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Missing Miss Fixit!

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3/27/2011 14:26:03   

Missing Miss Fixit!

Today's Event > Missing Miss Fixit! (New quest) Guardian Tower --> Talk to Nimrod --> Quests --> Missing Miss Fixit

«Scene: Interior of the Guardian Tower»

«You»: Morning, Nimrod! Nice day, huh? Thought I'd come by and check out the Guardian shop and see if there was anything new.
Nimrod: «You»! Nothing new at the moment, but it's always fun to check out stuff, eh?
«You»: Thanks, Nimrod! I'll just-- hey! What's that?
Nimrod: What's what?
«You»: All that crashing and clanging overhead!
Nimrod: Oh, that's just the Knights of Order. There were some unused storerooms in the tower, so they're putting in a workshop.
Nimrod: The remodeling should be done soon... I hope. It's hard to work with all this racket!

«Scene shakes.»

Nimrod: Uh oh.
«You»: Uh oh what?
Nimrod: Sounds like one of the chipmunks got out again.
«You»: So how much harm can one little chipmunk do?
Nimrod: Oh, these aren't just any chipmunks. These are the chipmunks that run on the wheels that turn the gears that keep the Knights' inventions going.
Nimrod: They're AXIOMATIC chipmunks. And they can cause all sorts of...

«Radagast enters.»

Radagast: Oh, hey! What are you two doing standing around here? Nothing to see around here, just your--
Radagast: ... just your typical... magical...
Radagast: -- magical... doom. Help!
Nimrod: Doom? Yeah, right. One of the chipmunks get loose again?
Radagast: No! It's worse!
«You»: Worse than a loose chipmunk? Okay, I'm pretty scared now. Yep, shaking in my boots. Where's my blankie?
Radagast: «You», I'M being serious here! Think about that for a moment!
Nimrod and «You»: (simultaneously) ..................
Nimrod: Sweet Lorithia! We're DOOMED!
Nimrod: It's getting closer...
«You»: Okay, so tell us how we're going to die.
Radagast: We just unleashed the world's first... and probably last... Super-Powered Energo-Magic Platopulse! That's EMP for short.
«You»: A platypus? You guys are afraid of a platypus?
Nimrod: What's a platypus?
«You»: It's this goofy little half-duck, half-beaver thing. They're kind of cute, actually. They lay eggs and defend themselves with a poisonous bony spike on their back feet, and--

«Nimrod points off-screen»

Nimrod: -- and is that it, coming our way?

«Radagast shifts as the Platopulse enters.»

Radagast: !!!!!

«The Platopulse turns around. Radagast runs out of the Tower. Then, the Platopulse emits an energo-magic pulse.»

Nimrod: «You», will you please get this thing out of my Tower?
  • Fight!

    «Scene: Outside, in Battleon, where the Platopulse runs off behind a bush.»

    «You»: What in Lorithia's name WAS that thing??
    Radagast: Well, it was supposed to be funny. I mean come on, it's a platypus! They're already funny... looking. But it wasn't supposed to be like this! I never thought we'd have to fight it!
    «You»: And when did thinking become your strong suit?
    Radagast: I want a hero! I want my mommy! I want my hero's mommy! ... Hey, you're a hero! Can your mommy get us out of this?
    «You»: Radagast, get a grip! Start from the beginning!
    Radagast: Well it all started when Aelthai got called out of town on an assignment.
    Radagast: There was some problem with a sentient castle out in Deren, so she gave us a to-do list, packed a bag, and took off.
    «You»: *groan* I think I saw this in a Dipsey cartoon once. So you guys decided to play with powers you couldn't control in order to weasel out of doing your chores and unleashed a monster, didn't you!?!
    Radagast: There weren't any weasels. That would be a totally different problem! It was a platopulse. And not just any platopulse--
    «You»: I know. It was a--
    Radagast and «You»: (simultaneously) Super-Powered Energo-Magic Platopulse!
    Radagast: You finally understand the EMP! And the pulse knocks out every other power source in its range:
    Radagast: -- energy power, magic power, even muscle power. Projectiles can get knocked right out of the sky if they get hit by a pulse.
    «You»: And you guys needed one, because...
    Radagast: Because he was there? And because I thought it would be fun to use his pulse to de-goose some old discs?
    «You»: Well, that makes as much sense as anything else, I guess. We can worry about the geese later, though.
    «You»: Okay, explain one more thing to me. I saw the energy pulse thing when it slapped its tail down. But where's the magic part come in?
    Radagast: Oh, that. It's got a self-perpetuating, endlessly increasing feedback loop.
    «You»: In Lorian, please?
    Radagast: Every time it slaps its tail down, it makes itself stronger. And every time it gets stronger, its range gets wider and its pulse gets more powerful.
    Radagast: If we don't catch it soon, it will get so powerful that nothing will be able to stop it! Not even Aelthai! (Gulp!) Maybe not even Kalanyr!
    «You»: Look, in the forest--!

