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Jypley's Believe it... or Rot!

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4/16/2010 5:53:28   
Times Silent Keeper

Jypley's Believe it... or Rot!

Location: Travel Map » Zorbak's Hideout » Believe it... or Rot!

«Scene: Battleon»

«Zorbak enters the scene.»

«You»: Zorbak! So what is this I hear about Mr. Jypley stirring up more trouble?
Zorbak: Meheheheh. Well, «You», I'm sure you remember what you discovered when you last met Jypley on your quest to recover my staff?
«You»: Ooooh yes. How could I ever possibly forget his Museum of the Strange and Bizarre??
Zorbak: You did a great job of releasing all of his captive weird creatures. You made him really angry, too.
Zorbak: That museum was the source of all of his wealth. When you freed all of his "exhibits", he went totally bankrupt. He became desperate.
Zorbak: Freaks! Come out here and tell my friend here what you told me!

«Jypley's previously captive "exhibits", Rocko & Socko, with Pickled Punk on their heads and Tofu Koofu enter the scene.»

«You»: Zorbak! That's not very nice, calling them "freaks"!
Zorbak: Meh. What ELSE can you possibly call them?
Rocko & Socko: It's okay, «You». Zorbak has been very nice to us. He set us up with real jobs and places to live.
Zorbak: Yes indeed! It's a new use of their talents! Employers pay ME for the privilege of allowing my clients here to work for them. It's all legit!
«You»: Sounds shady to me. What is your actual job, Rocko? And Socko?
Rocko & Socko: I am a waiter and I am a dentist. We love our jobs!
Zorbak: For tax purposes, I had to set up a company of my own. I'm calling it... EBILCORP!
«You»: It definitely sounds ebil. So, what is Mr. Jypley up to now?
Rocko & Socko: Oh, it's bad. Very bad. He's made a big mistake. He searched far and wide for a new main attraction, and discovered the last unliving Undead Chimera on Lore!
«You»: Well, that's what he does. I suppose I should go free that critter from his cage...
Zorbak: Oh, you're too late. Someone has already stolen it. It's been hidden somewhere in Krovesport.
Zorbak: I tipped him off to the Undead Chimera's location, and Jypley and I are both invested in this project. It's an evil undead creature and we're doing everyone a favor by locking it up.
«You»: So you want ME to find it and give it back to you and Jypley??
Zorbak: It's much safer for us to keep this beast. Jypley's an expert at keeping creatures secure, and combined with my own expertise on undead that makes this option the best.
Zorbak: So whadda you say, old buddy old pal?
«You»: Rrrrr... Okay, I'll do it. But not for you or Jypley. I'll do it to get that monster safely locked up somewhere.
Zorbak: Great! Jypley will meet you in Krovesport, where the Undead Chimera was stolen. Good luck!
«You»: Hey! You just assumed I would say yes!
Zorbak: Of course I did! When was the last time you said NO to taking a new quest??
«You»: ........... Right. I'm off.
  • Krovesport!«Scene: Within Krovesport»

    «Jypley enters the scene.»

    Mr. Jypley: «You»! Zorbak was right about you never saying NO to a quest.
    «You»: Yes, it appears he was. So, I was surprised to find out you made it out of your museum alive after being surrounded by those pygmy zards.
    Mr. Jypley: Oh, you WERE, were you? My little pygmies would never hurt their master.
    «You»: Yeah. Too bad...
    Mr. Jypley: Huh???
    «You»: Too bad about your Undead Chimera. I heard someone stole it out from under your very big nose.
    Mr. Jypley: Don't. Mention. My. Nose.
    «You»: I will never mention your gigantic sniffer ever again. I promise.
    Mr. Jypley: .... So the Undead Chimera was stolen. I don't know who perpetrated this heinous act, but it must have been someone with inside knowledge of my operations.
    «You»: Who works for you that you don't trust?
    Mr. Jypley: I'm based here in Krovesport. I employ thieves, spies, cutthroats and con artists. I can safely say I trust them all, which is why such a base act stymies me so.
    «You»: Well... I need to know where to start looking.
    Mr. Jypley: I'd say start at the Pub. I'll continue canvassing all of my own contacts. Let's meet back here tonight.
    «You»: Okay. See you then!
  • To the Inn!

    «In a whirl of light, Jypley vanishes into thin air. The scene switches to the Krovesport Inn.»

