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Varium Pricing Discussion

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1/24/2011 19:09:19   

I know there are many "Varium Complaint" threads, but I'm not apologizing for making another one when this is a game that I truly care about.

Your releases are great, and your administration is top notch. Your features are lovely and the graphics are second to none for a 2D game.

Your "Pay for Perks" system is defective.

The Issue:

You may say, "There's always going to be critics and the simple fact is that we need the players full agreement with this." Have you been watching lately? I, among thousands of players, agree that this game's PfP system is horrendous. Our only likeness to AdventureQuest Worlds is being tied by BattleOn Games. Our PfP system should not be similar to this. Our payment currency IS NOT Adventure Coins. We do not deserve to be treated like a 5th wheel in the operations of this department. This game cannot continue charging players for 1 general weapon/armor/class change/name change/inventory buff and 1-3 enhancements. The game will spiral into a pit of scrupulosity if something is not done for this. "We have a quota to make" What quota? I've heard nothing about this quota? I'm sure that if change to what I'm about to suggest, you will see(gauranteed) an increase in purchases of varium. Not only will you attract a new group of players, but you will bring back the ones who given up hope upon your game.

The Solution:

Increase all varium currency amounts in each payment by a considerable percentage. I have listed a fixed percentage for each package.

$10 = 1,250 V / 28.6% = 1,750 V
$20 = 2,500 V / 28.6% = 3,500 V
$35 = 5,000 V / 16.7% = 6,000 V
$50 = 10,000 V / 9.1% = 11,000 V

In Simplicity:

$10 = 1,250 V + 500 = 1,750 V
$20 = 2,500 V + 1,000 = 3,500 V
$35 = 5,000 V + 1,000 = 6,000 V
$50 = 10,000 V + 1,000 = 11,000 V

With this solution you can buy: (using 995 Varium priced weapons as an example)

1 weapon plus 4-8 enhancements with $10 USD
3 weapons with $20 USD ***
6 weapons with $35 USD ***
11 weapon with $50 USD ***

***One more weapon than before.

With most weapons now ranging in the 1,100 to 1,500 ranging nothing really changes excluding the fact that you can buy at least one of those weapons with a $10 package. This is a nice deal. A player could then have enough to buy enhancements, or whatever the user fancies. YOU SHOULD NOT raise the weapon prices when increasing the income rate.
With this suggestion you will not only continue in receiving money into your pocket, but also you'll be making your players happy, and I know everyone wants that for the sake of our sanity. (Who wants whiners? I sure don't) If you want to make a weapon promotional, place it on the package $35 and above NOT 50 only. The whole point of this is to have the player feel like they have more. Which technically they do, but they do not have the ability to buy 2 weapons if both are 995 Varium(taking this from a $10 perspective). Also, as previously stated, the other packages only allow the player to buy 1 more weapon. This is a business technique to encourage the player to buy a larger package.

If you did implement this, you could advertise the fact that a package gives you one more weapon that before. A great advertisement idea that's effective and useful. My only purpose in this thread is to help you guys out to make the players happy, and it's not for my own benefit. I dare the developers to try this out for at least 1 month and if it does not benefit them cash wise they can take it away.

So please do comment, and I'd like to hear the developer's voice in this as well. From a business perspective this is a nice way to keep the cash flowing in. From the player perspective, I'll be happy because I won't feel like I just lost my best friend(being this game).

Edit: If that edit I just made regarding AQW is still offensive you all must be offended easily because that, in no way, sheds AQW in a negative light. ~A disgruntled Lotus

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AQW Epic  Post #: 1
1/24/2011 19:16:47   

I can actually agree to this. What backs this up would be the missing "Varium sellback" feature in Epic Dual.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 2
1/24/2011 19:18:26   

Nice. More varium would be goooooood.
Especially with how expensive everything is. I mean 25 everytime you change your color? That's ridiculous. Equipable helms should be added this. (You also get more people making inventories bigger with this *wink wink*)
AQW Epic  Post #: 3
1/24/2011 19:27:06   
Zean Zapple

Anything xX Lotus Xx says or does no matter how badly against it I am, I stay behind him and back him. Thankfully this isn't one of those times , excellent idea, excellent person, and excellent delivery! 1,000% SUPPORTED.

