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The Bizarre Flecks Saga - Part IV - On the Night's Plutonian Shore

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5/7/2010 3:53:10   
Times Silent Keeper

The Bizarre Flecks Saga
Part IV - On the Night's Plutonian Shore

Event Button > On the Night's Plutonian Shore > 4: On the Night's Plutonian Shore OR Travel Map > Bizarre Flecks > 4: On the Night's Plutonian Shore

An analog of our own Ryuusei Cartwright was traveling through the multiverse looking for our own version of Lore in order to verify if our own version of Ryuusei was alive. Unfortunately for this Ryuusei, he stumbled upon a dark and twisted mirror of Lore.

This is a Lore where much of all life has been enslaved as undead by a villainous alter ego of our own Artix Krieger, a necromancer of considerable power and darkness.

Meanwhile, in the depths of space, agents of the Nechron Autarch Dark Madder have incompletely uncreated the planet known locally as Coren/Corus on Lorian star charts. This uncreation has created an asteroid field of uncreated matter which has begun a collision course with Lore across the timelines, and rendered travel through realities much more difficult.

The necromancer Xitra Regeirk abducted and imprisoned Gaiden Cartwright, the son of the two Ryuuseis: our own by blood, time and circumstance, and the analog by blood and being raised by him. Krieger then followed the alternate Ryuusei to our Lore: he wanted to bring him back to his own reality to witness Gaiden's corruption via the Bizarre Flecks, pieces of those meteors with the ability to twist normal matter and corrupt the will of the living.

You helped to defeat Xitra Regeirk and drive him off, but he still has Gaiden Cartwright. Early attempts to rescue Gaiden were twisted by the meteor storm which sent you to a bizarre reality where Lore was not even HEARD of, although it had much in common with our own Lore.

If you wish to save Gaiden and defend Lore, you must find a way to escape the pull of the Bizarre Flecks and find your way to that alternate Lore. But who or what could possibly lead you through such a twisted matter of... well... twisted matter?

«You can skip the cutscene at anytime.»

«Scene: Battleon»

Warlic: The energy of these meteors is somehow inverted. It is quite bizarre. It is unlike anything I have encountered before, and I know quite a bit about energy forms.
Eselgee: Ug!
«You»: What does that mean?

«Falerin appears in the scene.»

Falerin: It means that you need aid in navigating them. Any sort of teleportation you attempt is likely to be thrown off by their effect. Hello, Rolith...
«You»: Yes, well, Warlic and I know that quite well... You are a deity from another world, Loremaster, surely you can...
Eselgee: No call me that...
Falerin: Still running from the past, are we? You will need to face it eventually. And before you ask, «You», I am afraid I cannot help you. I am otherwise engaged.
«You»: Then who can?
Falerin: It would have to be an expert on uncreation. That is the nature of their energy.
«You»: Who does that leave?
Falerin: Given their assignment, some of the Knights of Order or the Order of Lorithia might be able to aid you.
Eselgee: No.
Falerin: (surprised) Why not?
Eselgee: It why me here... Meteors messing up local life trying to find help.
Warlic: It's true unfortunately, the Knights are busy with balancing the meteors' negative effects.
Falerin: I see... that is one thing I had not considered but I suppose it is true.
«You»: Who does that leave? Even if we were inclined to just leave Ryuusei's son trapped, we cannot. Xitra Regeirk is a threat to our own world too.

«The alternate version of our Lore's Ryuusei Cartwright enters.»

Ryuusei: I have tried everything. Even with my special copy of the Mirror of the Wyk, I cannot transverse realities. I am stuck here. ...I have failed my son.
«You»: Don't give up yet, Ryuusei. We will still rescue Gaiden. We just need to find a master of uncreation energy. But who...
Aria: HELP!!!! Mutants!!!!
«You»: I will be right back. I do not think Hans will appreciate his fiancee being fricaseed by fantastic freaks from the fold we call the Scar.
Falerin: Oh? When did Hans and Aria become engaged?
«You»: Oh, they're not. Not yet, anyway. But they definitely SHOULD be.
Falerin: Are they not a little young for that? Well, in this world, at least...
Aria: Mutants!! Still here!!
  • Go!

    «Scene: Aria's Pet Shop»

    Aria: «You»! Thank the Creator you're here! Here come the Mutants!
  • Fight!Aria: Thank you, thank you, thank you! Those Mutants were really spooking my pets.
    «You»: No problem, Aria!

    «Scene: Battleon»

    Falerin: Now that was a bit odd...

    «In a bolt of energy, Galrick appears in the scene.»

    Galrick: Ryuusei?
    Ryuusei: Galrick! It is good to see you! How is Celestra? Did you finish medical school?
    Galrick: She is well. Yes, I'm a doctor now. But you, why come to Lore? Tell me the rumor is not true, that Gaiden hasn't been captured.
    Ryuusei: I am afraid that it is.
    Galrick: I am sorry for your loss, Ryuusei.

    «You enter the scene.»