    Bartender: What're ya drinkin'? Special today is Moglinberry smoothie with a dash of freshly squeezed zard.
    «You»: Aggg!! Is that what everyone's drinking in Krovesport these days?!?
    Bartender: Heh... Just everyone who's anyone in this town, kid. But if yer too good for it, suit yerself. Whaddaya want?
    «You»: I just wanted to see if you had any information regarding a particular UNDEAD... THING... that recently changed hands in town?
    Bartender: Who wants to know?

    This Bartender needs to be given a little "incentive" to help you out. How much gold are you willing to offer him to get the information you need?
  • 0
  • 100
  • 1000
  • 2000

    «Depending on how much you choose to bribe the Bartender with, you get different dialogues as shown below.»


      «You»: ...Me, of course.
      Bartender: Well, well, well. How GENEROUS of you, buddy. All I can say is that you're going to have to look around for a while before you find someone who knows something.
      Bartender: Now excuse me while I go squeeze some more zards...
    • Go!

      The dialogue continues below.

      «You»: Me and my 100/1000/2000 buddies would be very interested in that particular information.
      Bartender: Heh. Well, you'll want to see Heidi, at the Triple Entendre. Just go Right, Right, Right, Down, Right, and Up to get there. And this IS Krovesport, so watch your back, buddy.
    • Go!

      The dialogue continues below.
    «Regardless of how much you chose to bribe the Bartender, you exit the Inn and begin on a minigame, navigating through Krovesport's maze of alleys to find your way to the Triple Entendre. Similar to Assassin Class Quest 7, you encounter enemies* every time you move to a new area. Any backtracking done (with the exception of returning to the start point) causes you to face another battle. You also do not receive any heals after any battles. Below are a few messages you can get while navigating the area.»

  • This road just leads down to a river, and the inn is on THIS side...
  • Take these potions for a one-time full heal!

    Here's a map of Krovesport's alleys, although you already should know how to reach the Triple Entendre.

    Click Me!

    To reach Triple Entendre...
    Right, Right, Right, Down, Right, Up

    Also, when you go Right, Right, Right, Down, Down, your first encounter is always Moglin Friends (25). After that, whenever you return to that spot it will be a random battle*.
    «Scene: Triple Entendre»

    Heidi: Well hello there, weary traveler. We offer the finest in relaxation services to brave adventurers such as yourself. I'm Heidi, manager of this Inn and Spa.
    «You»: Hi! Nice place you have here. I'm told that you know everything that happens in this town.
    Heidi: True indeed. For instance, I know that you're here to ask me the whereabouts of some strange undead creature that's been stolen from one Mr. Jypley...
    «You»: Wow! It's like you can read minds!
    Heidi: I might be. Anyway, all I know is that one of Jypley's own sideshow attractions kidnapped the monster.
    Heidi: Whoever it is has been moving the thing around town to keep it one step ahead of those looking for it...
    Heidi: You should check out the Krovesport Warehouse first. You might find a clue there.
    «You»: Thanks Heidi!
    Heidi: No problem, friend. We're thinking of franchising, and Battleon seems like a good place to set up one of my spas, so you might see me around there!

    «Scene: Krovesport Warehouse»

    «You»: Hmmm... Here's the warehouse. It seems quiet.
  • Go in!

    «A person with a freaky face enters the scene, on stilts.»

    «You»: !!!
    Burt: !!!
    «You»: Uhh... Hello? What are you doing here?
    Burt: I-- I'm just here to pick up a few bags of unfood.
    «You»: Unfood?? Really?
    Burt: Uhhh... yeah. For my pet undead frogzard. Hey-- Just who ARE you?
    «You»: I'm-- the warehouse guard.
    Burt: Are you sure? Because I didn't think anyone bothered guarding places in Krovesport.
    «You»: I'm technically not a guard. More of a watcher. I'm a warehouse watcher. I just report to my... boss... who comes and goes.
    Burt: Ooookay. Well, in that case, just tell your boss that Burt the Stiltwalker came to grab a few more bags of unfood, and that I'll... mail him payment once my boat docks in Vandar.
    «You»: Okay, you got it! So you're keeping your undead zard pet on the boat with you, then?
    Burt: That's not really any of your concern. I'll just be on my way--
    «You»: One little undead zard doesn't need several bags of unfood for the journey to Vandar. It only takes a few days.
    Burt: ..... Um. The whole crew of the ship eats it, too. Yeah... Yeah, that's the ticket...
    «You»: Oh, sure. That makes sense. Hey, need some help carrying this back to your boat??
    Burt: Ahhhhh!! Just FIGHT me already!!
  • Yes!«You»: Doesn't look like I have much time! Have to head to the docks and find the first boat set to sail for Vandar!!
  • Run!

