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RE: Is MQ Dying II+How Can We Improve It?

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9/20/2010 21:38:37   

My list:

  • Make lower leveled V-Hunters.
  • More staff members (Absolutely necessary!)
  • Alter the battle, graphics or playing style.
The releases will never get bigger unless more staff are added, and, as someone once said, "People think that MQ is just DF with mechas". Which decreases the number of players coming to the game. New staff members will help update old content and make awesome new content, but something needs to be drastically changed to alter this stereotype.


You want us to sneak into the Cap and rescue him?


Oh. You aren't joking. You're crazy!
AQ MQ Epic  Post #: 76
9/20/2010 21:41:01   

Necryptos is supposed to be for high levels only, lower level V-hunters should not be made.
DF MQ  Post #: 77
9/20/2010 21:41:40   

Please. MQ is nothing like DF. Even though they run on vaguely similar game engines, the battle system and rewards are very different.

@Above: I believe you mean mid-high. Level 20 isn't that high.

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I am Gold, for I am many.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 78
9/20/2010 21:48:35   

If that's what people think, then it doesn't matter if it's true or not. :P
I'm not sure how the problem would be fixed though, since anyone who has played far enough into MQ can clearly tell it's not DF, and the issue may be due to art, animation, or something more obscure.
DF MQ  Post #: 79
9/20/2010 21:49:39   

As for the 3 Monthly mechs, I think it's too long a wait which is why I support Bimonthly.

I think that we need more places like necryptos. Something which will give even the OP SCMM a challenge. (how many can kill piotr, even with extreme customization? 3? 4?)

I agree with this so much ^_^
Necryptos caused me to grow alot and understand the game better, but now everything else seems...weak...
I'd like more challenges*Is happy to be one of those 3 or 4*
Ah yes mechs, good point. Yeah, there are very few.


Most of the old players will tell you that the SCMM ruined the game because they have been playing for long time and they know what the game is about, customizing a mecha, not spending money on OP mecha that doesnt need a single equipment with it,

I'm a pretty old player, I wouldn't say the SCMMs ruined the game, back when the AHM's were out, they started the lack of customization, just about any weapon you bought, sucked compared to their defaults.
I guess you're right though, at first I didn't think I would say no as you said old players would...but then I remembered how much I hated the house mecha's defaults.
SCMM is like another version, but I think what they do is make the power creep worse, as most still need/can use well customization.


ruins everything about the game, i remember back in 2008 when you needed to customize mechas all the time to win against almost everything, mechas werent OP they rarely had any weapons on them actually, some only had few weapons so you could actually customize the shoulders and head, it was fun back then not now "Become a SC and use the SCMM to destroy anything in your way without customizing!", no offense but that seems pretty cheap for me, they were fun in the first few months but they got annoying after that.

True, there was ALOT more customizing then. There was also more to customize with, nowadays, everything's rare, OR it doesn't look right(though in an all out fight that doesn't matter), back then they used a certain type of arm so that the weapon still looked cool when you used it.

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DF MQ  Post #: 80
9/20/2010 22:06:45   

I meant 3 or 4. Quite a few players can (not very many, but more than 3 or 4), but I can only count 3 SCMM. LBM, morehawk, BC, and possibly mohawk. (did you do it?)

If I can find a weapon which nerfs immo resistance, stuns, and lets the resistance stay lowered, I may be able to do it with the AC.

And SCMM are very good with customization.
DF MQ  Post #: 81
9/20/2010 22:14:21   

Edited thusly.
Pyronix15(I think that's his name) has done it with the AC and quite a few others.
DF MQ  Post #: 82
9/20/2010 22:40:38   

aw, I was hoping to be the first. Nobody has done it with the subzero, right?(I need to find the right weapon, but then I can) Did anyone else do it with the BC?

