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Innard Space

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4/14/2010 11:15:44   
Oh Bother.

Hungry Hungry Monsters! (aka Innard Space)

Location: Battleon » Zard hunter Shop » Other Quests » Innard Space!

«Scene: Field»

Frogzard Hunter: Thanks for coming, «You»! Whew! I was getting a little tired searching for the Num-Num all by myself!
«You»: Hi Zardhunter! What are you talking about? A Num-Num??
Frogzard Hunter: Oh, you don't know about the Num-Num? Well, crikey, let me fill you in!
Frogzard Hunter: There have been sightings of a large zard-like creature in this area for the past 100 years, with a higher concentration of sightings recently.
Frogzard Hunter: There are some physical differences, but the descriptions are close enough that I think there is a chance the Num-Num is related to Zards-- possibly a missing link!
«You»: Well, I'm not about to turn down the opportunity to help find a new life form! But why is everyone calling it the "Num-Num"?
Frogzard Hunter: I believe that is the sound it makes when it eats someone.
«You»: Oh. Why does EVERYTHING on Lore have to try and eat me?
Frogzard Hunter: Whoever said this Num-Num would eat you?!? I'M here to watch your back, mate! Now let's go find this thing!

  • Let the Frogzard Hunter battle by your side!
  • Continue without help from Frogzard Hunter!
      1 BATTLE
      Random Earth elemental mob from RA list
      1 BATTLE - Earth Dragon
      1 BATTLE
      Random Earth elemental mob from RA list

      Full Heal after the 2nd and 3rd battles
    «You»: I think I see something-- Wait-- yeah! There it is!! There's your Num-Num!!
    Frogzard Hunter: Crikey!! Didja see that!!?!
    «You»: .............Uh, yeah-- I kind of pointed it out to you.
    Frogzard Hunter: We need to catch that thing!
    «You»: I don't know about that. Can't you just study it in its natural habitat?? Isn't that better than capturing it, since it may be the last of its kind??
    Frogzard Hunter: No worries, mate! I'll set a snare trap. Then you stay here as bait, and I'll try to run the Num-Num into the snare!
    «You»: Okay. Ludicrous, yes, but okay.

    Several minutes later, the Frogzard Hunter has set the snare!

    Frogzard Hunter: Here I go-- wish me luck!
    «You»: Hey, I'M the one who's BAIT. Shouldn't you wish ME luck?!
    Frogzard Hunter: Bad plan. Let's fight it and weaken it first so the snare actually works!Frogzard Hunter: Oy mate! Here he comes!
    Frogzard Hunter: Theeerreee it is! What a beautiful creature!! One move and it'll be taken up in the snare!!
    «You»: !!! Frogzard Hunter---?
    «You»: Got you!!

    Not knowing what to do about the Frogzard Hunter's disappearance down the gullet of the Num-Num, you go to the one man who just MIGHT know...

    «Scene: Warlic's Shop»

    «You»: So, just how bad does it look?
    Warlic: Well, my friend. I am certainly glad you brought this problem to me. Someone of lesser magical knowledge than I may simply have said "fuhgeddaboudit."
    «You»: And I would certainly like to meet that someone!
    Warlic: Hm? Why??
    «You»: Fuhgeddaboudit.
    Warlic: Oh. Humor. Haha.
    Warlic: Now, it seems as though our zard-hunting acquaintance was definitely swallowed by the Num-Num, but was not, however, eaten by it.
    «You»: Isn't that the same thing?
    Warlic: No, not in this case. The Num-Num, according to my records, is a magical mutant offshoot of a frogzard, so it is indeed related to those creatures.
    Warlic: But the Num-Num was engineered specifically by some powerful archmage, most likely to hold within itself a magical pocket dimension.
    Warlic: Its insides, I believe, are able to hold nearly anything, of any size, for an indeterminate amount of time. There is a chance there is even a breathable atmosphere within it, too.
    «You»: Wow! So the Frogzard Hunter is alive!! How do I get him out??
    Warlic: The creature is very depressed being held in captivity and is not eating a thing. So short of dissecting it, there is no way to get whatever is IN the Num-Num OUT of the Num-Num.
    Warlic: Hmmm...
    Warlic: ....Unless...........
    «You»: Oh no...I know that look. Whenever I see that look, I get into troubling situations.

