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Huntress, the Hunted!

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3/28/2010 12:32:41   
Oh Bother.

Location: Yulgar's Inn > The Devourer Saga > Huntress, the Hunted!
Location: Travel Map > Sail East > Sail East > The Devourer Saga > Huntress, the Hunted!
Prerequisite: Level 38

Huntress, the Hunted!
Run, Huntress, Run!

The Huntress teleports into a forest.

Huntress: The book written by Yulgar's ancestors tells of the location of hidden cache of weapons, made with a special otherwordly metal-- Poisonous to creatures of the Devourer's making.
Huntress: But the author only tells of the path he took to find the hiding place. The only way to find the weapons and make sure they don't fall into my enemies' hands is to follow that path.

Huntress takes out the book.

Huntress: I have nearly memorized the entire route, but the way it is written requires the path be followed, step-by-step--
???: Just WHERE do you think you're going, little red-haired Huntress?
Huntress: My, what big ears you have...
Nightbane: The better to track you down with, dear.

Nightbane and The Huntress fights

Nightbane: ahhhh.... The book...
Huntress: NO! My Gauntlet!!
???: THERE! I see someone up ahead!
Nightbane: gah!! Who--??
Huntress: I knew it-- someone has been able to follow the energy signature of my gauntlet!!

Nightbane flees

Huntress: No time to wait-- I need to run now, or I may not be able to stay ahead of them!!

Huntress flees

Robina: Someone-- no wait-- 2 people actually-- were just here. From what Yulgar told us, this Gauntlet and book were left here by that 'Huntress' woman.
Warlic: I will take them for now... See if you can pick up the trails of whoever was here.

Warlic teleports the Gauntlet and the book away.

Robina: Well, the one trail just vanishes-- but the other one goes to the east. From the depth of the impressions and size of tracks, it appears to be a woman-- I bet you that trail is the Huntress.

Epheel comes

Robina: !!! You better stop right there before I put an arrow in you, freak-face!
Warlic: Epheel.......
Epheel: Give the mage a hand! Yes, it is I, Epheel, and I have some advice for you. The Huntress is an agent of the Devourer-- or The'Galin-- and she is now on her way to find hidden weapons which can harm those of her kind.
Epheel: The path she is taking is in that book she left behind. Follow the path-- follow the Huntress-- and destroy her before SHE destroys those weapons!
Epheel: The fate of the world depends on you.

Epheel leaves.

Robina: Ugh... I really don't like that guy. One, I don't quite trust him. And two, he smells like rancid butter. Whaddayou think?
Warlic: We have no choice. We need to confront the Huntress-- and since she is going to find weapons that may help us fend of the world-eating Devourer-- now is as good a time as any.
Robina: Good thing we won't have to chase her alone-- I know a few people who can help!

Robina winks to you.

The Huntress -- The Hunted!
First, a creature called Epheel told us that some day soon an agent of the Devourer, also called The'Galin, a world-eating being, would come to Lore. Epheel told us to be ready, and that we would have to defeat this agent if we were to have any hope of saving our world from the Devourer. Now, the Huntress has arrived from another dimension, and seeks weapons that can harm the Devourer's agents. Is she truly evil-- or something more? We are finally on her trail, and will soon have the chance to find out!
  • Back to town
  • To Battle!
  • Guardian Gauntlet of The'Galin
  • Adventurer Gauntlet of The'Galin

  • Mercuria is a battlemage who prefers using fire to fight her enemies.
  • Mighty archmage Warlic.
  • Robina Hood, ranger extraordinaire!
  • Vince is a Drakel engineer who is visiting from Isle d'Oriens, ready to help us with his gadgets.

    Twilly: The Huntress is running to find the hidden weapons!! We need to stop her before she gets them!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please
  • Let me handle this!
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

  • To Battle!

    Who will you go into battle with?
  • With Vince
  • With Warlic
  • With Robina
  • With Mercuria
  • By yourself
    16 BATTLES
    4 Desert monsters; 4 Forest monsters; 4 Darkovia monsters; 4 Mountain monsters. See below for monster lists.
    Full heal after every second battle
    Robina: Huntress!! We finally caught up to you!
    Huntress: I don't understand-- they were supposed to be HERE!!
    Warlic: The weapons you are after-- they are not here. Yes-- It only makes sense.
    Huntress: You know something, wizard-- what is it?? Do not hide anything from me-- or you shall pay the price!

    Level 0-24: The Huntress (25)
    Level 25-49: The Huntress (50)
    Level 50-69: The Huntress (75)
    Level 70-89: The Huntress (100)
    Level 90+: The Huntress (125)

    Warlic: The weapons HAVE BEEN MOVED from this location. You thought Yulgar was the blacksmith who was entrusted with taking care of them, but you were wrong.
    Robina: But the Huntress knew Yulgar's ancestry!
    Warlic: Yulgar may belong to the same family line, but there is ONE OTHER. A cousin... also a blacksmith. And he lives on Isle d'Oriens.
    Robina: Adder!! Wait-- you just told the Huntress where the weapons are!
    Warlic: Like many others, I have been unsure of the Huntress' allegiance. But I only had to meet her to know--
    Huntress: My allegiance?? You believed I may be-- WORKING for the Devourer? Of course-- I see how. But my mission had to be secret.
    Warlic: Yes, kept secret. Because there are ALREADY forces of the Devourer HERE.
    Robina: But who-- oh my... he tricked us into thinking the Huntress was working for the Devourer. He led us along--
    Robina: Epheel.
    Warlic: Epheel.
    Huntress: I know that name. He gave himself over to the Devourer-- to The'Galin-- in order to survive. In exchange, he received immortality, but also became a living horror.
    Huntress: We must go to this other blacksmith--Adder-- now, before it's too late.
    Warlic: It was likely that Epheel counted on us both to destroy YOU, and to find the weapons. Luckily, none of that has happened, and only WE know where the weapons are.
    Warlic: Before we get them, we need to plan-- and to plan properly, you need to first tell us everything you can about the Devourer and his minions. Let us return to town and meet in the Guardian Tower.

    As rewards you can buy the Gauntlet of The'Galin

    Warlic: We may have a chance at actually surviving the coming of the Devourer after all... I stress the word 'may'.

    You get two options:
  • Play part 4
  • Leave

    Quest info thanks to ZzlzhtT. Correction thanks to Nova Gryphon

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    Monster List

    Desert Monsters
    Forest Monsters
    Darkovia Monsters
    Mountain Monsters
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