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MogBusters! - Twig's Dilemma!

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4/5/2010 14:50:17   
Oh Bother.

Twig's Dilemma!

Event Button >> Twig's Dilemma! OR Travel Map >> Travel South >> Mogbusters >> Twig's Dilemma!

«Scene: Battleon»

At this time, you have two options in the upper right-hand corner of the screen:
  • Fishing - Brings you to Geyser Springs scene
  • Minigame - Brings you to the TWIG APPETITE Minigame

    Twig enters the scene while Daisy is dancing

    Twig: ..............
    Daisy: Well, what is it, Twig?
    Twig: ..............
    Daisy: Come on! Talk to me! Spit it out!
    Twig: ..............
    Twig: Daisy..Daisy....Daisy.........Daisy..........Daaaaaiiiiiiissssyyyyyy.........
    Daisy: That's my name, don't wear it out!

    Zoom in on Twig; hearts stream from his eyes

    Daisy: Well, okay, crazy pants! I guess I'll see you around!!
    Twig: W-Wait!
    Daisy: Okay, I'm waiting.
    Twig: Uh... Wook at me, Daisy!

    Twig dances

    Daisy: Wow, Twig! That was nice! Okay, bye!!
    Twig: But-- I wuv you.
    <<You>>: Heya Twig. What's wrong, little guy?
    Twig: *sniffles* D-Daisy doesn't even know I'm hewe. She's always so busy doing stuff with evwyone else.
    <<You>>: Who is Daisy?
    Twig: She's a Mogwin Witch... a GOOD witch. And she's sooooo cute. I wuv her.
    <<You>>: Does SHE know that?
    Twig: I twy and I twy to tell her. But it never works out.
    <<You>>: It sounds like what we need for you you is some PROFESSIONAL help, Twig! I think I know just the guys to visit!
    Twig: Reawwy???
    Twig: Who?
    <<You>>: Trust me, Twig... I got your back on this one. Let's go to the beach!!

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    «Scene: Beach»

    Adamog: Why hello, <<You>>! And Twig too! What a surprise!
    Jamog: You got that right! Here we are, vacationing in Lolosia with our friend Chester the Dummy--
    Chester: --Just "Chester" please.
    Jamog: Oh, sorry, Chester.
    <<You>>: Nice to see you three again! Brings back good memories-- Right, Twig?
    <<You>>: ----- Twig?
    <<You>>: ----- Twig?

    Zoom in on Twig, who is sweating and shaking

    «Scene: Hilly area»

    Adamog: Alright, today we are testing the myth that a moglin's ears can really stretch to over 5 times their body length!
    Adamog: What do you think Jamog? Did we confirm that one?
    Jamog: Well it's kinda hard to tell since WE DIDN'T GET A MEASUREMENT BEFORE THE ROPE SNAPPED!!
    Twig: *Uuuuuggh*
    Adamog: Now we're going to see if a FROZEN Twig can blast through a steel wall better than a FRESH Twig! First up-- the fresh Twig!
    Twig: Arrrrggh, the piwwows! They do nothing!
    Jamog: Yeeesh, that hurt just watching it.
    Adamog: Hmm yeah, guess we can call that a result huh? You guys get the cannon charged back up, I'm gonna go scrape Twig off the wall and get him prepped for the next part.
    Adamog: And now, let's test the cannon using a frozen Twig!
    Jamog: Hmmm, seems like this is actually confirmed.
    Adamog: Oh gee, ya think? Wonder how far the little guy went.....

    «Scene: Beach»

    Adamog: Now it's time to test whether or not a moglin falls faster than a stone!
    Twig: Gaaahh... *gurgle*
    Adamog: Great job Twig! This flows right into our next experiment!
    Jamog: Right Adamog, whether or not a moglin can lift 100 times their own body weight.
    Jamog: Well it seems they really can lift the weight!
    Twig: Yes... *cough* just not for vewy long....
    Adamog: Alright. Let's head to the water for today's final experiment!
    Twig: What are we doing here?
    Adamog: Well we are going to test whether a piranha can really strip someone to the bone in 10 seconds.
    Twig: Wait?! What?! That sounds weawwy dangerous!
    Chester: Well Twig, you do realize what a piranha is, right?
    Twig: Nooooo....
    Jamog: It is a giant fish....
    Twig: FIIIIIIISH??!!
    Twig: Ahhhhhhh.... fish....
    Jamog: .......
    Adamog: ......
    Chester: ......
    <<You>>: Are you guys sure you didn't get this experiment backwards?
    Adamog: Seems we'll have to check the books on this one...
    Twig: I--I remember.... *gulps*
    <<You>>: Good! So Twig here needs some help. He really LIKES this girl Moglin named Daisy, but she just doesn't pay attention to him! What does Twig have to do??
    Adamog: ..... And you think that Jamog and I are experts on this subject?
    Jamog: Shhh! *whispering* This could be the start of a Romantic Consultant business!
    Adamog: I think Twig should take a vacation. Find a nice quiet spot somewhere far away from the neverending racket of everyday life and become one with nature.... Yeeaahhhh.....

