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MogBusters! - Twig FTW!

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4/5/2010 14:47:59   
Oh Bother.

Twig FTW!

Accessible only after completing MogBusters - Don't try this at home...., and you click Go to Part 2!

«Scene: Yulgar's Inn»

«You»: Hi Twig! I've brought the MogBusters to see you...they wanted to see you personally!
Twig: MogBusters!! Oh my gosh, why do you want to see ME?
Adamog: Hello there! We are actually in town looking for the next star for the show.
Twig: ...and you want ME??? Squeeeee!
Jamog: Exactly, we need a new vict... er, helper to work with us on the show doing our experiments.
«You»: Plus it includes all the fish and ice cream you can eat!
Twig: Oh my gosh!! Of course I'll help you guys! What do you want me to do?
Adamog: Glad you asked my little yellow friend, we actually have a list of moglin-inspired myths we have been waiting to test.
Jamog: Right Adamog, why don't we head outside to get the first one set up...

«Outside. Twig's feet are tied to a horse, and his ears are tied to a post.»

Adamog: Alright, today we are testing the myth that a moglin's ears can really stretch to over 5 times their body length!
Jamog: Yes Adamog, moglins are known for their tolerance of extreme conditions.
Twig: This is news to me, are you sure this is safe!?
Adamog: Not to worry my little ascot-wearing buddy, we're professional.
«You»: I have this feeling Twig will never speak to me again.
Adamog: Alright, it's time to earn that ice cream! Here we go in 3... 2... 1...
  • Release!

    «The horse starts running and Twig's ears stretch out. Something hits the rope and causes it to snap»

    Adamog: What do you think Jamog? Did we confirm that one?
    Jamog: Well it's kinda hard to tell since WE DIDN'T GET A MEASUREMENT BEFORE THE ROPE SNAPPED!!

    «Meanwhile, the horse is running wild and dragging Twig across the plains. It comes to a stop just behind the MogBusters»

    Twig: *Uuuuuggh*
    Adamog: Whoa! He's still alive.... Oh I mean, great job!
    Twig: Can't.... feel... my wegs....
    Jamog: Hmmm I wonder what went wrong, we double checked the rigging.
    «You»: I could swear that I saw something ... but I'm not sure.
    Adamog: *Shrugs* We'll have to revisit this one again I'm sure. So what's next on our list, Jamog?
    Twig: ...so vewy, vewy cold.
    Jamog: Next one is a favorite of mine. This story is an old one, it revolves around a hasty warlord.
    Adamog: Oh right, he was in such a hurry to rush off to war he didn't bring enough ammunition for the catapults. He eventually runs out leaving his enemy's castle still standing strong.
    Adamog: In a flash of brilliance, he decides to start using his own troops as ammo. After several volleys with little effect, one of the warlord's advisors suggests they freeze their ammo.
    Jamog: So through wizardry they started freezing the troops. Supposedly, that was enough for the warlord to finally break down the castle walls and win the battle.
    Jamog: You have the catapult finished for this one yet?
    Adamog: Well actually, I built something that would be a little more fun to test with!
    Jamog: You're kidding right?
    Adamog: No really, it'll be fine. Let's get set up and I'll show you!

    «Fade to black. Again outside, Twig is standing between some kind of cannon and a steel wall, with the MogBusters and you nearby. Twig is covered in pillows and wearing a helmet.»

    Jamog: Adamog, what is this supposed to be?
    Adamog: This is what I was telling you about, this is our shiny new Twig Cannon!
    «You»: Are you sure this is safe?
    Adamog: Oh yeah, don't worry, it'll be fine. He has a helmet and pillows.
    Twig: I have a bad feewing about this.
    Adamog: Whats that you say? Why yes I did put a nice, big fish in there for you!

    «Twig jumps in the cannon»

    «You»: Very smooth Adamog.
    Adamog: Sometimes they just need a little push. Ok, here we go in 3... 2... 1!
  • Fire!

    «The cannon fires, and Twig hits the wall. He doesn't break through, and is flattenned against it.»

    Twig: Arrrrggh, the piwwows! They do nothing!
    Jamog: Yeeesh, that hurt just watching it.
    Adamog: Hmm yeah, guess we can call that a result huh? You guys get the cannon charged back up, I'm gonna go scrape Twig off the wall and get him prepped for the next part.

    «Fade to black. As before, but now Twig is frozen and has no pillows.»

    Adamog: Oh great! Looks like we are just about set.
    Twig: I don't feel so good about this either.
    Adamog: That's just jitters, all stars go through it.
    Twig: I don't know....
    Adamog: Whats that you say? Why yes I did put a nice, big bowl of ice cream in there for you.
    Twig: ICE CWEEAM!!!

    «Twig jumps in the cannon»

    Jamog: Ya know Adamog, that's eventually going to quit working when he figures out there's never anything in there.
    Adamog: Yes but for now it's perfect! Alright here we go, Twig Cannon frozen, in 3...2...1!
  • Fire!

    «The cannon fires, and Twig goes through the wall!»

    Jamog: Hmmm, seems like this is actually confirmed.
    Adamog: Oh gee, ya think? Wonder how far the little guy went.....

    «The wall shakes and falls down. Chester appears behind it.»

