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The Mutant King Attacks!

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4/8/2010 13:38:01   

The Mutant King Attacks!

Travel Map > Granemor > General's Tower > Mutant King War

You can skip the cutscene anytime

<<Scene: Outside Granemor>>

The scene zooms into where the guard is

Guard: A powerful witch from the other side of the Great Wall has convened a meeting with the General! He has gone out to meet her-- You should, too!
<<You>>: Sounds serious! I'll let you know what happens!
Guard: You'd better-- I hate being stuck guarding the front gate all the time! Nothing ever happens out here!
  • Go!

    <<Scene: Beside Granemor>>

    Visia enters from the shadow

    General Herous: You must be Visia -- the witch!
    Visia: Greetings, General. I prefer to be called a "Shaper", rather than a witch.
    <<You>>: General, let me know if there is anything I can do!
    General Herous: For now, let us listen to what this-- Shaper has to say.
    Visia: Thank you for the courtesy. Pardon the cliche, but there is no better way to begin:
    Visia: I COME IN PEACE.
    <<You>>: HA! Not fooling me! All of those weird creatures you made out here have been attacking everyone who ventures into No Man's Land!
    General Herous: I have to agree with my friend. There is ample proof against your claim.
    Visia: I speak the truth. This place was not made by me. One moment I was a simple farm girl carrying a sack of potatoes back to my village, and the next I was... this.
    Visia: I had great power, power to alter anything in the world around me, changing things into stark opposites of themselves.
    Visia: The power was... addictive. I admit, I used it too much. But never with the intention of creating an army and trying to overrun the rest of the world. But there is one other who I have come to warn you of--
    Visia: The MUTANT KING! I do not know much about him, but he has a power that, while less elegant than my own, is potentially more dangerous.
    Visia: He can mutate any living OR unliving thing into any combination of forms he pleases! And his very nature is evil... He wants nothing less than to destroy Granemor!
    Visia: As we speak, he is gathering his army 20 miles to the west. He plans to attack at dawn in 2 days' time.
    General Herous: And what of this? What do you hope to accomplish by warning us?
    Visia: I offer you my power to enhance your own army, General. Allow me to pass the wall beyond your side, and I will shape any of the most dangerous creatures you take me to.
    Visia: Take me to a raging wild fire dragon and I will shape it into a tame beast that will do the bidding of its master. Show me to ten thousand of them, and they shall battle for you!
    General Herous: Well, that is quite the offer, Visia. Allow me time to think-- You shall have your answer by dusk today.
    <<You>>: General! Come on! I know they say not to judge a book by its cover, but she looks EVIL! I just know this is a trap!
    General Herous: Now hold on--
    <<You>>: She wants us to let our guard down! I'd bet my li-- lifeboat on it!

    The scene zooms in to Visia

    Visia: Do not listen to this little -- your friend, great General! My offer still stands. You will regret not taking it. The Mutant King's might grows daily.

    The scene zooms back out

    General Herous: No one who truly wishes to help bares a threatening tone to those in need, foul witch!

    General Herous raises his sword

    General Herous: Go back to the slime-pit you crawled out of!!
    <<You>>: ---Yeah!!
    Visia: FOOLS! Have it your way! ATTACK!
  • !!!
    <<You>>: Hey, you said 2 days from now!
    Visia: I lied.
  • War!!

    The Shaper and the Beast
    The shaper named Visia tried to trick us, but you knew better! Now, an army of creatures created by Visia and the Mutant King are attacking the Great Wall of Granemor, hoping to break through and raid deeper into civilized lands! They must be stopped!
  • To Battle!
  • Special mission!
    You must be a Guardian to take this special mission!
  • Back to Town

    Guardians can refill their health potions by clicking on the potion bag if they have less than 4 health potions on hand.
    Clicking the fountain at the background will regenerate your HP and MP by 100 per click

    Boog runs the tavern in Granemor! Click on his pretty face to have him join you in battle!
    Aquella the water elf has come from Lolosia to help! Click on her staff to have her join you in battle!
    Mercuria offers her powerful fire magic to help in this battle! Click on her staff to have her join you in battle!
    General Herous leads the forces of Granemor! Click on his sword to have him join you in battle!
    You must be a Guardian for Dewlok to help you in battle!
    Boog will help you in battle!
    Dewlok will help you in battle!
    Aquella will help you in battle!
    Mercuria will help you in battle!
    General Herous will help you in battle!
    To Battle!