    Chester's head shifts upward

    Adamog: *ahem* Right... So Twig, girl problems are common for someone like you.
    Twig: Wike me? What do you mean, wike me??
    Jamog: I think what Adamog means is that you are so-- UNIQUE -- that no matter what you do, nothing stands out --
    Jamog: --because people only see you for who you ARE, and not for what you can DO.
    <<You>>: Wait-- huh? I though just being YOURSELF is--
    Adamog: NO WAY! That is the absolute WORST thing you can do. The MOST IMPORTANT THING about someone is-- their SKILLS.
    Jamog: .....YEAH. Skill! So Twig, what we are saying is, you need to show Daisy your MOVES to impress her! Twig, let me ask you this: What skills do you have??
    Twig: Well-- I wike fish and ice cweam?
    Adamog: That's not a skill! Hm-- we need to get you some skills.
    <<You>>: What do you mean? Like nunchuk skills? Bo fighting skills? Computer hacking skills?
    Adamog: No, no! COOL skills-- like singing!
    Jamog: Wow! Singing is a great skill to start with! We know someone who can help teach you.
    Jamog: <<You>>, can you go with Twig and protect him when he tries to learn some skills?
    Jamog: Okay then! First up: There's a very talented young woman we know who actually won a HUGE singing contest! You need to find her!

    «Scene: Underwater»

    <<You>>: I hate underwater missions...
    Twig: At weast we can bweath down hewe, thanks to someone who accidentawy dwopped bweathing potions in the ocean!
    <<You>>: True. And apparently, someone must have dropped TALKING potions into the sea at some point, too!
    Twig: Uh-oh! I see a monstew!! Pwotect me while I find the singer!
    <<You>>: .........Okay. I guess I will just protect you, then......

    2 BATTLES (Monster taken from RA list - Water element only)
    Full Heals after each battle

    Lorian Idol: The most important thing to remember is that you sing from deep within your chest rather than your throat, like this:
    Lorian Idol: La--La--La--Laaa---
    <<You>>: Twig!! Did I miss anything?!?
    Twig: Hey fwend!! She is actuawwy a LORIAN IDOL! Can you bewieve that!?!
    Lorian Idol: --aaaggggg!!! I can't believe that you interrupted me!!!! How dare you!!!
    <<You>>: What? I was just checking on Twig to make sure he's okay and--
    <<You>>: Sorry-- but it's not like you sound very good down here anyway. The acoustics are pretty bad here.
    Twig: eep.

    1 BATTLE
    Full Heal

    <<You>>: Twig... I want to apologize for-- uh-- making you singing teacher go away.
    Twig: It's okay. I had the feewing that she was going to eat me later anyway. Wet's go back to Adamog and Jamog...

    «Scene: Beach»

    <<You>>: We had a bit of a problem with the Lorian Idol... I really think we need to rethink what skills Twig need--
    Adamog: Nonsense. It's obvious what skill Twig needs to learn. He loves fish, right?
    Twig: Fish and ice cweam!!
    Jamog: Twig, it's time you learned-- how to fish!
    Twig: Yay! I get to twain up my fishing skill!!
    Jamog: Yay! Get excited!!
    Adamog: Okay, Twig-- time to go to a favorite fishing spot of ours: Geyser Springs! <<You>>, I think Twig will need you.

    «Scene: Magma pool under Geyser Springs»

    Twig sits with fishing rod in magma

    Twig: How are you doing back there??
    <<You>>: I really wish that they would have explained that their "fishing spot" was UNDER Geyser Springs!!!
    Twig: Sowwy!
    <<You>>: No need for YOU to apologize, Twig-- but the Mogbusters owe me big time!!
    Twig: OOOOO!!!! I think I got something!!!!!