    Jamog: Chester!
    «You»: I knew I saw your hand come down and snap that rope!
    Adamog: So it was you wrecking our experiments!
    Chester: Me? Or your own incompetence? What does it matter?
    Adamog: Incompetence is perception, Chester!
    Chester: No... for you it is reality.
    Adamog: Well I reject your reality and substitute my own!
    Chester: .......
    Chester: .......
    Chester: Anyways, I will do whatever I can to destroy the MogBusters! Same as when I "accidentally" fell into that wood chipper!
    «You»: I don't think so Chester! You'll have to get through me first!
    Chester: Well c'mon «You», come get some!
  • Fight!

    1 BATTLE
    Chester the Dummy
    «Full Heal»

    «You»: Chester, can't you see the MogBusters need you? You would still be testing airbags if they hadn't made you part of the team!
    Chester: Hmmm, I guess you do have a point....

    «Zorbak enters»

    Zorbak: Don't listen to that fool, you have been their whipping boy far too long! They just use you for ratings, Chester!

    «The MogBusters enter»

    Adamog: Don't listen to that Saturday-morning wannabe! You know you are part of the team, we need you Chester!
    Zorbak: Psssh, Chester you know they just want to scrap you in the name of ratings! Trust me, Zorbak knows what you want.

    «Chester turns to face Zorbak»

    Chester: No-- you're wrong, it seems they really do miss me.
    Zorbak: What!? You really are a dummy! Guess I'm going to have to handle this myself.
    Chester: I don't think so.......

    «Chester punts Zorbak»

    Adamog: Glad to have you back Chester!
    Jamog: Yes and now we have a new subject to do our tests on -- Twig. How 'bout we go and finish our moglin tests together?
    Chester: That does sound good, there are only a couple items I want to request.
    Adamog: Anything buddy! You just name it!

    «Fade to black. Back on the beach, Chester is lying down with a drink next to...some kind of wooden tower»

    Adamog: Comfortable, Chester? Freshen your drink? Fluff your pillows?
    Chester: Well I would not say no to a tray of those little cocktail weenies.
    Jamog: *Ahem* Well as we seem to be fresh out, let's get on with the experiments folks.
    Adamog: Oh right, we are testing whether a moglin falls faster than a stone!
    «You»: Well guys... where's Twig?

    «Scene zooms upward. Twig and a rock are hanging from the wooden tower thing.»

    Jamog: «You», why don't you count down and release this one?

  • Drop him!

    «Twig and the rock fall and hit the ground at the same time! But the rock rolls onto Twig»

    Twig: Gaaahh... *gurgle*
    Adamog: Great job Twig! This flows right into our next experiment!
    Jamog: Right Adamog, whether or not a moglin can lift 100 times their own body weight.

  • Cheer Twig on!

    «Twig lifts the rock for a few seconds, but soon collapses under its weight»

    Jamog: Well it seems they really can lift the weight!
    Twig: Yes... *cough* just not for vewy long....
    Adamog: Alright. Let's head to the water for today's final experiment!

    «Back on the beach, near the water»

    Twig: What are we doing here?
    Adamog: Well we are going to test whether a piranha can really strip someone to the bone is 10 seconds.
    Twig: Wait?! What!? That sounds weawwy dangerous!
    Chester: Well Twig, you do realize what a piranha is, right?
    Twig: Nooooo....
    Jamog: It is a giant fish....
    Twig: FIIIIIIISH??!!

    «Twig jumps in the water and begins splashing around with the piranha. Later, Twig is lying on the beach with a huge belly»

    Twig: Ahhhhhhh.... fish....
    Jamog: ......
    Adamog: ......
    Chester: ......
    «You»: Are you guys sure you didn't get this experiment backwards?
    Adamog: Seems we'll have to check the books on this one. Guess that wraps it up for today. Thank....
    ???: No, not quite....

    «The Doom Cola Machine enters with Zorbak in a bottle of Doom Cola»

    Doom Cola Machine: I caught him trying to tilt me over and get a free soda!
    Zorbak: You can't do this to me! Don't you know who I am?!
    «You»: Adamog, do you happen to have an extra catalyst left?
    Adamog: Why yes, yes I do....
    Zorbak: You wouldn't!! Don't you even think about it!!
    Jamog: Do your thing.

    «The Doom Cola Machine adds the catalyst to the cola, shakes it up, and lets the Zorbak-bottle soar through the air, until it lands out in the ocean»

    Adamog: Well that's that!
    Jamog: «You», you think you'd like to join the team?
  • Sure!
      «You are being slowly lowered into a volcano»

      Adamog: Alright, for your first experiment, we'll test just at what temperature volcanic heat causes material to burst into flame!
      «You»: What!? Are you guys sure this is safe?
      Jamog: Don't worry! We're professionals!

      «You are slowly lowered down as the screen fades to black»
  • No thanks
      «You»: No thanks guys, I value my life a little too much.
      Adamog: Ok, well feel free to visit anytime!
    • Bye!
    SHOP: MogBusters
  • Soda Popper (15/35/55/75/95)
  • Archimedes Death Ray (18/36/54/72/90)

  • Return Home
  • Play MogBusters Quest Again!

    Correction thanks to Archlist.

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