    1 BATTLE
    Optional Full Heal

    After 325,000 monsters were defeated...

    1 BATTLE
    Optional Full Heal
    Optional Full Heal
    Optional Full Heal

    <<Scene: Ogre Kingdom with stone dwellings>>

    The Mutant King enters

    <<You>>: Mutant King! I knew you would try something like this!
    Mutant King: You have no idea what I am capable of, Normal!
    <<You>>: My name isn't Normal!
    Mutant King: I call all of you boring, non-mutated things "Normals". So there!
    <<You>>: So where is your partner-in-crime, Visia?!
    Mutant King: Oh, she messed up,. So I ate her.
    <<You>>: No way!
    Mutant King: The teeth don't lie.
    <<You>>: She was too powerful for you to just EAT her!
    Mutant King: She failed me! That's what you get when you fail me-- the Mutant King! Now, you made it this far, but I'll make sure this is the end of the line for you!
  • Fight!

    You have 2 options

  • Fight the Mutant King! (Challenge battle!)
      1 BATTLE
      Mutant King

      If you defeated the Mutant King...

      The Mutant King lies defeated on the ground, with his tongue sticking out. Visia enters from the shadows.

      <<You>>: I knew it! You're alive!
      Visia: You may have held our forces at bay today, but this is far from over! You haven't seen the last of--
      <<You>>: --All I hear is "wah wahh wa wa waah wah wah waaa". Get outta here!
      Visia: *Grits teeth and fumes*

      Visia drags the defeated Mutant King out of the scene

      <<You>>: We'll be waiting for you when you get brave enough to try again...

      If you lost to the Mutant King, the dialogue is the same as when you surrender.
  • Surrender! (Pretend to be dead!)
      The scene zooms in to the Mutant King

      Mutant King: Hmf. Well THAT was easy enough!

      Visia appears from the shadows

      Visia: So now what do we do? Most of our army is defeated. A full third of the reserves turned tail and ran before they even got here!
      Mutant King: We rebuild our forces for now. And report to Absolix.
      Visia: No, WE don't report to Absolix. YOU report to him.
      Mutant King: Hey! Not fair!
      Visia: Yes it is! I risked my neck trying to trick the General! You get to risk YOURS trying to convince Absolix that this was merely a tactical defeat on the way to a strategic victory.
      Mutant King: I really SHOULD eat you.
      Visia: Just try it. You'll have one HECK of a dentist's bill to pay...

      The scene zooms out. Visia and the Mutant King exits. Twilly peers in from the left side of the screen, hiding and walking out together with you after checking that the coast is clear.

      <<You>>: Thanks for ressurecting me, Twilly!
      Twilly: Twillies didn't rez you! You were still alive! Just barely. Your arm was over there and your leg was up in a tree over there and your--
      <<You>>: Okay, okay, I get it. T.M.I. So did anything happen while I was "not-dead"?
      Twilly: The crazy blue lady and the bumpy green man said they would be back!
      <<You>>: Thanks for the update, Twilly. Your reporting is worthy of USA Today! At least we have an idea now of what we're up against.
    • Continued!

    No Man's Land War

  • Mutant King Stick
  • Mutant King Baton
  • Mutant King Truncheon
  • Mutant King Cudgel Z
  • Mutant King Bludgeon
  • Mutant King Club

  • Play again!
  • Leave
    Special Mission!

    Despite the strong defenses of Granemor and the Great Wall, some of Visia and the Mutant King's forces have broken through! Your mission is to engage the enemies on the friendly side of the Wall-- and send them running at the tip of your sword!
  • Go!

    1 BATTLE
    Optional Full Heal
    Optional Full Heal
    Optional Full Heal
    1 BATTLE
    1 BATTLE
    You return to the war camp

    Entry thanks to whackybeanz. Part of the dialog courtesy of clover.

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