    Line tugs in magma

    <<You>>: Hold onto it, Twig!! I'll be right there-- right after I finish discussing a few hot topics with the Toasted Marshmallow Gang!

    2 BATTLES (monsters chosen from RA list -Fire-element only)
    Full Heals after each battle

    Twig pulls up Flame Fish, you hit it away

    Twig: Phew!! You saved my wife!!
    <<You>>: Well, I try-- wait, what?
    Twig: You saved my wife!! Thanks!!
    <<You>>: Oh yeah-- you mean that I saved your LIFE. You're welcome, Twig.
    Twig: I think we should give the MogBusters one more chance...
    <<You>>: Twig, I really think the MogBusters don't have a clue about love. But okay, if you insist-- ONE MORE chance.
    <<You>>: WATCH OUT!! FLAME FISH!!
    Twig: !!!!!!!!!!!

    1 BATTLE
    Level 0-24: Flame Fish (7)
    Level 25-44: Flame Fish (21)
    Level 45-64: Flame Fish (38)
    Level 65-84: Flame Fish (56)
    Level 85+: Flame Fish (76)
    Full Heal

    <<You>>: Okay you two -- We've had some bad luck with your first two attempts to teach Twig some skills. We've decided to give you one more chance!
    Jamog: Hmmm... Maybe our hypothesis was--
    Adamog: AHEM. What Jamog is saying is that we may have chosen the wrong types of skills for Twig to master. He's obviously a very strapping young Moglin-- so maybe---
    Adamog: ---maybe SPORTS are really what he should level up in!!
    <<You>>: "Sports" isn't really a skill. It's just a category.
    Adamog: Just wait until you see what sport we have in mind!
    <<You>>: So, what kind of sport are you guys going to teach Twig?
    <<You>>: Football? Soccer? Hockey? Basketball? Baseball? Tennis? Wrestling?
    Jamog: PUNTING!
    <<You>>: ..............Punting?
    Adamog: And the best way to learn is by observing a master from as close as possible!!
    Adamog: Chester, if you please--?

    Chester punts Twilly

    <<You>>: How could you do that to Twig?!? That was just-- wrong!
    Jamog: We moglins are very durable-- punting, vampire head-straws, and being chewed up by half-dragon mountain golems are at worst an interesting part of out day.
    Adamog: Right now, Twig is learning yet ANOTHER skill-- how to FLY!!
    <<You>>: ........learning how to fly, did you say? How can--

    «Scene: High in the sky, with doves flying past while Twig flies»

    Twig: Ooooohhh nnoooooooss!! I'm so high uuuupppp!!! I'm going to start falling sooooonn!!!
    <<You>>: Twig!! You have to FLY, Twig!! You can do it!!!


    Twig: I-- I did it!!! I'm FWYING!!!!!

    «Scene: Back on the beach»

    <<You>>: ....................Wow.
    Chester: I believe a Moglin can fly.

    Twig crashes into the water

    <<You>>: It looks like he WAS able to fly, but only for a little while.
    Jamog: That's too bad, but I think this DOES prove the popular myth that Moglins CAN fly. Flying for 10 seconds may not be all that great, but it IS flying!
    Adamog: Hm, do you think we should go get Twig out of the water??
    <<You>>: Did you two forget already? Out that far, the water is sure to be full of so many FISH that Twig isn't going to WANT to come back to shore for a week!


    Opens this screen.

    Completion of this minigame will open a shop.

    Twig Game

    House Items
  • Twig Fishing Minigame
  • Master of Evil

  • Continue

  • Skip Minigame/End Quest

    «Scene: Battleon»

    Daisy: Hi Twig!!
    Twig: Uhhhh......Daisy? W-would you wike to-- to---
    Twig: --FWY with me??
    Daisy: Can you read my mind?

    Twig Skills

  • Casting Rod Z
  • Fishing Rod
  • Casting Rod
  • Angling Rod
  • Fishing Pole Z
  • Fishing Pole
  • Prizewinner's Rod

  • Fawwing Wonder
  • Fwoating Wonder
  • Guawdian Fwuttewing Wonder
  • Fwying Wonder

    Thanks to whakybeanz and ArchMagus Orodalf. Thanks to robee495 for a few corrections.

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