    «You»: Aria should be okay now, but the Mutants being active this far from the Scar is not a good sign... and...
    «You»: Galrick!? What are you doing on Lore? I thought you were dead to us forever, and trapped on Terra.
    Warlic: «You» is right, Galrick. You should have stayed on Terra. Your presence risks hostility between Falerin and the local pantheon.
    Falerin: I've managed to secure special permission for the moment. What have you learned, Galrick?
    Galrick: I have come from the L.S.S. Alteon. Celestra reported back to Pra'mithia after she and I met up.
    Galrick: The WarpForce has just been contacted by the Queen of the Hadeni. Apparently Dark Madder is leading a group of Nechrons to Lore.
    Falerin: Why?
    Galrick: They hope to use the Bizarre Flecks to fuel their necromancy. Apparently they created them themselves, by uncreating the planet Corus.
    «You»: Those Bizarre Flecks were created by the Network!? Why am I not surprised.
    Falerin: Not exactly created them, but it was caused by Network technology.
    «You»: So we need an uncreation expert to help. Who can we find?
    Galrick: ... I know of only one man who might suffice, but... to ask HIM is almost unthinkable. I fear I need to go now.
    Falerin: Hmm. Actually... that possibility is not without merit...
    «You»: Must you return to Terra so soon? And whom do you mean?
    Galrick: I cannot be away from my wife any longer. Besides, technically I am only forbidden from Lore.
    «You»: You mean you plan to join the WarpForce?! That uniform is not just for show?
    Galrick: Why not? I look forward to the chance to fight the Network again. Besides, without healing magic they can always use more people familiar with mundane medical procedures.
    Galrick: As to your other question... The only expert on Uncreation I know personally...
    «You»: You don't mean--
    Galrick: I do. Ryuusei's analog. Your Lore's Ryuusei. Good luck.

    «With a bolt of energy, Galrick vanishes from the scene.»

    «You»: Can we really... trust HIM?
    Ryuusei: That question plagues me as well... but Gaiden is our son. Perhaps... that will move him.
    Falerin: I think you will find Ryuusei demeanor is much changed from what it once was.
    «You»: Fine, I will go get Cartwright. Ryuusei, you stay here and...
    Ryuusei: No-- I cannot remain hidden any longer. Besides, he is my son and my responsibility. I will talk to my analog.
    «You»: Well, I am helping you get there at least.
  • To the Scar!
      4 BATTLES
      Refer to Monster List 1
      Optional Full Heal after battles #2 and #4
    «Scene: Abandoned Tower of Absolix»

    Cartwright: About time you arrived. Are you two ready to go?
    Ryuusei: What? I--
    Cartwright: I know all about Xitra Regeirk and our son. I cam here to make sure my other son remained safely elsewhere. He is doing well.
    «You»: But how--
    Cartwright: I know also that you need a means to get there. Prepare the Mirror and I will channel away the uncreation.

    «Cartwright transforms into Omega.»

    Omega: Do it now.
    «You»: How... HOW can you still do that?! That is a power of a communicant of The`Galin.

    «Ryuusei summons the Mirror of the Wyk. Cartwright transforms back into his original self, while Visia and Cenara enter the scene.»

    Visia: What's going on here? You cannot pass through No Man's Land and not catch MY attention.
    Cenara: And to get here, you cannot avoid being detected by my scouts in Darkovia. Ah, I see-- I have heard of the alternate Lore. YOU must be the OTHER Ryuusei.
    Cartwright: SO it is.... Are we ready then? We had better be. We fight a war on two fronts.
    Cartwright: The WarpForce fights the Nechrons in space and we fight Xitra Regeirk's multielemental undead on the alternate Lore.
    «You»: It looks like we have our war cut out for us...
  • To war!

    On the Night's Plutonian Shore...
    As the power of the Bizarre Flecks continues to break down the barriers between the Lore we know and the Alternate Lore, we join forces with the alternate Ryuusei Cartwright in order to stop the alternate Artix von Krieger (a necromancer!) from marching his armies to victoy, while are the same time our allies in the WarpForce battle undead in space!!
  • To Battle!
  • Back to Town

    Twilly: Hiyas!! I really like OUR Artix better... we need your help to stop THIS one!!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please
  • Let me handle this!
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

    Visia the Shaper.
    Cartwright -- from our reality.
    Eselgee the Berserker.
    Robina Hood the Ranger.
    Cenara the Dracopyre, also known as GraceFang.
    Ryuusei -- from the alternate Lore.
    Potion Bag: Refills potions if you have less than 6 on hand. (Guardian Only)
    To Battle!

    Who will you go into battle with?

  • Mirror Ryuusei
  • Cartwright
  • Visia
  • Eselgee
  • Cenara (becomes Gracefang)
  • Robina
  • By yourself

    Regardless of choice
      2 BATTLES
      «Refer to the War Monster List»
      Optional Full Heal
      2 BATTLES
      «Refer to the War Monster List»
      Full Heal
    «After the defeat of 100% of Regeirk's forces, both Ryuusei proceed to confront Regeirk, who has Gaiden right beside him.»

