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Resistance is Feudal!

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4/8/2010 14:06:00   

Resistance is Feudal!
Undead vs. Paladins vs. Dracopyres vs. YOU!

Location: Today's Event >> Resistance is Feudal! - GraceFang vs. NightReign
****Travel Map » Dracopyre Legacy » Resistance is Feudal!

«You may skip this cutscene at any time. Scene: Coeuraservi in Darkovia Forest. Donovan enters»

Coeuraservi: My goodness... you startled me. I am the Paladin Coeuraservi. It is a relief to see another normal person. I was beginning to lose faith there were any left...
Donovan: Normal... Heh. Yes, that is exactly what I am now... I am the Norm. All shall conform to the norm.

«A vampire, a werepyre, and a werewolf enter»

Blackguard Werewolf: Were we right about him??
Vampire: Is he useful to us?
Werepyre: Can he do what we seek?
Donovan: Ohhh yes... He will do quite nicely.
Donovan: HOLD HIM.

«They cluster around Coeuraservi»

Coeuraservi: What? You mean to feast on me?!
Donovan: As tempting as the offer of pure holy meat might be, I have a different desire for you. You shall match the fate of the one whose name you bear.
Coeuraservi: You wish to make me into an undead? I will never serve you! Even in that state I shall resist you!
Donovan: In that state you might indeed. That's why you will not be in that state. You will serve me, but not as just any undead.
Donovan: You will serve me as my ghoul, enslaved by my blood and kept hovering in between life and undeath.
Coeuraservi: Why?! What do you want with me!?
Donovan: I need you living for what I intend, at least until such time as I am able to corrupt you utterly and make you like me.
Donovan: You will aid the cause of peace in Darkovia. We shall unify all of Darkovia under my name.
Coeuraservi: What has that got to do with me!?
Donovan: To unite Darkovia, we must remove the one who resists unity and favors chaos... The serfs who farm this land favor my sister's resistance movement.
Donovan: They sow discord. Now, hold him. The time for talking is done.

«Donovan changes into NightReign and bites Coeuraservi»

Coeuraservi: What is your will, Lord Donovan?
Donovan: You are a Paladin. You will do what is in your nature. Free Darkovia from the menace that remains.
Donovan: Call in your Order to bathe this place in cleansing holy fire. Do not stop until all disloyal to me are gone.

«The black werewolf enters»

Blackguard Werewolf: Lord Donovan, it is done. All who are loyal to your cause have fallen back to the castle, save the strike teams which are hidden and ready.

«Scene: Cenara and Wolfwing in another part of Darkovia»

Cenara: Why have I been called back from the Hall of Memories? I am not yet remotely done with my task yet.
WolfWing: Something is happening. Donovan has taken over most of Darkovia, as you know... Yet suddenly all of his armies have withdrawn. I do not like it.

«The Werewolf King enters»

WolfWing: Constantin! What is it? What's wrong?
Werewolf King: As if YOU care, Erimus.

«WolfWing shifts into human form»

Erimus: Constantin, please. STOP this stupid bickering... I DO care. I have always cared. You were my friend long before circumstances made you my enemy.

«The Werewolf King shifts into human form»

Constantin: Bah. What good did our friendship ever bring us? The first true love of both of our lives will never speak to us again, and the mother of my son is dead.
Constantin: What save misery came of it? If you must know what plagues me, it is my son. He has locked himself away with that Donovan. He will not see me at all.
Erimus: Constantin, you insufferable idiot. It was not I who brought those things about, you know that very well. I know a thing or two about sons who go bad, too, don't forget, and...

« Amilara and Cagliari enter, followed by a pair of paladins»

Paladin: Hand him over, necromancer.
Cenara: What is this??
Paladin: Mind your own business, Dracopyre. We will be exorcising you soon enough.
Cenara: You, exorcising me?! HA! Do you have any idea what I am?
Amilara: I am telling you for the last time: Cagliari is my friend and a Hero to Lore. He directly aided us in the battle against the Network.
Amilara: You have already killed several innocent undead in this single-minded quest, and I will not allow you to take my friend too.
Paladin: He is undead. All undead will be purified. All Darkovia will be unified.
Amilara: ...They are more singleminded than even Artix. Something odd is going on.

