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Absolix Final Battle!

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4/8/2010 13:44:07   

Absolix Final Battle!

Location: Event Button > Absolix Final Battle!
Location: Granemor > General's Tower > No Man's Land > Final Battle

Not long ago, the Devourer The'Galin came to our world of Lore, a being whose sole purpose in existence is to travel across space, destroy and absorb the elemental forces of Creation. The heroes of Lore banded together and finally drove the Devourer away, but not before he left several "scars" on Lore. Around the scars, new creatures appeared, born of destruction, warped by twisted intent...

Two of these are the Mutant King and the shaper called Visia, who have used their powers to create armies of mutant beasts and creatures altered from their normal, peaceful natures. And now, a third being, more malevolent than any who has come before, has arisen: ABSOLIX.

It has been revealed that Absolix was born of pure uncreation, formed by the will of Ryuusei Cartwright. Once a vessel for the Devourer, Ryuusei was torn away from the Devourer. But Ryuusei remains on Lore to watch his experiment unfold. Absolix's will, however has proven strong enough that he himself has found the power to create from the Void...

  • Continue

  • You can skip the cutscene at anytime.

    «Scene: Absolix's Fortress»

    «Absolix arises in the background.»

    Absolix: Father, Visia, please enter.

    «Visia and Ryuusei Cartwright enter. The scene zooms in upon the trio.»

    Ryuusei: Absolix, my son, you know that they are coming for you now. The time for talk is over. You must defend yourself.
    Visia: If you wish me to aid in your fortress's defense, Absolix, I shall.
    Absolix: Indeed you shall, Shaper.

    «The scene zooms in on Absolix.»

    Absolix: You will lead a force to the east of my fortress and find the Knowing Rock. Then you will destroy it.

    «The scene zooms back out to reveal the trio.»

    Ryuusei: Hmm... You may want to reconsider. The Knowing Rock is a manifestation of nature that evolved on its own in No Man's Land. The'Galin allowed it to exist for a reason.
    Absolix: I shall send my armies against the citizens of this land. Each of the prior defeats has educated me on the ways of Lore.
    Absolix: Each of those great villains from before failed... but their failure has prepared me.
    Ryuusei: Visia, I will see you outside momentarily.

    «Ryuusei exits. The scene zooms out and Visia exits the scene.»

    Absolix: RISE, children of the Void!

    «Several Void Golems rise from the ground.»

    «Scene: Outside Absolix's Fortress»

    Visia: Lord Ryuusei.
    Ryuusei: "Lord" again, is it, Shaper? How fickle you are. What is it you desire?
    Visia: Those Lorians have the aid of a samurai, and weapons which they believe can harm Absolix -- much like the viridium weapons could harm those who traveled the Void.
    Ryuusei: And so they can.
    Visia: What? You know about the weapons?
    Ryuusei: Naturally. There is little that escapes my attention, Shaper.
    Visia: ... Do you intend to stop them?
    Ryuusei: No.
    Visia: What kind of man are you? Absolix praises you as a father and you intend to let them harm him?
    Ryuusei: It is clear you know little of parenthood, Shaper. It is precisely because I consider Absolix my son that I will not intervene.
    Ryuusei: He has asked me to stay out of this, and he needs to learn from his own mistakes.
    Visia: But he will be defeated!
    Ryuusei: As well he should be. The mistake he must learn from is not asking me to stay out of this, but his endeavor as a whole.
    Ryuusei: His goal is to be a great villain. That is a terrible goal! What parent wants their child to grow to be a great villain?
    Visia: !!! What has happened to you?!?
    Ryuusei: I merely now appreciate wisdom I could not before comprehend. I pray that Absolix fails, and I pray that in failing he learns.
    Visia: .................
    Ryuusei: And in learning he grows... I pray that he survives.
    Visia: But what do you intend? What is your motivation?
    Ryuusei: My son is destined for far greater things than being a petty tyrant on the world of Lore. He is a new class of being, creation from beyond creation.
    Ryuusei: I only hope Lore will serve to be as good a proving ground for him as it was for others. ... And that he lives to tell the tale...
    Visia: You are an exceedingly peculiar man, Cartwright...
    Ryuusei: See how fickle you are? You started with "Lord" and now you are back to calling me Cartwright.
    Ryuusei: You should go now-- the Knowing Rock awaits.

    «The scene fades away. It switches to some distance away from Absolix's fortress, where you meet up with Cenara, Boog and Tentei.»