    «Scene: Boat to Vandar»

    «You»: *gasp* Whew! They already set sail-- Just barely managed to swim out and board them in time before the ship got too far offshore...
    «You»: But-- where IS everyone? The whole crew is missing!!
    «You»: Unless--

    «A short pause follows.»

    «You»: Yeah. So Burt really needed to get that unfood aboard before they left port. My bad.
  • Fight!«You»: Awww... Look at the poor widdle sleeping monster. How cute....
    «You»: Jypley and Zorbak owe me BIG-TIME for this favor!

    «Scene: Battleon»

    «Jypley enters the scene, together with Zorbak, and Jypley's previous exhibits.»

    Mr. Jypley: Ohhh thank you thank you thank you, «You»! I will be able to save my whole business with just this one creature!
    «You»: Well, remember, I did this just to protect other people from this monster.
    Rocko & Socko: You did a great job, friend!
    Zorbak: Mehehehe.... The Undead Chimera is going to make us a lot of gold, Jypley!
    «You»: If anything deserves to be locked up, it's dangerous monsters like the Undead Chimera.
    «You»: Rocko, Socko, why don't you go wait for me over by the Inn along with Pickled Punk and Tofu Koofu. I'd like to get you all a drink.
    Rocko & Socko: Yay!

    «Rocko & Socko, Pickled Punk and Tofu Koofu enter the Battleon Inn. You throw a sack of something to Zorbak.»

    Zorbak: What is that?!?
    «You»: Hmm? Oh, that's just a big bag of unfood.
    Mr. Jypley: What do we need unfood for? I have a lot of it back at my new museum anyway, in preparation for the arrival of my new... undead... chimera....
    «You»: How do you expect to lure him back to your museum?
    Zorbak: Meh! You wouldn't...
    «You»: Oh yes, I would. Come here, boy! Fetch!

    «The Undead Chimera enters from behind you. After a short wait, it begins to chase after Zorbak and Jypley, who escape away from the scene.»

    «You»: Ahhh... The satisfaction of a job well done!
  • End!
    Jypley 2

  • Stilkwalker
  • Stilkwalker
  • Stilkwalker Z
  • Stilkwalker
  • Stilkwalker
  • Guardian Stilkwalker
  • Stilkwalker
  • Guardian Stilkwalker

  • Tofu Koofu (L. 35)
  • Tofu Koofu Z (L. 38)
  • Guardian Tofu Koofu (L. 55)
  • Tofu Koofu (L. 75)
  • Tofu Koofu (L. 95)
  • Tofu Koofu (L. 115)

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    * - Monster List
    Level 0-21
    Axe Knight (12)
    Bandit (5)
    Dark Knight (5)
    Fire Knight (11)
    Frost Trooper (11)
    Ice Knight (10)
    Jotun Warrior (7)
    Orc Archer (5)
    Orc Archer (10)
    Paladin Artillery (5)
    WolfRider (10)

    Level 22-32
    Axe Knight (12)
    Green Knight (20)
    Ice Warlord (30)
    Jotun Knight (22)
    Lance Knight (18)
    Orc Archer (20)
    Paladin Soldier (15)
    WolfRider (30)

    Level 33-47
    Axe Knight (24)
    Black Knight (35)
    Cosplayer (40)
    Fire Warlord (33)
    Green Knight (40)
    Lance Knight (36)
    Orc General (40)
    Paladin Axe Master (35)
    Rogue Knight (42)
    Tank Knight (40)
    WolfRider (30)

    Level 48-69
    Babbalubi (60)
    Frost General (60)
    Frost Trooper (56)
    Jotun Executioner (48)
    Paladin Captain (50)
    Tank Knight (40)
    WolfRider (50)

    Level 70-84
    WolfRider (70)
    Paladin Captain (70)
    Tank Knight (70)
    Black Knight (70)
    Jotun Commander (70)
    Orc Thug (75)
    Fire Master (77)
    Club Bouncer (85)

    Level 85-99
    Club Bouncer (85)
    Fighter (85)
    Frost General (90)
    High Paladin (92)
    Orc Horde (80)
    Orc Thug (95)
    Paladin Captain (70)
    Tank Knight (70)
    WolfRider (90)
    Zhilo (95)

    Level 100+
    Dragonslayer (90)
    Frost General (90)
    High Paladin (92)
    Master Terror (100)
    Orc Horde (80)
    Orc Thug (95)
    WolfRider (90)

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