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RE: Is MQ Dying II+How Can We Improve It?

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10/18/2010 3:52:11   

Been away for a while. Interesting to see how thing are though I'm very far behind. Oh well, at least there's a fair amount of reading material. There's things I'm disappointed in but there's no point in crying over spilled missiles.

From reading these threads, a few things stuck out to me. Among them:



Many people say, that MQ's releases are small, but I really don't think that's the problem.

In my opinion, the problem is the they are... lets say a lil bit fanciless.
Comparin to DFs quests: While many quests begin with a small cutscene, continuin with much walkin many fights gainst the same opponents and endin with a small cutscene, MQ's quests are rather..... repetitive and lil bit boring.
A typical MQ quests starts with a picture of a character and a text, then we maybe walk slowly few screens or just directly fight against an opponent and the quest finishes with another "You win!" box.
And instead of a nice story and cutscene, just to make the quest take a lil bit longer, we have to do the same thing over and over again.

To conclude: The quests have to be fancy instead of repetitive

It touches on something that needs to addressed but while I felt it in the past, I couldn't fully put it into words. MQ actually has a decent cast of characters but most of them are rather dry. Dare I say they are a bit too down to business in the quest giving. Personally, I like Clyde for the various exclamations he makes ("I'll be a donkey's uncle!"). More characters need that.



One problem I see is the concentration put into rares. While it's a nice addition for players that have been around for a while to have all these rares, they do nothing to ttract or keep new players playing.

Granted, I joined MechQuest 3 years ago, but only recently did I decide to sit down and start playing through the storyline. The first thing that surprised me was when I checked out the encyclopedia: I found 233 rare Mechas out of a total of 361 just from level 1-20. Now this is only Mecha Bases, but the driving force to continue leveling and grinding through content for many is to get cool new & shiny Mechas.

That is TWO-THIRDS of the "content" developed that is no longer available to new players. The reason the MQ world feels so small is that such a big percent of content is rares. When a new player joins, they don't care about the games past and how full of events and powerful mechas it was. They care about what is going on now and what they can do and attain in game.

I'm not bashing rares here. They have been a central concept behind all the AE games, and they serve as an integral part of rewarding long-time players and collectors; the problem is that rares have become too dominant and permanent content is scarce.


ORIGINAL: Master Merlin

The House Mech are the most important mech in the game IMO. They are the first that new players and developing players get in their leveling progression, and if they suddenly find out that they suck and can't beat the latest quest what are they going to do? Leave, most likely.

Remember, new players have no idea of "power inflation" The term "rare" is foreign to them. We experienced players see a wide varriety of content in front of us, but new players have no access to that. There is a reason MQ is understaffed and underbudgeted, and that is quite simply, they are destroying over 3/4 of their content to rares. Kuld once had an awesome quote. "I love MQ, but it is the only game I know of that makes a foundation, builds some skystrapers and then knocks half of them down."

Both quotes make valid points though I didn't know the ratio of rares had gotten that bad. The low level game is in need of a bit of repair in order to retain people.

Heh, I remember the first major price rebalancing. People didn't realize the problem at first due to being stuck farming the Dropship and getting millions. It only became apparent once they started making alts. That price rebalancing, I think it was called Tweak Week since they also altered some stats, was one of the best things to happen to the game. However, there's still a little bit of damage leftover from the drive to grow the game vertically (raising level caps) as opposed to laterally (numerous options, more content). Wars have their place but they actually wind up masking a few problems since vets wound up leveling past a few of the harsher equipment hurdles. The House and job mechs have too much importance to the growth of low level players to not be addressed. While the Rebalancing Project and Revival Project are time consuming by virtue of what they are, they are needed for the health of the game and will only get worse as time progresses.

The next quote may seem like a jump but it does tie into things as a whole:


ORIGINAL: forumlogin

-Lagos. This may sound weird, considering it's one of the best fully-developed planet...

I personally feel that Zargon is the best designed planet. Outside of the Zargon Comics, it's complete and it hit that status shortly after the main story finished. What's the most interesting is that it was originally meant to be disposable. A quickie "Mecharoni sized" planet in between other releases that grew into more once it got walkaround and a bit more elaboration. There was something that simply "worked" and perhaps more releases in the near future need smaller beginnings and if they grow to more then great. Dare I say we need more filler though that sort of clashes with Terosin's rather valid point. Then again, Einhander also makes a valid point that more planets need to be planets and not just singular cities.