    Cenara: «You»! Our forces have surrounded Absolix's tower. And this young man has arrived from the east--
    Cenara: He calls himself Tentei, and says he can help us.
    Tentei: I have the power to directly damage the essence of any thing, passed down through my bloodline for thousands of years.
    Boog: Yer sure you can hurt the Void creatures this Absolix nut is makin'?
    Tentei: I know-- I have faced one of his creatures before.
    Cenara: Our scouts have also heard that Visia is headed northwest. Warlic thinks Absolix may have sent her to find and destroy a unique being called the Knowing Rock.
    «You»: The Knowing Rock? Why is it called that?
    Cenara: Warlic says it was born when the Devourer left this scar on Lore-- an immortal creature that would remain here forever as a repository for the Devourer's knowledge of Lore.
    Tentei: Hm-- It sounds like it is a way for the Devourer to remember more that he could otherwise. The Devourer The'Galin's way of being omniscient.
    «You»: What are we waiting for? Every minute we waste, Absolix makes more of these golems. Let's put an end to this now!

    War Camp

    Absolix's attempt to conquer the western lands nearly succeeded. Before he can fully form an entire army of Void creatures, we must crush his forces and topple his fortress back into the depth of the scar it rose from!
  • To Battle!
  • Special Mission!
  • Quest for Tentei's Weapons! - Takes you to The Bloodline! quest.
  • Back to Town

    Guardians can click on the potion bag to refill their potions if they have less than 5 on hand.

    Artix von Krieger the paladin will help us battle this powerful threat!
    Boog is here to defend his longtime home of Granemor!
    GraceFang the dracopyre will help us battle this powerful threat!
    General Herous leads the forces of Granemor!
    Tentei's inherited power to battle the neutral Void element will help in this battle!
    Dewlok is always ready for a fight-- and this is a real fight!
    To Battle!

    1 BATTLE
    Optional Full Heal
    Optional Full Heal
    1 BATTLE
    Optional Full Heal

    After 700,000 of Absolix's minions were defeated...

    1 BATTLE
    Optional Full Heal
    Optional Full Heal
    Optional Full Heal

    «Scene: Within Absolix's Fortress»

    Absolix: ....I have been waiting for you....
  • Battle!«You»: We have won the day!

    «Ryuusei enters»

    «You»: ... Cartwright! Oh, I am going to enjoy this...
    Ryuusei: My son has just died. Do you really think I am at all interested in fighting you now, «You»?
    «You»: You are the General of the Network. Omega... all corrupt and...
    «You»: ....wait....
    «You»: Are you CRYING?!?
    Ryuusei: Please... he is my son. Leave me in peace. ...please, I beg you...
    «You»: !!!

    «A glow suddenly envelops the fallen Absolix and Absolix rises up once more.»

    Absolix: Did you see, Father? They quivered in fear before me. I shall yet win this...
    Ryuusei: I did see, son... but you shall not be winning anything.
    Absolix: There is nothing that I cannot do.
    Ryuusei: Nothing... save continue as you are. You have been a bad boy, Absolix. You have hurt many people.
    Absolix: ....Father?
    Ryuusei: They have already beaten you, and now I am afraid I have no choice but to send you to your room.

    «Ryuusei turns into a possession of The`Galin momentarily, runs over and strikes Absolix and Absolix falls. Ryuusei turns back into his normal self.»

    «You»: Is this even the same man?!?
    Ryuusei: «You», you should go now. Rest knowing that Absolix is no longer a threat to your lands.
    «You»: You haven't seen the last of me, Ryuusei...
  • Leave
    Absolix War 2

  • Basic Absolix Polearm
  • Simple Absolix Polearm Z
  • Moderate Absolix Polearm
  • Absolix Guardian Polearm
  • Absolix Polearm Z
  • Absolix Polearm
  • Enhanced Absolix Guardian Polearm
  • Advanced Absolix Polearm Z
  • Amplified Absolix Polearm
  • Extreme Absolix Guardian Polearm
  • Exorbitant Absolix Polearm
  • Exalted Absolix Polearm

  • Absolix Spaulders
  • Absolix Pauldrons


    «A glow envelops Absolix and he arises again.»

    Ryuusei: What have you learned from your attempt?
    Absolix: That ruling the world is not at all desirable. That people are complicated. That I have much to learn. That there is no future in villainy....
    Ryuusei: Very good, my son. It took me many years and being utterly abandoned by the god I served to learn what you have gained in less than one.
    Absolix: I.... chose the wrong purpose.
    Ryuusei: You did. But it is not the mistakes we make in life that ultimately matter. Instead, it is what we learn from them.
    Absolix: So what do I do now?
    Ryuusei: You have learned much, but you still have much to learn. I will send you away to school off of Lore.
    Ryuusei: You look like an adult, and you even think like one, but you need to have a real childhood...
    Absolix: Yes, Father.

    «Ryuusei raises his staff and in a flash, Absolix vanishes. Visia enters the scene.»

    Visia: And now what?
    Ryuusei: And now the pieces continue moving...

  • Play again!
  • Leave
    Special Mission!

    Your mission is to travel deep into No Man's Land and reach the Knowing Rock before Visia and her mutated / altered creatures do. She cannot be allowed to destroy it!
  • Go!