Epic  Post #: 4
1/24/2011 19:29:16   
ED Prince of Shadows

Time and time again we say this. It is time to get more attention to this important matter!
AQW Epic  Post #: 5
1/24/2011 19:50:04   

i agree with you lotus :).....seems ED has taken a turn for the worst ever since the merger :(.....i'm a veteran AE player...so don't get me wrong...i started with AQ then moved to AQW and then ED......I also have accts on MQ and DF.....but this has gotten ridiculous on ED...:(....the whole player base has changed dramatically.....I love AE games...but ......i've been really disappointed lately
AQW Epic  Post #: 6
1/24/2011 20:00:26   

I thnk you're getting this wrong. Your point was to get more varium for your money. You don't need all varium stuff. If you can't afford it don't buy it. Live within your means, don't demand more for your budget.


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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 7
1/24/2011 20:07:18   


When you learn how to use grammar correctly I may understand you.

What I'm getting from you is that you think I'm begging for this? Or are you just saying this because you're one of those well monetarily benefited players who don't care? I highly doubt 1,000 varium is going to kill anyone, and I also doubt that your statement does you justice. My point is to get the developers more money and more happy players.
AQW Epic  Post #: 8
1/24/2011 20:40:50   

Every one is going to agree with it, it helps us save a bit of money.

Post #: 9
1/24/2011 20:49:24   
Grun Teufel

I'd have to agree. Although, percentage wise, your increases would average a smaller benefit from getting a larger pack than previously.
Epic  Post #: 10
1/24/2011 20:52:57   

lol, I thought I was the only one who thought AQW was a big bundle of money eating slime

but ur post is never going to come true, because 1) this game isn't like AQ, where if u don't pay, u don't even get to log in (back in the days at least)
2) staff never asked you to buy every new funky widget that came out, YOU chose to!
3) why don't we give up on this win loss rate competition, ur never gonna beat some dumb person who NPCed beginning at lv 1 and just be happy with winning/loosing with your current equipment

however, epicduel will probably never loose the competitive-ness so if u want to compete u gotta waste your dough, it's easy enough

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{AQW} Click for full guide to the Tower of NEcromancy! Lvs 0-10!!
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 11
1/24/2011 21:00:19   


That's called poor business and businesses like that crash and burn in due time. I don't care if they hate my suggestion my only point to say that we aren't AQW and our Varium should not be treated like Adventure Coins.

@Grun Teuful

Indeed, however with the top 2 packages, you're receiving a promotional item.

< Message edited by xX Lotus Xx -- 1/24/2011 21:07:44 >
AQW Epic  Post #: 12
1/24/2011 21:05:37   

100% Agreed.



AQW Epic  Post #: 13
1/24/2011 21:31:46   
The Shadow Creeper

count me in
I hate varium prices
*to high*
Post #: 14
1/24/2011 22:32:13   
The Joker X

I agree. Although even with those new varium prices that you have set, I still think that wouldnt be enough since for 10 US dollars, you will only get 1 half enhanced wep. But I cant really say anything against your idea because atm the varium prices are terrible and currently for 10 US dollars you can only buy one wep with maybe one enhancement. So yes I like your new idea. :)
AQW Epic  Post #: 15
1/24/2011 23:46:16   

Your %'s are way off. You calculate the amount gained and how much it starts with. Anyway, tou just want more for your money. One varium weapon is just ThAt big of an advantage to f2ps,now you want more of that advantage for a smaller price. So your trying to make them lose income and beat up the f2ps that much harder. Appalled at all who agreed.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 16
1/25/2011 10:05:32   


Anyway, you just want more for your money.

Because anyone who could possibly be dumb enough to want "MORE" for their hard earned money is obviously a cheap skate and deserves to have their varuim taken away.

I say we increase the varuim prices, lets say 50 dollars will get you one fully enhanced sword, that's all.

That way, free players will have a better chance at winning, and people will have allot more reason to spend varuim. It's a win-win situation!

Me thinks you need to take an economics course, you're buissness model needs some work.