«Amilara extends his hand towards them and it glows blue»

Amilara: You will turn back. The undead you are seeking is not here.
Paladin: The undead we are seeking is not here.

«They leave»

Amilara: That will not hold for long. Something is countermanding my orders. ...Something is very, very wrong with those paladins.
Constantin: They seemed normal enough to me.

« Safiria enters»

Safiria: The Brilhado necromancer is correct. Their behavior is abnormal. I have watched them for a long time and known their like even longer. They are... off somehow.
Safiria: More, those two are not alone. There are a dozen or more like them leading even greater armies who simply follow orders.
Cagliari: The effects seem familiar. If they were not alive, I would say it was like they were enslaved by a necromancer.
Erimus: Like a vampire's control of their thralls, but more pronounced.
Constantin: Like they were being controlled... hmm.
Amilara: Enslaved. But why? And more to the point, by whom?
Safiria: I think Constantine, Erimus and Cenara all suspect who...
Cenara: .............
Cenara: Donovan!!

War Camp

Resistance is Feudal
The Dracopyre NightReign wants the Paladin Order to destroy the Undead of Darkovia, and has resorted to corrupting Paladins to serve him! Much of the Paladin Order has begun to purge Darkovia of Undead. What do you do when what is right and what is wrong is less than clear? Paladins versus Undead seems normal enough-- But does a true Paladin fight Undead simply because they are Undead, or will he fight against his own brethren to do what seems right? The choice is not one just for Paladins, but for all of Lore. Slay the Undead, or fight against a tyrant and save them? Why can't it ever be simple?!
  • Back to Town
  • To Battle!

    Guardians can click on the potion bag to refill their potions if they have less than 5 potions on hand.

    Twilly: Oh noes!! What will you do?!?
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please!
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!
  • To Battle!

    «At the beginning»
      Who will you go into battle with?
      «If you are fighting the paladins, then you can choose Gracefang, Wolfwing [Water Version], Safiria, and the Wereking as a guest. If you are fighting the undead, then you can have Nightreign as a guest. Either way, you can also choose to fight by yourself»

      «Either way»

      2 RANDOM BATTLES [See below]
      Optional Full Heal
      2 RANDOM BATTLES [See below]
    «After 100% of NightReign's minions were defeated...»

    «GraceFang lands and Amilara enters behind her. You enter.»

    Amilara: If you distract him I can use my necromancy in combination with the Cold to break his hold on them.
    GraceFang: Your assistance is appreciated, Amilara. You do not call Darkovia home and yet you fight for our freedom.
    Amilara: I know a thing or two about enslavement. Unity on those terms is no Unity worth having.
    «You»: We will make NightReign regret he ever came to Darkovia!

    Who will you go into battle with?
    «You can choose Gracefang, Wolfwing [Water Version], Safiria, and the Wereking as a guest; or to fight by yourself»

    Optional Full Heal
    Optional Full Heal

    «The vampire, werewolf, and werepyre from the beginning enter»

    Black Werewolf: *snarls* So, are you brave enough to face US?!
  • !!!

  • Yes I am! (Challenge: Battle all 3 in a row!)

  • No way! (Run away: No guts, no glory!)

    «Scene: you and Coeuraservi»

    Coeuraservi: «You», there is nothing you can do to stop NightReign. His power is too great... and his will is my command!
    «You»: Put your money where your mouth is, crazy paladin...
  • Fight!

    1 BATTLE
    Level 0-29: Coeurasevri (20)
    Level 30-49: Coeurasevri (40)
    Level 50-69: Coeurasevri (60)
    Level 70-89: Coeurasevri (80)
    Level 90+: Coeurasevri (100)

    «Full Heal. Amilara has his glowing hand extended towards Coeuraservi»

    Amilara: Just a bit more...

    «Coeuraservi briefly glows blue and Amilara withdraws his hand»

    Coeuraservi: !!!
    Coeuraservi: What has happened? Where am I?

    «GraceFang shift into human form»

    Cenara: Your plot is undone, brother!! Show yourself!

    «Donovan enters»

    Donovan: Heheheh... I may have lost this battle, but I never needed to win it, my dearest Sister.
    Donovan: I have already won the war. We have complete control of Nightbane's... No, wait. Now it is NightReign's castle.
    Donovan: I have control, and your numbers are badly depleted by the fight. You cannot possibly take us now, Sister.
    Donovan: Heheheh... uwahahahha... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    «Donovan shifts into dracopyre form and flies off»

    Cenara: I will not let you escape--!!