    1 BATTLE
    Optional Full Heal
    Optional Full Heal
    Optional Full Heal
    1 BATTLE
    Optional Full Heal

    «Visia enters»

    Visia: So you are here to SAVE this inert lump?? You are a fool. Step away before I END you!
    «You»: The Knowing Rock is a vast repository of wisdom. It might be able to tell us the secrets of the universe! Why destroy it??
    Visia: I was given the order, and I will carry it out!
    «You»: And I will carry out MY mission!
  • Fight!

  • Fight!
  • Challenge Battle!
      «Regardless of choice»

      1 BATTLE
      Full heal
    Visia: You have defeated me, but I will just try again and again until you finally fail!!

    «The Knowing Rock which was struggling to sleep fully awakens.»

    Knowing Rock: Pleeeeaaaaase.... stop talking. It is hard enough to sleep out here among all the strange creatures, with their squawking and honking and growling...
    Visia: It speaks!
    «You»: Of course it does! I mean-- HE does -- or is it SHE?
    Knowing Rock: I know everything, EXCEPT whether I am male or female or both...I suspect I am none of the above. But being immortal makes that irrelevant.
    «You»: Do you know the future, or do you only know whatever it is the people of this world already know?
    Knowing Rock: I know all that is known on this world, by anyone or anything. Your Sage Uldor, for instance, can see the future in some instances, and therefore I can as well. BUT--
    Knowing Rock: --only the futures he has already seen. Now, please, allow me to rest.
    Visia: I-- I want to know something. When I became the Shaper I am now, I forgot the life I had before I was transformed in the first days of the No Man's Land...
    Visia: Who was I, before I gained my powers??
    Knowing Rock: You? You, my dear, were engaged to marry a poet-warrior who loved you so much that he -- he--- *Yaaawwwnn* Mmmm... must... sleep now...
    Visia: Wait! Stay awake a little longer-- I must know--!

    «The Knowing Rock shuts his eyes and returns back to sleep.»

    Visia: Please! Hmf.
    «You»: You see-- the Knowing Rock is important to YOU as well as the rest of us. At some point we may NEED him! It.... uh... whatever. We cannot take it for granite!
    Visia: Did you just say "take it for granite"?
    «You»: ... No. Of course not. I said "granted." Cannot take it for granted. "Granite" would just be silly.
    Visia: Well, Absolix was wrong to ask for the Knowing Rock's destruction. Absolix may have been wrong in much more. For this I offer you my services in battle....
    Visia: And hopefully some day, when the Knowing Rock awakens again, I can learn more about who I was...
  • Let Visia help you in battles!
  • Continue without Visia

    «Regardless of choice, you return to the war camp.»

    Entry thanks to whackybeanz. Monster list thanks to In Media Res.

    Monster List

    Level 0-14
    Aegull (7)
    Altoad (4)
    Bad Bird (5)
    Globulus (9)
    Lizator (7)
    Moglinator M-1 (5)
    No-Eyes (12)
    Pandumo (8)
    Scarred Rose (3)
    Serkly Snargle (10)
    Serpika Private (10)
    Thumping Ogre (11)

    Level 15-29
    Aegull (22)
    Altoad (18)
    Globulus (9)
    Lizator (25)
    Moglinator M-70 (25)
    No-Eyes (12)
    Pandumo (20)
    Pounding Ogre (27)
    Scarred Rose (15)
    Seedy Sparrow (25)
    Serkly Snargle (10)
    Serpika Sergeant (25)

    Level 30-49
    Aegull (22)
    Altoad (38)
    Bashing Ogre (47)
    Darsting Snargle (26)
    Lizator (43)
    Miscreant Mocker (45)
    Moglinator M-600 (50)
    No-Eyes (32)
    Pandumo (40)
    Scarred Rose (35)
    Serpika Lieutenant (50)
    Venerable Globulus (34)

    Level 50-69
    Aegull (44)
    Altoad (58)
    Irenste Snargle (46)
    Lizator (43)
    Miscreant Mocker (45)
    Moglinator M-800 (75)
    No-Eyes (52)
    Pandumo (60)
    Scarred Rose (55)
    Serpika Captain (70)
    Venerable Globulus (34)
    Whalloping Ogre (67)

    Level 70-89
    Aegull (66)
    Altoad (78)
    Blessed Globulus (69)
    Felonious Falcon (65)
    Lizator (61)
    Moglinator M-800 (75)
    No-Eyes (72)
    Pandumo (80)
    Ragid Snargle (66)
    Scarred Rose (75)
    Serpika Captain (70)
    Smashing Ogre (87)

    Level 90+
    Aegull (88)
    Altoad (78)
    Frumious Snargle (86)
    Lizator (79)
    Moglinator M-1000 (100)
    No-Eyes (92)
    Pandumo (80)
    Pernicious Pheasant (85)
    Saint Globulus (84)
    Serpika General (90)
    Smashing Ogre (87)
    Zug (87)

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