    «Scene: Isle D'Oriens»

    Adder: Welcome to Isle D'Oriens!
    «You»: Hello Adder and Vince! Warlic sent me to see both of you about...what was it... an "inter-organic transport device".
    Vince: He did, did he?? Well, it will take me a week to make such a thing!
    «You»: Really?? So I need to wait a whole week to finish this quest??
    Vince: Yes you do! Come back in a week.
    «You»: Oh-- okay.
    Vince: No, no, just kidding! Hehehe!
    Vince: Warlic told us well before you arrived here. Luckily I already possessed most of the technology needed! Adder and I have a finished prototype for you!
    Vince: I give you-- the VESSEL VESSEL!!
    «You»: Vessel...Vessel??
    Adder: Vince is a genius! Once you get into that ship, he will be able to SHRINK you so much that Num-Num can BREATHE YOU IN!!
    «You»: ... You're kidding, right?
    Vince: From there it's up to you to find the Frogzard Hunter, get him aboard the Vessel Vessel, and then get him OUT of the Num-Num so we can embiggenate you back to normal size!
    «You»: ... No, you're clearly not kidding. Not with cromulent words like that. Is this "embiggenation" process safe?
    Vince: Both the ensmallifying AND embiggenation processes are patent-pending and FDA approved.
    «You»: Okay...*gulp*... Let's do this. The Num-Num is being held back at Warlic's shop...We'll set up everything there!

    «Scene: Warlic's Shop»

    Vince: Alright, «You», get into position!
    Vince: Prepare to be-- ensmallified!!!
    Warlic: We can watch my friend's progress in my crystal ball. Adder, would you mind making some popcorn?

    «Scene: Inside the Num-Num»

    «You»: This is «You», reporting from the guts of the Num-Num. Do you copy?
    Warlic: We read you loud and clear. What is it like in there?
    «You»: Warm. And strangely...not as dark as you would expect it to be inside some guts.
    Warlic: Interesting. Some kind of bioluminescence... But rather than naturally occurring I suspect that it is another function of whatever magic altered the Num-Num.
    Warlic: According to my calculations you are in the Num-Num's ultradimensional stomach right now. Tell us-- what do you see there?
    «You»: ...............................
    «You»: Stuff. Lots of stuff.
    Warlic: Would this "stuff" help us track down where this Num-Num has been hiding these past decades?
    «You»: I don't think so... From the looks of it, the things it has eaten are from all over the place... and from all different time periods! The Num-Num must have been living for thousands of years!!
    Warlic: Ah yes... I see now. No-- this Num-Num isn't some immortal creature. It is far more...troubling than that. I believe that--
    «You»: Whoa. Did you see that?!
    Warlic: I did!! A living thing in this place bodes well for our fellow Frogzard Hunter.
    «You»: I'm going to follow it.
    Vince: This is amazing! My invention actually WORKS!! Oh look, «You» is getting out of the Vessel Vessel!
    «You»: Hey hey little chickadee... I don't want to hurt you. Just let me get a good look at you and--
    ???: GWEEEEEEEZZZZ!!!!!
    «You»: Oh no no no-- don't be scared! No need to defend yourself! Aw, heck!
      1 BATTLE: Gweez
      Full Heal
    Note: regardless of whether or not you choose to take the Frogzard Hunter as a guest, for the battle with the Gweez, your guest leaves you and you will need to re-summon if you require one.

    «You»: Sorry about that. I couldn't help defeating you-- it's in my nature to dominate. So how about you come along with me in my ship and we can get you out of this icky desert of guts?
    Gweez: Gweez gweeeeez ^^

    «After the Gweez joins you on the Vessel Vessel, the vehicle comes to a halt after a short distance»

    «You»: Uh-oh.... Vince, I think something's wrong. The Vessel Vessel just lost power!!
    Vince: Did you crash?? Are you okay?!
    «You»: Hmm... No, it didn't crash. We're still hovering. But I can't get it to move forward any more. The Gweez and I are fine, though.
    Vince: Really? That, at least, is good. Adder, it sounds like the power core is still functioning, but something has gone wrong with your propulsion system.
    Adder: MY propulsion system? If I recall correctly, I assembled the system-- rather hastily, because we had to -- and YOU were in charge of testing it.
    Vince: You know that during this project I was in charge of making it work and YOU were in charge of making it not break when it worked, right?
    Warlic: Please, let us stop playing this game of blame. Work together to discover and rectify the problem so our friends can escape unscathed.
    «You»: Well, I've been walking around in guts for a while today, so I'd say I am "scathed" at this point. Emotionally, anyway.