The final thing I want to address is atmosphere outside the game. The staff is friendly and I have respect for them but the more things on the S.O.O.N. list get passed over, the lower the morale overall. The low hanging fruit should be really addressed now that a planet has been completed. That was something I remember about the time between Westion and Zargon that was good for the game's development.


Clan Leader - Westion Fan - Oddball
DF MQ  Post #: 301
10/18/2010 12:30:06   

Good to see that you're back on some level, Zam. If you haven't noticed, the MQ Staff are actually working on the SOON List!

Anyway, it's good to see that at least one person also thinks that planets need to be made into planets instead of just a gigantic supercity rivaling Star Wars' Corsant.

Just to hit a few points from what I posted here, we could use additional cities on Soluna and Zargon, with Soluna's tying closer to the never-ending "Chapter 2: Gaining Allies" by helping to unite all of Planet Lore, one city at a time.

Not only will this bring the players back to the original world, the new city could add more jobs aimed at the upper levels, while 3 of the jobs in Soluna itself could be updated with a "Part 2" just to help cover the abhorrently lacking-in-equipment levels 15-25.

The Police Station, Hospital, and Mysterious Johnson's Magic Shop can all handle a part 2. What happened to Soluna's Werewolf problem? Are the captured weres just going to sit by and not plan their escape (not to mention, isn't the jail slowly filling up)? People injured and infected by ShS are still flooding the Hospital, and need help ASAP. Will we be able to help Nurse Helia save them them all? And what about that blasted fairy we conveniently let loose in the Magic Shop? Will she continue to plague Mysterious Johnson?

Just 3 areas, and each of them have a decent, if minor, plot that could be expanded on a bit just to help bring in equipment for levels 15-20 (or up to 25) while also serving to permanently end their storyline (Ex: A new big bad werewolf is in town, and we end up asking Cain for assistance, in return that he doesn't plague Soluna anymore. Or a new NPC or 3 are introduced to help Nurse Helia develop a cure for ShS infection in early stage infection. Or we find that the Fairy has summoned newer and meaner ghosts to plague Mysterious Johnson, and we're to help end this fight once and for all).

Not only could we see more weapons and equipment added, we could also potentially see a few new redesigns of the original mechs, or a new series in general (Ex: Police Station adds SWAT-based mechs and equipment, complete with a strong defensive special thanks to the Riot Shield; Hospital adds Doctor/EMT-based mechs in both male and female styles; Magic Shop adds a more menacing Ghost Hunter Elite series). Not to mention that in the case of the Police Station, some revival of the Police mechs wouldn't hurt either.
Post #: 302
10/18/2010 15:44:03   
master mix

I want more player suggested mechs. More mechs that scale from a low level to a high level would also be nice.

I also want areas to come out faster.

The storyline moves slowly.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 303
10/18/2010 20:22:06   

Zamuel, you're back. :D

@master mix
Personally, I don't like the idea of scaling mechs, but I think that's more of a bias than anything, so I won't elaborate. XD
I think areas come out slower because of low staff, but again that's another issue.
Player suggested mecha are definitely welcome. It'd certainly encourage players. :P
Currently, only Kuld and I have ever had suggestions accepted, from what I can remember. It'd certainly be encouraging if others got this accomplishment.
DF MQ  Post #: 304
10/18/2010 20:31:55   

Kuld suggested the Jameson, but what did you suggest?

And I like scaling mechs. Most new mecha already do scale.
DF MQ  Post #: 305
10/18/2010 20:36:54   


Currently, only Kuld and I have ever had suggestions accepted, from what I can remember. It'd certainly be encouraging if others got this accomplishment.

Actually, both Einhander and myself have in-game contributions due to the Gark bandits. They were originally K&S suggestions but I'm certainly not going to complain.
DF MQ  Post #: 306
10/18/2010 20:42:29   

Well, that's still not a lot. ;P
*Defends against list of other people who got suggestions*

Icy Starfires and N-UBER Missiles. They both varied from the original, but that doesn't matter. :P
All that did was make me incredibly happy, which is the goal. XD
DF MQ  Post #: 307
10/18/2010 21:49:57   

More tactical approaches to the game.
I dislike the whole " bonus" applies to an attacks acuracy, when theres a mecha stat called "hit" thats never been used. Also a lack of "dodge" mecha stat, and weapons that boost critical chance.

Also the assistance in mecha combat.
for example:Star captains could get starship support fire, similar to shadowscythe Strafes in FIRE WAR II

I'm okay with the SCMM, as long as it isn't a release where the main release is "SCMM" + a few bug fixes.


regards, Uncle Dolan
MQ  Post #: 308
10/18/2010 22:54:58   

The main reaosn why i am near to quitting MQ is now, nearly every facet of the game is centered around Farming.

