean Warlic's Office
Objective: Save the Mer'a from the Shadowscythe!
Requirements: Make it to the ship from the Soluna Outpost alive!
Release Date: March 26, 2010

  • Shadowscythe Pilot

  • Char
  • Sys-Zero
  • Dean Warlic
  • Jemini

    Char: Now that you've made it on our ship, you need to make your way to the mess hall.
    Char: Basically you need to go up a few levels but be careful since there are a lot of broken hallways you can't get through.
    Char: Now hurry!

    Upon finding a Shadowscythe Pilot, Char may say several different lines:
    Char: Whoa! There's one! Get him before he calls his friends!
    Char: Wow those things are ugly! Stomp on it, quick!
    Char: Crack that thing's head open!

    Upon discovering Korin peeping out from behind a pipe:
    Korin: Looks like a pretty big ship...
    Korin: Anyone know where a bathroom is?

    Mer'a Survivor: Somebody help me!?! Nooooo!!!

    Char: Oh no... They took everyone! This room used to be packed! <Character>, you have to go after them!!!
    Sys-Zero: That would be a horrible idea. At this rate they would tear <Character> to pieces.
    Sys-Zero: On that note, you should come back now, <Character>.
    Char: This is so stupid! They're right there! We can get them! We just have to chase them down!
    Sys-Zero: <Character>, get back here now. It's an order. I'll take care of Char.

    Later, in a broken GEARS University Elevator...

    Warlic: This elevator is usually quite reliable...
    Sys-Zero: Yeah. This is the first time I've heard of it breaking down.
    Char: Well I still hate elevators...
    Warlic: I guess this is as good a time as any to discuss the events that led up to today. Char, would you mind?
    Char: I guess I don't mind... There's not much to it I guess. We were living peacefully and suddenly this giant beast comes out of nowhere.
    Char: We did nothing to provoke it. We even tried to peacefully give it what it wanted but it didn't want peace.
    Char: This giant Dragon began destroying everything in sight. And I don't really want to go into detail right now...
    Warlic: The Dragon is known as a Dragonoid. The Shadowscythe were in control of it at first.
    Warlic: They corrupted it and forced it to do their bidding. It attacked one of our ally planets. The planet was destroyed.
    Warlic: Last we saw of the Dragonoid was just after the destruction of Westion. Some bag-headed thing named Korin.
    Warlic: You would be wise to stay away from him. And I mean that for both of you, <Character> and Char.
    Warlic: We track Korin whenever we can and he's always doing something odd.
    Warlic: I had no idea he would do something so evil. Up until now his interferences have been mildly annoying.
    Warlic: I truly wish we could have done something to stop it...
    Char: So you're telling me some bag-headed freak decided to send a Dragonoid to our planet for no reason!?
    Char: What is this garbage!? What have we ever done to him!?
    Warlic: As of now we have no idea why he chose your planet. His thought process is scattered and he's impossible to predict.
    Warlic: I can only imagine that if he decided to do something this insane, it has to be for a much bigger purpose.
    Char: Is there anything we can do to stop him?
    Warlic: Well... to be honest, we are working on a secret weapon. If it works, we think it could rid the world of the Shadowscythe.
    Warlic: I'm thinking if I program it well, we may be able to stop Korin as well.
    Char: I beg you to do this. Please. Make him suffer for the tragedy he unleashed upon my people.
    Char: I will help you in any way I can. I'm certain any of my fellow survivors are willing to help as well.
    Sys-Zero: Not to change the subject, but Char overheard some Shadowscythe banter. It's worth a discussion.
    Warlic: Really? Any inside information is always helpful when fighting against the Shadowscythe.
    Char: Oh... Well, I don't remember exactly what they were saying but I know they were excited about something.
    Warlic: Well, they were successfully assimilating a decent number of people.
    Char: It wasn't that... They kept talking about a great attack. They kept linking it to some event.
    Char: I don't remember what they said but it was definitely something that was going to happen.
    Char: It would give them immense power and allow them to finally destroy their enemies.
    Sys-Zero: Do you think they've rediscovered the Dragonoid?
    Warlic: Not likely. They've already tried and failed. I'm certain they have something new up their sleeve.

    «A brief pause in the dialogue indicates a working elevator.»

    Warlic: Ah! Finally the elevator works again! Once we get to my office, Char, I will show you the weapon.
    Char: I really hate elevators...

    «The four step out of the elevator.»

    (simultaneously) Sys-Zero: Wait... What? Char: Doesn't look like one of your people... Warlic: Ummm...

    «Jemini, called ???, peeks out from over a broken machine.»

    ???: Oh... Well umm... Hi guys... Sorry about the elevator... And umm...
    ???: See you later!

    «Jemini creates a wormhole and walks through it. Scene shows Warlic again.»

    Warlic: This is very bad... Several pieces of the weapon are missing now!
    Warlic: Normally building a weapon is no big deal but the parts that have been stolen were extremely rare.
    Warlic: I don't think some of the elements exist anymore!
    Warlic: Whoever that was just robbed us blind!

    «Char steps forward.»

    Char: Do you think she's working with those Shadowscythe?
    Sys-Zero: I doubt it. They don't usually hire outsiders to do their dirty work. I doubt she's working with Korin.
    Warlic: Great. We have no leads. Our ultimate weapon is broken, and the Shadowscythe are planning a giant attack.
    Sys-Zero: Admittedly it sounds a little scary.
    Char: Well... We can probably track where she went... Assuming she used a wormhole.
    Warlic: What's that? Your technology is that advanced?
    Char: We came up with the technology awhile ago. We can't create wormholes but we can locate them and use them.
    Char: It'll take us a short while to build the device but as soon as it's ready, we can get started.
    Warlic: Are you sure you want to do this?
    Char: Positive. If it weren't for you guys, our species would be lost in history.
    Char: It gives me a chance to get even with the Shadowscythe and get rid of that freak, Korin...
    Char: I'm in...
    Warlic: Very well. We need to find the woman that stole the pieces from the weapon. The 3 of you will be a special team.
    Warlic: When you find the wormhole, the 3 of you will go in and do whatever it takes to track that woman down.
    Warlic: Once you catch her, come back and we can get underway. I will still need your help to rebuild the weapon.
    Warlic: I can handle the magical side of things but lately I fear my mind is slipping. Something is wrong in the universe.
    Warlic: I hope that with your help, we can get the weapon operational before the Shadowscythe can strike.
    Char: Count me in.
    Sys-Zero: You know I won't turn it down. I'm in.
    Warlic: Then it's settled. Let's end this war and bring peace to the universe once and for all.

    Rescue Attempt!
    You have reached the ship and can now begin your rescue operation!

    Rewards Shops
  • Mer'a NG Weapons
  • Mer'a Weapons

    Thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf for corrections!

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