    Ryuusei: Xitra Regeirk! You will release Gaiden, you monster!
    Xitra Regeirk: Never! And shortly the Bizarre Flecks will make short work of all free will on this world. And then I will turn my attention to that parallel reality you have become so fond of.
    Xitra Regeirk: You are too late! The Bizarre Flecks already corrupt Gaiden's fragile mind.

    «Gaiden places his palm on his forehead in agony.»

    Gaiden: Father, I... I shall destroy and pillage and kill. I shall murder and...
    Ryuusei: Gaiden, no!
    Cartwright: You really oughtn't have done that to my son, sir. Not in front of those more skilled at your own game.
    Xitra Regeirk: Who, you? You may command the Cold but you cannot best me at necromancy with it.
    Cartwright: That is true. I did not refer to me... Though my mastery of the Cold, combined with that of my allies, will likely be sufficient to undo your damage.
    Xitra Regeirk: Your game is amusing, but you shall fail utterly.
    Cartwright: «You», your skills are invaluable here. Perhaps it's time you demonstrate them on this malignant mirror image.
    Cartwright: As for you, Xitra Regeirk, once «You» has subdued you, I fear we shall need to imprison you to prevent more damage to your own world and to ours.
    Ryuusei: If we do so he will only escape in time. I hate being the one to suggest this, but... can we afford to let him live? We must save my son, and prevent him from harming anyone else!
    Cartwright: Pragmatism. he is an extraordinarily accomplished necromancer. I assume he has made arrangements for his death.
    Cartwright: Killing him would be unwise, as it may only make him stronger. And I fully intend to make sure our son is fully restored.
    Xitra Regeirk: Stop the games. We end this now. I know now what ally you speak of, but you will fail!!
  • Fight!Cartwright: Now, it is YOUR FALL that has come, Xitra Regeirk. Allow me to dispel the illusion that has kept my allies hidden and working silently against you this entire time.

    «Cartwright raises his hand, revealing Amilara and Diviara in the background.»

    «You»: Amilara and Diviara Celegra? How did you...

    «The scene zooms in on Diviara and Amilara.»

    Diviara: We have been here a little while.
    Amilara: When Xitra Regeirk attempted to invade Lore the first time we came here trying to find his locus-- but that effort failed.
    Diviara: It did allow us to set up a base of operations. We then returned to Lore and the worlds closed up.

    «The scene zooms out.»

    Amilara: We already had an agreement with Cartwright, and when he prepared the pathway we slipped through and made it back to our base as agreed.
    Cartwright: I am indebted to you Brilhado for coming to my aid.
    Diviara: Don't mention it. Amilara and I know this Lore well enough. It was where my wife... where she...
    Cartwright: ...Where she died. Yes, I remember. The Network found it easy to hide here, given the quantity of undead who reside here already.
    Diviara: Yet there was a darkness here then, and I still can feel it now... what is its source? I thought once it was you, or The`Galin's other men.
    «You»: Ahhh... Looks like your armies are withdrawing, Xitra Regeirk!

    «Regeirk retreats slightly.»

    Cartwright: I feel it too. I was blind to such things then. There is something trapped in this world.
    Ryuusei: Something that... helped twist this Xitra Regeirk, I think.
    Xitra Regeirk: Are they honestly just having this conversation as if I'm not present? Seriously? Well, all the better. He who fights and runs away...
    Cartwright: That seems likely. I cannot say what it is, I recognize corruption. Given what I have cost you, it is even more a debt that you aid me now.
    Amilara: He is the worst sort of necromancer. It is an honor to help fight him.
    «You»: Uhhh... guys?
    Cartwright: Yes, of course, you'll want a part of Xitra Regeirk as well, «You». First, let us dispel the effects of the Bizarre Flecks on my son.
    Cartwright: Though... I suspect our combined mastery of the Cold can reduce his unpleasant impulses and strengthen his resolve.

    «As a group, both Ryuusei, Amilara and Diviara cast the cold simultaneously on Gaiden. Instantly, he recovers from the control that Regeirk put on him.»

    Xitra Regeirk: Drat...

    «Regeirk escapes from the scene. The scene zooms in on Gaiden.»

    Gaiden: Father! What happened?! I... can barely remember. Wait, is that your analog?! What is he...

    «The scene zooms out.»

    «You»: Don't look now guys, but while you were busy, Xitra Regeirk took advantage of the distraction to run away and-- Whoa! What is that, up in the sky??

    «The scene shows a large Bizarre Fleck traveling across the night sky, into a distance away...»
    Bizarre Fleck 4

  • Gaiden's Sharp Z Blade
  • Gaiden's Blade
  • Gaiden's Sharp Guardian Blade
  • Gaiden's Fine Blade
  • Gaiden's Keen Blade
  • Gaiden's Razor-Edged Blade

  • Summon Cartwright I
  • Summon Cartwright II
  • Summon Cartwright III-Z
  • Summon Cartwright IV
  • Summon Cartwright V-Z
  • Summon Cartwright VI
  • Guardian Summon Cartwright VII
  • Summon Cartwright VIII

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Monster List 1War Monster List
    «Uses the Random Adventure formulae, but with the following monster list»

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