But back on topic
DF MQ  Post #: 83
9/20/2010 22:54:27   

i think a live non scaled person vs. person would be cool. maybe hold tournaments and the winner gets a unique item or mech
MQ  Post #: 84
9/21/2010 1:13:04   

Really, what I'd like to see most out of MQ in future releases is more variety in terms of quests and non-rare equipment. I've been playing MQ almost since it first came out (and have played every AE game they come out with) and I feel like MQ has lost some of what made it interesting in the beginning, namely finding the best combination of mechas and equips for any particular strategy. Nowadays, this is difficult to do, since equips don't stay available for long, and SCMM often come preloaded with weapons that are either OP or already so cohesive that customization actually proves detrimental. I feel like what makes DF, for example, so successful imho is that the equipment system focuses heavily on setting up elemental advantages while buffing your own stats. Each battle requires the player to make decisions that noticeably impact the outcome of the fight. MQ focuses on special effects, which isn't a bad thing, but the enemy design makes it so that most battles can be won simply by brute power (and it is often the best strategy, since faster kills = faster exp/creds) with no real thought towards strategy beyond the basic 'use equip A before equip B'

On the debate of the SCMM, I don't really have a problem with them. However, it seems pretty clear that developing the SCMM is taking up a significant chunk of time, which is detracting from the quality of general releases. If decreasing the frequency of SCMM (which by now feel more like just a novelty rather than anything unique, due to the number of them and, imo, stagnating designs) is what it takes to improve the overall quality of MQ releases, then by all means, do it.

Some ideas for future releases:
-NSC mechas with only a specialized body attack (something along the lines of the zargon design)
-update Tek's Mechs with new equipment and art designed around said NSC mecha
-possibly offer set-type bonuses for using cohesive equipment, or using weapons designed for specific mecha (similar to how some weapons can only be used with certain mecha)
-enemies with resistances/weaknesses to various special effects
-more diverse mecha designs: ex. a small low hp body with higher evade/acc and fewer equip slots, a mecha with high damage and energy consumption
-while an 'equipment weight' system probably isn't possible with the current setup, an interesting idea building on the above suggestion could be having quests that limit the number of items you can have equipped at a time, or limiting the types of mecha that can be used
-weapons already have 'elements' of a sort (ballistic, explosive, etc): make these actually matter (maybe explosive weapons have wider damage ranges, ballistic have stabler damage, or integrate damage weaknesses/resistances into more enemies)
-Since this is a mecha game, it makes sense that you have to stick with a single loadout for any quest, without being able to swap out mid-fight; it would be interesting to see quests that actually make you plan your loadout ahead of time, instead of being able to just go in guns blazing; maybe a quest is known to be long, so you'll need damage reducing specials, or maybe it's a boss fight so you want to maximize DoT, or enemies have certain defenses that require specific counters
-Mods that do something besides buff stats, similar to trinkets in DF; this can either be a persistent special-type buff (+ armor, + debuff resistance, + chance to do...something, etc), or provide some sort of auto-trigger single use effect (ex. repair kit that adds x% hp when your hp <25%, temporary armor boost when hit by a crit, call in air support after 6 turns of battle for a bonus attack)

Several of these ideas build off of code that already exists in-game: element resistances, for example were showcased in that one Gears class that came out a while back, before disappearing, never to be seen again. I think if they reduced the number of mecha releases and focused more on the quests and building up the game engine, MQ could become a much better game.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 85
9/21/2010 5:53:44   
black knight 1234567

If you noticed, customiaztion Is teqnuickly dead, the mechas defults are better than cuztomizing sometimes. (Whow ever= Zany bag + Zorbo + Solar panel = WIN.)
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 86
9/21/2010 14:46:51   

Well, I think we need more classical non-themed mechas, ones that look like mechas (for example sth. like hammerhead). Second thing is exp, farming for it is just painful. Also most nice mechas and equipment are rare. Seriously it looks like that half of items ever relased is now rare (I still don't know why sdf mechas are rare, while it could be made into sth. like spd or hospital, into series of quests with rng and shop with mechas as a reward), really making rares doesn't expand the game. Another problem is a fact that most mecha bases come along with powerfull equipment and there is no need to customize them. It should look like zargon or pirate chasis - a base with body attack and nothing else (or some not-so-good weapons) and shop with different arms/shoulders witch MACHES it (or at least doesn't look too weird equiped on it). I can still remember how nice it was when upgraded newbatron costed 25k and you had to think what to equip, now it's just sth. like buy any mecha and destroy everything with OP base weapons (especially when you are sc and your OP month mecha levels with you). Tek's mecha shop also need some love, it's a BIGGEST mecha shop in a BIGGEST town in mechquest and it should have at least some 20 and 30 lvls versions of old mechas like nubertron, katana etc.
Also please note that I'm not complaining just to camplain. I'd love to see mechquest expanding and being as fun to play as possible (just as it was in it's first days) but to achive it some mistakes must be avoided.

