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Absolix Rising

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4/8/2010 13:39:59   

The Rise of Absolix!

Location: Granemor > General's Tower > No Man's Land > Absolix Rising

Not long ago, the Devourer The'Galin came to our world of Lore, a being whose sole purpose in existence is to travel across space, destroy and absorb the elemental forces of Creation. The heroes of Lore banded together and finally drove the Devourer away, but not before he left several "scars" on Lore. Around the scars, new creatures appeared, born of destruction, warped by twisted intent...
  • Continue

    «You can skip the cutscene at any time. Scene: No Man's Land. An ogre moves through the tall grass and meets up with the Mutant King and Visia.»

    Servant: My Lord, My Lady, it is nearly ready.
    Visia: Excellent. Soon, I... we... shall reshape all of Lore.
    Mutant King: Good. So what do we do with him... ?
    Visia: Eliminate him. He knows too much.
    Servant: *gulp*

    «The Mutant King strikes the ogre off the screen in one shot.»

    Visia: A tad messy, but effective.

    «The scene zooms in on the Mutant King and Visia, while a shadow approaches them.»

    ???: In my absence are you seeking to use him to your own ends? How...treacherous...
    Visia: You are alive!?
    Mutant King: But...how...
    ???: Your plan will fail. Absolix was not designed to be your plaything. My son is more than that. He is uncreation perfected, creation not from the primal matter, but from very chaos itself.
    Visia: What are you saying...?
    Mutant King: You have lost your station. You cannot command us any longer!
    ???: Oh really? None of us will interfere... NOT even I. We shall let this play out on its own. The stakes have changed now.

    «Visia and the Mutant King become slightly bluer.»

    Visia: I feel so... c-c-cold... I...
    Mutant King: So... cold... We won't interfere.
    ???: Very good. Keep the nosy eyes away while he awakens. Drive them back from this place.
    Visia: Your will...

    Visia the Shaper and the Mutant King have come out of No Man's Land. They command an army together, and seem intent on either expanding their reach or expanding their influence.
  • To Battle!
  • Special mission!
  • Back to Town

  • Potion Bag: Refills potions if you have less than 5 on hand. (Guardian Only)
  • Fountain behind GraceFang: Full Heal
  • Artix: You obtain him as a guest
  • You must be a Guardian for Dewlok to help you in battle!
  • Dewlok will help you in battle!
  • GraceFang the dracopyre will help us battle this powerful threat!
  • General Herous leads the forces of Granemor! Click on his sword to have him join you in battle!
  • General Herous will help you in battle!
  • NightReign, brother of GraceFang, knows that this threat is great enough to warrant his help. For now...
  • To Battle!

    «Before 150,000 monsters were defeated»
      1 BATTLE
      Optional Full Heal
      2 BATTLES
    «After 150,000 monsters were defeated, but before the full 300,000 monsters were defeated...»
      «You can skip the cutscene at any time. Ryuusei steps on screen.»

      Visia: They are pressing us back, and gaining the upper hand!
      Mutant King: We cannot keep this up much longer.
      Ryuusei: Nor do you have to. The game has entered its next stage; the experiment shall move forward. He has already been born. Just keep them back a little while longer.
      Visia: Your will, Lord Omega.
      Ryuusei: Do not use that title. I have been cast aside, as have you. I am no longer a part of the Network...
      Mutant King: Of course, Lord Ryuusei...

      «Ryuusei walks off the way he came.»

      1 BATTLE
      Optional Full Heal
      2 BATTLES

    «After all 300,000 monsters were defeated...»

    «Optional Full Heal after fights #1, #3, #5, and #7»

    «You stand before Visia and the Mutant King»

    «You»: Well, well... if it isn't Boris and Natasha, Bonnie and Clyde, Humpty and Dumpt-
    Mutant King: Okay okay, we get it already! Please stop!
    Visia: We must hold you here, you. There is work of great importance happening that you cannot interfere with!
    «You»: I won't let you stop me!
    Visia: Then -- you will DIE!

  • Fight Visia and the Mutant King! (Mega-Challenge battle!)
  • Run away!

      Fight Visia and the Mutant King!

      2 BATTLES
      Mutant King (100)
      Visia (110)

      Optional Full Heal after the first battle

      «If you win the second battle, you receive a Full Heal.»

      «You»: I beat the two of them, for now. They said that something too important to interrupt is happening nearby. Time for me to see what it is!
    • Absolix

      The dialogue continues below.
      «If you lose...»
      Twilly: Oh no's! You died! Twilly will bring you back to life!
    • Rez Me
      Twilly: There you goes! Alive again!!
    • Thanks Twilly!
      «You»: I may not have beaten them both now, but I will someday! They said that something too important to interrupt is happening nearby. Time for me to see what it is!
    • Absolix

      The dialogue continues below.
      Run away!
      The dialogue continues below.
    «Scene: Ryuusei»

    Ryuusei: It is nearly time for you to move forward.

    «Absolix enters.»