    «An energo-magic pulse fells a tree in Greenguard.»

    «You»: Ah, speaking of Aelthai, any ideas on how to get hold of her?

    «Scene: Deren, where Aelthai waves, standing on a castle.»

    Aelthai: I think I've just about got it, Hector! Pass me that new sillycon chip and one of those chipmunks, will you?

    «Hector enters the screen. Scene then zooms in on Aelthai.»

    Aelthai: Thanks, Hector! Now, I put this guy here, then put this little guy on this wheel here, give this lever a twist, then reprogram the arfsnarkle, and...

    «An energo-magic pulse erupts in the background. Aelthai lowers her hand.»

    Aelthai: What was that?
    Hector: I don't know, but it made my fur stand all up.
    Aelthai: That felt almost like an energo-magic pulse. But there's no WAY it could be that. Besides, if anything like that was going on, Kalanyr would get in touch with me immediately.
    Aelthai: And he hasn't, so obviously nothing's happened. *whistles* Hey, Hector, would you pass me that glue schtick?

    «Scene: Guardian Tower, where Zephyros, Nimrod, «You», Radagast, and Beleqwaya are gathered.»

    Radagast: I tried to get old of Aelthai, but the EMP knocked out my communications. It's HER pet project, she'd know how to trap it!
    «You»: How about Kalanyr?
    Radagast: *shudders* I... was kind of hoping we wouldn't have to tell him until after we'd fixed it.
    Zephyros: You mean YOU wouldn't have to tell him. The only reason I didn't when your message reached me is because I was out of popcorn.
    Zephyros: I'm going to need a BIG tub of it, a comfy chair, and a few free hours to watch this reaming. But hey, I'm a nice guy... I'll leave you the buttery stuff.
    Radagast's Knife?: *snickers*
    Radagast: ... Quiet, you. Zeph, this is repayment for that time with the stuff in those ruins, isn't it.
    Zephyros: Oh, this is only the beginning, my friend. Only the beginning.
    Nimrod: So... how do we catch this imp? The stories I've heard aren't very clear on that.
    «You»: It's an E-M-P, not an I-M-P, Nimrod. I don't think there HAVE been any stories about it, until now... Don't mind him, guys. He's still a little spell-shocked.

    «Another energo-magic pulse erupts.»

    Nimrod: *uuuuhhhhhggg*
    «You»: Okay, I might have an idea. We know the platopulse is in the forest, right? And how hard can he be to track.
    «You»: I'll go see if I can find him, while you guys ask Kalanyr about how to get Aelthai back here, pronto, okay?

    «Falerin, Kalanyr, and Warlic appear.»

    Falerin: Actually, I thought you'd never ask. You act as if you think I have all day for you to make requests for aid; as if you were somehow of great importance to me.
    Falerin: I am not at your beck and call you know. I am a busy busy busy being.
    «You»: Falerin...
    Falerin: Yes?
    «You»: Rambling...
    Falerin: Ah... right. Once Kalanyr gets in touch with Aelthai, she can be back quite quickly--
    Falerin: -- as long as there is no platopulse here at the exact time she is while she's altering her nexus of co-location, of course... That could get messy.
    «You»: Altering her nexus of... you mean teleporting?
    Falerin: That implies transit...
    «You»: Right, but let's pretend for a moment I am actually as unaware as I appear.
    Falerin: ........
    «You»: Simple terms...
    Falerin: ... Teleporting. *sigh*
    «You»: Sure thing. Thanks for your aid, Loremaster. Feel free to run along now...
    Falerin: *muttering* Somehow my relationship with «You» has changed in subtle ways I am not sure I like...

    «Falerin disappears.»