To get to the higher levels, you need to Farm. to get enuff credits to buy the cool mechs, you have to farm credits.

I am stuck in yokai becasue of the FARMING.

It is really annoying when you are farming those quests, and then you roll like 5 numbers below what the requirement to reach the next stage.

i have missed out on the past 3 SCMMs, because i haven't been able to farm as much credits, so i couldn't buy any of the mechs that were my level.

Honestly, it is getting quite annoying, and i didn't even play this friday's release. I am just saying.
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 309
10/20/2010 16:24:47   
Kais Sol

Just posting off the top of my head, but they should have a mecha that you can customize the base DESIGN fully ie. head, body, arms, hands, etc: and the choose what default weapons you want from a list. Then you move on to stats like health, energy & regeneration, critical ratio, etc: then choosing some abilities: and finally the name.This would be a scaled mecha that follows your level all the time, and it can equip. You can also edit it at any time. The cost is approprirate to your level, and each 'part' cost also scales with your level. This will be avaliable FOR ALL, not just SC or NG players - they will just have a bit better WEAPONs and SKILLs, but the same as non-SC or NG. I think it would make MQ more popular because people will have a more fun time, making it THEIR game. PvP would help too because you could show off your PERSONAL PERSONISED mecha.
Anyone think this sounds good?
Those who noticed that this idea was TitanArmour's idea - I am TitanArmour as well... Just so you know...
AQ MQ  Post #: 310
10/20/2010 18:31:37   

I think a good thing that would bring alot of faith back into the game is kinda setting up a mech/storyline type thing not like oh i did the war and got valor badges now i get the mech. I think it should be where you start out with a mech you know any basic one (which would require the older ones to scale to higher levels) and you do missions and wars and any other storyline type things. And as you go along the mech gets better and better weapon wise stat wise I mean this stuff is already there but buying kinda defeats the purpose sometimes. I guess im suggesting sort of a better reward system for wars and quests. And it would give a better chance to beef up crappier mechs like eventually doing so many quests your newbatron becomes an ubertron i guess.
MQ  Post #: 311
10/20/2010 18:48:08   

That would bring...
EVEM MOAR FARMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now, for every mech you get, you have to level it up.

If we can customize the effects, that would be an excellent idea.

The only problem, would be balancing it.

First, the aesthetics, you pick weapons from a list. (does not affect gameplay, just how it loks) Then, you get a certain amount of points. Then, you use those points to decide the HP, EP, Regen, and default buffs. You could customize it so that it had more HP or EP, or less, and more buffs. Then, when you are done with that, on to the specials. Again, you get points. You can spend points to decrease a weapons cooldown (all start with 3. You can also gain points by increasing CD), or to give it an effect, or better damage. Also, you spend points to make the effects last longer, and to have higher activation rates. To make an effect infinite (99 turns) costs a lot of points.

Then, I give a mecha a body with a CD of 0, Uber damage, an infinite DoT, and HoT, and EP DoT, and Healing equal to damage done, and +900 to all my stats, and -900 to all your stats, guaranteed, on hit or miss, and make the other weapons heal you (they do negative damage), and have 99999999999999999999999999999999999 turn cooldowns.

In theory it is good, but in practice, either it will suck, or it will be possible to abuse it.

Or, no points system, you choose from specific weapons, with specific specials, oh wait, we already have that. It is called customization.
Also, it would probably be extremely hard to implement.
DF MQ  Post #: 312
10/20/2010 18:54:32   

@stealthwings: im not saying it should be a farming type thing it just should bring a quest and reward type thing for older mechs and it gives a chance to beef them up more like you do story quests,you still get the shops and whatnot but at the end you get a reward for your kinda i guess story mech? I mean its like the whole house upgrade deal but more in depth. Does anyone get im getting at?

and i wasnt saying it should be for every mech just a set few like the newbatron, katana, volt thorn

< Message edited by deafault -- 10/20/2010 19:02:22 >
MQ  Post #: 313
10/20/2010 19:58:26   
Soldato J

More facets of customization would be nice. Your basic arms, body, shoulders, and head, but dependent on the mech, these could be swapped for legs and other appendages? Or perhaps, rather than equipping an entire arm, certain weapons are instead equipped onto the arm i.e. default arm holding a different gun. Now in some cases the arm is the weapon so this is not possible, but something like that would be, for me, more aesthetically pleasing. I don't quite like the chimeric look that customization, as it is now, tends to give my mechas. On that note, more detailed paint schemes would be cool. A "main," "accent" and "detail" painting system would do well; I've seen such a system in other games. Perhaps some decals (like house logos) or patterns (like camouflage) could be applied to specific parts or the mech as a whole. I realize that these things may be difficult to implement, but eye candy is helpful for attracting and retaining players.