    Absolix: To move forward....
    Absolix: ...but what is my purpose? Why do I exist?
    Ryuusei: Purpose? How curious you are. A being "created" in the manner that you are still clings to such illusions.
    Absolix: All beings need to be given purpose.
    Ryuusei: I do not agree. Purpose is not given. It is taken. A being must decide on its own purpose.
    Absolix: Then my purpose shall be... DOMINATION!
    Ryuusei: If that suits you. Enjoy the attempt. It should prove an interesting exercise. It is not, however, one you can accomplish alone.
    Ryuusei: One of the great faults of evil masterminds is their lack of vision and inability to bring together an army to command.
    Absolix: I shall assemble the greatest army Lore has ever seen.
    Ryuusei: No. The only army which might fit that title has come and passed. I once stood at its head.
    Absolix: Then I shall do the next best thing: I shall gather the greatest villains in history and use THEM as my army.
    Ryuusei: The greatest in history? Many of them are long dead....
    Absolix: Then I shall work with the more recent ones first. I think I have a few surprises I can manage even for you, Father.
    Ryuusei: Do you indeed?
    Absolix: ... I shall even recreate them if I need to...

    «Absolix leaves. Visia and the Mutant King enter.»

    Mutant King: It begins...
    Visia: The real question, Ryuusei, is not what Absolix's purpose is, but what is yours?
    Mutant King: You have been rejected by the Lord The'Galin. What do you intend now?
    Ryuusei: I intend to play chess. For now, there is nothing to be gained in epic struggles... so I shall just move pieces at random and observe what happens.
    Mutant King: Chess?
    Ryuusei: Yes, chess.

    «Ryuusei walks off. The scene zooms in on Visia and the Mutant King.»

    Mutant King: What did Cartwright mean by that, I wonder...
    Visia: Nothing good. Of that you can be certain...

  • Tame Butterhoof
  • Butterhoof Z
  • Butterhoof
  • Wild Butterhoof
  • Guardian Butterhoof
  • Migratory Butterhoof

  • Rascorpian Pseudochactoidea
  • Rascorpian Hemiscorpiidae Z
  • Rascorpian Buthoidea
  • Rascorpian Chactoidea
  • Rascorpion Scorpionoidea Z
  • Rascorpian Chaeriloidea
  • Rascorpian Iuroidea

    Special Mission!

    A magically cursed zone of No Man's Land has been discovered by scouts where the Mutant King and Visia transport innocent creatures to be warped by their powers to add to their armies! You must lead a special force to destroy this cursed area!
  • Go!

    «Optional full heal after battles #1, #3, and #5.»
    1 BATTLE«You return to the war camp.»
    Monster List
    Level 0-14
    Aegull (7)
    Altoad (4)
    Bad Bird (5)
    Globulus (9)
    Lizator (7)
    Moglinator M-1 (5)
    No-Eyes (12)
    Pandumo (8)
    Scarred Rose (3)
    Serkly Snargle (10)
    Serpika Private (10)
    Thumping Ogre (11)

    Level 15-29
    Aegull (22)
    Altoad (18)
    Globulus (9)
    Lizator (25)
    Moglinator M-70 (25)
    No-Eyes (12)
    Pandumo (20)
    Pounding Ogre (27)
    Scarred Rose (15)
    Seedy Sparrow (25)
    Serkly Snargle (10)
    Serpika Sergeant (25)

    Level 30-49
    Aegull (22)
    Altoad (38)
    Bashing Ogre (47)
    Darsting Snargle (26)
    Lizator (43)
    Miscreant Mocker (45)
    Moglinator M-600 (50)
    No-Eyes (32)
    Pandumo (40)
    Scarred Rose (35)
    Serpika Lieutenant (50)
    Venerable Globulus (34)

    Level 50-69
    Aegull (44)
    Altoad (58)
    Irenste Snargle (46)
    Lizator (43)
    Miscreant Mocker (45)
    Moglinator M-800 (75)
    No-Eyes (52)
    Pandumo (60)
    Scarred Rose (55)
    Serpika Captain (70)
    Venerable Globulus (34)
    Whalloping Ogre (67)

    Level 70-89
    Aegull (66)
    Altoad (78)
    Blessed Globulus (69)
    Felonious Falcon (65)
    Lizator (61)
    Moglinator M-800 (75)
    No-Eyes (72)
    Pandumo (80)
    Ragid Snargle (66)
    Scarred Rose (75)
    Serpika Captain (70)
    Smashing Ogre (87)

    Level 90+
    Aegull (88)
    Altoad (78)
    Frumious Snargle (86)
    Lizator (79)
    Moglinator M-1000 (100)
    No-Eyes (92)
    Pandumo (80)
    Pernicious Pheasant (85)
    Saint Globulus (84)
    Serpika General (90)
    Smashing Ogre (87)
    Zug (87)

    Thanks to Rhowena, with help from whackybeanz. Monster list credits to In Media Res. Typo correction thanks to Mark Chung.

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