< Message edited by Xemil -- 9/21/2010 16:19:50 >
AQ  Post #: 87
9/21/2010 18:52:17   
tyrant king

Now that i think about it it would be fun if they added more customizable mechas like the ones on zargon but much better And the combo thing on teks add that we never got from the start
AQ  Post #: 88
9/22/2010 0:05:59   


Well, I think we need more classical non-themed mechas, ones that look like mechas

Always been in support of this, one reason I love the SCMMs so much.
DF MQ  Post #: 89
9/22/2010 0:15:17   


I think that we need more places like necryptos. Something which will give even the OP SCMM a challenge. (how many can kill piotr, even with extreme customization? 3? 4?)

If it's a main planet... No. Don't try to make the game impossible to those without access to more powerful equipment... So if it's a side-planet, sure, why not?

Along with this, I'd like a planet (for NSC's) where even the OP rares are challenged. As a rare hoarder, I think this game's gotten a bit easy.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 90
9/22/2010 0:17:04   

Again, I don't think those sort of planets should be released until there's non-rare content that can be used for the challenges. :P
DF MQ  Post #: 91
9/22/2010 2:27:12   

To tell the truth I dont even consider Buying any eqipment/mech any more that is not exactly my level because I dont farm for exp it takes months to level up and the powercrep made some of the things I bought in the past simply trash.
Also with the penalty for not having the right level eqipment put on a mech I would sugest to make Token equipment to scale within 5 levels to the mech level. I think this would make at last the token eqipment again more apealing to buy.
AQ MQ  Post #: 92
9/22/2010 3:56:06   
black knight 1234567

Here Is another thing: Make Geekatrons USEFULL.... the whole theme sounds coll and all, but when the player spends all his cash on It and the weapons, CAPOOSH, he got crap /:
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 93
9/22/2010 5:41:04   

What I would like to see ... House energy blades with an optional NG version.
Is it gonna happen ... probably not but it would be cool.
How to save MQ well um it really doesn't need saving the game seems to be better than it has ever been.
Surprises may jump from out of nowhere we just gotta have a target lock on to be ready.
We all have a gaming wish list ... having something come at us from left field to tickle our weekend funny bone.
LoLs like a mecha with giant shoes that will stomp our enemies into the ground... Ed Air 209 (:
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 94
9/22/2010 20:54:13   

*Reads Artbook and reads Artix and Warlic so excited about MechQuest*
*Remembers when Artix and Warlic ditched MechQuest*

That's just mean. :(
They said it was gonna be the best AE game yet and then they just leave and take staff members away?
I thought they were bettur...
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 95
9/22/2010 21:26:01   
icemaster 77

More solution from me and others outside of Mechquest forums.

Make exp increase by 50%.

Make elements in Mechs and enemies.

Include stats bonus on weapons and mechs,mods aren't enough.

Make a elemental effect in Mechs and enemies.

Update some old mechs to today standards.


Go to this link if you want to hear Irish music:

MQ AQW  Post #: 96
9/22/2010 21:30:11   

We already have elements.
And if you mean to copy all the other AE games and make it so MechQuest has fire wind ice water, then it wouldn't even make sense.
This game is about robots, not Spellcasting.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 97
9/22/2010 21:34:10   
icemaster 77

A...you know the types of weapons,laser,explosives etc.

Those kinds of elements in Mechquest!
MQ AQW  Post #: 98
9/22/2010 22:07:30   

They already have them...
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 99
9/22/2010 22:08:28   
Shards Superior

Icemaster: I couldn't help noticing the way you wanted to change the XP numbers.
The current system is (level*10)^2. Meaning, the higher you are, the more XP it takes to level.
However, you also get more XP per fight per level.

The way you did it:

lv 1:100
lv 2:200
lv 3:300
lv 4:400
lv 5:500
lv 6:600
lv 7:700
lv 8:800
lv 9:900
lv 10:1000
lv 11:1100
lv 12:1200
lv 13:1300
lv 14:1400
lv 15:1500
lv 16:1600
lv 17:1700
lv 18:1800
lv 19:1900
lv 20:2000

would mean that the same amount of fights would be needed to level no matter whether you are lvl 1 or lvl 44.

Which is just messed up.


AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 100
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