    «A monster enters»

    «You»: Uhhhh... guys? Can we hurry up on finding a way to make the Vessel Vessel fly again?
    Warlic: What is wrong? You sound mildly distressed.
    «You»: A very large, white, pulsating mass has approached the ship and is looking at me like it wants to eat me.
    Warlic: What else can you tell from looking at its eyes?
    «You»: It doesn't have eyes. Or a mouth. Or...well, anything.
    Warlic: Then how can you tell it wants to eat you?
    «You»: Trust me...After fighting monsters this long I know when something wants to eat me.
    Vince: It sounds like a phage of some kind! Perhaps the Num-Num's version of a white blood cell, or lymphocyte! Lymphocytes destroy anything that they see as an invader!
    Vince: «You», you may want to abandon ship before the Lymphocyte eats you!
    «You»: I KNEW it wanted to eat me!! Come on Vince-- tell me how to get this thing to work!!

    «The Lymphocyte knocks your ship and sends it flying across the landscape»

    «You»: Hey! The ship's working again! The Lymphocyte's hit must have knocked something back into place!
    «You»: Oh no-- I see the Frogzard Hunter!!
    Vince: You say that as if it were a BAD thing--
    «You»: It might be VERY bad! Two of the Lymphocytes are moving in on him! I'm going down to save him!«You»: I got the Frogzard Hunter! Now what do we do to get back home??
    Frogzard Hunter: Thank you, mate! Now if only this blimey contraption had 3 seats so I wouldn't have to hold this Gweez-whatever on my lap!
    Vince: We can see many more Lymphocytes closing on your position! You need to get back to the Num-Num's throat as fast as possible-- it's the easiest way out of the creature!!
    «You»: EASIEST?? I don't care about that! What's the QUICKEST way out??!
    Vince: You don't want to know!
    «You»: .............. You're right. I don't.

  • Escape!

  • Battle Lymphocytes one-by-one on your way out!
  • Zoom and blast through the Lymphocytes in the ship!

    «If you choose to battle the Lymphocytes»«If you choose to zoom and blast through the Lymphocytes»

    Vince: Use my special Vessel Vessel to zoom at high speed, blast your way through all of the Lymphocytes and get back to the NumNum's throat!!

    «You play a minigame to shoot your way through the lymphocytes and the final 'boss' lymphocyte. You can pick up the 'P's to powerup your shooting weapon.»

    Depending on your success, you either get:

    You Failed!
  • Try again
  • Give up
    Note: If you choose to give up then you have to battle the three Lymphocytes (see above).


    Vince: You did it! Now you need to find a way to make the NumNum spit you out!!

    «Regardless of how you beat the Lymphocytes»

    «You»: Okay, we made it past the lymphocytes! Now what? I think we're in the throat but I don't see the way out!
    Vince: Look again...

    «The screen pans upwards above the Vessel Vessel and you see a giant pulsating hole»

    «You»: .............. That looks gross. What IS that thing?
    Warlic: That, friend, is an interdimensional sphincter. As I began to explain earlier, you are not actually inside the Num-Num that ate the Frogzard Hunter. The Num-Num was magically designed to transport whatever it eats into a pocket dimension, thus allowing Num-Nums to eat potentially EVERYTHING in the world.
    «You»: Why would ANYONE make such a thing?!?
    Warlic: Wizards are a curious lot. My guess is that the Num-Nums were made for fun. For you to escape, you must pilot your ship into the exact center of the dimensional sphincter. Be careful to aim perfectly. If you miss, you will crash!

    Click on the center to go!

    If you crash
  • Try again-- And this time try to LIVE!

    «When you are successful, the scene returns to Warlic's shop as you exit the Num-Num»

    Warlic: Welcome back!! We are quite impressed you made it out alive!

    «Screen zooms in on your ship»

    «You»: It's about time! I was beginning to feel claustrophobic stuck inside this little ship, inside the interdimensional gut of the Num-Num! So, how about you make us big again?..............Hello?

    «Screen zooms out again»

    «You»: *squeak squeak squeak*
    Warlic: Vince, Adder-- do you two hear something?

  • Canal Cruiser
  • Vein Vehicle Z
  • Tube Transport
  • Vein Vehicle
  • Artery Argosy Z
  • Artery Argosy
  • Vessel Vessel
  • Fledgling Gweez
  • Guardian Passenger Gweez
  • Juvenile Gweez
  • Guardian Gweez
  • Elder Gweez

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Entry thanks to silaren and ArchMagus Orodalf. Alternate location thanks to whackybeanz.

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