    Radagast: Were you just waiting for us to ask for help, too?
    Kalanyr: No, actually. I was waiting for a confession, so I would know which one of you will be spending some quality time with Sarah's new litter.
    Warlic: I was in the middle of casting a tri-planetary alignment conjuration, when all of a sudden -- PULSE -- and the whole thing fell apart. And I nearly lost all my hair, to boot.
    Radagast: ULP!
    Kalanyr: Did I hear correctly that you're going to catch this little monster and hold it until Aelthai gets back?
    «You»: That's the best plan we have so far.
    Radagast: It's the ONLY plan we have so far.
    Warlic: I may have something that can help you. Remember the Magic Gumn I was working on?
    «You»: Remember it? I think I still have some stuck on one of my old boots.
    Warlic: Right. You do want my help, don't you?
    «You»: Yes, sorry. Of course I remember the Magic Gumn! It's awesome stuff! Incomparable!
    Warlic: That's better! I've made an experimental suit out of it, which may help trap the pulse attacks of the EMP. It's... really sticky.
    Warlic: You can borrow it if you like. It may even interrupt the feedback loop, so the EMP stops gaining strength.
    «You»: As long as the Gumn Suit looks cool, I suppose...
    Warlic: ................ It IS made of Gumn.
  • Get the Platopulse! (Loads the Gumn Suit)

    «Scene: Greenguard Forest»

    «You»: Why, why, why, why...
    Radagast: Aw c'mon! It's not so bad! Could be worse. Could be ME in the Gumn Suit!
    «You»: *grumble*
    Radagast: We have to stay on our toes. The woodland creatures won't understand why we're invading their territory.
  • Fight with Radagast's help! (Loads the Radagast)
  • Fight by yourself

    Regardless of choice:

    «You»: Oops! He saw me - looks like the fight is on!
  • Fight with Radagast's help! (Loads the Radagast)
  • Fight by yourself

    Regardless of choice:

    Aelthai: «You»! I heard you were out here trying to bail out Radagast and the Squires.
    Aelthai: It's not going to keep them out of trouble - but at least they're not in it any worse! I see you've already taken care of the big problem... now to get this little guy back where he belongs...
    Aelthai: Aria, did you bring those plato-pellets like I asked you to?
    Aria: Yep-- Here you go!
    Aelthai: Here, little EMP! Say ahhh...

    «Aelthai feeds the pellets to the EMP.»

    «You»: It looks like his power's gone! What on Lore was in those pellets?
    Aelthai: Static guard!
    «You»: I wish I'd known about them an hour ago!
    Missing Miss Fixit

    Shop Pets:
  • Controlled Platopulse Z
  • Guardian Controlled Platopulse
  • Controlled Platopulse
  • Controlled Platopulse
  • Controlled Platopulse
  • Controlled Platopulse
  • Guardian Controlled Platopulse
  • Controlled Platopulse
  • Continue (your original Default Armor is equipped)

    «Scene: Battleon»

    «You»: Aelthai! Going off to work on another project so soon? I'd think you'd want to stick close for a little while.
    Aelthai: Actually, this whole incident convinced me to work on a project of my own that I've been putting off for a long time.
    «You»: What's that?
    Aelthai: I'm going to open my own Fixit Shop! That way, I can keep my things out of... certain peoples' hands, and make it easier for folks to find me, too.
    Aelthai: And even if I'm not there, people can stop by and catch up on my latest fixes!
    «You»: Wow! That's great! Is Radagast helping you move your stuff over to your new place?
    Aelthai: Oh, he's doing a little more than that, aren't you, Radagast? As a consequence for letting the EMP escape, nearly destroying Lore and not getting those discs de-goosed--
    Aelthai: -- RADAGAST is going to build my new shop for me, brick, by brick, by brick, by brick. Isn't that right, RADAGAST?
    Radagast: *groan* Of course, Aelthai. Anythign you say! *grumble*

    «Aelthai leaves.»

    Radagast: What was that? It sounded almost like something went wrong with the Cage's balance equations. No one would mess with those surely...
    Radagast: Hello? Aelthai?? *gulp*
    Radagast: Help?

    «A small pulse wracks the cage and Radagast.»

    Radagast: Urk...
    Radagast: Heh.

    «Radagast leaves.»

    Radagast: (off-screen) urk...
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Entry from ArchMagus Orodalf. Location update from 1stClassGenesis

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