Given the choice, I would choose to improve graphics rather than to change the gameplay (Farming is a necessary part of games that have any substantial depth. If you don't like it, there are flash games throughout the Web. I mean that in the best possible way). The battle interface, for example, feels a little simplistic for a (sort of) futuristic game. More pretty lights and flashy things, you know? Or maybe make it feel a little more like a cockpit by using a holographic HUD to select commands? I don't really know what I'm talking about, but I know what I like. Chimera mechs make me cringe, and the colours are dull. That's pretty much it.
MQ  Post #: 314
10/20/2010 20:13:12   

quote from Soldato J
: More pretty lights and flashy things, you know? Or maybe make it feel a little more like a cockpit by using a holographic HUD to select commands

dude i totally agree with this i think its a great idea

< Message edited by deafault -- 10/20/2010 20:14:01 >
MQ  Post #: 315
10/20/2010 20:37:21   
icemaster 77

If the MQ staff released a custom your own mech, then they have to have a limit of each things like hp, ep, nerfs, boosts etc.
MQ AQW  Post #: 316
10/20/2010 21:14:05   

I think gameplay is more important than graphics. If you want to look at shiny things, go to an art museum, if you want to play a videogame, play a videogame, and don't complain that it isn't enough like an art museum.
DF MQ  Post #: 317
10/21/2010 11:29:50   
Kais Sol

Think of my idea as SPORE. You start with a body, add a head, the arms & legs, then add weaponry. Then move on to color & decals, and have a go at it.
Max stats, as someone said, would be inplemented, but balancing it: eg. +1 Att. -1 Def.
Weapons would work FULLY, and as with the mecha, scale.
Choosing the way it moves would be ace.
AQ MQ  Post #: 318
10/21/2010 11:46:21   
black knight 1234567

If all mechas scale, It would defeat the point of buying mechas.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 319
10/21/2010 12:04:26   

Scaling is an SC/NG privilege for the most part, but it's useful in that some older mechs can now last longer in someone's inventory. The limit is usually 5 levels, though a few exceed that and go as far as 9/10. It's also a good thing, as that means less repetitive coding of the same mech base for the shops, while also allowing more spaced level offerings.

Personally, I believe that all NG equipment should scale at least 7-10 levels; after all, they cost real money, and they don't come cheap (esp. mechs). Rares (in general) should also always be scaled, offering NSC versions scaling up to 3 levels past, while SC Rares get to scale their usual 5-7 levels, and NG Rares 7-10 levels. That way, everyone benefits from an older Rare for a few levels past (and a bit of extra damage from scaled-up equipment never hurts, regardless of how powerful the special itself is/was).
Post #: 320
10/21/2010 12:10:27   
Kais Sol

Good point Black Knight... Maybe an upgrade must be bought every 5-10 levels?
AQ MQ  Post #: 321
10/21/2010 12:52:18   
black knight 1234567

kais@ You mean like upgrade kits?
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 322
10/21/2010 14:55:46   


balancing it: eg. +1 Att. -1 Def.

Still very easy to make OP.

2 of the best mecha in the game (not any more, though they are still quite good. But when they were released, they were the best) the Warbear and the Aegis, both follow the strategy of +999 One thing, -999 The other. That was why they were OP. The aegis's head was kinda OP, but if all it had had was that, it would not be at the level it was. None of there weapons was a game breaker itself. The reason they were OP, was that they specialized. All their weapons worked towards the same goal, and they were good at it.

If we had a custom mecha, it would either be A) OP due to the above, B) UP, since the staff put in so many restrictions in order to stop A from happening, or C) Not very customizable, since the staff tried so hard to avoid A or B.

It could also be D) Not very customizable, since the staff tried so hard to avoid a or b but failed and it was still OP, or E) not very customizable, since the staff tried so hard to avoid a or b, but failed, and it was still UP.

< Message edited by stealthwings -- 10/21/2010 15:09:42 >
DF MQ  Post #: 323
10/21/2010 16:18:06   

or F) very up because you put parts with compleatly different spechials and focus.
MQ  Post #: 324
10/21/2010 16:25:14   

By OP/UP, I meant what it would be possible to make it.
DF MQ  Post #: 325
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