IMO, 50 dollars in varuim should get you the same amount of gear at level 32 as it does at level 1, you're still going to be doing the same battles with the same competition.

I say up the prices of lower level gear, and lower the price of higher level gear to match.

At current rates, level 40 gear is going to run us up at least 3k varuim for an enhanced primary.


You're prices are very close to what was the original weapon prices were, but people were upset at the low amount of varuim 50 dollars would get you, so the devs doubled the amount of varuim included in the packages, and in return tripled the price of varuim weapons. I was there when the level 30 doom gun only cost about 250 varuim, and I was there when the prices of all weapons shot up double/triple the norm.

AQ MQ  Post #: 17
1/25/2011 10:39:44   

Agreed indeed, before weapon enhacements it was almost ok even though there was no sellbacks but now that enhacements are here, we are getting way to less for our money.
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 18
1/25/2011 10:59:18   
Santa ClawZz

Agreed! I'm not going to say anything else, as it's all been said. Although about that 50$ package, promo or no promo, I think you need to suggest 12,000. (Yes, I'm greedy)
AQW Epic  Post #: 19
1/25/2011 15:18:10   
He Who Lurks

Lower the price of enhancements than add varium sellback. That's all that really needed to be said from me and nice varium pricing system .
AQ Epic  Post #: 20
1/25/2011 15:57:12   
Zean Zapple

Off topic: Isn't Grun a Mod??

On topic: So here is the truth about Varium. Varium was drawn of course by NW. That completely sums up the process of making the Varium. Considering that there was no factory therefor no labor, electricity, and/or heat involved. Varium was designed and programmed once and theres an endless supply because it isn't a factory made product like Oreo's for example.

Every time you buy a box of Oreo's you know it came from a factory, therefor labor and electricity were used to make them. There is no one getting payed for making the Varium therefor it's all just profit. I know that Titan and NW like every American has to pay bills and it costs money to program this game, but they could make the same amount giving us 1k more Varium for each package as it doesn't involve labor and/or mark-up.

Disrespect leads to forsaken heroes,

Epic  Post #: 21
1/25/2011 23:30:31   

I agree with everything, Varium Prices are getting out of hand. and like you said, it doesn't cost them anything to make it, either lower the prices or increase the amount that come with the packages, which ever is done Varium sell backs need to be implemented even if it is only 25% of the value. Sellback should also take into account the value of the enhancements put on the weapon.
MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 22
1/26/2011 0:31:02   
More than a Game


Well, there is the fact that the only income of EpicDuel is from the money earned from players purchasing Varium. Unlike all the other AE games, there are no other upgrades (Guardianship in AQ, Membership in AQW, DragonLord Status in DF, Star Captain status in MQ, WarpGuardianship in WF). From what I see, they simply can't lower the prices. MMOs servers cost a lot to run, and I personally understand the high prices for Varium. And I also understand why Varium weapons are so much more powerful than the credit weapons-- to interest players to buy Varium and to keep the game a free to play game.
Epic  Post #: 23
1/26/2011 0:37:54   

Speaking of Varium Prices...

Look at Xendran's post a bit down from the page.

Yeah, Titan and NW really don't control prices.

In case nobody caught that. Here's what the post says...


Not much can be done about prices since prices aren't up to titan and nightwraith

Not trying to say complaining about prices is useless, but complaining to Titan and NW about prices won't do much, because they don't control prices. Best thing to do is hope for the best and hope they'll lower the prices one day.

< Message edited by PD -- 1/26/2011 0:38:42 >
AQ MQ  Post #: 24
1/26/2011 6:48:52   
King FrostLich

Here's the simple solution. If you have your varium, why complain to get more? What you have is what you will earn and you will keep. You cannot demand more unless you force yourself but at the cost of doing so, you would be wasting your own money. Titan and Nightwraith never forced us to buy varium. They never said that "Hey there guy/girl, buy varium to be cool and powerful." Its your own decision and responsibility not theirs. If you found out your items are weaker than the current ones that cost varium then you'll just buy it then you find out its weak, why complain? You bought it, your fault not the admins nuff said
Epic  Post #: 25
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