    «She steps forward»

    Amilara: NO!! Do not.
    Cenara: Why?!?
    Amilara: He is right. He HAS won. If you chase after him now, you will walk right into his trap.
    Cenara: So what am I supposed to do now?

    «VampireSlayer E enters»

    VampireSlayer E: Finish what we started: finish learning about the past.

    «Cenara turns to face him»

    Cenara: Edward! How are you still... I mean...
    VampireSlayer E: Death still owes me a few... Celegra is right, Sister. We must finish your preparation to head the Shadowslayers.
    VampireSlayer E: So he has taken our father's castle. So he enslaves much of Darkovia. Can he hold onto it? He might do so for months, even years, but we have right on our side, Sister.
    Cenara: But... this cannot be allowed to go unchallenged!
    Amilara: Whoever said anything about that? You are the resistance. That's what you do! Challenge constantly! Besides, everyone knows that in great stories the resistance always is on the right side.
    Cenara: How do I go about challenging him without directly fighting him?
    Amilara: I know a few things about resisting powerful forces. I might be able to offer some pointers.

    «Falerin teleports in»

    Falerin: I have come to warn you-- the history of Darkovia is at a pivot point, and--
    «You»: You're a little late, Loremaster.
    Falerin: ... I see. It is already done.
    Cenara: Wait -- What?
    Falerin: It has already been decided. Destiny could have gone one of two ways, but for this branch of the tree it has been fixed.
    Cenara: You mean this could have resolved differently? How...
    Falerin: I can show you. Let us go to the Hall of Memories.

    «Falerin raises his staff and everyone appears in the Hall of Memories»

    Falerin: Abode, a Cusp just passed in Darkovia. Please display the outcome in that alternate timeline.
    Abode: As you wish, Loremaster.

    «The scene changes back to just before Amilara freed Coeuraservi»

    Amilara: Let's see if I can break NightReign's hold before we need to get out of here...

    «Donovan enters»

    Donovan: Ah ah ah. That's enough, Necromancer. Coueraservi has begun the transformation into my Childer.
    Donovan: He will be the first of the new generation of Dracopyres. He lives now only because me blood keeps him alive.
    Amilara: Meaning-- If I set him free--

    «Amilara withdraws his hand»

    Amilara: -- the virus kills him.
    Donovan: And you become the one killing the undead to free them. Isn't the irony delicious? Almost as delicious as your blood will be...
    Amilara: I think not.

    «Amilara extends his hand and it glows again»

    Amilara: You will fall back!
    Donovan: Hahaha... Yes, I suppose I will. You really are delightfully single-minded. Are you sure you won't join me?
    GraceFang: You won't be adding further to your slave pens today, Brother.
    Amilara: You have won this war, Donovan, but in the process you have made me your enemy. Coueraservi may remain... enslaved for a time, but we will resist you eternally.
    Donovan: What does it matter? I have everything I can possibly desire. Coueraservi, I command you: TRANSFORM!

    «Coeuraservi transforms into a dracopyre»

    ScarScale: Grrrrr...
    Donovan: I will rule all of this land someday. I will unify the world. We need never fear The'Galin again.

    «Donovan transforms and they both fly off. The scene returns to the Hall of Memories»

    Cenara: What a relief. I thought our own timeline was bad. That would have been horrible.
    Falerin: Indeed. Be cautious, though. You freed Coueraservi, but it is only a matter of time before NightReign creates more in his own image.
    «You»: We'll be more than ready for him!!
    Falerin: Your battle is, I fear, going to enter a new stage of Cold War. It is only beginning.

    WAR CHEST: Resistance
  • Summon Paladin Soldier Z
  • Summon Paladin Recruit
  • Summon Paladin Soldier
  • Summon Paladin
  • Summon Guardian Paladin
  • Summon Paladin Captain
  • Summon High Paladin
  • Summon Paladin Lord

    Thanks to Archmagus Orodalf, Rhowena and whackybeanz. Correction thanks to Shadow Genesis.

    Random Monster List

    For both lists, you encounter a monster using the same formula as in Random Adventures.

    Fighting the Paladins:
    Fighting the Undead:

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